And the winner is…

nikon-d90-book nikon-d5000-book

The winners of the second NikonRumors giveaway are:

Nikon D90 book: Brunopic

Nikon D5000 book: Clayton

Thank you all for participating and stay tuned, there will be more to come.

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  • low


  • johnny

    ^^ what he said

  • Ditto on the congrats.

    While I didn’t participate on this contest (seeing I’m not an owner of either camera, I figured others would better benefit from the winnings), I really liked that this contest wasn’t a spur of the moment contest. Here’s to hoping there are more of the 2+ day contests so there’s more time to participate.


    • Andy

      +1 on type of contest


  • Floyd

    Good work, admin. Feel free to keep giving good stuff away to virtually anonymous posters (excuse the pun, which was only vaguely intended).


    • I will have something also for the regular posters in the future.

  • Anon

    Can you give a 14-24 lens away please? It’s too $$$ to buy.

  • Tom

    Well done!
    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Brunopic

    That’s a sure sign: I must learn more 🙂

    Many thanks NR.

  • Clayton

    Thanks all! Just starting a new hobby here and lookin’ forward to learning a lot more than the owners manual goes into about the camera. Keep up the good work NR and thanks again.

    • Congrats! Got your address, shipping the book on Monday.

  • I’m looking forward to the next NR giveaway: D400 book 🙂

  • Tony

    Congrats to the winners and enjoy!

  • D40-owner

    Congrats to the winners and to our Admin, this is a great initiative.

  • J. Mário

    Dammit, I lost! Well, thanks anyway. I’ll get it next time 🙂

  • GraffitiKnight

    Congratulations to the winners!

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