The latest Nikon D3s specs

The latest rumors on the Nikon D3s specs:

  • Better ISO-performance (ISO 200-12800 probably)
  • New 1.2 crop mode
  • Bigger buffer
  • Motion-Jpeg 720p (no 1080p!)
  • Improved AF-ON button
  • Improved multi-dial
  • No 14 fps, I repeat no 14 fps

There is also a chance that only the Nikon D3s will be released - no new lenses. This one is still very hard for me to believe, but those are the latest rumors folks.

Warning: let's don't turn this into a "Nikon sucks thread" - this time I will be closely monitoring the comments and there will be some censorship. Those are just rumors and may or may not turn out to be true - no reason to complain on information that is not final yet. Please, let's have a constructive conversation and keep the whining for after the product is officially announced.

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  • Anonymous

    How on earth could the same sensor get better ISO performance? Makes no sense. Seems like that would be an admission that there’s a new sensor, but all the rumors just hand out crazy ISO figures without any support (i.e. a new sensor along with it).

    • tai

      D300, D90, and D5000 all share a sensor, but the D90’s high ISO performance is noticeably better than the D300, and the D5000’s is even a bit better than the D90.

      • jon

        i don’t have d5000 but i taht true that low light is better in d5000 than in d90?
        dxo mark labs stated d90 is better.|0/%28appareil2%29/294|0/%28onglet%29/0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28brand2%29/Nikon

        • tai

          Hm, you’re right. I’ve not actually touched a D5000, but I had heard the high ISO performance was better. The D90 is certainly better than the D300, though.

          • Ronan

            Actually the D90 HIGH ISO algorythm are harder on photo’s which means less noise but everything is a LOT less sharp. Hence why the D90 is an amateur camera and the D300 a semi-pro/pro.

            Any pro can easily work around the little noise the D300 produce. Working around less sharp images on the other hand…

          • tai

            No, the D90’s raw files come out better at High ISOs than the D300. I’ve shot both of them, it’s pretty clear. DXO mark’s tests confirm this.

          • rhlpetrus

            No, one has to take consider the margin of error for the measurements and sample variation. DxO Mark says it’s about 6 points for the overall score and 1/3 stop for the high ISO mark, so, they are all about tied. The D90/D5000 advantage in the final score is related to DR mostly and there are tests that show that Nikon corrects the black point for the D90/D5000 and not for the D300, which is good, D300 has a cleaner RAW file.

      • sean porto

        I’m not sure that the D90 and D300 have the same exact sensor. because they both have different bit depths. the D300 is 14bit while the D90 is 12bit.

        I do agree though with the D90 having better ISO performance than the D300.

        • WoutK89

          if I am right, they both have 16 bit, just not read out…

        • The processing is what has a bit depth, not the sensor.

          • soap

            The ADC is not the sensor.

    • Roger Moore

      It’s possible that’s what has gotten better is Nikon’s ability to handle the data that comes off the sensor, not the sensor itself. Nikon has a history of using minor tweaks to their image processing pipeline to get better and better performance from the same sensor. That definitely happened with the 6MP sensor used in the D70/D50/D40 series and also with the 10MP sensor originally used in the D200. They may be able to get enough tweaks from that kind of process to get acceptable results from ISO 12800. Or they may just boost the amplification and live with the noise in order to be able to get a better looking spec than the other guy.

  • Johnny

    Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to release the awaited 1,4-stop-lenses.

    • yrsued

      Awaited by??????

      I know some folks like the Fast Fixed lenses, but…

      As a Pro with 25 years in the filed, with today’s Superb Zooms, NONE of the folks that work in my area ever use the Fixed Lenses, unless you mean the 200 f/2 and Above!! Every ne of my fellow Nikon and Canon Shooters use Zooms.

      The only two Fixed Lenses I use are the 60 f/2.8G AF-S and my 85 f/2.8 PC-E, the rest are Zooms, and in my case, I wouldn’t spend money on a Fixed Focal Lens, even if it was 1.4.


      1- Space, I have already filled up a Think Tank Airport Security and a Urban Disguise 50, I can only bring so much on a plane.

      2- If I needed more light on Location, I would bring ALL my Speedotron Packs!!

      3- Rarely do I have an assignment that requires the DOF from a 1.4 Lens. If I did, I would either rent one of the existing Lenses or Make do!!

      This might sound stupid to some here,but in this economy, I only buy what I use on a daily basis and use a whole lot!! If I don’t use it at all, I don’t buy it.


      • Incognito

        What about video? I’m starting to shoot video alongside my photography and the 1.2 50mm and 1.4 lenses really help. Infact, just yesterday I was comparing the video off my d300 to that off the pro video guys camera and mine was awesome and bright…his was black with just highlights from the band. However, I’m sure a 24mm 1.4 lens would be way to expensive to seriously consider just for video. I have the sigma 30 1.4 and it’s pretty good for wide angle video.

        For images you are right though. Just use one of the 3 pro zooms with speedlights and high iso and you should be fine

        • Incognito

          My above post is about wedding photography and vdeo, mainly at the reception in low light

          • yrsued

            That is cool,

            I’m a commercial Studio and I do some Sports too, so Video is something I would never use! When I was hire to shoot Video along Still on a sporting event, I brought my daughter to shoot some YouTube Videos for this client, we used a $200 Canon Video Camera!!

        • Anonymous

          why dont we stop putting people into such cut and dry categories……….. this is as dumb as saying all my friends eat with a fork and using it as an argument against chopsticks….

      • Anonymous


        You seem to be assuming everybody is like you. Sales of primes, even below 200mm is quite brisk.


        Where on earth do you live?

        • my point is why not have the option in the camera? I bet you really aren’t being charged for it anyways. The D300 was still $1799 before the ‘s’ version, and now the D300s is also $1800. I don’t see why people get all up in arms about it HAVING video, they should still pull for Nikon to outdo Canon if for nothing more than knowing Nikon has a competitive edge over other brands…heck I don’t use more than 3 fps but it’s nice knowing the D300 and D700 flies if I need it.

          • rhlpetrus

            I agree, most pros don’t use primes, except the specialists (architecture, interiors). I’d bet the sales rate zoom/primes for Nikon is the reason they release a zoom every 2-3 mos and one prime per year.

            I’m really hopeful for the 16-35 f/4, that’s one great lens to use with the D700. The 14-24 f/2.8 may be the best zoom man ever made, but it’s bulky, doesn’t take filters and has a very short long end, making it less flexible for those who travel and like to use mostly one lens, like me. The 17-35 f/2.8 is still bulky and likely a bit outdated for digital. And I hope a 24-120mm f/4 is next, then a short tele f/4 zoom.

          • PHB

            I agree that the modern zooms are fantastic. But even so, they are heavy. The main lens type I am missing in my current collection is a portrait lens with good to superb bokeh. A 70-200 zoom would fit that need, but a 85mm f/1.4 would fit it much better for about half the cost.

            Given that Nikon has an absolutely stunning set of f/2.8 FX zooms it is reasonable to expect the next pro level releases to be of primes.

            Oddly enough, it is the high ISO performance of the CMOS sensors that makes the fast lenses so desirable. I can’t use flash inside a conference, but with my D300 and a 50mm f/1.2 I don’t need it.

            When we get to really high resolution sensors (50MP and above), the performance of the zooms is not going to be enough to do the sensor justice. Nikons zooms are as good as they are due to state of the art computer aided design. Their line of primes was designed by hand. So they are really not worth very much, in fact my DX 10-24mm lens does better than my 20mm prime. So no wonder pros have little use for them. What folk are after is a newly designed ultra-prime that outperforms the zoom.

            I shoot video, but I use a video camera to do so at the moment. I am not really very interested in having a DSLR that doubles as a video camera. But I am really interested in having a video body that can use my F-mount lenses.

            In time I expect to see Nikon produce a dedicated video body. I think we will also see the shutter go electronic on DSLR sensors in the near future.

            But that is the whole point of the Nikon system, you are not just buying gear for your current needs, you expect it to work with the gear that comes out later.

      • Johnny

        2,8-lenses will allways sell many times more than 1,4-lenses, but there is demand for 1,4-stop primes.

        I use two Canon 5D Mark II with 24/1,4 35/1,4 85/1,2 and 70-200/2,8 IS as my basic pack. No to heavy.

        When I talked to Nikon about 1,4-AFS-lenses they clearly said: – They will come, but we don’t know when.

      • plug

        I agree with all of this. I regard myself as an advanced amateur and travel a lot, particularly enjoying wildlife photography, so need to keep weight in check. The new zooms are superb, what I want is an updated 300 f4 with VR etc for my D700, the compromise between weight and speed, but with superior optical properties.

  • jbl

    I really hope this is wrong because if Nikon doesn’t start getting 1080p into their cameras, there’s a big big problem.

    and I’d be going over canon… nooo i don’t want to be stuck with the 5d2.

    • rhlpetrus

      Agree, Nikon better get the act together and press release of cameras with 1080p/24. They got first dslr with video but seem to be getting behind quickly. Not so important for D3s at the moment, but hope they do it faster with D400, D800 and D4.

      • Anonymous

        go buy a video camera.

        video is neat and all, but i didn’t buy a dslr for video. i bought it to shoot photos.

        • rhlpetrus

          Not a personal issue, market trend, and Nikon started it.

          • WoutK89

            So if Canon jumps of a bridge, Nikon should follow?

          • Alex

            @ WoutK89:
            No, but if Canon does something smart, Nikon should follow.

            Seriously, that was one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever seen on this site.

          • WoutK89

            well thank you, but before me was said, it is marketing, and marketing was MP race, and Nikon still hasnt gone above 12MP for a long time, so why should they bother upping the resolution in HD Video if they dont think the quality is good enough to do so?

        • jbl

          I’m so bored of the ignorant and close minded people like you.

          What can’t you understand in bigger sensor = better low light capability and shallower DOF. you are a photographer aren’t you? Don’t you understand that basic concept? Well guess what, if it applies to still images, it applies to video and there’s no friggen sub-5000$ video cameras that does it or than DSLRs. Why do you think people all around the world are using 5Dmk2 as their main VIDEO camera in a professional context? Because it’s the best sub 4000$ video camera, simple as this. I can’t believe 1 year after the release of the 5d2 people are still that ignorant, if you only make family pics/videos and don’t need the bigger sensor, what the hell are you doing in this D3s thread?

          wow… people these days… makes you wonder if everyone is born with a brain…

          • nobody

            Maybe it’s hard to understand, anyway…

            Here we go: I’m a photographer, I want to buy a photo camera…

            Really, if you want to understand, it’s not that difficult…

          • sean porto

            I know a lot about cameras but nothing about video and I’m pretty sure other people don’t know as well. if we liked video we would have gotten into video. So just relax. besides,

            I think that canon has something going for them for the price but to think that The 5D2 will ever surpass the Panasonic HVX or DVX they got something coming.

          • Anonymous

            >Iโ€™m so bored of the ignorant and close minded people like you.


        • Zoetmb

          Understood, but if it’s going to have video at the D3 level, it’s GOT to be 1080p or they’d be better off not including it at all. They will get more criticism for including only 720p than if they didn’t include it at all, which they could rationalize as “we’re not putting video in a pro camera until it’s pro video.”

          • I wholeheartedly disagree. Give the pro the same level of features or better that can be found in the lower priced bodies, especially with a big feature like video. The difference in sharpness, quality, etc between 720p and 1080p is virtually indistinguishable. Yes, more is more, but truth is that 720 looks great. Let’s just say it’s not a big enough difference to leave it off a camera. After all the jump from 720p to 1080p is not even close to the difference between 0p and 720p, right?

            Further, your statement is telling, that you’re not in the market for a D3, with or without video. How can one tell? Because you say you’d rather not have the feature at all if not 1080. If you’re looking to buy the latest camera at ~$5k, why in the world would you WANT Nikon to leave a $1k+ feature out, especially when you’re whining that you need 1080p. Makes zero sense, unless you are just whining about specs on paper.

            Pissing contents aren’t as important to real producers. They’re too busy finding ways to use the tools already on the gear they own.

          • RT

            Well a GOOD detailed 720 video mode would be OK if it were implemented like Pentax’s lowly K-7 or the GH1. The problem with Nikon’s (or Canon’s) 720 mode is that it uses a coarse sampling routine to get it. On the Canons you can at least take the 1080 image and downsample it to 720 and have a noticeably better video than what you get out of the Nikons. But I am VERY suspicious of this rumored 720 spec since the Live View on the D3 went to 1080, they’d be crazy not to offer it.

          • All I know is the D300s offers very clean 720. The details of the video compression is beyond me, I’m sure, but it looks loads better than the D90.

        • zack

          Them sentence should be more ..So if Canon climbs a mountain, Nikon should follow?

          • rhlpetrus

            Nikon started it with D90 …

          • Mark

            sure, nikon need not follow, but the sad fact is they will follow…because marketing is a very powerful tool and canon is extremely good at it

        • yrsued


          If I needed to shoot Video, I would hire a Video Guy!! I’m a Still Shooter, I shoot Stills!! I know Video is a reality in the future of DSLR’s, but I don’t buy a DSLR for the Video Features I would never use, nor would I never see myself needing.

          • Ronan

            And thats probably why you make 50 grande a year while the other photographers that follow the trends are making 3 times more, like me.

            Buh bye.

          • EB

            Every damn company save perhaps Leica is making cameras with video. Its the way of the future, get used to it.

        • Incognito

          This is such a dumb statement. My d300 video is out performing pro videographers at weddings because of the high iso capability and fast 1.4 lenses!

          • yrsued

            Ronan and EB, how much Video do you shoot??

            I have produced over 10 Commercial Videos, for the past 10 years, but I don’t do video!! I couldn’t really care about the Trends!! It’s a marketing gimmick!!

            I’m reading your posts again, and the both of you sound like you are both Video Pros!! Are you??

            How many Telly Awards have you won?? Emmy’s??

            A Video I worked on back in 1997 won a Telly, I did the Lighting!! Given that you are insulting the fact that I don’t need video on my Still camera tells me that you both have won countless awards!! Have you??

            I honestly don’t get it!!

            Seems that expressing your opinions is not allowed here, if it doesn’t follow the Corporate marketing mandate or what the Fanboys want to hear!!

            Trust me, little or none of the shooters I work with want or even need Video on their Still cameras!! They all agree, it’s a marketing gimmick!!

            I don’t understand either of you, I would think that you would appreciate the opinion and point of view from a working pro!! I guess not… I guess you would rather listen to a Fanboy making 1080p videos of their Kittys, like the guys on DPR!!

          • yrsued

            BTW Ronan, it’s 50 GRAND, not 50 Grande!!

            And not many of us in the Local ASMP Chapter care much about Video, and Video is not going to make a Commercial Studio Shooter like use make any more money, not Double, nor triple our income!! It sis going to be another button that we never press, because we don’t need it!!

        • Tyguy

          Yeah, I just switched to canon. I was looking to get a new body and it was down to the Canon 7D or the D300s… needless to say I sold all of my Nikon gear and got the 7D with a set of L lenses. I like the ergonomics and menus of the Nikon better, but I’m glad I switched. I wish I could have stayed with Nikon, but Canon is making the better product. I’m currently shooting half video and stills, the Canon 7D’s video is worlds above the D300s. If Nikon is going to stay competitive, it’s going to seriously catch up with what people are needing.

          • Steph

            What made you switch? Honest question, it seems an expensive thing to do, and the d300s video is definitely going to be GOOD ENOUGH for all but the most sophisticated shots (and then you’d probably be better off with a REAL prosumer/pro video gig?).

      • anon

        Nikon used all their money for R&D on Ashton Kutcher

    • NikoDoby

      Gooooooo to canon already JBL, LOL just teasing you buddy, but really just switch already ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jbl


        Did you use a 5D mk2? Do you know how horrible this body is?

    • Anonymous


    • Look people – it’s really not that difficult. There are technical limitations to what has been achieved in the VSLR realm. They are using different sensors, with different sizes, while interpolating on the fly, from color (bayer data to rgb), to size (12mp to 720p), to bit depth (16bit to 8bit), to data type (raw to motion jpeg). This is much more processing than is happening with the current prosumer video cameras. It’s mindblowing. It’s incredible. And, it’s not perfect yet.

      If you can’t be patient while this tech gets figured out, then seriously, move to Canon so we can have some peace and productivity here. Or become a monk and learn patience. Or go out and get an engineering degree and beat the system with your brilliance. Do SOMETHING more productive than piss and moan about something out of your control.

    • 1080p isn’t as important as fixing the rolling shutter quality issues. I’d take 720p minus the jello cam over 1080p with a crappy refresh rate.

      • Ronan

        Same. Then again software fixes any problems. We have software for our still photo’s…. and now we will have software for our video’s.

        • WoutK89

          So where is Nikon Capture VX? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 3space

        I shoot both video and stills. I have a D3 and a Red One. I use the same nikon lenses on both cameras. The problem with the Red is that it weighs 20 lbs fully rigged for hand held and it takes awhile to set up. My D3 is light and quick. So it make sense for me and thousands others to want pro video as a feature in a D3 body. The small compact form factor would make a great b unit camera and prefect to fly on a steadiCam or for gyro/aerial shoots..

        Video in a dslr is a feature and nikon needs to get it right and lead the pack with their pro camera. If the d3s only records 720p with a crappy jpeg codec then they total have missed the point to be pro. Any feature in a pro camera should work at a pro level.

        People that don’t want video should just chill and not use it. What’s the point of trying to tear it down the importance of a feature that you have no use for.

        People that need video in the camera just want it done right.

        But I doubt canon or nikon will get it together anytime soon… what with the epic FF shooting 6k @ 100 fps in a 16bit RAW format…

  • Casper

    Hmm, I am hoping for a little more, but it’ll still be a cool camera. Any rumors/guessing of price?

    • Connie

      Price will be as the D3

  • dB

    Thank you Nikon!

    I currently have a D3, and if the original rumors were true, I would have been really angry that I can’t afford the upgrade right now. If this spec list is true, I’m not quite as disturbed. Also, a 24mm 1.4 would have made me sell my kidney.

    • rhlpetrus

      Thom has hinted the 24mm f/1.4 is coming, let’s see. I also hope they release the firs=rst f/4 zoom, said to be 16-35mm. That will make me want to move to FF faster.

      • WoutK89

        F/4 and zoom is already, 12-24 DX, 200-400…

        So it will not be a first ๐Ÿ™‚

        • rhlpetrus

          FF and where it’s most needed for the D700.

      • Gordon

        Thom also hinted that a D700X was coming about now too but he is quickly back peddling away from that now.

    • Ronan

      You have a D3, but can’t afford another one (if the sh*t hits the fan)… what kind of pro are you? You would be better off with a D700, or two of them.

      • dB

        What? How on earth does not being able to afford a $6k camera “right now” make a quality statement about somebody’s status as a pro? I know plenty of pro photographers who still shoot older cameras like D200s because they don’t have the money to upgrade (or more accurately would rather spend it elsewhere, which is my case).

        As it is, however, I’m not a pro, I’m a photography student… and I bought my camera before the D700 came out.

  • glow in the dark

    iso 12800 — that’d be a neat trick

    • Mark

      Well, they can have 25600 too, if the base iso is 400

  • Alex

    I love Nikon, the best camera maker ever, I like the way the cameras are updated and also the perfect 12MP sensor, do not forget all the extraordinary (did I spell that right ?) lenses, seriously, Nikon is and will stay the best.
    I can’t wait thursday to see the new D700s, D700x, D3sx, D90x and all the new pro lenses !
    I’m so excited !

    • WoutK89

      yes, you did spell it right, though there is huge smell of sarcasm in your comment ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Ketil S.

    Why is everyone screaming about video on more pixels?

    What I would like to see in a new upgraded D3 is increased Color Depth and Dynamic Range.

    Maybe as good as the D3X? Then I really would want the new camera.

    • nikkor_2


      Spot on comment; I wish for additional color depth — e.g., 16 bits — and increased dynamic range, too; these two changes would be just fantastic in a D3.

  • Illo

    What about FPS ? if they get 14 on FF it will be a winner anyway. But is that true?

  • NikoDoby

    Wow, Tuesday is going to be a painful day for a lot of you isn’t it?

    • Not me. I don’t have the cash for a D3s right now, and even if I did, I’d be thrilled to own the D3, so the D3s would be a happy upgrade. As it stands, the D700 is just as capable of a camera, and a much more affordable price. Either way, Nikon was lauded (as they should be) for presenting such great options to both high end and low end photogs. You won’t catch me whining over such trivial things!

    • Ray

      nope already ordered the d700, monday is the sweet day for me..

  • A.

    I am hoping nikon does something competetive–if only to drive down prices on the d700.

    If not, I might buy a Canon. I’m in the position that I’m not tied to any Dale system right now. And the 5D2, for all it’s faults, offers more than the d700 for a nearly identical price.

  • suboniki


    this will be a good week:

    new imacs and d3s!

    • WoutK89

      And maybe even more, that’s an even better thought

    • imacs? who cares about those pieces of crap? oh yeah, people who got marketing-raped into believeng it’s the best thing since written language.

      • Ronan


      • rhodium

        Just like Canon cameras.

        • 3space

          canon = windows PC
          nikon = apple mac

          nikon cost more with fewer options but more thought in design and better build quality….

  • jon

    if d3s is iso 200-6400, no 14fps but 1.2x crop..then isn’t d3 still superior??

    • Alex

      The 1.2x crop would be an optional aspect ratio (like how when you attach a DX lens to the D3, it automatically changes to a 1.5x crop and you lose some megapixels). Normal sensor would still be full frame.

      • jon

        ic..then for fx lenses owners, the gain is only better low iso..

        • WoutK89

          Better high ISO I hope you mean? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • KT

    That means they will have pretty much the same sensor from the mighty D5000 all the way to the D3s. That will say something about their ability to customize the same sensor for multiple levels of users.

    • KT

      There’s a typo here, I meant the D300S not D3S. The point, they can get a lot out of the same sensor, so let’s see what they can do on Tuesday

  • Anonymous

    Why 1.2x mode crop? Continued full frame is a future… why don’t have the iso 100?
    Why the Nikon wait more the 3-4 months for announced Nikon D4?
    Is poor deal….for nikon.

    • sean porto

      It seems that ISO 100 doesn’t offer any benefit over 200 other than speed. Nikon Noise algorithms are very stable and I haven’t had any issues printing 20×30 from ISO 200 on my D90. except for the slight bit of fussy ness from blowing it up but that is normal. haha.

      • Each chip has a “sweet spot” as far as ISO is concerned. By engineering these to offer best performance at base ISO of 200, that allows an effective extra full stop of low noise performance at the high ISO range. The down side – on both Nikon and Canon side – is that when use the “low” settings (e.g. 50iso or 100iso), then you also cut your dynamic range by a few stops. As an example, by shooting the D3/D700 at ISO 100, you get about the same dynamic range as with the D2x/D200. Not bad performance, just not the full potential of the new bodies.

        Personally, I prefer the 200 ISO base, as it helps out with such killer high ISO performance.

        • Jim

          For my needs, I prefer high iso as well as long as base is not too high. I wouldn’t want to go any higher than iso200 as base – don’t want to grab the nd filter when shooting in blazing sun.

          Just to show the other side – studio photogs prefer lower base iso – like 50 or even 25. That way you can shoot with wider aperatures, have most of the light come from the controlled lighting (strobes), and not have to work in darkness. I have done studio (and love it!), but that isn’t what I need a camera for at the moment.

    • Astrophotographer

      The reason for the limit on low ISO because the sensor has a saturation limit.

      Setting the ISO lower will blow out the highlights.

  • zzddrr

    The force with Nikon at full frame!

    I guess old jedi mind trick is Nikon playing with us?

    I know this one will end โ€ฆ. โ€œdude โ€“ you do not need 24MP โ€ฆ. I do not need 24MP โ€ฆ This is the camera youโ€™ve been waiting for โ€ฆ. This the camera Iโ€™ve been waiting forโ€ฆ.โ€


  • Taylor Mahaffey

    For one thing, the D90 has better ISO performance than any present crop sensor DSLR. Any more MP in a camera will make the ISO performance suffer. This is why in my Buisness (Concert Photography) the D3 is worlds better than the D3X in ISO performance. Also, the D3S will be the new super ISO camera, because if newer hardware algorithms to support better reading of the sensor.

    In my opinion, if you want video, get a video camera. When you have a $5,000 DSLR, the sensor is exposed as the mirror flips up to record video. Focusing, zooming, shake etc, dislodged debris, and circulates air into the camera. Whatever is in the air, will stick on your sensor causing reduced sensor life. Simply put, it’s cool to have it if you need it, I would not base any purchase of a DSLR, especially a PRO DSLR off of video performance. I would rather see the price come down and ditch the video. The D3s will likely be insanely overpriced, just because non professional techies with money, want a camera that will do anything! These are meant to take pictures, and I stead of increasing video performance, they need to upgrade lens design for airflow, and create a more cleaning friendly model for those who actually will use the video on a clunky DSLR.

    Please excuse spelling. (iPhone)

    • Mish

      Dear Taylor,

      I fully agreed to your comments. Nowadays, DSLR manufacturers is taking video into a serious consideration for their boost in marketing strategy. Video recording became a point of comparison tools VS price (since ISO, sensors and fps.. etc is quite competitive amongst camera manufacturers).

      Price should be reduced on larger sensors (taking away the video recording features) to make higher qualities DSLR more affordable.

    • Ernst

      A DSLR is 90% of the way to being a great motion picture camera.

      This “buy a video camera” nonsense totally misses the mark – no “video camera” short of a $250,000 Panavision can compare to what’s possible with a DSLR’s optical finder, huge sensor and selection of spectacular lenses.

      What Nikon and Canon are doing is essentially enabling use of the capability of a system we’re ALREADY hauling around with us. It won’t be long before DSLR video equals or surpasses the quality of movie cameras used in feature films (the still capability always has). Things are about to change radically.

      The D3s is the ideal camera for video because it’s mission in life is not fine arts stills but rough-and-tumble professional photojournalism in the field – recording an EVENT. That’s why it’s got the fastest autofocus, quickest frame rate, and all those weather seals. These cameras are about capturing the story under less-than-ideal conditions quickly and making the customer happy. The ability to record video fits in perfectly with that mission.

  • if no 14fps, so what fps?

    • 9 fps (FX)- just like the D3

      • Maybe 11 or more fps at the medium crop (1.2x)? That would mean it would best the new 1d mkiii/mkiv for fps at resolution.

    • Mark

      May be 14fps is reserved for d4

  • TommyDe

    This… This is really f… This really sucks… ๐Ÿ˜›

  • According a research done with Pentax via ephotozine, this year 2009, people are looking for

    1. price
    2. resolution
    4. function
    5. size and weight

    D3s seems like does not fit in majority of what consumer wants.

    • WoutK89

      price, will be lower than a D3x, so who is complaining?
      resolution, 12 MP is still high resolution, the pixels are only bigger.
      anti-blur, what better way to anti-blur than a usable very high-ISO?
      function, if all the rumors are true, this camera will have almost all that is possible in terms of stills photography and then some more
      size and weight, one word: rugged

      • Even if the poll is for consumers, it could apply to pro or enthusiasts in some degree too.

        trend shows that people are expecting D700x more than D3s. Why? because they like : price, size/weight, resolution and function (video mode).

        as cheap as D3s, it won’t be cheaper than D3 which is $5000+ right now. Pros concerns about Return of investment especially after global recession hit. Rich enthusiasts and fan boys might be more lee away with their spending.

        But when Mr. Ken Rockwell switch to Leica system as his main outing gears, you know Nikon has problem. Big problem if they think they can get away with disastrous decision like this.

        D300s is the sample of bad decision, look at the sales chart, Canon 7D and D300s? D300s just basically plunged into the toilet. I just received info that Nikon has to cut D300s price so sharply below Canon 7D.

        When I read that Nikon Germany hinted at no D700x, and instead Nikon will do D3s instead, I am astonished. Nikon thinks they can milk Nikon fans with D3s and then after a year release D700x/s like they did before.

        This won’t work anymore. Many fans has reach their limit after the outrageous D3x price.

        • PHB

          I find it bizarre when people opine that ‘Nikon missed it with the D300s’. The fact is that Nikon has pretty close to sold more D300 bodies than it has all FX bodies put together.

          Anyone who expects the D700x to come out before the D3x has come down to a reasonable price, is going to be disappointed. Nikon would no doubt like to sell a D700x even more than folk on this board would like to buy it. But the fact is that at the moment they are unable to make that camera for their traditional flagship price point.

          Ken Rockwell is an ass. Only he could write a review of a camera and fail to mention the three main drawbacks to the Leica system up front. First it is manual focus, second the range finder design means you are not seeing what you are shooting, third the body costs $7000 and the lenses run you $1200 for the normal and $2500-$5000 for your other primes – forget zooms.

    • WoutK89

      And then I overlooked the word consumer, LOL, you know this camera is not really aimed at the consumer market I hope?

    • Flense Master

      It’s not a consumer model camera, it’s a pro camera.

    • STJ

      When was the d3 a “volume consumer” product?

    • rhlpetrus

      D3 is not a “consumer” model, is it?

  • This specs looks more realistic.

    I hope we will se some lenses.

  • Ben Dover

    Would a 1.2 crop mode on a FF camera let you shoot DX lenses
    without dropping to 5 megapixels?

    • WoutK89

      Probably with a few lenses, yes, it is already possible to shoot some on complete full frame, just very soft corners

  • ่Šฝไพ

    Ilford HP4 is awsome ! , lets go out and shoot people .

  • sean porto

    why does Nikon continue to release all of these camera bodies? they need some glass updates. that 24mm f1.4 would be great. and a pro 50mm f1.2 and a 35mm 1.4 would be great as well. nikon knows primes. the 85mm and the 28mm will never be beaten.

    I love all the D3 systems. mainly for the in camera crop mode. as a retail photographer that really helps. and the speed is unmatched. depending on the price of this unit we’ll have to see if it’s worth it or not. Nikon doesn’t usually make dumb choices. they would be under by now if that were the case.

  • J

    Regarding SLR video … JOURNALISTS (D3’s target market) are clamoring for good video and multimedia capabilities. Consumers generally don’t buy the D3, so who cares what they want in their sub-$1000 camera? Commercial shooters? Plenty of them want to start doing video too, the 5D2 is great for them. There are plenty who don’t care, and they’ll probably buy a D3x instead of a digital MF back.

    Personally, I could live with 720p (max Vimeo can host anyway) if they had audio inputs and better audio control. Don’t really need 14 fps, even for sports, but I’d be happy if they gave me AF @ 11.

  • I’m a canon user, i’ve been wanting to swap & hanging out for the d700x for nearly a year now. Well all know the d700 is relatively new, but out of the 4 photographers I speak to regularly 3 of them (including me) are waiting for the d700x. I’ve used both d3 and d700. D3 is too darn big and heavy for what I do, you could stick 50mp and a Jacuzzi in it and I still wouldn’t buy it. I won t buy the 700 either; I want that video (and it might as well be 1080p, eh?). Hurry up Nikon! I want to buy lots of your lenses, but your cameras are letting you down!

    • Gordon

      Nikon seems to be a bit asleep at the wheel at present with this particular segment of the market. Not all cameras are suited for all styles of photography and Nikon’s lack of options for high megapixel bodies makes them seem a little reticent on addressing this issue.

      It’s all very well to applaud Nikon on the success of the D3, D3X, D700 and D300(s) but this range is only as strong as their weekest link and currently that is the lack of a D3X alternative.

      If Nikon were to announce a D700X tomorrow then they would have a winning body on their hand with a few defections from other brands to Nikon. Unfortunately it seems Nikon has slipped back into past habits and not anticipating the changes in the market enough.

  • Moses Chisel

    a D3 with D90 video…

    just let me absorb this for a while…

  • Anonymous

    motion jpeg is a poit n shoot soccer mom format. it has no business in nikkon’s flagship. I’m glad there is no d700x if nikkon cant put h264.

    • f/2.8

      The significance is that Nikon puts video in FX. In this implementation it may be limited but it is a big step forward.

  • Why would anyone want video in a Camera??? Let Nikon put time and effort into making the DSLR even more awesome. If you want VIDEO go buy a VIDEO camera

    • Ronan

      Ahh another teen amateur.

      Video in DSLR is what the market is demanding. Wedding/Journalist photographers are demanding it now.

      Unlike you, they make a living out of photography, and being able to do more with their tools (yes tool not toy) is a big bonus for them (especially in a ~$5,000 camera).

      A video camera that does the same as the D300s/5Dmkii will run you around ~$10,000 also.

      Now thats all i’m going to say, go use that little brain of yours to do more research kiddo.

      • Mark

        Not 10,000. way more than that. That is the reason, RED is getting so popular among indies

  • Catastrophile

    whoever doesnt care about video –and there are many of those– will find almost nothing to be excited about in this camera as a new model. D3 vs D3` look hard to find the invisible difference. censor me or not but can you deny it is a low mp sensor. this is a resolution censorship.

    • f/2.8

      Don’t know about you, but for me, many times an extra stop is all the difference in the shot. The ISO 12800 low noise performance will be plenty excitement for me.

  • Stylus

    Nikon’s been making some stupid moves lately. As if anyone is going to use this over the 5DMKII. And i’m a Nikonian.

    • Ronan

      Agreed, thats why their doing MUCH better than Canon.

      5DmkII is flawed and has a lot of bugs (like a lot of Canon product). You would know this if you knew anything about Canon.

      Canon is like Apple, they attract their customers with fancy specs and tech and once you bite on to it you go ‘EWWWWWW’.

      • Mark

        Well, 5D II may be flawed without whatever features people ask for, but the reality is it is still in high demand

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I swear, if Nikon does not come out with something other than another 12 MP cam.. imma switch to Canon…

    • ….and buy new lenses and learn to edit again. So, by all means, switch! have any good lenses? I am always in the market ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gordon

    Nikon are stuck in Groundhog Day mode sensor wise.

    • WoutK89

      Hehe, lets hope they snap out of it next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Loke Kit Kai

    Why 1.2x crop?

    • Johnny

      For those prevoiously shooting with Canon 1D Mark III (1,26x), or if you stuck on a fix point with a fix focal telelens and need to send the picture without editing. Then it’s nice to chose between 1,2x and 1,5x to get the perfect croping.

  • JDS

    My 2c.
    1) Panasonic and Canon have been producing professional video cameras for years. It is therefore not surprising that they are currently the leading brands when it comes to implementing this feature in their still cameras.
    2) 14 fps, ISO 102,400, etc., would be nice, but I wouldn’t count on it. How about a touch of realism ? Expect evolution, not revolution.
    3) Where is Nikon’s 5DMkII ? Where is Canon’s D700 ?
    4) So because (supposedly) most professionals do not use fast primes anymore, Nikon shouldn’t produce them ? Now there’s a thought.

  • ed

    Stop thinking pixels. Shoot a D700 and you quickly realize it ain’t just the numbers; size matters (of the pixels, that is). And this is all only rumor anyway….

    • Pixels doesnt matter, but problem is that you get teased by D3x, that means, as cool (lowlight) or better (dynamics) then D3 and yet twice co many resolution (for those who prints big, is a plus).

      So, you shoot at low iso most of the time, you want all dynamics you can those days, you end up with MF cams. With D3x you can shift half of your actual MF assignments to more convenient DSLR

    • zzddrr

      tell to a midget that size does not matter…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Catastrophile

    the only way i can overlook the low 12mp problem is if it has a sacnning oscillating sensor that cleans itself like a cat and does shift sttabilization.

  • Dan

    From what I know an 85mm DX 1:1 macro lens with VR will also be launched

  • arz

    I said once before, in that previous rumor post saying D3s will have a 14fps rate that will beat 1D mark IV to its knees, don’t put your hope too high so cause your disappointment even bigger than necessary. No one seems to listened.

    • Catastrophile

      14fps would disappoint, since the res is low, we’d like to shoot @ 24fps full 12MP super-ultra HD. HDMI port outputs full12MP live view to a special 42″ screen 22nd century stuff in the beginning of the 21st.

  • kristupa saragih

    Oh Nooo…no lens? I was really hoping 16-35/4 is true…Don’t really care about D3s as it’s relly out of my price range…but there’s still hope…till 15 Oct.

  • I recall the rumors around the D300s that thought it would be a 14.3 megapixel camera. What if we combine that rumor along with the idea of a new crop factor and we can see how DX lenses would get a 12.3 megapixel image on a 14.3 megapixel sensor with a 1.3 crop factor. Interesting stuff.



    suck day will come by on Thursday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Clark

    It’s so funny to see everyone talk about video when I still clearly remember when almost everybody said NO to flickr when they were going to do video..

    • amateurs talk about video. There is no pro who needs pro camera like D3 is with amateur video quality like it will offer.
      Professional Photographer
      * Now book us for amateur video too! Yet better we can use same camera for it!

      • Johnny

        How do you know about the quality of the movie?

        There’s a huge demand for video in a pro-body among photographers working with news.

        • source?

          not that i dont believe you, just interested. Nowadays they post even from youtube videos if it is something unique so i would not be surprised.

    • Clark
  • Joe

    Pros don’t use fast primes. Listen to me, i’ve been a pro for 20 years.

    I’ve been a pro for 23 years, and i’ve used fast primes a lot more than i have used zoom lenses. You should trust me.


  • Dan

    So is the new crop mode available as well as the original 1.5x mode? So you can select either?

    I suppose the 1.2x crop mode MAY be used on DX lenses, with only a small loss around the edges.

  • Anyone remember those long gone days when Nikon announced the D3 and D300? What was THE biggest thing? Low noise ad high ISO. The competition was almost blown out of the water and pro’s jumped ship in droves.

    In short: picture quality!

    Nikon announcing a new a D3s with even better picture quality, will be fine by me. Then I know that, if I need to replace my current bodies, there will be a D4/D400 line-up of great quality to go for and continue with my job.

  • Nau

    i think its time to make a count down on a blog : )

  • Mark

    D3s are gone at many places including: ritz camera’s website, B&H, and Adorama.

    I still hold out a small glimmer of hope for a replacement or cousin for the D700.

    Still think Nikon should have a $1999 D700 and a D700x (D800?) for $2899 with a few extra megapixels.

  • Jason

    Just a thought to stir up a bit of pro-video/anti-video controversy. The only difference in HARDWARE between a dSLR with video and one without should be the microphone – everything else is firmware. So Nikon (or anyone else for that matter) could offer a model with an option to record audio memos with each shot using that same microphone, thus justifying its existence to people who don’t want video on their dSLR by making it a “professional” feature

    [The difference between a professional camera and an amateur camera is that you earn 50% or more of your income with a professional camera]

  • getanalogue

    hi everyone, D3s means the same type of upgrade like they did with D300s – “s” means amateur video plus nothing – in two of the most important pro bodies! Nikon went crazy and are desperately filling up the time gap until they are able to present real innovations – poor and arrogant in my opinion. Since I have a number of Nikon lenses, I will wait for D400 and D4 avoiding the rubbish they are trying to sell us for premium money. But I will totally review my future investment startegy.

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