New Coolpix cameras leaked (one of them with a projector)

As reported before, one of the new Nikon Coolpix cameras has a built-in projector - Coolpix S1000pjΒ (VP650 was just a code name):

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

Nikon Coolpix S70

Nikon Coolpix S70

Nikon Coolpix S640

Nikon Coolpix S640

Nikon Coolpix S570

Nikon Coolpix S570

Update: more info from (the prices are in AUS $):

The Coolpix S640 features 5x Zoom-Nikkor lens with 28mm (equivalent) wide-angle coverage plus an ultra-fast autofocus system, a variety of automated shooting functions, and 12.2 megapixel resolution. Claiming the fastest start-up time in its class, this model is ready for shooting in only 0.7 seconds and boasts a short shutter-release time lag. Optical lens shift VR image stabilisation combines with high sensitivity to achieve sharper and cleaner photos in a wider variety of situations. ISO settings as high as 6400 can be set and users can limit auto sensitivity to a maximum of ISO 100 to 400 or 800 for effective control over image quality.

Other features include a 2.7-inch Clear Colour Display with a wide viewing angle, subject tracking AF with a new auto lock-on capability that automatically detects a human face and then continues to track and focus on that subject. In-camera Quick Retouch functions let you create a retouched copy of a selected shot with the best balance of contrast and saturation. The Coolpix S640 will be available in Champagne Silver, Calm Black and Precious Pink at an RRP of $499.

The Coolpix S1000pj is the first digital camera with a built-in projector that lets users project photos or movies clips on any flat surface at up to 40 inches in size. A handy projector stand is included, as is a remote control that can be used to operate the projector, release the shutter, and more. This model features an effective resolution of 12.1 megapixels and a 5x Zoom-Nikkor lens with 28mm (equivalent) wide-angle coverage, along with a similar image stabilisation system to the Coolpix S640.

Nikon's new Smart Portrait System includes Face-priority AF, which can recognise up to 12 faces is a frame plus Smile Timer and Blink Proof functions and a Skin Softening function that analyses and improves a framed subject's skin to produce flattering portrait shots. In-Camera Red-Eye Fix automatically corrects any perceived red-eye effect before saving the image to memory. The Coolpix S1000pj will be offered in black at an RRP of $699.

Offered in four smart colours (Silver, Black, Red and Pink), the Coolpix S570 replaces the S560 model and combines a 5x Zoom-Nikkor lens with a resolution of 12.0 effective megapixels. It boasts the same Smart Portrait System as the Coolpix S1000pj and offers a maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200. Its RRP is $349.

A vibrant OLED touch screen is the key feature of the Coolpix S70, which will come in Champagne, Red and Black colours. The new 3.5-in. Clear Colour OLED Display combines intuitive fingertip shooting control with a variety of exciting playback options and offers the benefits of vivid colour reproduction, sharp contrast, and absence of after-images. Advanced new shooting features include Touch Shutter, which releases the shutter at a touch after focus and exposure are locked on the subject. In addition, new on-screen sliders provide touch control over brightness (exposure) and Scene Effect Adjustment. Touch control also makes viewing and retouching images more efficient.

The S70 comes with 12.1 effective megapixels of resolution plus a 5x Zoom-Nikkor lens that covers focal lengths from 28-140mm (35mm format equivalent). Advanced digital image-processing ensures quick response times and maintains image quality and clarity at sensitivity settings as high as ISO 6400. The Coolpix S70 will be offered in Champagne, Red and Black colours for an RRP of $599.

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  • Ryzi

    Apart from the projector in the first one they look totally uninspiring. Just another bunch of point and shoots with more than likely pretty much the same features as every other one they have released over the past few years. I was hoping for a P7000 with something extra…come on Nikon!!!

  • It seems to me that the technology isn’t really there yet.

    • STJ

      Let’s see…. But Ok – you win! I don’t believe it either πŸ™‚

    • The market drives technology.

      They’ll build whatever you want… but are you willing to pay the price it will cost (along with enough other people?)

      • Willis

        I’d much rather have this technology in a smart-phone. It seems weird to me that its making its debut in a camera.

        I’ll also be curious what kind of battery life this thing gets. In this kind of device, it seems more gimmicky than functional.

        To modify Jarvie’s comment, they build whatever the focus groups tell them they want, and then you decide if you actually want it.

      • dave

        OK, I want a Nikon P&S that works as well as a Canon, is as easy to use as a Canon and takes properly exposed and focused pictures like a Canon.

        Yes, My P&S is a Canon… but my DSLRs will always be Nikon (for the foreseeable future).

        For the record, I gave Nikon P&Ss a try twice in the past three years. I’ve not yet been disappointed in a Canon P&S. Having said that, I’d take a Nikon P&S over anything made by HP. Thank gawd HP doesn’t make DSLRs.

        • Micke

          You’re not switching systems? πŸ˜‰

        • bandwagon

          agreed. I love my Canon P/S. It produces some great photos and macro shots. I love the in camera processing that the Canon P/S processes. But, I’ll continue to buy and use Nikon DSLR equipment. Nikon D300, possible D300s, here I come!

        • Just bought my 3rd Canon P&S this past weekend (the other two have been used & abused mightily over the years. One of them here: ).

          I started out w/ Sony P&Ss, then went to Nikon w/ the S5. I had complaints of a design issue. Nikon said, “Blah!” to me and said it wasn’t an issue, so I said, “Screw Nikon!” and went to Canon. Love ’em! Lucky for me, when it was DSLR time, I held them in my hands first and found that the Canons just didn’t fit me well at *all.* The Nikons = perfect.

          So, just like you guys, I’m a Nikon DSLR man, but when it comes to P&S, Canon is the way to go.

  • Gary

    Could someone please explain to me the value of having a projector in a digital camera? I still think it’s a rather useless novelty that will be cool for a few days but that’s about it.

    What’s next…a laser pointer in a digicam? Maybe a compass?
    Come on, Nikon, you’re better than this.

    • John C

      Ha! You’re wrong. It’s a pen! It only looks like a camera.

    • RumpelHund

      Maybe they are really really up to something…

      There’s a technique to calc the 3D shape of an object from a camera and a series of white-light-projected patterns (usually sinewaves of different sizes). See for details.

      Such combinations are usually very expensive with limited resolution and a headache to construct in small room.

      This camera with a little angle between projector and lens may provide a real boost to this technique, though most likely more off-camera than in.

      Any patent applications by nikon in this regard?

      • Jon Paul

        I looked at that link. That really would be cool if that’s what they’re up to, but I’m still not sure how useful it would be. Maybe it’s just a low-light focus aid or something.

    • Jon Paul

      Honestly, I think I’d prefer a pen and laser pointer in a p&s instead of a projector. Boring your neighbors with a mini vacation slideshow seems like a bit of a step backwards (and if you must, why not just use the a/v out to watch it on your TV, anyway?).

  • Incognito

    I’m a nikon dslr fanboy but can someone please tell me why nikon has not made a single good point an shoot camera? I hate having to buy canons or Sonys when nikon should have perfectly good cameras themselves.

    • Jon Paul

      I have no answers, Incognito. I’ve always felt canon blows nikon out of the p&s water.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know any numbers, but I could imagine the following: While sales in DSLRs are not too far apart between the two, in the P&S sector Canon rules by far and thus has more money for powerful development of new technologies. Also they can support a greater variety of cams with some niche products as well.

      • Eric

        I think there’s more to it than just R&D dollars. It’s just plain incompetence on Nikon’s part. I love their DSLR’s as much as everyone else, but their P&S are not only worse than Canon I think they’re worse than just about every manufacturer aside from Kodak. On average I’d take P&S’s from Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, and of course Canon over Nikon….but then again, I just bought an Oly E-P1…so I have next to no interest in any P&S on the market now πŸ™‚

  • The-Whizzle

    I am great fan of Nikon but this is really disappointing. Ground breaking my butt-cheeks. I really don’t the point in the projector built into the camera unless you want to show your friends quickly what happened during last night’s party before the hangover.

  • DCH


  • John C

    Agree. These products look fairly dull. The specs look fine, but the P&S market isn’t just about specs, it’s also about the “sexy” factor and these cameras (with or without a novelty projector) don’t have it. Nikon is making safe but dull volvos while the market really wants a bmw.

    • STJ

      Maybe a projector really IS sexy? I’m the wrong person to judge…. I just hope they’ll sell a bunch and use the money to make new DSLR’s… πŸ™‚

  • Human

    Personally I think a projector could be a pretty fun feature for a compact. However, it needed to be added to what was an otherwise great camera. This seems like a mediocre camera with an unnecessary (but possibly fun) feature stapled on.

    Why can’t a company that makes so many great SLRs figure out that some of their customers may want similar quality in a pocketable camera? Get the lens, sensor and controls right and then think about adding extra features.

  • Disaster …

  • edwood

    If I can project a picture or a movie and at the same time take the picture it would be interesting for night photography.
    But I guess it will not be possible and the projector will suck in quality and power

  • tubalcane

    I’ve heard many times that Nikon doesn’t really design their P&S cameras.

    I worked at a company that designed digital camera reference platforms. Basically we supported a few existing sensors and made the image processing and control chip (like Expeed or Canon Digic) It had a CPU to run the user interface and JPEG encoding done in hardware. It also had USB, SD, and video out interfaces. Many name brand (and many less known Chinese domestic market) companies bought our system then put it inside a housing and slapped their name on it.

    Nikon was not one of our customers but we had competitors. I’m sure one of them had Nikon as a customer for at least some models.

    This is why the P&S market is so similar with “me too” cameras. They all come from a few sources. The reason is it takes less money because you don’t have to invest in building it yourself.

    • Human

      Looking at the S1000pj it’s hard to believe anyone who could be called a designer was involved in the creation of this product.

      • STJ

        It’s the guy who designed the Hummer they hired… They just forgot to make it undestructible…. πŸ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        totally agree…

    • Sanyo produces Nikon’s compact cameras, Nikon just designs the outer cases, puts things together and sells it.
      The same goes for Olympus, many Canon’s cameras (Ixus line) and probably some other manufacturer’s cameras too.

  • Michael

    I see this as maybe a neat gadget. I Do NOT see this as “Groundbreaking”. I am sure it will be a “cool” toy but I don’t see it kicking up too much dirt.

    We will just have to wait for something “groundbreaking” I suppose. Nice refresh on the D300s, 70-200 and 18-200, probably okay beginner dslr (D3000) and a groundbreaking gadget.

    • John C

      There has never been a projector in a P&S, so from that standpoint I suppose it is groundbreaking. The disappointment is just that this is ground that we didn’t necessarily WANT broken.

  • STJ

    If this is GROUNDBREAKING then I don’t look forward to non-groundbreaking news… Good catch though Admin..

  • Adam

    Groundbreaking will be Nikkor f/1.2 primes πŸ˜€

    • Human

      You can still buy the Nikkor Ai-s 50mm f1.2 new today.

    • I have one of those, it works well but I need a higher quality camera (D700 or D3 series) to take full advantage of it without all the manual presets.

  • Anonymous

    CANT YOU SEE IT..???

    EEEE…….WE ARE FAKE…!!!!

    COOLPIX S1000pj( …..)
    ……………. s70

  • low

    great job admin

  • I can’t see it as something people are going to want over a decent P&S from canon.

    • Willis

      The thing is, Nikon could so easily make a good P&S. Image quality doesn’t really need to be all that good. Even Cannon’s highest end cameras are rubbish in bad light, and in good light, all the cameras are pretty decent.

      So, Nikon, make a camera where the settings are easy to get to. I know you can do it because all your DSLR’s do it superbly.

  • Jon Paul

    I thought you were going to take a vacation, admin. Can’t you tell Nikon to let up for a few weeks?

  • woble

    D3 was groundbreaking.. this is not.

    • 10to20

      I disagree. There are no other digital cameras with digital projectors built into them. We might not like the ground they decided to “break”. But it is ground breaking.

      So would a camera/food processor combo. Although, this has a better chance to take off. I’d love a projector like that in my iPhone/iPod Touch. I think it makes more sense in a device you consume media with rather than create media.

  • Ryannnnnn

    disappointed in all the new nikons. no 1080p…… ? come on guys, get with the program

  • Steve

    Hmmm, all I want is a P6000 with decent NRW write times (Capture NX2 worshipper).
    Why can’t NIkon give us there own version of the G10 or Olympus Pen?

  • Crabby

    A GPS that sort-of works. Now a built-in projector that will undoubtedly produce an image that needs a blacked-out room to view. What other feature that I don’t want will be next? I’ll tell you what would be “groundbreaking”: Nikon including a good *camera* in a Coolpix. It’s time to take a closer look at the Olympus product.

  • dave

    So I go into the Verizon store looking for a new phone and the guy shows me the new Samsung with the full keyboard that is just so awesome for texting and then the Motorola with the MP3 player and awesome sound (with the separately purchased earbuds) and the Sony-Erickson with the awesome camera and video and asks which I want, and I say, the one that works the best as a PHONE. I expect in a year or two, they’ll tell me to get a Nikon Coolpix for that. “It’s a crappy camera, but a great phone.”

  • WHAT ?

    Wow.. is that it .. Doesn’t look like anything ” GROUNDBREAKING ” to me…… it looks boring and nothing is really interesting about it… Nikon can do better

  • Zoetmb

    I agree that in practical terms, the projector is useless (the image will probably suck: how bright can it be?), but in marketing terms, it will probably wow some people. However, who has an extra 40″ of wall space to project such a thing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to work with the new generation of HDTVs that have wireless net capability to work out some playback or tethering mode?

    For me, the bigger positive is the OLED screen on the S70.

    But prices here are getting absurd.
    The new S570 lists for $350 and replaces the S560 which originally listed for $250, now lists for $180 and has a current street price of $155.
    The new S640 lists for $499 and I would assume replaces the S630, which originally listed for $280, now lists for $250 and sells for $233-$240.
    The new S70 lists for $599 and I assume replaces the S60 which originally listed for $350, now lists for $270 and generally sells for $246-$255.

    If these are the only new releases, is Nikon giving up the low-end of the market? That could make sense from a margin standpoint, but could be dangerous in terms of building loyalty to the Nikon brand. At least two of these new models are in DSLR pricing territory as far as I’m concerned.

    • rad

      The prices listed were in AUS $ is that what you’re comparing?

      • Zoetmb

        Oh…I didn’t realize they were in Australian dollars. As Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) used to say on the old Saturday Night Love….never mind.

  • Projector in P&S = pointless?
    Video in DSLR = heaven…?!

    Please give me a break you all. πŸ™

    • Hey now- don’t start making sense. No one else is trying to πŸ˜›

  • Meh…. not a big fan of the coolpix line. Love Nikons over Canons for DSLR. Point-and-shoots – Canon is still much better.

  • Projection pointless

    This projection feature might sound cool but it is basically pointless. Why? It is much better to check the photos at the back of the camera or on a computer screen or on a TV!!!
    It might sound cool but it is pointless!!!

  • Anonymous

    really can believe it…!!!!!

    no one saw the post that the two cameras are fake…..

    • What are you talking about? What is fake?

  • Uncool

    Nikon should just drop the Coolpix line because they are anything but cool.

  • sjo

    people sure like to complain these days…

    i find the technology interesting, maybe the first implementation won’t be perfect but it’ll improve and in 5y it’ll be standard feature in cellulars, digital cams and laptops.

  • Micke

    Wait, what? Isn’t OLED-technology superior to regular LCD-technology? Then why is the recently released D300s not using an OLED-screen? Any ideas?

    • 10to20

      Cost. They cost lots more.

      • Micke

        Again. Wait, what? Then why did they put a 3.5″ OLED in a compact camera listed at $599, and not in a professional-grade DSLR listed at $1799, which “only” got a 3″ LCD.

        • Perhaps there was more involved than a simple swap. As they were using the base logic board from the D300 (my assumption), there may have been too many additional fixes to make it financially feasible. They also may be burning up stock. Perhaps Nikon has a warehouse in Thailand filled to the brim w/ 3″ screens.

          3.5″ OLED might be on a trial run, too- see how they hold up under Everyman’s abuse. Saving ’em up for the D400 series perhaps? D700x? (Could really use it there, I’d think!)

  • come on NIKON! WTF! Crap in crap out! Apple will have PJ’s bulit into Iphone come last part of Dec so again Who cares about a little point and shoots feed us Big guys with big appetites for REAL cameras and glass!!!!

    • Zoetmb

      Because in fiscal 2009 (ending March 2009), Nikon sold 3.42 million DSLRs, but 10.33 million point and shoots, that’s why. While very short margin, the P&S line is very important to Nikon. Furthermore, it is assumed that Nikon doesn’t actually manufacture their own P&S cameras, so it doesn’t take away from DSLR or glass production to produce them.

      Apple will have nothing added to the iPhone by December because the next generation of iPhones will not be released until June 2010.

  • fotosniper

    i agree with most, this is dissapointing. im about to send my old d80 in to trade for a g10.

    • 10to20


      • Don’t worry about him. He’s just bein’ sassy.


    I really think the P&S cameras should not be listed on this site. Mainly because I would think 99% of the people here are into DSLR cameras and don’t really care about the P&S cameras. Maybe put the P&S’s on your other photo blog.

    • Great idea! While we’re at it, we should have ’em change this site from NIKONrumors to NikonDSLRrumors! Dunno why no one thought of that before!

  • Jay Birch

    This is about as ground breaking as Canon bringing 1080P/20fps video to the world of DSLRs.

    Is it a never before seen feature, sure…… does anyone want it, no.

    • Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean no one else in the world wants it.

  • Master Flash

    Still no 720p in video mode? I’ve been holding out for that in my next P&S from nikon… im considered the canon sd690 or sd990 now… only wish their casings were not so fugly.

  • mr blonde

    this is getting embarassing

    • The impertinence of most of the people that post here is embarrassing.

      My guess is that they’re crying about something that they probably wouldn’t have bought regardless of whether or not there was something “groundbreaking” involved. So what’s the point other than to hear themselves drone on?

      Misery loves company and there sure seems to be a lot of it around here. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here w/ my stick stirring away.

      • Jay Birch

        Did you learn the word irony while you looked up impertinence?

  • David C

    Yeah, was hoping for a P6100 with 720p video and faster NRW writes (would be even better if it wrote NEFs instead). I was holding off getting a cheap video cam hoping to kill two birds with one stone:
    1) Compact and capable, P&S with RAW output and quick response (little or no shutter lag) for those times I don’t want to take the DSLR.
    2) 720p video capability with at least 2x optical zoom

    but it doesn’t look like it is in the cards……

  • alvar

    I am a pro documentary photographer who switched from Nikon to Canon one week ago.
    I have used Nikon cameras(d700,d300,d3) with prime and zoom lenses for two years.
    While I was waiting for a good 70-200, Canon not only developed a new stabilization system but give the world a real groundbreaking jewel: the 5d mk II.
    Nikon announce a camera, d300s, which is a d300 with 5 min of video.
    Nikon, you have lost another pro photographer… wake up!!!
    Now, built-in projector…
    No words…
    I am sorry but Nikon is commiting a continuos suicide.
    Can’t understand why…

    • David C

      Can’t say that I can agree with your analysis here. Nikon still beats everyone with ISO performance with D3 and D700 (I would argue that ISO performance is more groundbreaking than video for Photographers).

      Best sports/photojournalist camera: D3. Highest image quality (albeit at a price): D3x. D300s is incremental for them. They are not due for a D400, and nothing groundbreaking from Canon has pushed them otherwise. Should they come out with a D700x to compete better with the 5DMkII, yes, but the D300s wasn’t meant to be that, as it is a DX format camera.

      Also, you say you were waiting for a good 70-200. Nikon’s wsa the best for DX, way better than Canon’s 70-200 f/2.8 for crop cameras. It was slightly flawed (many don’t mind the vignetting) for FX, and now Nikon has responded.

      Not sure why you are moving to Canon, but they make good equipment too, so enjoy the switch. I’ll stick with Nikon.

  • c-trik

    they shud change their name..coolpix..sounds like too much Ashton. Shud me Minikons. Like the transformers.

  • Captain

    If Nikon (or others) want to break new ground with a compact camera, they should focus on image quality and ergonomics. A start would be a larger sensor with fewer pixels (no more than six megapixels) and include a decent viewfinder.

  • raito-photo

    It had known since last year.
    Site that had been surveyed since before.

  • Shivas

    Did anyone notice the msrp on those? Some exceed the cost of a d5k!!!! (body only)
    I have a POS Casio p&s and want to desperately upgrade it to a nikon, but nothing too compelling….. Sigh…

  • Ubiquitous

    No vigil, tonight? Aren’t the announcements coming out of Sweden and Austria on August 4th, their time?

    • nobody here cares about Coolpix, sorry – I am still here waiting for the announcement…

      • NikoDoby

        One hour to go? What’s the theme for this announcement party?

      • Ubiquitous

        Thanks. I’ll be here too. πŸ™‚ Would not miss it. Great job last July 30th!

        • NikoDoby

          Admin are there any bets with the canon boys tonight?

          • I don’t think they will bet with me ever again πŸ™‚

        • Thanks! This is not the first time I’ve got correct info before the announcement you know πŸ™‚

          • NikoDoby

            Yeah but know it’s tradition. You’ve got to keep it going. At least at the D700X announcement party or something. You’ve also have to let them have a chance to get their dignity back somehow. It’ll help the canon boys build character.

            It’s all fun and games! Until someone gets hurt that is!

          • Micke

            … then it’s hilarious?

  • Ryan

    I guess, i just will never like point and shoots… i’ve never owned one, and probably never will…

    • Ubiquitous

      I like the P&S concept, but cannot take the viewfinder (too small) and hate to shoot looking at the screen. Therefore, no P&S for me, either. No vigil tonight?

  • NikoDoby

    Is it just me or does that “beam of light” coming from the S1000pj look foto chopped?
    Come to think of it that background and those reflections look fake too!
    I don’t know guys but I think we’ve been had by the North Koreans again!

  • Ubiquitous

    I either feel like Gary Cooper in High Noon – Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock…or like Calaf (from Puccini’s Turandot) singing Nessum Dorma (No one sleeps.) πŸ™‚

    • Ubiquitous


  • Anonymous

    Some weeks ago there was a rumor about this camera and you wouldnt post some pics you saw. We shouldnt ask why you didnt post them but can you now disclose the secret? So why didnt you post them :)?
    Ys im a bit inquisitive *g*

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