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  • Anonymous


  • Juergen.

    “The Level Camera Cube for your camera” can be had off ebay for 6 USD with free shipping in the US, as two-axis version for 4 USD with free US shipping.
    They all fall off the same production line ion China – so shop for the lowest price!

    And the Nikon F looks like factory new – but 17.000 Canadian Dollars… ???

    THANKS for all the “Nikon related news/links” – much appreciated, gives a quick overview about what’s new in Nikon land!

  • MW

    I don’t see anything on the ■Nikon D300s mini-review and test shots link??

  • This night vision looks too good to be true. Why no pricing or tests? Why they are using some stock night footage if it works and is available?
    Seen something similar years ago from some japanese company but nobody can ever say “bright, high-resolution images” about it.

    • Anonymous

      The astroscope is somewhere around $20,000. I am not sure they sell to the public. It may be government only.

  • Dweeb

    Too bad Nikon can’t supply a level under several thousand dollars.

  • NSXType-R

    That’s a cool Nikon camera.

    What’s so special about the Nikon F?

    Is it because every serial number matches and is original on the camera?

  • Gary

    Reading the initial impressions of the D300s, one thing stood out: how the individual who got to test it was so impressed by its speed and responsiveness.

    To me any manufacturer releasing a camera today needs to make sure it feels fast and responsive. That’s a key to making a good impression on the consumer.

    If Nikon has done this with this new camera, then this will sell very well.

  • Marty

    The Google translation of the D3000 preview is pretty hard to follow but I think the poster writes about how the use of ADR slows the camera down considerably. The D3000 does not feature the modern ADR that can be configured to low, medium, auto etcetera. It can only be set to ON or OFF. Nor does it incorporate automatic chromatic abberation correction. I have a feeling that the internal guts of the D3000 have not changed a bit when compared to the D60. That’s too bad since the new (auto) ADR and chromatic abberation control are the two features that have most improved image quality since the D40 and D200 era (apart from newer sensors of course). This deliberate crippling of the D3000 may also be very clever marketing from Nikon since a D3000 with new sensor and processing features would cut into D5000 and D90 sales. Now Nikon needs to pray that customers do not notice what has left out of the D3000. Am I the only one who feels disappointed about this?

  • NikoRyan

    Haha, the price of the AstroScope is not even shown. You have to request a quote for the price. You know the old saying, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.

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