What’s wrong with Outer Mongolia?


If you don't know what is this all about - check NikonRumors twitter page (update: here is the direct link). This is not important enough to be discussed on NikonRumors, but I had to make a statement: I LOVE MONGOLIA! I LOVE OUTER MONGOLIA TOO!

"Arrogance frowns; pride smiles." - Mason Cooley

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  • Apollux

    You said it isn’t important enough to warrant discussion, but something should we noted:

    The rant WASN’T against Outer Mongolia, it was against those that visit Outer Mongolia and use it as an EXCUSE to report what they have already been trusted with.

    • that’s why I said “I love Mongolia”

      • Apollux


        Actually, the rant-er seems to love/respect Mongolia as well, or haven’t you noticed how they tip their hat toward Outer Mongolia at the start of every Nikon related big news report?

        “In a move that won’t surprise anyone that has been … visiting Mongolia …”

        I LOVE MONGOLIA as well 🙂

  • I wouldn’t worry too much. DPReview got scooped on this one. Nice job!

    You know, since DPReview is a social media site, you would think they would understand the benefits and drawbacks of open communication. I don’t hear them calling with real facts when Nikon Rumors posts something that later turns out to be pure fiction combined with Photoshop.

    It takes work and guts to publish rumors – then to synthesize the truth fromthe fabrication. Keep up the good work!

    (And I appreciate the Twitter feeds as well.)

  • Stan

    This sounds like an attempt to bump up Twitter numbers. You said this is not important enough to put here but you did.

    I love your blog but I hate Twitter. I hope you don’t try to use the popularity of the blog to force people to follow you on Twitter. If you do, I think I lot of people will drop the blog.

    • Never though of it that way, but since you mentioned it I will include the direct link, no need to go to twitter (it’s just because the discussion already was started on twitter).

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry. PA seems to forget that by keepng his mouth shut, he gets the cameras before the announcement. So they are able to bring out a preview when the NDA is finished. He is doing his part and you do yours. BTW, i like yours better.

    • STJ

      Exactly! The possitive point for dp review is still valid. They get to announce the first review of the camera and that’s what they are known for. Phil apparently wants to have it all – first to announce AND first to show a review. Then dp should close their forum – because before NR (the dark ages) that was where all the rumors were to be found. Previously dp has complained directly to the OEM (e.g. Nikon) that they couldn’t keep the seecrets until the deadline. WTF! DP should praise themselves lucky to get what they do get (preferential access to cameras before launch) instead of bashing other sites for doing well. What do they think they are – “god of the internet”? I’m rarely pissed, but that editorial is over the top.

  • NikoDoby

    What in tarnation are you youngsters blabbering about? Is this the codename of a D800 or something?

  • NikoDoby

    Don’t understand why Fill is so PO’d? It’s all good isn’t it? He gets to play with the new cameras before anyone else, SO THEN? Doesn’t seem worth the fussin. Maybe he heard Amazons looking at buying NR too? Boy Admin you sure do know how to piss people off :^)

    Hey maybe we should start some kind of bet with Fill and his gang! Olive Branch People! Olive Branch!

    • the best part is that dpreview forums are full of…. RUMORS, LOL!

    • I really wonder why people get pissed off at NR?

      • Michael

        Because they have nothing better to do and go off into left field because it makes them feel important. That is pretty much it.

  • Qube

    Askey just has his knickers in a bunch about the short leash Amazon has him on. You can bet he wishes he could get deep with playing with rumors. Might be a bit of an idiot to rail against foes who are (or could be) his friends in the game.
    (I think the circa 1974 forum software he runs may have corroded his brain…)

    • Qube

      PS I totally dig sites like this…mfgs are way too tight-assed about product announcements and roadmaps, and getting the inside info now and then is very cool!!

      • NikoDoby

        I think your athol would be tight too if you had millions and millions at stake! But manufacturers love the attention and are, more often then not, the source of a lot of the “rumors”. Just look at Sony’s “leaks” of it’s upcoming models.

  • Justin

    Who here DOESN’T love Outer Mongolia?

  • Jesse

    I am actually beginning to think that a large number of these “leaks” are actually planted by the manufactures. The first couple times a reference to the new camera model popped up on the nikon or canon web page I could see it being an oops. However this year I think just about every new SLR model from nikon and canon been “accidentally” referenced on their own web pages months before the official announcement. This isn’t 1995. The internet isn’t some newfangled communication media that companies are still trying to understand how to use. If they had really not wanted the cat out of the bag they could have figured out a way to keep it from happening after say the 3rd or 4th time.

    • Jesse

      “fool me once…”?

  • Do you think I might be able to persuade Nikon to sponsor an expedition to track down and photograph the Mongolian Death Worm by any chance? 🙂

  • NikoDoby

    Nikonrumors and Dpreview Mongolian


    thursday @ Obama’s place.

  • Libby

    If DPR has their panties in a bunch over this, they should take it up with Chasseur d’Image magazine and leave those in Outer Mongolia alone 😉 It;s not the first time the book has had it on the money well in advance.

    With regards to “insider trading” well it’s poor phrasing. And DPR should realize by this time that some leaks can be intentional.

    The post above is correct about DPR being on a short leash these days. So the whining is all that’s left.

    Thanks for a nice site, and I really appreciate the Leica section.

  • arz

    Just a quick note, none of you actually even know where Mongolia is on the map, and hardly anyone of you actually go search for it. Then, what the deal is inner and outter Mongolia, anyone knows?

    Admin, if you really love outer Mongolia, write a post with some detail of their people and culture. Not just use their name as part of the joke.

    • STJ

      Maybe dp should have done that instead of the jack-ass statement they did…. NR just gave the rumor – it’s happening in Mongolia! And he said something really positive about them too!

  • Alex


  • Dave

    I think the editorial on dpreview was more aimed at Nikon than anyone else. Basically, dpreview signs a non-disclosure agreement and in exchange they got to play with a D300s for a little bit and have a short article prepared as soon as the camera is announced. So, they play by the rules because Nikon has implied dpreview will have a scoop. But someone within Nikon leaks the spec and pictures beforehand and dpreview would like to say something but can’t because the the NDL they’ve signed. Everyone else is talking about it, but dpreview has to sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut. Some of the promo images of the D300 showed up here a month ago (and of course we debated as to whether or not they were real – turns out they were real). So NR and other sites are scooping dpreview and Nikon does nothing about and may even be responsible for the sources feeding NR and other blogs.

    Or maybe I just read it wrong.

    • Daf

      No – I think it’s more about DP having a go about engadget + gizmodo.

      Sounds like DP think that these sites are also under NDA, BUT then report on rumours as coming from other sources – so not really disclosing what they know (which would break NDA) but getting around it even so.

  • Richard Fisher

    I believe that Outer Mongolia is the same place that we now refer to as the modern country of Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is the northern part of The People’s Republic of China, that borders the modern country of Mongolia. Both regions are home to ethnic Mongols.

  • Daf

    Looks like they’ve been stewing on this for a while.
    Another rant earlier on:

  • henrik

    Don’t post such personal stuff on a ‘news site’. It’s destracting. Try to be as focused as your best lens. Audience is not interested in your private opiniation.

    • John

      Since when is posting rumors news?
      As for DPR, they can go down in flames for all I care, just like pretty much every thread on their message boards. You can’t be served free lunch and bitch about not being able to sneak into the kitchen through the back door.

  • Dougraphic

    To summon the spirit of Kathy Griffin, DP Review can “suck it.” Nikon Rumors has a whole bevy of secret operatives inside Nikon and across the industry, whispering every single trade secret into the fantastically coordinated central network, in Langley Mongolia. Nikon Rumors knows Bo Jackson better than Bo does. Nikon Rumors also knows where the main internet plug is, and if they wanted to, they could pull it and bring down the whole world wide web. So, back off Philigree.

    As an aside, really just sounds like a jealous baby crying his girlie-man eyes out.

  • Cluebat

    Seriously guys, can you read the rant properly? Phil is *NOT* angry at Nikonrumours. He’s mad at sites like Engadget who HAVE proper scoops like him, but use rumours as a way of skirting the NDA.


  • tim_p

    exactly what Cluebat said.
    Stop blowing this out of proportions just to get some publicity. (a very ugly and common trend recently. Misquote someone and make a big internet fuzz about it…)
    I’m a regular reader of your blog (and of dpreview). But at the moment you are acting more childish than dpreview’s rant was.

    cheers. Keep up the rumour-hunt! 🙂

    • Cluebat & tim_p:
      of course he refers to NR:
      “but because some small off-the-radar site in Outer Mongolia happens to have leaked it it’s now ok for them to present that to their millions of readers. And that’s the difference, “Joe’s Blog” in Outer Mongolia will be read by nobody, but putting on your front page isn’t ok when you know full well a leak is “real”

      if you noticed both engadget and gizmodo pointed to NR and used NR as a source for their coolpix stories.

      I am just defending my right to exist, no publicity stunts here.

  • tim_p

    ok, fair point.
    (Hadn’t noticed that engadget and gizmodo pointed to NR. So apologies for my misinterpretation of this.)

    Still, I’d say just ignore their petty remarks, you don’t really have to defend yourself. People like your blog! 🙂

    Anyways… 🙂

  • The dpreview “editorial blog” must be a publication and not a blog. I didn’t note any ability to comment on the post. The post itself is one of the best examples of whining that I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work here.


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