Nikon D800 picture (fake)

What is a rumor blog without some fakes? This picture is coming from a Chinese forum and has a time stamp of December, 2007:


For comparison here is a Nikon D700:


the Nikon D300:


and the D3:


I think this is D300 + D3 PS job.

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  • steve

    Strange how it looks like it has an illumination light for a built-in flash, but doesn’t look like it actaully HAS a built in flash.

    Gotta call fake.

    • lyr

      It has no built-in flash, for sure, but I don’t see why illumination light is then forbidden… it is used for AF assistance, not for flash assistance.

      I’d say fake on your comment.
      (you’ll then talk about the D3 without that light, but D3’s AF is top quality one, barely needing it. And one aging piece less is one D3 lasting longer)

  • I believe the D800 image is a fake. There is an AF assist lamp with no built in flash.
    To my knowledge AF assist lamps have only been on cameras with built in flash

  • NikoDoby

    Freddy Faker strikes again?

  • JT

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the D800 title.

    • ok, I will update the title to avoid confusion

      • Gordon

        It’s a pretty good fake photo. Perhaps add a D3 photo for comparison too if you can?

        • I added the D3. Good that someone else said it – I did not want to be eaten alive from the PS experts. I also think that this is a damn good PS job, that’s why I posted.

      • Jim

        admin – don’t be overly sensitive. this is a rumor site and it’s basis is mostly speculation and opinion. People coming here to view should understand that.

        • NikoDoby

          What?! You mean Admin’s not always right? Now THAT can’t be true! I just don’t believe it 🙂

  • Juergen.

    Fake. Lousy fake, btw.

  • A better photo for comparison is this one from the DPPreview review here:

    Here’s a direct link to the photo.

    Aligning this image with the purported D800 in photoshop shows that the rubber grip pattern is identical.

    • Agreed Mark.

      That umbrella pattern reflection is a dead giveaway for the DP Review shots of their review samples, which is unlike the other official Nikon press release images that have a smoother gradation of reflecting light.

    • Gordon

      Actually, if you compare the clips on both the D800 and D300 picture, the right clip has the bottom left corner turned in a bit (black metal bit) on each of them and identically positioned. The other give away is below the D800 label there are two slightly darker spots which are found exactly the same on the D300 picture.


      Exactly the same pic, except for the lettering, and the top prism area.


      • monty11

        Check also the small scratch in the bottom right corner of the cameras.
        At least it looks like a small scratch to me.

  • Phil

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it is real. We saw lots of people calling the D300s leaked shots faked, but they were legit in the end. After all, the D800 would seem to be a logical step in the Nikon product line, and this would be pretty much what I would expect it to look like.

    • Except that it’s a total fake. See my comments above for reference images from which this comp was produced. Not to say there isn’t an 800 in the works…just not THAT one.

  • Gordon

    I still think it’s a pretty good fake but what gives it away the most is the strap clips are attached to the eyelets. Reviewing other Nikon body shots, both the comparison ones posted above and other bodies on Nikon’s website, none have been photographed with the strap clips are attached.

  • The interesting part is how did someone guess the D800 back in 2007? There was not even a D700 at that point.

    • GlobalyGuy

      My guess would be that they just used the “D300” to easily become a “D800” (spelling “D700” would take some more time). They must’ve followed Homer Simpson’s advice when he said that “a “D-” so easily becomes a “B-“, boy — you just got greedy,”.. when Bart shows off his “A+”

      • WoutK89

        I remember that one 😛 Simpsons are my education

    • dave

      There may not have been a D700 back then, but their may have been rumors of a D700. Heck there have been rumors of the D400 for almost a year before the D300s was announced at the end of July. So, in December of 2007 (only 6 months from D700 announce, BTW), with rumors of a full frame prosumer body in the air, take a D300 and slap the D3 viewfinder on it and call it the D800… I believe at the time, there were rumors that ti would be called D800 or D900. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that outside of their professional lines (F2, F3, F4, F5, etc, and D1, D2, D3, etc) Nikon really doesn’t follow much of a numbering convention, So D800 is as good a guess, and it was WRONG, just like D400 was WRONG.

      • WoutK89

        D400 wasn’t wrong, just not first to come, who really expected a D300s say 1 year ago? 😉 So don’t blame me, but I think it’s the same with D700x or D800, D3(x) and D4, and so on…

        • dave

          Well yeah if you wait long enough, eventually some camera with a D800 moniker is going to show up. I can predict it will rain… eventually… no inside information or expertise to tell you that.

          My point is that when that picture was posted, it was for a camera in a product line that wouldn’t exist for another 6 months. The guy who produced the image was just taking a guess at the name based on the rumors at the time.

  • Zen-shooter

    In addition, you’d think the 50/1.4 lens would have been the AF-S version to be current…

  • Jim

    after review the d300 dpreview pic and the d3 pic, agree this is fake. Until I did that comparison, I discounted the focus assist without pop-up flash. I do a lot of swivel & bounce with my sb800 (soon to be joined by a sb900!) and therefore, I can’t always rely on the focus assist on the speed light. Even without a pop-up flash, I would like the pro models to have a focus assist option on the body.

    • Anonymous

      Hum, why would assist only be for flash. It’s pretty useful for available light as well. Actually that’s all I use it for.

  • Anonymous

    my dear friend we are talking about the rumor 2 years back…when D700 is not even launched.

    • WoutK89

      But how did he know the D700 and D300 would share the same battery grip? Hehe, just kidding…

  • TNT

    i think most are already frustrated with nikon, especially after sony announcement of A850

    • Adam

      erm, not really

  • anonymous

    looks like a photoshopped dpreview image (check out the umbrella reflections in the glass, and just the overall quality of the image). easiest giveaway – Nikon is using the 50/1.4 AF-S now, not the AF-D. But this is pretty obviously a fake.

  • Zoetmb

    Even if it wasn’t fake, the “idea” that there’s a D800 would be important, but not what it looks like, because all these camera bodies look alike anyway. While you don’t want to break something that works, it seems to be that Nikon (and the other camera manufacturers) should be evolving their body designs with each generation. But this is still the same clunky old school of most SLR/DSLR design.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how else a DSLR could be designed. The design is influenced by the internal components. Do you want a star-shaped DSLR or maybe some pink color?

    • Gordon

      I don’t know if it is clunky but you have to admit that Nikon DSLR body design is light years ahead of Canon bodies. Canon bodies feel and look very dated in comparison, Nikon’s design however is much more with the times in my opinion.

    • Adam

      hmm, if you don’t want to break something that works, why bother with evolving body design with each generation if it already works as it should?

      I expect Nikon to maybe do some minor ergo updates with the D4, D400, D800 but very unlikely to present a major change.

  • Chuck

    It’s definitely a fake. If you inspect the leatherette pattern on the hand grip of the D300 above, you’ll see that It’s absolutley identical to that same area on the “D800” photo. The same can be claimed on part of the leatherette on the other side, but only a small area. There are other similarities as well, but not everything lines up precisely between the two photos, so there are definately other images in the composite

  • Please, put some pictures of fake lenses too!
    – Nikkor 135mm f/1.8 VRII
    – Nikkor 200mm f/2.8 VRII
    – Nikkor 300mm f/4.0 VRII
    – Nikkor 400mm f/5.6 VRII
    – Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 VRII

    😀 😀 😀

    • Anonymous


      |=|======| Nikon 4mm-1200mm f/1.0 VRIII

      I’m sure this will be featured next rumor.

      • Maddog

        Kool!! When I’m not using it in the field I can bench press it to stay in shape…

      • Ennan

        it also features wifi, gps and a projector.

        filter size is 1033513mm

        • Anon

          Also it doesn’t need a camera to take pictures.

  • Alex

    Why can’t this be real?

    • NikoDoby

      Because it’s a picture that’s been around since before the D700 and it’s photochopped

      • Alex

        Oh I realize that… I just want it to be real!

        • NikoDoby

          Me too, just like Santa Claus 🙂

          • Alex

            But he is real! He is really really real! And he is going to bring me my D800 if I am good!

  • ikaros999

    wow really exiting with a 2 year old fake photo.
    we want some real meat!!!

  • snorri

    I honestly don’t get why so many people voted “don’t post again” on this. Posts like this one — i.e. picking up a rumor and doing research on it — are what a rumor site is all about, and what make this site a valuable resource for the Nikon community.

    Instead of ~5 people posting the same fake picture over and over again on the dpreview forums, we have one page that debunks it and that everyone can refer the greenhorns to. Isn’t that better?

    Or are you all just venting your frustration that the D800 isn’t real?

    • Alex

      Totally agree! I like these rumors, real or not… and if there is something i am not interested in, then I don’t hit the “don’t post again” button, just because it may not interest me, doesn’t mean nobody else is interested in reading it.

  • MentalRaymond

    Well, to some degree yes. But this was posted in the full knowledge it was already fake. The fact the image is well over a year old too, and was out before the d700 was even announced, which just means its of no use.

  • my only question, where did the front lens element come from?

  • pabs

    As Mark M noted, is a D300 picture retouched,
    but the funniest thing that went unnoticed is the pop-up flash button on the right, in a camera with no pop-up flash;)

    • pabs

      Well, is not exactly the release button, but the flash bracketing,…either way, it relates to the pop-up flash…

  • zen-tao

    In these times of economical crisis I don’t thin that nikon company is prepairing a new model of cámera. On the contrary, they are ruling out actually models in order to reduce expenses. What about D400, D700S, D800?. Nothing but fakes. The business is nowadays in compact cámeras. If we want professional quality, we must pay for it (D3x, D700) don’t expect for bargains.

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