Rumor: Nikon D4 coming soon

Thai camera store has listed the Nikon D4 for sale (update: the date 11.08.09 is when the site was last modified):


Another site has also listed a Nikon D4 for sale:


I have no reasons to believe that we will see Nikon D4 any time soon. The date is interesting...

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  • denezzar

    Could be one to watch?

  • Hey! My birthday is on November 8th! When it comes out do you guys wanna get me a birthday present (cough cough, $5,000 camera). Eh?

  • Michael

    I kinda doubt it too. Admin, you had a source earlier that was predicting a D3s this fall, have you heard any more on that? I would come closer to believing that right now than a D4. You never know though.

    Thanks for All your hard work.

    • I do not have any reliable info on the D3s, just “regular” rumors.

  • alvix

    ..mmhh..what if is august the 11th ?..

  • nutello

    Does anybody know what 11/08/2009 means in Thailand? August 11th or November 8th?

    • Ryan

      well if it was updated 11/8/2009 it means august. Europe and possibly most of the world outside of the U.S. switches the month and day, we do it weird believe it or not to a european person. Also the UK does that as well(switches the month and date)

      • clyde

        August 11, 2009 here in Thailand. dd/mm/yy

      • Eric

        Well, yes, mm/dd/yyyy is just plain weird.

        I can understand dd/mm/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd, but why on earth would mm/dd/yyyy make sense to anyone???

        • Willis

          It works better for computers. You often will want to sort your files by month, but probably not day.

          Not saying that’s why we do it. But for me it is helpful.

      • Stefan

        Who is switching the date? Most of the world? lol maybe it’s just the US and some other minor countries 😉
        Just kidding 😉

    • It would be nice to see a humanly priced full frame camera, maybe around 3,000 or 4,000 tops that would have a bit more megapixel power like 14 to 16 megapixels..

      thats my dream.

      any words on anything like it?

  • Dan

    No D400 but a D300s to replace the D300 and there’s a D4 already?
    I guess the development of APS-C sensors has hit a wall.

    But aren’t Pro bodies manufactured in Japan?
    So a Thai site would technically not be able to get insider info of Pro bodies from the Thai factory…

    What date did that “roadmap” say the D4 was going to be launched?

  • Adrian

    In Thailand 11/08/2009 usually means the 11th of August. And the date isn’t the release date, it is the date the post was last edited.
    แก้ไขล่าสุดเมื่อ = Last Edited

  • Image

    What would you do if you walked into a brick and mortar store and found an oriental gent and a three white guys huddled around a desk at the side of the shop. Not just any shop, as they have major news outfits as customers. You are told that someone will be with me in a sec and are guided away from the desk to the back showcase. You look back and notice a big black camera but it looks strange. Where is the prism?. Right beside it. – huh?? Then the oriental guy picks up the body and proceed to attach the finder. There is another finder thing on the desk beside it but its much larger. The camera id is not visible but looks strangely familar. Then a finger moves from the grip and you note the flash of red. Ah so you say to yourself. Someone then comes over to help you. You ask if that is a new Nikon. A blank look stares back at you Then “I’m sorry but I am unable to comment”. I ask to see a used camera which this shop has on their ebay site. I am told that the camera has been sent out for standard cleaning and tuneup and will be back in the shop tomorrow and that I should call ahead before coming. I thank him and head out. As I turn to leave I notice a couple of guys had entered and were now heading towards the desk. As I am escorted out of the shop, I hear the door close and deadbolt lock behind me.

    • Zoetmb

      Porno dream?

      • Anonymous


    • I have similar dreams too – was it a dream?

      • Image

        Camera – “no markings or logo” on body nor on the detachable finder(s)
        – grip had flash of red, so “I assume” Nikon
        – grip & fire bottom not Canon looking at all
        – grip & fire botton more like D3 but different no 2 other buttons
        – another finder looking item but much larger – never attached
        to camera body while I was there – “I assume” was finder
        – did not see back of body so “I assume” it was digital
        – did not look like an F4-F5 with removable prism – loved my F4
        – I was “not” invited over to view the camera
        – I assumed it was Nikon, thats why I posted here
        – might have been unmarked beta of RED’s DSLR – no idea

        A porno movie about a camera?
        What kinda stuff do you guys watch?

  • Alan

    This is a photoshopped picture. The photo on the front is the cover image for the d3 brochure. I work in jessops and had a read at one of the brochures the other day. The picture isn’t the slightest bit different.

    • NikoRyan

      Yep, confirmed. You are right on.

  • Nat

    As I am Thais, I would like to translate that page for you.

    Nikon D4 เร็วๆ นี้ = Nikon D4 Soon
    ราคา เร็วๆ นี้ = Price Soon
    เข้าชม 5 ครั้ง = Visit 5 times
    แก้ไขล่าสุดเมื่อ 11/08/2009 = Last Edited 11th August, 2009

  • mo

    We all know about new Sony chip,so Nikon D4 with new Sony chip is very realistic,

  • there is no D4 coming this year. it is all bogus. D700x however is a different story

    • Anonymous

      And you are? Nikons CEO?
      If Sony jumps the boat with 3 FX bodies, it would make perfect sense to release a D4. A D3 with a different sensor , tiny bit more pixel and less noise, would justify a lower price tag for the D700, to compete at the lower end of the semipro sector.

      • WoutK89

        and stop the D300s from being sold 😛

        • Anonymous

          Well, there’s plenty of space to the D90 and the D300, when stores run out ouf the D300, the D300s can take its place, and the D700 can take the place of the D300s, price wise.

      • Ronan

        He is someone with smarts, unlike you apparently.

  • alex

    this is just the competition trying to stop people from getting Nikon cameras by releasing rumors of soon to be released models so stupid people would wait


  • leyland

    One of the sources you quoted recently is obviously publishing spurious news and rumors. For example:

    I think the above story is the type we would expect on April 1st — April Fools Day.

  • Snicker

    This just don’t add up business wise. There is no way a D4 will be released this year. If the Nikon guys go crazy we could see D700xs, D3s and D700s this year. But my biggest guess is D700x (if they include video it will be called D700xs – something which is most likely).

    But then again, I’m only guessing (and looking at what Nikon has been doing for the last 10 years).

  • Ronan

    Theirs a camera store in Nigeria that has a the D4 for sale (pre-order). Who’s grabbing one!? D4 incoming!!!!!

  • arz

    If Canon releases 1Dm3, and it is not going to flop this time, I think Nikon will be under pressure to respond.

    • WoutK89


    • WoutK89

      1Dm4 I hope, or even 1DSm4 😉


    There does not appear to be any logical reason to release a D4 at this time, nor any rumors of leaps in technology that would warrant one.

    A D4 would have to either (A) Exceed the D3 in terms of High ISO performance and megapixels (B) Equal or exceed the D3x in terms of megapixels and greatly improve on it’s high ISO performance.

    Neither seems likely at this time.

    • Jane

      Sony will launch their camera with the Exmor R version of the 24.5 mp sensor any day now. Exmor R is said to better the old chip by more than 1 stop and have significantly faster data readout, so there definitely *is* a technological development that will seriously change the situation for the D3x. But there’s one thing that is worrying: Sony is expected to launch the APS-C sensor with Exmor R technology and slightly higher resolution at the same time, so one would have expected the D300s to feature this new sensor if Sony was willing to sell Exmor R sensors to Nikon at the time being. Remember that the A900 had the 24.6 mp chip before Nikon launched the D3x. If Nikon has to wait for Exmor R sensors while Sony is already selling Exmor R based cameras at their usual discount prices, Nikon has a serious problem IMHO, unless they have sourced or designed a new sensor of their own, i.e. a successor to the very good and proven sensor used in the D3/D700.

      Apart from sensors, there are many other areas where there’s rooms for significant improvement for a potential D4 such as more focus points distributed over a larger area of the frame, a new higher resolution RGB sensor, a larger display and many more.

    • WoutK89

      What about sony’s backlit CMOS sensors? Isn’t that supposed to be a jump in technology, in terms of High ISO performance? And given the fact that the a900 has worse performance than a D3x, and sony claims 2 times -or was it stops- better low light performance, we can well expect a huge difference even in higher MP’s

  • Helm

    D4 with 18MP FX sensor in new sony exmor design – a little upgrade…

  • getanalogue

    folks, Nikon is the looser! Across the street from my office, there is the photo store where I am buying most of my equipment. Everytime I am going in, there are people exchanging their Leica or Nikon equipment into Canon’s 5D MkII. Even staff themselves told me that they bought Canon 5D MkII because they are tired of waiting for a Nikon D 700x. Nikon lost already huge market share in this class and will continue to loose more and more the longer they wait with D 700x launch. They will be dead next year springtime, at least in the most profitable Pro Camera market segement. They forgot that innpovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter.

    • Ronan

      Then i’m a happy loser. My D700 takes sharper images than any 1dsmkIII. Tested and proven.

      The only reason Canon has more MP is because their chips aren’t as good as Nikon/Sony, and even with adding MP, Nikon still comes up on top.

      What keeps Canon in business (in the pro photo area)? Their primes and AF (which is debatable, my old D300 focus better in the dark than my buddies 1Ds MKIII).

  • I’m still very happy with my D700, but it is of course interesting to see what lies ahead.

    What would be even more interesting would be to know how rumors like this about coming products impact the sales today. I was about to buy a 70-200 recently but changed my plans when I read about the new version coming out later this year (I’m in no hurry right now). And that was not even a rumor, just a very long time between the news and the day you can actually buy the stuff. It is a bit boring, I think.

  • Anonymous

    A Sunday’s launch should be silly

  • blue

    I think this is a bad photoshop. See, how the lines in the 4 are straight, even though the surface is curved and shot has been taken at an angle. Moreover it is not parallel to “Nikon”. I think the “D 4” logo is fake.

    • Ronan

      WOW REALLY!? Dude it’s a Nikon picture with a photoshop D4 on it, its 99% oblivious (so oblivious the logo is fake and meant to be a web banner/logo that the admin didn’t bother stating it).

  • esplak

    The introduction of D700X with 24MP and 5D price will render D3 obsolete. So a D4 before or just after the D700X must not be ruled out. Actually I believe that it will be before, because it will pack even more goodies than a sensor upgrade, to justify the pro designation.

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