Read this before you upgrade to Windows 7

Nikon support has issued a Windows 7 Compatibility Announcement. If you are impacted, click on the link below to continue reading.

We plan to offer Windows 7 compatible versions of Nikon Transfer and ViewNX for the following models. The Windows 7 compatible versions of these applications will be available for download.

  • D3 series, D2 series, D300 series, D700, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70 series, D60, D50, D40 series, D5000, D3000.
  • Image transfer is supported with USB transfer via MTP / PTP and Mass Storage connection (1)
  • We do NOT plan to offer (image transfer) compatibility for D1-series cameras (D1X, D1H, D1) connected to a computer with Windows 7 preinstalled. Please use a card reader or card slot to transfer images with these cameras.

(1) Results with Windows 7 RTM ( 32 and 64-bit versions) testing. HOWEVER, please be aware that operation cannot be guaranteed with all system environments.

Film Scanners- we are currently testing software compatibility, including that of Nikon Scan 4, for the following models.

  • Super Coolscan 9000ED, Super Coolscan 8000ED, Super Coolscan 5000ED
  • Super Coolscan 4000ED, Coolscan V ED, Coolscan IV ED


  • Nikon Transfer - We plan to make a compatible version available for download. Support for both 32 and 64 bit versions is planned.
  • View NX - We plan to make a compatible version available for download. Support for 32 and 64-bit versions is planned.
  • Capture NX 2 - We plan to make a compatible version available for download. Support for 32 and 64-bit versions is planned.
  • Camera Control Pro 2 - We plan to make a compatible version available for download. Support for 32 and 64-bit versions is planned.
  • NIK Color Efex Pro - Compatibility testing is planned.
  • my Picturetown Utility - Compatibility testing is planned.
  • WT-4 Setup Utility / Thumbnail Selector - Compatibility testing is planned.
  • WT-3 Setup Utility - Compatibility testing is planned.
  • Wireless Connection Utility - Compatibility testing is planned.
  • Image Authentication Software - Compatibility testing is planned.

We DO NOT plan to provide Windows 7 compatibility for the following applications:

  • Picture Project
  • Capture NX (v.1.x)
  • Camera Control Pro (v.1.x)
  • Wireless Camera Setup Utility
  • Nikon Capture 4
  • Nikon View 6
  • Coolpix Remote Control
  • DVD Show

Nikon has still not issued a software update for View NX running on Snow Leopard  (and they promised it in 30 days back in August).

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  • NikoDoby

    Vista did the same thing no?

    • NikoDoby

      I mean Vista had a lot of compatibility issues too when it first came out

      • jbl

        Yes I can confirm this,

        and same with canon cameras…

        Vista blowed and still blows.

        Win7 looks nice tho… I’m still on OS X but I might give win7 a try… even more since Dragon Stop Motion is now available for windows!

  • Neil

    Amazing. Especially considering both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard were available months before the release. They could have gotten all of that stuff done and complete. To me, this is a more significant breakdown than lenses they haven’t released or wish list items.

  • Nick

    To the admin (and all other NR’ian): There are some text hidden in the NR post. It is due to the black font color. To read them, high light the whole post from beginning to the end.

    BTW, I’m using NC NX 1.3.5 and hoping Window 7 could give me more RAM capability. Too bad.

    Upgrade to v2? Nope. I’ll wait for NC NX v3…

    • oops – fixed

    • I’ve been using Win7 for a little while now. Have been using Capture NX 2.2 on it and can tell you that it flies w/ 3gigs o’ RAM 😀 Just because Nikon doesn’t “support” in on Win7 yet doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work!

      I do have to say, for the speed, I’m also running it on an Intel i7 quad-core CPU, so make sure to factor that in as well.

      I really can’t say what the performance difference would be with your current equipment upgraded to Win7 + NX 2.2.

  • M35

    Although I am not a testing guru, I have been running Windows 7 RC and have not found any problems. Again, not a full stress test, but at least I have used the functions that I needed without any issues. This has been since around March, so FWIW!

  • Vince

    Doesn’t seem to affect everyone. I’ve been using ViewNX and Transfer in Win7 RC 32 bit for a while with no problems, though I don’t use either consistently. Still, they’ve both worked fine as needed (D700 and D200 NEF, JPG, and TIFF).

  • Nau

    Completely nikons fault… they need to get on a ball with their software

  • NikoDoby

    My computer uses Windows 95. I’m I safe? 🙂

    • Chris

      if your computer uses windows 95, please bring your computer to the nearest police station for demolition ASAP….

  • Roger

    Let me get this straight.

    Windows 7 RC hasn’t been released yet (except for new PCs), and Nikon has updates for it.

    Snow Leopard comes out, and Nikon’s policy is NOT work on updates until after a RC is released to the public.

    Which one is correct?

    • Richard

      Windows 7 RC is the Release Candidate and has been avalible for anyone who wants to try it out, however, the licens “stop” wokring the 1 march 2010.

      The Final release is the one wich is start selling 22th October (in sweden) and is avalible for pre-order from sites like amazon.

  • soap

    Let ME get this straight.

    New version of Windows and there are software compatibility issues?


    • WoutK89

      I thought Microsoft used the same engine (or what its called) for Win7 to prevent compatibility issues, wtf did Nikon do wrong? 😛

      • SoCal Dave

        “Microsoft addressed user complaints about lack of backward compatibility in Windows Vista by introducing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions, allowing “last mile” compatibility for any XP applications that won’t run in Windows 7.”
        — From eWeek.
        Note that this means that even those apps abandoned completely like Capture 4 can still be run in Windows 7. Nobody seems to be aware of this compatibility mode.

  • C Benson

    Get a Mac computer that will solve all your problems.

    • NikoDoby
    • Anonymous

      I have a Mac and a PC and the Mac sucks. It’s slow and nobody cares about making apps for it.

      • EB

        I have a mac and a PC and the mac (quad core macpro) is so much faster than the PC its ridiculous. The PC runs vista and It’s buggy and has a security warning about once a minute.

        • Is the PC a quad-core as well? If not, then the comparison isn’t much of a comparison, is it?

          As for your OS of choice, well… as soon as you said the word, “Vista,” the deal was off. As soon as my gagging reflex stopped, I came back to comment that Vista is just a way for masochists to abuse themselves.

  • PHB

    There is a big difference between ‘works on windows 7’ and supported on windows 7.

    Most stuff is going to work but it won’t be supported.

    • Mikael Willberg

      +1 on that.

      Also you can run problematic software on Virtual PC or the XP-mode included with Windows 7. No I have not tried the programs in question.

      Someone hoped for more RAM with new operating system, that is not possible. That is only way to achieve this is to change the operating system is from 32 to 64 bit version. After that you can really use more than 4GB of memory.

      • M35

        Are you going to sit and wait for Nikon to “certify” their apps for Windows 7? Unless you are in a major production area that your business relies on, why? I think most users on this forum use their Nikon apps every so often.
        Do not read 100% into the statement. Use the 80-20 rule.

        As for additional memory… The apps have to be re-written in 64-bit mode to take advantage of the additional memory. Having 8GBs of RAM and 32-bit application does you no good.

  • Stylus

    I noticed there’s no mention of a 64-bit Windows Imaging Component Codec for .NEFs.

    Just use this instead, guys:

    Nikon fail hard in the software department.

    • wouldnt call it fail. Win7 64bit released version here, NX2 works.
      I dont need anything else from Nikon.

  • jbl

    Looks like this might turn into a mac vs pc thread.

    I don’t understand why these still exists. Since Apple switched to intel, it’s only a software debate since the hardware is the exact same. To anonymous saying that his mac is slow, if your mac ran windows and your pc ran os x, the windows machine would be slow and the mac would be fast…. vice versa, you can’t compare mac and windows if the machine under the hood isn’t the same. It would be like having a 14 years old black kid fighting a pro white wrestler, if the pro wrestler wins it doesn’t mean that white people are stronger.. The analogy isn’t very good but anyway, my point is that they run on the EXACT same hardware so it’s only a matter of which interface you prefer… Personally I fell in love with apple’s exposé and spaces and while I like the new multi tasking tools in windows 7, I do believe that it’s far behind of the exposé and spaces in OS X.

    In the next few months I’m going to consider using windows 7 if I find the adequate tool to make it as effective as the stuff I use daily on OS X…

  • I’ve been using ViewNX and Capture NX2 on Win 7 for a long time and no problems whatsoever, This is a non-issue.

  • john

    they still dont have a fix for the snow leopard users after 2 months lol…

  • Brunopic

    I’m using intensively ViewNX and Transfer on Windows7 RC for several weeks and have no problem. CaptureNX2 runs without any problem but I did not test it completely.

  • Michael

    I´m running Nikon Transfer on W7 RTM for several months now – it simply worked. There is no problem whatsoever

  • George A.

    I have Win7 64bit and I’m View, Transfer and NX2. No problem with those apps and Win7. Of course, the current versions run in 32bit compatibility mode, but I don’t see it as an issue in this case.

  • I already have a legal release version of windows 7 and I have found that the current versions posted on the Nikon USA website of Nikon Transfer and ViewNx work perfectly. Although I have not tried transferring images directly off the camera (D80) using USB.

  • sjms

    well they all work with the RTM of version 7 64bit so far as is

  • zen-tao

    Windows7 with adobe Lightroom V2.5 64bit works nice.

  • dude

    Agreed, I have been using windows 7 for months and found no problems with Adobe Lightroom, CS4, D700, D90 compatibility, and I have been using Nikon Coolscan 5000ED for a while with the crappy Nikon Scan program and it has the same issues it had with vista and xp. Its just a shit program. Not a windows 7 issue. Windows 7 is basically vista cleaned up

  • Stephen Foster

    This should be a non-issue. Windows 7 is an evolution of the Vista Kernel with a lot of stuff fixed from a UX perspective. Basically, if it runs on Vista now, it will run better on Win 7. There should be more issues with Snow Leopard Compatibility due to the significant changes under the hood there.

  • Phil

    I hope they update the WT-4 Software so it works with win 7 64 bit

  • I have been using Nikon Transfer, ViewNX, and Capture NX 2.2 (all current versions) on both my laptop and desktop with Windows 7 beta R.C. (release 7100) without ANY issues at all. Everything works GREAT> Windows 7 is a great operating system. Don’t let this hold you back from upgrading. It is worth it.

  • I have been using Nikon Capture NX2, View NX and Transfer since Windows 7 build 7000. No hiccups.

    The only issue is when I updated from Vista to Windows 7 RTM where my Nikon Capture License was reset to eval. I have to enter it again.

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