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Update: more Nikon D3s samples available on flickr.

For our new readers:  every weekend I post Nikon related news combined in one post. I try to stick strictly to rumors during the week (there are exceptions sometimes).


  • Nikon D300s + 10.5mm fisheye video:

Click on the link to continue reading:

  • Projectography (trademark by Nikon) - the video is directed by Matt Uhry, who previously directed music videos for The Foo Fighters:

  • The local Philippine distributor of Nikon (Columbia Digital) got the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao as their endorser for the holiday season:

nikon-ad-Manny_Pacquiao pac8

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  • Anonymous

    For Nikon advertisements, those sure are really cheesy photos.

  • IAN

    Honestly, I don’T even know why they make such unusable ISO available on cameras. It would be impressive enough if the max was 12000 but was usable. It’s like making a ferrari that goes to 300mph but if you drive it above 150 you lose control and die.

    • soap

      You find that worse than Tri-X @ 400?

      • soap

        Excuse soap’s fat brain.

        • Anon

          ISO 100,000 looks the same as ISO 3200 on my D300… Or the same as ISO 1600 on my 40D

          • camerusercollector

            same with my D200 at ISO 1600

          • iamlucky13

            That’s a scaled down image, of course. You can’t tell from that what’s been done to the fine detail with noise reduction.

            But that there is at least some usable detail and color speaks well for Nikon having decided to bother including an ISO setting that sounds so absurdly high. It looks similar to my P&S at 800, but I’m sure the 1600 shots could be made similar with more noise reduction.

            Does anyone know if the 102400 mode shoots at full resolution, or does it average across pixels for a reduced (3 MP) resolution?

  • David

    It looks VERY usable to me, if you are a photojournalist, which is the market for the D3s. My memory may be waining, but that looks about the same as 400 speed film pushed to 3200 in the late 80’s film technology. That ISO isn’t for controlled environments, but for use when nothing else is available and you still want to capture the picture.

    • GlobalGuy

      Re: Nikon D3s sample @ ISO 102400

      I agree with David — the image is very usable and I have seen countless images that have this sort of character grain to it. The noise looks… “classic” not “unusable.” I have seen unusable noise, and this noise is fine for its purpose. Consider especially that the human eye would NOT likely to be able to see very well at all in a situation where this ISO is used.

      What I don’t understand is why the image was taken at 1/500th of a second. That means that there was too much light available — the photographer probably could have used the next cleaner/lower ISO.

      I wouldn’t consider using something with that much noise unless I was pushed to 1/60 of a second or faster. 1/500 is just way too much elbow room. Then again, these wouldve been moving animals and who has time calculate — sometimes you just crank up the ISO, open up the aperture, and hold your breath.

      • Neil

        Judging from the location and subject I bet the reason for the fast shutter speed is that it was on a monopod with a long lens on a moving boat. If you’ve ever boated around Alaska, for example, you wouldn’t want much less than 1/500th if you can help it especially with >=300mm lenses.

    • soap

      Should have read down before I replied myself.

      Not having colour experience, I can’t say for sure, but this whups the llama’s behind when it comes to noise (grain) compared to the B/W films I’m used to. 400 as your highest (sane) native ISO and 3200 as HI+3. If 35mm film had looked this good at 1/2 the speed I’m sure many wouldn’t have bothered shooting 120 or larger.

    • EB

      True, and it still looks reasonably sharp. Some careful NR and that photo would be perfectly fine.

  • Steve

    For capturing the moment, I think if you can see something, then that’s fine.

  • Alex

    It’s not really better than the videos I take with my D700xs.

  • Gary

    The people on these forums criticizing the D3s have never held one, never operated one, and probably will never be able to afford one.

    As someone else mentioned, if you can’t take great photos with a D3s, then you shouldn’t be taking photos.

    There’s not a single critic that wouldn’t salivate if someone would give them a D3s.

    • Alex

      So what is your point ?
      Yes, Nikon is one of the best camera manufacturer and all their products are top quality and design I agree with that.
      But Nikon also made few bad lenses and cameras, we are not here to see Nikon as a God but to share our point of view on Nikon’s products.
      I never owned a D3 or D2, but I can read a camera’s specifications list.
      The D3s’ video is a joke, and I still don’t understand why Nikon put a toy in a professional and efficient camera.
      And who need 12.642.125 ISO ? To take a picture of a bat pooping inside a cave ?
      The D3s’ video is so bad that they have to use tricks and post production modifications to make it look almost as good as a $500 HD camecorder.
      If you give me the choice between a D3 and a D3s, sorry but I’ll take the D3.

  • Zoetmb

    The problem with watching these videos is that most of the online playback system (like YouTube) heavily compress the video, which introduces many artifacts. In order to truly evaluate the IQ, we need to see uncompressed footage. Based on the video seen here, it sort of looked “okay” on my computer, but I don’t think the images would hold up on a 40″ or larger TV.

    A lot of video was not video – it was still motion photography shot at high frame rates. I also noticed that the white balance and color was great on the stills, but sucky (cold and blue) on the video. There are also seemed to be a problem with consistent time: it seemed like frames of the video sped up or slowed down giving it a “jumpy” feel. But this latter issue could have been because of compression.

    In the hang glider video, I thought it was interesting that the photographer worked with NPS to develop a system where either the video or the stills could be remotely triggered, which you can’t ordinarily do. I think Nikon should definitely build that functionality into the next generation (or upgrade the current one if it can be done via software.)

    I thought the ad for the P&S with the mini projector was quite compelling, even if the actual projected image was sucky. Nikon should use that ad in the U.S. instead of that idiot actor. I think they could get a lot of parents to buy these for their kids, especially during the holiday season.

    I bet that Nikon didn’t use a D3s to shoot the video shots of the D3s. That video looked good. Wonder what they did use.

    When the D3s ad said, “can shoot everything you can see….and some you can’t”, they should have inserted shots or video of very low light photography to drive that message home. But I think they should use that ad even in TV advertising as a brand promotion. Nikon used to heavily market the Nikon F, even though average people couldn’t afford one, in order to push the rest of the line. They should do the same with the D3 series.

    The D3s video did seem to look better than the D300s video, even though they are both at 720p.

    And as usual, Nikon USA seems to have had nothing to do with any of these videos. Nikon USA has almost always had the worst marketing. It’s time they got off their duff and started using some marketing money to support photographers and get some interesting work accomplished on Nikon cameras.

    • WoutK89

      You sure they were high speed shots, and not frames taken out to show the quality of this feature?

      • Zoetmb

        Good point — I suppose that’s possible. Although…there’s a shot where the photographer is continuously shooting stills…he has his finger on the shutter and it’s firing continuously. I think that’s where this stuff is coming from.

        Also, I just looked at the Bell video on his site and from a technical standpoint, the hi-res video does look pretty damned good. But as he alternates between obviously post-produced stills and video, you can see that aesthetically, the stills are superior. The video sections seem very contrived and the lighting is flatter because it wasn’t adjusted in post-prod. But I was very impressed with the overall technical quality. Makes a big diff when you don’t over compress the video.

  • Grat2001

    Dang it! I hit dislike by accident.

    • Anon

      That’ll show admin.

  • The first video was god-awful, it even had one of the worse photos I’ve ever seen. How did that guy got his hands ona D3s?

    • I mean all the videoclips were horrid and all photos too, not just one.

    • rkas

      I thought i was the only one thinking that, but apperently im not alone! Just look at those pictures in the end with the dudes talking to some people in the rain, REALLY bad stuff imo. Why couldnt they have given the camera to me instead? :\

  • David

    Franc Fritz video (the band), 17 seconds until 23 seconds, left hand side of the video – is that rolling shutter, or something else?

  • Vendetta

    Flickering problem on the D3s on the first video between 19-22 seconds.

  • Jurno

    Is the interview footage in the Mark Watson video taken with the D300s, or just the fisheye footage?

  • yawn

  • Have to say – was not blown away with the photos/video that exemplifies the D3s…

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see these high iso pics in more demanding situations and not just in “decent” light using a less than practical combination of aperture and shutter speed….

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I laughed heartily at the end of the Red Bull video.

    Advice to other photographers:
    Buy Nikon’s top of the line most expensive camera and most expensive lenses.

  • Update: more Nikon D3s samples available on flickr:

    • camerusercollector

      Why can’t Nikon use other guy who is not a professional photographer but deliver better results. Check this guy’s website.

      Ansel Adam in landscape = Manny Librodo in portrait.

      • Gustav

        That guy’s pretty good, but I wouldn’t say that.

        IMHO, Ansel Adams in landscape = Yousef Karsh in portrait.

  • WoutK89

    So we know what Nikon R&D will be/is doing. Creating a remote for Video and Stills 🙂 When a D3000 style camera will have Video, every consumer will want to have this accessory to be available!

  • rkas

    So Nikon lends a D3s to TWO photographers without any clue? The vimeo dude that just shoots pure shiet and the flickr dude that takes a 5 stop brackets instead of using one raw image to achieve the exact same result.
    When is people gonna learn what HDR is really about?

  • Mike

    The penguin image looks most impressive to me. Its appearance reminds me to many of my own Agfachrome 1000 photos from the late nineties, pushed for two stops. Actually, this is about five more stops slower. Quite impressive, not to say outrageous.


    • PuffinFan

      They where puffins!

  • Alex

    So I guess at the PMA we will get both D700s and D700x, with crapy videos and 6.542.487 ISO !
    I’d better buy bunch of D700, they may get alot of value next year !

  • Its funny that you posted the flickr site. I was on flickr yesterday looking for D3s photos and ran across a similar site.

    It appears to be the same person, but a different account, with the same pics. Just weird.

  • Nobody Special

    It’s an interesting concept.

    But I have go along with the general notion of what direction does Nikon really want to take with their FF digital cameras? Combining any kind of ‘movie’ technology into a still camera will have limitations and probably a limited interest in the market users of the them.

    I see the idea better used in consumer above average user quality for the casual user – great for short ‘home’ movies but a real serious video concept?

  • mayor

    its rumored that the girl here with paquiao is the mistress of Mr.Jollibee himself

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