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Leica day is over, catching up on what happend in Nikon's world during the past 4 days:


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  • Alex

    any chance that Nikon could release something at Digitalfest? I am tired of waiting for the D700x….. but I am not buying anything until they release it.

    • rhodium

      I’m hoping that they will announce an update to the D3 then. I’ve been waiting forever for it.

    • JP

      I agree with you Alex

      • another anonymous

        +1 😉

        • another anonymous

          ooops, i forgot to write i’m not tired of waiting, i’m enjoying my just right discontinued d300 and will until d700x 😉 and saving money for next lens…

          • jbl

            Same situation here… I shoot my D300, it’s an awesome camera. But I need a serious video camera now and I’m waiting for the D700x.. or else it’s going to be the 5D2. I need that camera either right now or in january 2010. so I’m currently thinking about going with Canon now but if Nikon’s D700x really worth it.. I’ll be screwed. So I think I’ll try to find a replacement plan until the D700x is annonced.

    • Anonymous

      How much would you guys throw at it, if it’d be released tomorrow?

      • Alex

        $3500, but I am hoping it will be no more than $2700

        • zeeGerman

          Frankly, I doubt that it will have a leading “3”, if it would be released today. I think the problem is that Sony might charge a LOT for the sensor, which would explain the price tag of the D3x. Plus it would be difficult to cut features, to justify a cheaper D700X, as the thing about it, is the sensor. My best guess is that there will be another FX camera, but with less pixel than the D3X, and the we might not see a Dx00 featuring a 24mp sensor unless Sony released something with even more pixel.
          And to be honest, I’m fine with it. 24mp is nice, but the use out of it is fairly little. I hope they put more effort in their optics, there are quite a few I’m waiting longer for, than the first thought about a possible 20+mp sensor even remotely crossed my mind.

  • GingerJimmy

    50 years F-mount, 50 milion nikkors..

    how about an af-s 50 1.2 to commemorate it?
    35 1.4 would be nice too 😛

    • Any rumors on new lenses this year?

  • Zoetmb

    There is NO WAY Nikon could have anything to do with Ritz not carrying Sigma. That would be a clear monopolistic, restraint-of-trade violation and would be subject to severe FTC penalties if proven.

    What’s more likely is that Ritz stopped paying their Sigma bills, or Sigma raised their prices or the lenses weren’t selling or something…but not anything to do with Nikon’s involvement.

    • you are correct – I will remove that part, it’s speculation.

  • Jay A

    I’ll be at Digitafest. I doubt there will be any new announcements there…but ya never know so I’ll drop any news here. They better bring a 500 and 600mm since I’m interested ( an soon to be broke 😉 ). Looking forward to the presenters.

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