Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks to all blog readers, RSS feed subscribers, forum members and moderators, Nikon Corporation and everyone else that helped me make this blog possible. Your support is appreciated and the result can only get better.

The rumor is that this video was shot with a Nikon D800 πŸ™‚

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  • NikoDoby

    On behave of all of us who religiously visit the Nikonrumors blog, I’d like to say thank YOU admin for all the work you do and for making us realize how lucky we are…
    for not having purchased canon cameras πŸ™‚

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone…
    Even all you Canuts too πŸ™‚

  • D40-owner

    Thank you admin! Your fantastic work is what keeps me goin’ everyday at my crappy job. Hurray for NikonRumors!!

    • plug

      My job is equally described. NikonRumors cheers me up every morning.

  • zeeGerman

    Thank you Admin, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones as well.

    But I have to say that I strongly disagree, with what you’ve written. “the result can only get better”, this is quite far from the truth, the quality of this website has increased steadily ever since it went live!

    Thank you very much for all the effort you put into this project!


    That video was pretty cool. Must have taken sometime to do it.

  • Charles Carstensen

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Nikon Rumors.

  • Kimaze

    OMG….this vid was shot by a D800? Is this just a joke ?

    • NikoDoby


    • zeeGerman

      Not a joke, a rumor πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      I dought it:)

      • pablo

        Nope, this vid was posted on 2007…. so rumor busted

  • steve

    LOL cute video – and thanks for the site! You do a great job πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for everything admin! We all really appreciate all your work πŸ™‚

  • CC

    Much thanks for your wonderful work on this site Mr. Admin. I think that many of us who spend time on this site are blessed in many way and have MUCH to be thankful for….

  • JBL

    I saw this video like two years ago… there’s no rumor about it being shot with the D800

  • Chaiitao

    Thanks to NR Admin for all your hard work.

    Also YOU–contributors, thankz a lot!!!

  • Digitalscott

    I wanted to say happy thanksgiving, But do you think there will be a D800?

  • The D800 was a joke – sorry if I had confused anyone πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Nah it’s okay, at first I was wondering then I realized I saw this before and the image quality is very bad, it could be any camera pretty much.

      Then I went on the youtube page to see that it was uploaded in 2007.

  • Son Of FE

    Thanks again for the great site.

  • That video is hysterical. Thanks for posting. And thanks for the blo work. You g the extra mile.

  • Oops that should have been blog work πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    And, for Black Friday, checkout the 15% Microsoft Bing Cashback Deal at Walmart for all their Cameras. A D300S would cost $1316.65 after Rebate.

  • WR

    I look at your site everyday. Thank you for the good work. Happy Holidays!

  • Hopeful

    now that the D700 is going out, what will replace it? is there a D800 comming down the pipe line?
    D300 is D300s
    D700 is ?
    D3 is D3s
    I was really hoping that there was something around 3000$ by X-mas.
    Please tell me what you all think….

    • Anonymous

      D700 is still alive πŸ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        I didnt want to buy a D700 when a newer FX will be out soon ( I think)
        I might just get the D3s

  • WoutK89

    What’s holding you back, it is the latest FX from Nikon available, hearing you talk like this, I don’t think you NEED it at the moment, so you might as well wait

    • Anonymous

      D3s 5200$ that is what is holding me back

  • eee

    Thanks for everything admin!

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