The first Nikon D3s was shipped yesterday in the US

photo: Nikon USA

photo: Nikon USA

Update: Moose Peterson has an update on the D3s and 70-200 VRII combo.

Yesterday B&H shipped their first Nikon D3s. Also yesterday, Mosse Peterson was in New York and also got his D3s and 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens, so I really think the first batch is already here and shipping.

The Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens has moved to "accepting orders" status at B&H, which is a clear indication that shipping will start soon.

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  • Awesome — I hope Amazon is unloading their pallet right now !!

  • low

    here we go

  • Gary

    Moose mentioned he had BOTH a D3s and the new 70-200 VR II lens in his blog post. So both must be in country – at least for the VIPS.

  • Alex

    What about the D700x ?
    No shipping yet ?

    • M

      Get real. There is no d700x at this time.

    • low

      no sorry, not yet. check back next week though. b&h probably wasnt allocated any d700x’s for this week.

  • Bluecow

    I got the email this morning that B&H was accepting pre-orders for the 70-200. I pre-ordered mine from Adorama on August 3rd. I hope they get it as soon as everyone else. If B&H didn’t charge your credit card right away for pre-orders, I would have ordered it from them this morning and just canceled whatever order doesn’t ship first. Anyway, I just hope I get this lens soon, good to hear things seem to be on schedule though.

    • John C

      I preordered from Adorama on August 4th and was told I was roughly # 30 on their list. Since you’re a day ahead of me, you should be in really good shape to get one soon.

      • I ordered of August 3rd and Adorama told me I am #20 on the list. As of Thursday they said they still have no shipping date from Nikon :/

        • Bluecow003

          Thanks for the information, now we just have to hope that Adorama gets a sizeable amount of the lens. I stopped by a local camera dealer today just to ask when they were expecting the lens. They said they were expecting it at the beginning of November already, so they said it’s late. Basically they said to expect it any time now.

  • Hi, I’m brazilian and I’ll go to NYC tomorrow. I’ll stay in the town until Nov. 23.
    Do you know if I’ll find the Nikon D3s in stock in this period?

    Sorry my bad english.

    • I think you have a low chance to get one – all stores will first ship to pre-ordered customers.

  • Nicolas Vereecken

    I WANT MINE!!!
    Just called today to my retailer in Belgium but they only seem to be getting one for display in early December… GRRR.
    Anyone knows if amazon might react faster to pre-orders? I want it for Xmas & certainly need it for my work starting early next year – wildlife documentary & insect behaviour.

  • Christoph

    B&H told me the 70-200 VRII will be available at Thanksgiving but if its worth the money???

  • NikoRyan

    Holy wow: twenty-four hundred dollars for the new 70-200 VR II. That is just staggering. With my recent upgrade to FX with D700, I am needing to replace my Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 DX-format lens, and was almost going to pay the $1900 for the old 70-200. Wowzers….$2400…jeez.

    Oddly, someone is already selling a used 70-200 VR II for $2300 on Amazon:

    • I paid $1600 for my 1st gen 70-200VR in 2006. Brand new, not grey market.

      What is with prices right now?! Why should prices be so high when the economy sucks so bad? I mean pros always get a return on investment…but damn. That’s a 50% price increase over what I paid. And even when it came out, the 1st gen lens was under $2000 (if I remember right).

      • It’s the strength of the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar. When the dollar is weak, the profit isn’t as high for Nikon. So they raise prices to compensate. The only way for prices to go down, is for other currencies to go up against the Yen.

      • WoutK89

        Dont go buying in europe, converted price is approx $3600 😛

        • rhodium

          My goodness, $3600? That’s got to be a rip-off…

          • another anonymous

            yes, that’s our european reality for very long time already.. as I know in UK you can buy for 1.3-1.5*usa price and in rest of europe even more, for example here in Slovakia or Czech Republic for 1.8-2*usa price, but we are not so rich, only the equipment is for us less available.. there are many people here wich are saying for long time everywhere they can that there’s something not in order, but nothing changed.. that’s the reality, but as i know that’s not nikon issue, that’s far more general in photograhy equipment here. I have no exact explanation for this.

            Yes and if you check out the requirements for NPS especially in Czech republic, you have to own at least 2 profi bodies and 3 profi lens to get to NPS services, but in UK there’s only 1 body and 2 lens requirement.. I don’t know what it is about in US, but i assume that even the services are much pricy in europe..

            thank god you have us prices available 😉

          • another anonymous

            Nikoooon, I forgot to mention I’m happy user of d300 with 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 VR and micro 105 f2.8 VR and wanna update my 70-200, but i’s too pricy for me.. and no comment for FX body to these FX lens hm.

          • Andy

            Actually, make that $4000 for Norway. But then again… We are filthy rich with the oil and everything, so I guess it is deserved. 🙂


  • Chris

    Nikon really needs to get their pricing straight. Yes, they are the best, but if I can’t afford their gear… then I will have no choice but to stop buying it.

    • Bluecow

      If this lens delivers on all of its promises, do you really think the price is going to slow down the sales of it?

    • f/2.8

      I tried that with Ferrari. I told them they are the best. But they need to get the price down to the Corolla level for us. They never called back.

    • M!

      just like f/2.8 said.

      if you can’t afford it, it is your own personal problem.

  • JayA

    I have an Aug 3rd order in from Calumet for the 70-200VRII. Sold my 70-200mm VRI locally. If you shot wide open in FX, you will see the vigetting. If you shoot DX you will not.

    IMHO the Nikkor 24-70mm and 70-200mm are about 90 percent of what I shoot with – even though I have 10 other exotic Nikkors.

    • another anonymous

      +1 in experience, but -1 in preordering.. it want its time.

  • Observer

    Wow, B&H was actually open long enough to sell something?

  • Zoetmb

    I was at a lighting seminar yesterday and Joe McNally was also shooting with the new 70-200.

    As for the price, yes…it’s largely about the weak dollar. Nikon is expecting the average for April 2009 to March 2010 to come in at 93 Yen to the Dollar. Right now, the Yen is at 89.675 to the US$ and if that doesn’t improve, we could definitely see yet another price increase. The dollar is down 25% against the Yen since 2007, so if the Yen-Dollar relationship was the same as it was then, that lens would be $1800.

    The problem is that a weak dollar helps the U.S. stock market because investors go to stocks. A strong dollar will drive the market down. But a weak dollar should improve U.S. exports and the trade imbalance, although it rarely does because we don’t actually produce anything in the U.S. anymore. But it also causes the price of imported goods to rise.

    I doubt you can get $2300 for the old 70-200. But if i could get that price, I’d sell mine and then buy the new one. I can’t see a used one going for more than $1850 or so.

  • Wolf

    I tested the new D3s yesterday on a soccer match .. I will show pictures this evening !


  • I was at the Australian Masters today, Nikon is one of the major sponsors and the Nikon representative said they had 8 D3s out being used. Saw a few of them catching Tiger Woods.

    • WoutK89

      I hope they were shooting in Silent mode, you know how Woods reacts to noise from the audience.

  • Here are two ISO12800 Samples .. low daylight

    2.8/400 with 1.4x

    More to follow

    • WoutK89

      Except for the slight motion blur (natural unsharpness), that is a very good looking 12800 :-O wish my D80 could deliver such a result at its highest setting!

  • “D3s ISO1600 is like D3’s ISO400 or less”

    C’mon Moose, you’re exaggerating. I bet they will give you one D3s for such publicity. 🙂

  • Some more Images (ISO1600 ISO4500 ISO800) are now here:

  • Nikonist

    The D3s will be priced at 4425€ (= 6630US$) in Belgium starting in early December.

  • Etienne

    Just got a call from a local dealer in SA. My new 70-200 VRII has arrived. Asked him if I can collect ahead of the “official” date. He said that Nikon in South Africa has released the lens for distribution so it won’t be “ahead” as such. Stock here is sourced from Europe, I’m paying R*25 000 (1 eur = R11.08 / 1$ = R7.41).

    So in the US = $3 373.81
    in Europe = Eur 2 256.31.

    Considering I sold my old version for 99% of the old price after a year of use, I’m paying “only” Eur 540 / $809.72 more for this version.

    All I can say is that I hope it’s worth it on a D3, but I’m struggling without that range (weddings) so waiting is not an option.

    *R = South African Rand (a.k.a ZAR).

    • Etienne

      Managed to collect the 70-200 VRII yesterday…happy as a pig in custard. Asked him about the D3s and he said that that is still only expected on 27 November 2009.

  • Bluecow

    Adorama doesn’t say anything about the new 70-200mm VRII being backordered anymore. On the product page, it used to say shipping was expected in November 2009 and how you could order it and it would be shipped when available. Now it doesn’t say that, it just looks like a regular order page. I don’t know if they are updating the page currently or if they actually have it in stock. Just thought I would point out the change on their site.

    • Bluecow

      Now it says “expecting delivery from manufacturer”. It must be getting close.

  • SeattleSun

    Any indication if the new D3s, with the new sensor, has the rolling shutter problem?

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