Q & A session with Peter Giesen from Nikon Germany (no D700x/D700s in the near future)

On October 2nd, 2009 there was an online photo fair that took place in Germany. The fair included also a presentation by Peter Giesen from Nikon. He talked about flashes, wireless lighting, Capture NX 2, lens technology, accessories, etc. Here is a brief description of the Q&A session that took place at the end of his presentation:

  • On the question "will there be a 28-300 lens for FX cameras" he answered that at the moment this was beyond his knowledge
  • On the question "will Nikon bring more than 12 MP on a DX sensor" he answered indirectly by pointing the disadvantages of a bigger sensor  (noise, etc.)
  • On the question whether there will be a 24-70 VR II lens soon, he said that he didn't know because no one would tell him before new products were released
  • When asked about the successor of the D3 he dodged the question by going to the next one
  • The only question he gave a definitive answer was about the D700 successor: "the D700 has been introduced only last year, and we won't have a successor in the near future"

This is a short video of the Q&A session in German language (I had to cut a portion of the screen for privacy reasons):

Thanks to the reader who sent me the translation and the video.

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  • Andy

    Now, thats a bummer.

    • I’m waiting on the new RED cameras. For video/stills, I think they’ll be a real contender. I mean, look at the RED One. It has transformed both film and still work, and the new cameras are already looking to be huge steps upward in quality.

      And Jim announced that at the end of this month, the first new REDs will be launched. Of course, things have been delayed many times before, but things are really heating up over at RED. And I’m patient. I’m pretty sure that they’ll still be the best thing around when they launches, even if that ends up happenening next spring. For serious video shooters, I don’t think the Nikons or Canons will hold a candle to the RED bodies.

    • On the D700x news, all I can hope is that this is true, “he said that he didn’t know because no one would tell him before new products were released”

  • AlexFoo

    Urm, second?

    Oh man, that news is really saddening! I can c a lot of ppl complaining already. Including me! lol

  • Rogan Thomson

    The D700 replacement comment if true is a big help to me – i’ve been holding off buying a D700 in case a D700s announcement was just around the corner. Now it appears that it isn’t i can go and spend my money without worry!

    • another anonymous

      Hmm i would better wait at least until this month anouncements become officially out to be sure.. there are only few days to wait, it would not hurt you if you were already waiting, not?

    • zeeGerman

      If you can, I woud wait a bit longer. If the D3S is true, it will open a bigger gap to the D700. If the D3S will sell at the price of the D3, there’s then reason enough to drop the price of the D700, to adjust the price to the competitors.

      • PHB

        The only thing that is going to matter is the number of unsold D700 bodies in stock. Once those are gone, the next production run will be upgraded, but they won’t do another production run until D700 stocks start going low.

        But as things stand at the moment, what is the advantage of the D700 over the D300s? They both deliver the same ISO, they both have a self cleaning sensor and they both have a slightly restricted viewfinder.

        The only advantage to the D700 is that you can get a slightly better ultrawide. than you can for the D300.

        So I think a D700s is likely to be pretty soon. What I think that he is more likely trying to damp down is talk of D700x.

        • WoutK89

          D700 and D300s same ISO and restricted viewfinder? I thought the D300s had 100% view and less ISO capabilities than a D700?

        • zeeGerman

          Same ISO??? The pictures I saw so far tell a different story.

          But apart from ISO, you do recognize that the sensor is physically bigger? Which is in my eyes THE crucial argument for FX.

  • a

    That only means d700x will be called something different while d700 will live on. So Nikon will basically have two bodies: 1- a high MP dxxx 2- a low MP d700 😛

  • STJ

    No 700s, No 700x…. 🙁
    Even a 300s type upgrade would be interesting compared with “nothing”…..

    • lyr

      What would you need as an upgrade?

      D700 already has a nice autofocus, a quite nice fps for the price, especially with the handle, usefull body, 12 Mp (so 4 times more that what people used to make billboards, a few years ago), clean 6400 ISO (when still recently, good quality above 800 ISO was rare), a good lightmeter, 1005 zones,…

      So, what do you want more?

      • The D700 is a terrific camera. It has literally transformed the way my colleagues and I shoot. The only thing I’d really love to have on that body is video, especially if it were 50/60fps in addition to the 24fps. Still, for those looking for a cam with video, there’s the option to get the D300s instead, or in addition to. No doubt some people don’t like that “option”. But given that this option didn’t even exist last year, I’d say it’s a tad premature to be calling doomsday for Nikon or anyone else for that matter.

        • soap

          Slower-still line-read speeds might be holding up video on the 700/3x sensor.



          I’m a bit shocked the 700s isn’t out now or soon w/o SOME reason. It is made of unique parts with (assuming D3s) both its parents are upgraded.

  • Man

    So, if no D700s or x, I hope Nikon was working not only with one camera, such as D3s. So, may be D95? Buy the way I think in D90’s segment Nikon should offer more than one camera (model) because this segmentis very popular. So, Nikon, give for someone beutiful ISO and dynamic range vith 6-12 MP. For others, who need more resolution, more than 12 MP. Somebody needs Video mode, somobody don’t need (or doesn’t need). So, do you understand what I mean? I want to say today to have only one model in D90’s segment and for 2-3 years without anthing else is very inflexible (heavy-handed approach).

    • Anonymous

      I think that the possibly of a D90 replacement is very possible; I have been watching the price of the D90 closely over the past week or 2 and it has dropped, both at B&H and at Roberts…perhaps that is an indication…

  • funny

    so? the guy admits nobody tells him about new products so by that logic him confirming or denying a D700x/s has no more credibility or insight than other people who have predicted/denied such camera. Seems to me he simply stated his own logic that because the D700 is relatively new, he does not think there will/should be one.

    • WoutK89

      But why did he dodge the question about a D3s, if he doesnt know?

      • funny

        because even WE know this. He reads NR!

        • another anonymous

          ;))))) absolutely

    • Who needs to hear it from some German dude from Nikon? The camera is a year old, and looking at Nikon’s ENTIRE history in digital, it’s clear that an update is about as likely as Nikon announcing that they’re switching to a Canon lens mount. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely. No. So what’s wrong? Buy a great camera today. Make thousands from using the incredible features available now. Save for replacement. Smile. That’s all one needs to be successful.

      • iamlucky13

        Geeze. It’s like you don’t get it.

        If a new camera comes out, then the ones we all just bought will be “obsolete.” Do you know what obsolete means? It means someone else has a cooler gadget than me. That’s just not acceptable.

        (be careful when talking common sense in gear circles).

        Me. I’m not buying anything. I’m holding out for an iPhone with F-mount.

    • Cem

      Yes, that’s what i think. He 1st says he is not informed about new products, then hes comments on D700 which will have no update. Come on! are you kidding? Hey Guys, wait for 2 weeks. There will be PDN in NY, and more show around the world. We will have to see a FX with a video. I am crazy happy about my nikons, but i am soo jealous of my friends 24mp-FX-Video canon 5d2. We all nikonians deserve one too! Don’t we?

      • WoutK89

        5dmII is 21 MP, and the video is still no bigger than Full HD (1920×1080)

  • Anonymous

    His comment says nothing of a 24mp baby D3x. Just because there won’t be an updated D700 doesn’t mean there won’t be an ‘x’ version (or a D800). It would be like saying there wouldn’t be a D3x because we had a D3. No sweat on this one… the D700x cometh.

    • BillyBobJohnson

      yeah, but not this year.

  • WoutK89

    more than 12 MP on a bigger sensor, did he literally say that, or did he say, more MP on a same size sensor? 😉

  • What a Suprise?!

    Well what a suprise?! I got a D700 a month ago and I’m glad I got it now! Nikon are fab with great camera’s and lenses but the are so damn slooooooooooow bring us all up to speed. I think it’s time to run on dual ranges…I think an investment in the 5D MKII will have to be made!

    • I currently use a 5d2 and a D700 alonside each other for some things – like weddings -D700 is miles ahead in every way for shooting. 5d2 takes a nice images – and has a lot of pixels – but so crappy to use – feels very plastic, dials are rubbish, menus are rubbish, viewfinder info is rubbish, autofocus is rubbish, LCD is rubbish compared to D700. If you don’t need the video then it’s a downgrade from a D700 to a 5d2,

  • Alain2x

    One more indication : the mid-october release will be the D3s

    We may even see it at Paris Salon.

  • nobody

    Giesen said, “the D700 has been introduced only last year, and we won’t have a successor in the near future”, the operative word being “successor”.

    The D3X was not a successor to the D3, and a D700X (or whatever the name may be for a 24mpix sensor in a D700 body) would not be a successor to the D700. It would come as an extra camera.

    So basically, he didn’t say anything.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same.

      If the D3x NOT the successor form the D3 (different Sensor size), then the D700x isn’t the successor form the D700.

      The real question is: Nikon could build a D700x really easy. Why not?

      • Michael

        I agree. The “successor” for the D700 would be an “s” or something. The D700x is to the D3x what the D700 is to the D3.

        I think it would be a mistake for Nikon not to build a D700x to go head to head with the 5D Mark II. That is a huge hole in the lineup.

        Just my opinion.

        • PHB

          Nope, a successor would be a replacement model with new features – a D700x. A D700s is simply a production level change.

          • WoutK89

            I dont want to be rude, but you are wrong!

      • WoutK89

        To clarify, the D3 and D3x share the same sensor size 🙂 just a different amount of pixels!

    • regular

      I agree.

  • Daf

    D700x/800 is the most prominent item on my want list.

    • @ Daf, same here unfortunately :/

      • another anonymous

        +1 but i have to save some money for it yet, so i have a bit more time to buy and i believe i’m not alone…

        but i really like to read about it each day 😉

  • zzddrr

    How long will Nikon milk that 12MP sensor….
    The sad thing is that Nikon thinks that they know much better what the consumers want than actually the consumers. This is just plain arrogance.

    The same happened with the electric tubes vs transistor. I hope for a disturbing technology to replace these arrogant participants like Nikon

    • WoutK89

      DX 12 MP (CMOS): D300(s), D90, D5000
      FX 12 MP: D3, D700(, D3s)

      DX 10 MP (CCD): D200, D80, D40x, D60, D3000
      DX 6 MP: D100, D70(s), D50, D40

      So I dont see any problem yet, unless they decide to add even another non S-type camera to the DX 12 MP, there is nothing weird going on yet. Next year we will probably see introduction(s) of (a) new sensor(s)!

      • ???

        A new sensor???
        I recommend to Nikon a new sensor for the d700, good, relatively cheap (1), with no development cost: the Sony 24 Mp !!!!!!
        (1) when mounted on a Sony, not a Nikon…..

        • WoutK89

          if they thought the Sony 24MP sensor was good enough to sell lots of, they would have made the price of the D3x lower, would have released a D700x already. But they dont (yet), so I guess we are waiting for new (Sony made) sensors.

  • twoomy

    I wouldn’t listen too much to this person. It sounds like he doesn’t know anything that’s going on beyond a D3s.

    • Anonymous

      Good point!

    • Cem

      I agree, dont listen to this guy. If he would have known something, Nikon Company wouldnt allow him to make a speech over the chat. Duh!

      Anyway, I think: Nikon is like Pepsi, Canon is like Coke. Pepsi didnt care too much about what people want. But coke listened the people, and gave them a taste they want to drink. Years past. Now, Pepsi is spending a lot of money to catch up and trying to be friendly with the people now. Asking and trying to give what people want. But it is too late, consumers over the past 7 years, has already swithced to Coke, from Pepsi.

      It started to Nikon to. Personlly I love Nikon DSLRs However, I love Canon fast primes. I even sometimes think about switching Canon.(downgrading to Canon DSLR like d700 to 5D2) for the sake of those Canon’s Fast prime lenses. Am I right?

      • Anthony

        You might consider a 7D instead of a 5D2 — I’m seriously considering selling my 5D2 in favor of a 7D, or a D700* for that matter. I do wonder about Nikon’s ancient primes, especially that antiquated screw-focus system.

  • Phil

    I guess I’ll just keep on keeping on with my D200 for a bit longer.

    • jim


  • Thuan Nguyen

    the canon 5D had 3-4 years lifetime since it been replaced by 5d2 man. Com’mon, D700 still a Very GooD camera.

    • another anonymous

      yes, it is and we probably should not await some d700s in short time, but d700x is another purpose camera and really not successor of d700 so why to worry buying d700 after mid-october anouncements and why not to believe in d700x in near future?

  • shivas

    So. . . .D700s maybe next year, and possibly a D800 year after??

  • Char

    He said that there will be no successor for the D700 soon -> no D700s soon.

    He btw also said that there will be no successor for the 24-70 soon -> no 24-70 VR soon, although he then said that he cannot say much about this.

    He did not say that there will be no D700x.

    (I just listened to the session, and I am a native german speaker)

    • another anonymous

      thaks a lot 😉
      As for me that news are ok as 24-70 no VR i already have and wait for d700x 😉 And i’m happy with the situation. I’m just wondering about awaiting new bodies each year. How can you ppl buy so many great cameras? Is it not better to enjoy great models longer time and get much better model after longer period spent on it’s proper development? And to have enough monye to buy it, not only to read a review. Any 5dmark2 lets me cold (uninterested). It would be much better as is and for longer time to be interested.

      • Char

        I still do have my D80 and just realized that it is actually slightly better for landscapes than the D90/D300 because of the ISO 100 and the CCD sensor. Other than that, yes, I am thinking about getting a D700.

  • Ben

    Well hopefully he’s wrong or they intend to call it something other then a D700s. I’ll be adding video to my business sometime in the next year and right now Canon has the most mature offering with the 5dII (FF video) and the 7D (24fps video). Even if the D3s has excellent video I’m better off buying the 7D/5dII and 2500-3000$ worth of lenses (since I’ll need some duplicate lenses anyway from what my co-owner uses).

    So Canon for video, Nikon for stills… That sounds sadly familiar. lol

  • Anon

    I think it’s so funny when a bozo says he will take question and then answers none of them. What was he there for???

    • WoutK89

      Marketing reasons, talking people into buying Capture NX2 mostly 😛

  • Thuan Nguyen

    6mp CCD: D100, d70, d70s, d60
    10MP CCD: d60, d3000, d80, d200
    12mp CMOS: d2x, d2xs, D300, d90, d5000, d300s
    12 mp CMOS FX: d3, d700
    24mp CMOS FX: d3x

    • Char

      No idea why you post that, but there is errors in there. Actually, a lot of errors. D60 under 6MP is wrong, D40 and D40x are missing, D1 (all versions) is missing, D2h is missing, D2x does not have a CMOS and it is not 12, but more like 13MP, ….

    • Andy

      Lol, good try though 😉

    • WoutK89

      For a complete list of re-used sensors, see my post a little higher up…

  • Andy

    Well. Over here in Norway, people seems to be running down the doors for 7D at the moment. Video on SLR seems to be a hit. Although 7D does not compete with the FF on D700, 5DmkII does. I believe Nikon is kind of in a hurry to give us a mid-price FF with video. This means the development of D700s or D800 (w/video) should be a high priority.
    I am very very ready for video, but D3s will be just a bit to much money to spend.


  • Is the D3x the successor to the D3? No, it isn’t.

    It wouldn’t make sense to call a D700x the successor to the D700 now, would it?

    You’re putting words in to this guy’s mouth – unless the translation was botched.

    Not that I really care about a D700x, because 24 MP is absurd. I spend enough time dealing with 10 MP files from my D200. Besides, there are so many detail limiting factors that come before resolution.

    • David

      I think there are still advantages to a high-resolution sensor because the D3X does show superior images to the D700. But ONLY if you are blowing up everything to 10-feet large! Anyway, beyond 24MP, I am not confident that today’s Nikon lenses will be able to resolve any additional details.

      • Anon

        Huh. At pixel level the D700 beats the D3X any day. Now if you print mega-size it won’t matter to have 24 mp because at these sizes you use press and these have very low resolution anyway.

      • WoutK89

        I guess there is another reason for not going beyond 24 MP right now, speed and capacity would be very limiting on a camera of these proportions

  • john

    boo….. totally sucks. will buy d700 😀

  • Carlos

    Something is wrong…a Canon shotter tells on his BLOG that Nikon will release something that will make Canon lower their prices…and the only new camera to come is a D3s? Video, thats all? If i remember well, the guy wasa landscape photographer. His information would be other camera than the D3s, for sure…

    • john

      you do know these are all rumors right???????? until it happens, nothing is for sure…….

  • The D700 is a great camera! Now stop whining you girls!

  • Lewis H

    WE NEED A D700X OR A D800 WITH 24 MP!

    • WoutK89

      Who is ‘we’? And why 24 MP in a D800, it would suit better in a D700x.

    • May I ask, why you need a 24 MP D700x/D800?

      Do you need it to make a living because you are a professional studio or wedding photographer and your clientele are only hiring those that have 20+ MP cameras and not those with any less?

      Or, are you a landscape photographer whose income is entirely dependent on sales of 48×72″ poster prints intended for scrutiny under a loupe?

      Or just maybe, do you feel the need to compensate for something below the waste that’s a little lacking?

      • rhodium

        I couldn’t agree more. It’s nice to have an affordable 24 MP body, but it’s not necessary.

  • A D700x wouldn’t replace D700, like D3x doesn’t replace D3. They’ve got two different purposes and sensors, so this doesn’t mean a D700x isn’t imminent. Just that a D700s or D800 isn’t coming any time soon.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, agreed with that. Had the same thought.

  • eddie

    maybe they are phasing off D3 becuase they think that most buyers will buy D700x/D800/D700s instead of D3!!!!

    i am dreaming hard… and sad…. that this is not the case. I need a FF (an affordable, smaller and lighter than D3)…

  • Gary

    Everyone needs to chill out about always demanding a new model. What do we want…a new flavor of dslr introduced the way Dell or HP always comes out w/ new models of PC’s?

    A good camera is like a classic car or fine wine; it doesn’t need to be replaced so instantly.

    The D700 is an engineering masterpiece; enjoy it. It’s successor will come soon enough.

    It’s been said over and over: we all would take better pictures if we spent more time out shooting pics and learning the true art of photography than always demanding the next great thing.

    • Thank you for a highly sensible comment here – I think people seem to be forgetting that a good camera doesn’t become any worse when a newer one comes out.

      • Jack

        You guys are correct, but some of us do make a living off our photography and our agencies and clients do require us to now shoot with a 20+MP camera.

        • Jack

          I should also say that I’m not necessarily agreeing with my agencies and clients that they actually need that resolution, but it’s irrelevant at this point.

          • Gary

            Jack…you do make an excellent point, and that is the difference between shooting photos for fun vs doing it as a profession.

            And yes, clients sometimes do ask for stuff that’s not needed, but you cannot tell them that. You either comply or they take their business elsewhere.

            Not only is it the megapixels, I believe it’s getting to also be the video component as well. I do believe we’re headed into a world where many pro still photographers will have to also use some video…and that photographers will have to adapt to this new multimedia world.

          • Jack

            Yeah, I’m not sure I understand either. I have a few shots of mine blown up to 20×30 framed on my walls that were taken with my D70. I guess since they were only 6MP they actually suck, but I’m not good enough to see it. Oh well.

    • eddie

      i’ve been using using D90 since it was launched and am used to the video shooting along with still photo… that is why i am hoping for a D700s/x. This will fulfill my wish for a lightweight FF. D3x is too huge for my liking… and too expensive(as i am not a pro :D) Infact, my only wish is a video HD on top of existing D700. Other than that, D700 is like what you’ve mentioned, enginnering masterpiece.

  • El Aura

    There is one reason why I want the D3x sensor in a cheaper (and smaller) package:
    IQ at base ISO in terms of dynamic range, color depth, tonal graduations:
    (make sure to view things at the ‘Print’ resolution).

    I don’t need 24 MP, but I can make use of the IQ a D3x sensor image gives when viewed/printed at 50% or 25%.

  • Anonymous

    maybe the reason if Nikon wont release a successor to D700 is maybe simply Nikon have experienced too much of a cannibalism on the D3? So maybe they are just trying to increase the gap in terms of time by releasing it later?

    Another thing why Nikon don’t release much news in terms of new sensor ISO performance or higher pixel rate seem to be Nikon don’t have any new censors to buy, or am I wrong here? There is nothing new since the 12 MP sensor and that is ages ago it came out, the 24 MP seem to be more similar to the Sony where Nikon’s internal engine makes it “perform” a bit better than Sony, but still has a low ISO performance nothing similar to Canons 5D2, or am I thinking totally wrong here?

  • MB

    I hope this news is wrong. I have been waiting for a competitor 5D MKII, but unless Nikon wakes up and comes out with something I’ll be switching to Canon.

    I like my Nikon, but I also want the option of quality HD video when I need it (rare, but if I can have it for teh same cost, etc., I’ll opt for that).

    C’mon Nikon, don’t give up so soon!

  • gpl

    A D700s with video like the D3s (720, not HD) ??? Just wait for a d800…but with a 100% view (the big problem on the D700). But if you don’t need video, a D600 with the 100% view and a 24 MP sensor… Wait and see.

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