Live chat session

I will be updating this post live (and the next one) as we go along - just hit the refresh button.

9:41 (EST) I am getting cold feet and I feel a weakness in my knees...

9:45 - I am monitoring 6 Nikon web sites from all over the world.

9:46 - Nikon Japan stopped my heart - they just posted a news event with today's date - something about a rain?

9:52 (from a NR reader) FYI - It is now 9:50 pm EST and the Chasseur d'images web site ( is down ..

9:54 - I guess the Chasseur d'images site is back online

10:00 - I am now following 12 Nikon sites for updates - can you please check you local Nikon website and other photography related sites/blogs for updates? Somebody has to leak something. Thanks.

10:20 - The magic should happen @ 6:00 am CET - midnight EST.

11:02 - Nikon UK product images site currenty not available: (go to PressRoom then click on Images)

11:31 - Good job Nikon - no premature announcements yet 🙂

11:49 - ccccooommmmoooooooonnnnn, update those web sites!



12:02 the rest is history...

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  • Jack

    I feel like we’re waiting to see who won the Oscar.

  • turbo v6 camaro

    mins until 0001 EST

  • NikoDoby

    Let’s all hold hands now!!!

  • Ubiquitous

    Zilch, nothing, nada, niente, nichts, rien – so far!

  • ato3
  • BakerDude,Inc.

    ..don’t you have anything else to do?

    • NikonLover

      WHO ? The Nikon Rumors Admin !?

  • Ryan

    Its time!!!

  • A laser microscope LOL. Serves me right for staying up. . .

  • Poster

    So much build up and I have a feeling that it’s all gonna flop.

  • Ryan
  • its up

  • fff

    It gas begun….

  • NikonLover

    My MacBook just told me that it is 12:00 AM… man …. I am over here praying for this .. I really do want this to happen…..

  • Ryan

    I found it ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    DPreview forums aren’t showing any threads. Are they updating something too?

  • vince

    you are later than DPR! hahaha!

  • NikonLover

    WOOOOOO !!! THE REVIEW SITE !!!! YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian
  • Tomas
  • Lud

    It’s up. See UK site under products. D300s and D3000.

  • Anonymous

    Is Dick Clak going to make the anoucement? I’m waiting for the ball to drop.

  • wan

    D300s up at dpreview front page?

  • WC

    Woohoo!!! just updated with the new cameras and lenses!!

  • Theodore

    There it is – the new 70-200 and it’s so lovely. I’m hoping for a stellar performer. Nice job NR!

  • joe
  • Anonymous

    I see the new lenses on nikonusa’s page but no camera

  • Lud

    70-200 VRII and 18-200 as well. New lenses.

  • Anonymous

    already on

  • Theodore

    Yikes – looking for US pricing now for the new 70-200, 1,999 GBP, my goodness. Available Nov.

  • Anonymous

    It as begun

  • dan

    wow 7 ed elements in the 70–200!

  • David Johnson

    I have read the entire Nikon announcement. Seems like this one is going to be very good!! I also want to point out to NR readers that it seems to me Nikon DOES listen for serious photographer input!!

  • Nikon Canada is showing the D3000

  • turbo v6 camaro

    18-200 – 72mm and lock to stop the creep i tink thats it

  • 720p? Ugh.
    Hello, 5dMarkII

  • And the D300s not marked as new though.

  • bof

    In addition to compatibility with more than 60 NIKKOR lenses and a broad array of system accessories, the D300S will also perform well with the recently announced AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8 VR and the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens.

  • alex
  • ryan

    fuckin spot on NR…. great work

  • Patrick has a preview.
    US$1,800 MSRP

  • alphanikonrex

    WOW, the ESP of the D300 and the D300S are the exact same—$1799. How does Nikon expect to pull that off?

  • alphanikonrex

    Gosh, the new 70-200 doesn’t have internal focusing!

  • funny

    ha, nice job admin. where are all the doubters gone. “nikon would never update tat lens bla bla bla”.

  • MW


  • nilbert

    wha, the price of the new 70-200 is … 2430 euros? yow! what gives.

    Also not available til november, boourns!!

    AND ALSO, the old one looks a lot sexier!!! like 10 times cooler looking. imho

  • Gra

    Just this very second hits Nikon Australia’s website, both cams, both lenses, 70 – 200 may be about 30 days away in Aus…(I’ve ordered) and up to about AU$400 more

  • Gra

    Looks like new collar on the 70 – 200 also…

    That little spring clip better not be plastic…I too prefer the look of the old over the new…I might have to glue on my own brass plate…

  • Steven

    There’s 2 mistakes I found on the dpreview pages:
    The d3000 is said to have a CCD says the text but the chart says it has a CMOS.
    The D300 is said to shoot 7fps in the text but spec chart says 6.

    I am really disappointed about the 720p only…

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