Confirmed: two new Nikon Lenses this Thursday

This is now a 99.99% confirmed rumor: besides the Nikon D300s and the Nikon D3000, we will also get two lenses:

AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
AF-S Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VR II

Both will be improved versions of the current models.

After all, there was a reason for the 70-200mm f/2.8 rumors buld-up in the past few weeks.

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  • Neil

    Wonder what could possibly change with the 18-200?

    • Anonymous

      it is quite soft around 100mm wide open. VR can always be better, , maybe less weight…

    • Well, VR II and hopefully improved optics. I realize that superzooms are always a mixed bag, but…

      Besides, Ken Rockwell needed a new lens to drive the price up on.

      • NikoRyan

        No, the current 18-200 DX lens is already VR II. I agree with first poster. Why on earth would Nikon waste time on this lens? I am not dissing it…I owne it. But it’s fine, in fact, quite excellent at what it does for all all in one superzoom. The needs in Nikon’s lens line are elsewhere.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that there are things a LOT more pressing, and frankly i’m surprised(and a bit disapointed) as well.

          But he asked what could possibly change with the current one, and there are a couple things.

          • Neil

            True, the optics could be improved but the real thought behind my post was that I couldn’t see anything more than incremental minor changes to the lens and I doubt those would be worthwhile. I don’t think the 18-55 and first refresh of the 18-55 bought anyone much of anything. Even the VR added to it really didn’t do much except raise the price.

          • Jessica

            The 18-55 VR has a revised optical formula (11 elements in 8 groups vs 7 in 5) that allows it to be rather good when stopped down (see DPReviews wigit ). The price difference when in kits is minimal.

        • Zoetmb

          Exactly right…it’s already VRII. Here’s the link:

          Look at the third bullet.

          • Tony M

            Wasn’t there a fairly big problem with barrel creep on the 18-200?
            Maybe that’s the change but agree that priorities should have laid elswhere – like primes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • STJ

      RE – “what could possibly change with the 18-200?”
      It seems that Nikon can only make it better – so I guess an update would not be too bad after all. I must admit though that I hope that it’s another department that works on these superzooms than their primes, cause otherwise they should, in my opinion, change their direction towards some primes….. However, a new FX magic 70-200 VR II is not bad either ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What could possibly change?

      They could put a freakin’ LOCK on the thing for times when zoom creep is/could be an issue.

    • PJS


      • PHB

        Actually price might well be the issue here. I could well imagine Nikon trying to get the price of this lens down by another $100. Possibly using hybrid aspherical elements, adjusting the formula to reduce a little weight.

        This is easily the best Nikon lens if your priority is not image quality. It has an amazing range: 28-300mm FX equivalent and VRII. It is not surprisingly one of the best selling Nikon lenses of all time. At this point it is almost certainly the #1 lens sold separately from a body. So it is really not surprising to see it getting an upgrade.

        The 50mm has had numerous tweaks over the years. So it is not surprising to see the 18-200 get a tweak. And existing owners like me should probably not be too worried about resale value as the change may well be to something more plasticy. Nikon has to be thinking that it could sell a lot of this lens if they could get the cost/weight down to that of the 55-200 it sells as a kit lens.

        But I doubt they would be launching a real cheapie lens with the new 300s.

        I would be surprised if they had not fixed the creep issue, it is only getting a bit more friction in the cams (I never noticed the problem myself). They might have improved sharpness, can’t see bokeh likely to be anything but crappie on a multiple aspherical lens with such major design constraints.

        So its probably a better first lens than the old one was, but almost certainly not what an NR reader or dpreview denizen is going to be interested in.

        I might be interested in the 70-200 eventually. But what I am really interested in is a 200-400 lightweight zoom (i.e. 80-400 replacement) and a portrait lens (DX) with great bokeh.

        • Zoetmb

          Prices down?? Are you mad?? The price will go substantially up. And since the lens is already VRII, I don’t believe this rumor unless other facts about the new lens are incorrect.

          This lens is selling for street price of $700 ($619 before all the price increases.) If there is a new lens, minimum street price will be $800. In fact, if there is a new version (which i still doubt), this may be Nikon’s primary reason: to get the price up without increasing the price on a current model.

      • Anonymous

        Adapting the 18-200 for Video.

        As I recall some extra features were needed to be able to focus when in video-mode, live view or mirror up mode. Then the VR could be updated to new/better/cheaper. I would not expect a solid nearly-pro casing.

        A 18-200DX sells good with anything from D40 (D3000) to D5000 and D90. I was hoping an some lenses which would be above the D5000 audience. Some lens to expand possibilities of D90 and D300 users.

        Perhaps a 17-55/2.8 DX VR or something alike. For DX and FX-users a 100-300/4 VR, 120-400/4-5.6 VR or better would be nice. For a 120-300/2.8 VR I’d rather bet on Sigma, unfortunately.

  • CreativeAngle

    Not sure what they need to improve with 18-200…I would have loved to see a 120-450 VR instead (a big wish).

    • Anonymous

      That would be nice, but I was rather hoping for a 400mm F/4 or F/5.6 prime at a reasonable (sub $2000) price.

  • bigmouth

    So what’s the criticism of the current 18-200?

    1- zoom creeping (adding a lock? making it harder to turn?
    2- mid range 135mm sub par IQ?
    3- distortions

    What else? VR Improvements? Lighter body?

    What I don’t understand is that why don’t they update some of the older AF-D lenses that are in need of an update for quite some time, but why they keep updating existing lenses that are pretty good already, ie 12-24 (with 10-24).

    I mean, this is creating major resale headaches for us 18-200 and 12-24 owners. Imagine someone bought a 12-24 for nearly $800 and found out that this lens is worth only $500 now?

    18-200 is not a performance lens. It’s a travel lens that does pretty good job but none outstanding. Why keep making it “better” while knowing that it is never going to win any awards…

    • NikoRyan

      Ok, after my last post…I can’t believe I forgot. The major factor that prevents me from doing any serious work with this lens (it has even flubbed vacation shots) is the bloody zoom creep. It’s awful, worst I’ve ever experienced in a lens. So bad it gives you that “how could Nikon let this off the assembly line” feeling. Every time I use it I go “oh, yah” this is why I don’t use this lens.

      I use it for kids in the yard type stuff so I can quickly go from wide to across the yard. It can also do landscape when wide aperture is not needed (5.6 is fine) and when there’s only room for one compact lens (ie travel).

      But still….c’mon Nikon, this lens is not old. Last poster said it: “Why keep making it โ€œbetterโ€ while knowing that it is never going to win any awardsโ€ฆ”

      • Hershel Belkin

        Mine also had the worst zoom creep I’d ever seen… I used to call is zoom “fall”. But I recently sent it in to Nikon for cleaning and focus checking, and I also mentioned how bad the zoom creep was… and they replaced the internal mechanism under the 5-year warranty! Although it still has a bit of zoom creep (as most zooms do), it is now well within acceptable limits.

      • Willis

        I’ve never really noticed the zoom creep on mine… maybe its just the way I shoot. The current 18-200 takes pictures that are just fine. Not exactly excellent, but they are just fine. Perhaps they have managed to make it as sharp as their excellent pro-level zooms, but somehow I doubt it. The range is just to large.

        So I can’t really say I’m very excited with that update. I think its probably just an incremental improvement that will be kitted with the D300s. I am, however, very excited about the 70-200 VR.

        • tenton

          The zoom creep (which affects mine; anywhere from ~35mm to ~135mm, it will creep) is easily fixed with a silicon wrist band, like Lance Armstrong’s LIVE STRONG bands. It’s a nice fix, it adds tension to the zooming.

          (I bought some custom ones, black, with custom lettering on it, but it’s the same thing).

          the 18-200 is a great travel lens…I’m not sure specifically what could be “fixed” on this lens. Maybe it’s just some minor improvements, which is why it can come out (doesn’t take as many resources to make some minor tweaks, as opposed to a fully redone lens).

    • twoomy

      RE: Resale value… Well the old logic of glass being a great investment may not be exactly true anymore, but I think you will find that your lens’s value won’t plummet the way that new cameras kill the value of old cameras.

      The new 105mm MICRO VR didn’t exactly make my old 105mm MICRO much cheaper, and I can’t imagine the old 70-200mm f/2.8 used price coming down more than a few hundred dollars.

      • bigmouth

        105mm VR vs. 105mm AF-D comparison is invalid. These are two totally different glasses and one is selling about $700 while the other one is about $400. 18-200VR is a different story. They are identical in terms of technology.

        • bigmouth

          The new 18-200 VR will not be selling at $1000 but rather stay at the same level of old 18-200, $700. Old 18-200 will have to drop price to something like $400 to compensate.

    • Well, the zoom creep problem is widespread enough and the 18-200 is such a popular lens that perhaps they felt that fielding calls from customers constantly on this issue warranted a new version. Having your name badmouthed constantly isn’t any good for Nikon’s bottom line. There are probably enough sales of this to warrant trying to make customers happy.

    • Jessica

      They might also address the zoom shift you get when you’re at 200mm and try to focus as close as the minimum (the 18-200 internally zooms out to 135mm to compensate).

  • Joel

    Why in earth would they make a new 18-200?

    Guess there’ll be a new “Hitler movie” about that lens. WHERE’S MY PRIMES?

    • another anonymous

      and where is my AF-S 24mm f1.4G ?

      • Jeff

        Didn’t Hitler ask that when the D3x was released?

      • Anonymous

        Well, at least a 24mm f/2, my guess is that a 1.4 would be too expensive.
        I even start to fear that we won’t see an ultrawide lens faster than 2.8at all. As sensors are getting better and better, the need for “super fast” wide angle isn’t that big anymore. There aren’t many people that would throw almost 2000 Dollar at a 24mm f/1.4.

        • Geoff

          I agree. I would love an updated 24 2.8 even. I don’t have a need for anything faster and wouldn’t be able to afford a 1.4. If they do update the 1.4, I hope they also update the 2.8. Any chance of that?

        • Ken

          I don’t think excellent sensors and fast glass are totally related.

          Sure 1.4 glass gives you two more stops than 2.8, but it also gives you depth of field that the sensors currently don’t provide.

          I currently don’t have any 1.4 or 1.2 glass, but I love my 1.8 and you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands.

  • elliot

    Since that “leaked roadmap” from the beginning of July claimed that along witht the intro of the D400 replacement we’d also see an AF-S DX Nikkor 17-65 mm f/3.2-4G ED VR, I think we can safely ignore all the other dubious roadmap claims as well.

    • PHB

      Yep, as was pointed out when the ‘roadmap’ came out, it was so specific that it would be proven or disproven very quickly.

  • agitprop

    I imagine that the new 70-200 will get the ‘N’ coating, and improved FX performence but at what price point? I’ll be danged that I just bought a 70-200 5 weeks ago for $1800 USD.

    • Akram

      I have the AF-S 14-24mm 2.8 N, the AF-S 24-70mm 2.8 N and DIDN’T buy the 70-200mm 2.8 (not N), knowing instinctively that the 70-200mm 2.8 N is coming.

      Everybody is missing a big point here: there are 7 N lenses now, the only 2 lenses that didn’t get the N in the last 2 years releases are the 50mm 1.4G and the 35mm 1.8G as both are not that expensive anyway, why to add the N to them?

      I can’t wait for the 70-200mm to come to buy at any price. By the way, why nobody is speaking about having a VRIII for example? Canon were speaking about that lately, and as everybody knows, industrial spying is only to get competitive BUT similar products at the end.

      • Roger


        Canon isn’t releasing anything anytime soon. Why else would they announce officially that they are planning on releasing a lens with a new IS system?

        It would be like Best Buy making an announcement that they will be having a Christmas sale the day after Thanksgiving this year. Last time Canon made an announcement similar to this was for the new superzooms the 200/2.0 and the 800/5.6, but at least those they had products behind it. Obviously the first lens will be a 100/2.8 Macro IS to compete with Nikon’s.

        And the way they describe it, it’s something that Nikon already has in their VR system…..

        It’s going to be interesting with the new 18-200……

      • PHB

        The 50mm AFS f/1.4 is $499. That is not chump change. If they had wanted to use nano on it they would have.

        The lens does not flare without the nano so its not needed. Its the same with the obsession some folk have with aspherical lenses. They are a problem solver, if you don’t have a problem you don’t want them. Asphericals much up the bokeh and mean that instead of your distortion being simple it is complex.

        Nikon know what they are doing. Thats why we buy Nikon – right?

    • Anonymous

      [quote]After all, there was a reason for the 70-200mm f/2.8 rumors buld-up in the past few weeks.[/quote]

      The last weeks? It was more like the last 2 years (especially since the D700 was introduced).

      As for the 70-200:
      I think $1800 is a good price. I think it still sells for about 1750 euro here. That would be something like $2400 for the old version. The new version will be more expensive.

  • blah

    lame – wishful thinking I know, but can I please get some updated AF-S f/1.4 primes!
    85 and 24 please!

    • another anonymous

      +1 on 24mm

      • Anonymous

        As much as I’d love such a lens, I guess i’d be too expensive for me. What would you guys be willing to pay for a 24mm f/1.4?

        • northy

          i’d be willing to pay up to $1200 USD for the non-DX 24mm /1.4G with nano coating.

          • Anonymous

            Which would be quite a lot. But regarding price tag of ~1700 dollar of the Canon equivalent, EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM, I have doubts that the Nikon implementation would cost any less. 1700 is quite a bit of money, most people would rather throw that towards a better camera, which will give them one f-stop for all their lenses, and the few ones that have already the latest AND are willing throw that kinda cash towards a 24mm f/1.4 might just be too little, to bring this to the market at all.
            On the other side, a 24/28mm f/1.8/2 might cost as little as 500-700 dollar, which would be in the scope of a lot of people.
            I really wonder what the plans are for that segment of primes, the 2xmm’s. With the introduction of the 14-24mm there isn’t much need for the 2.8 primes any more (other than for those that need filters), but no prime below 35mm any more? That can’t be it either. I’m curious about what they will release. Have my fingers crossed for the 28mm f/1.8.

        • blah

          I’d probably be willing to pay about $1,300 for a 24mm 1.4. Give me an FX 35mm 1.4 at the same time and I’d probably gladly ditch my 24-70 2.8.

          Oh to dream…

    • Theodore

      I haven’t seen a need to update the 85 1.4. Stunning and lovely results. It’s the favorite lens in my bag.

      • Anonymous

        same here. fantastic optics! Can’t understand the wish for a replacement either. would be just as silly as the update of the 18-200mm…
        Regarding Nikons current lineup, there are only 2 optics that need an update, in my opinion, the 17-35mm (and no, I don’t consider the 14-24mm as an update) and the 80-400mm.
        The 17-35mm needs a corner sharpness as the 14-24mm. I love the zoom range of this lens, plus it’s the only one I protect with an UV filter, as it’s the one that I use when moving through a crowed, which can be a little tight in times.
        The 80-400mm just needs an AF-S implementation, and please something way faster then they used in the AF-S 50mm…

        • blah

          the only things I really want are a silent focus and a full-time manual override, rather than having to turn the m/a barrel.

          Small things I know, but ones I’m willing to wait and pay for

  • twoomy

    BTW – Thank you NR admin. You’re breaking the news better than anybody else!

    • Max

      Yeah, thanks!

    • nikkor_2

      Yeah, thanks!

      +1; great job NR admin.

      • Zoetmb

        I think the thank you’s are a bit premature until we know whether these rumors are accurate or not.

  • D700x

    why roadmap didn’t mentioned about the 18-200mm and why the 70-200mm came out so early b4 october? then we should also see the d700x would have 30fps FULL HD movie, instead or 24fps?. we gonna see how match the new d300s spec with the spec in the roadmap~

    • Jeff

      because the ‘roadmap’ is a BS wishlist

      • Dragos

        How ’bout the roadmap being real, Nikon being angry at its disclosure and trying to discredit it by simply changing dates of release of some items? Like they planned the 70-200 for October and a 17-60 for now, but decided to switch the two to confuse those who believe in the roadmap?

        Wishful thinking, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just liked so much the Nikon lens lineup if the roadmap was true that I’d think twice about which system to go (currently Canon user).

        • another anonymous

          ๐Ÿ˜‰ +1, i just didn’t read your post before saying something similar

    • another anonymous

      maybe the release of just right these lens should mix the order of releasing of the lens to get our attention away from the roadmap as not working and before making the roadmap public the real order looked another way.. i had no of 18-200 lens in hand, but as i know i also did not expect such release. the only thing that comes to my mind is that they have such improvement that can cause wide upgrading of well settled lens and get significant revenue in harder time.. i also wait for FX AF-S 24mm f1.4G and appreciate anything helpful for close updating the rest of fast primes ๐Ÿ˜‰ i don’t believe this won’t come in short time.

  • Ben Dover

    If Nikon comes out with another 18-200
    me thinks they’re wasting resources on the wrong
    products and might frustrate me to switch
    to a company that has the lenses I want but doesn’t have
    the bodies I want. Pitty

  • EB

    I WANT PRIMES! I want a bloody lens that can resolve high enough for my D3x and honestly I am not really pleased with the quality at 100% from most of the zooms Nikon has. Please give us some new, wide aperture primes, please. 24mm, 85mm, 200mm and then some exotics like a 12mm rectilinear and a 16mm and maybe a 50mm f/1.2 or 1.0.

    • STJ

      What is wrong with the current 200mm lens offering?

    • Jeff

      12mm? really?

    • fetzie

      How about 14-24 and 200 2? i can hardly imagine to build a better glas

    • D40-Owner

      Are you kidding? You want a better lens than the 200 f/2 ???
      Given that most users and reviews have ranked it as “perfect”, what exactly are you missing?

      • fetzie

        i hope you’re not talking to me, cause i was talking to EB. ive got the 14-24 and its just perfect. the 200 2 is considered the sharpest nikon lens. i tested it @ photokina 2008 and it was superb.

        • D40-Owner

          Hi fetzie, I was talking to EB, check the “reply border hierarchy”.
          I tested the 200 f/2 at Solutions Expo 2008 in London, and my jaw dropped to the ground…

          • fetzie

            ok, sorry :P. yeah. i want it. it was only 2300โ‚ฌ back in december (in the UK). but i bought the nikkor 24-70 and nikkor 70-200 instead

  • shivas

    this is absolutely horrible.

    I mean great for the 70-200, but since that’s a range I usually stay away from, I don’t really care much.

    But 18-200 – wtfh??!! The last one was a piece of poo – jack of all, master of none.

    Where are the PRIMES?!!

    I hope the August 4th announcement comes out with something a little more useful for the masses (yes, I know every P&S d60 toting moron will love the 18-200, but I’m speaking from a semi-pro/pro perspective). . . .

    They’ve only announced 2 FX and 2 DX lenses then in the past year (35 1.8 and 18-200 are the DX, and 50 1.4 and 70-200 the FX)

    Doesn’t Nikon see any OTHER glaring gaps??!!

    • Anonymous

      Do you place that much of an onus on gear? Do you think that only a ‘P&S d60 moron’ would use an 18-200? I’m a semi-pro such as yourself and have received awards for some of my shots taken with the 18-200. International awards at that. I don’t consider myself a d60 totin’ moron though. I’m more like a D200 totin’ moron. I know.

      I know that it is not exactly a pro lens, I especially hate the zoom creep, but it is incredibly versatile and useful, even for more advanced shooters.

      • shivas

        with my unforgiving D200, I do place that much onus.

        I have rented the 18-200 and just found it to be too soft to really use – yes, as a vacation lens, I wouldn’t discredit it (and would consider even owning it), but using my DxO post-process software, it was SCARY to see how bad the lens really was. . .maybe it was a bad copy, i’m not sure. . .the lens creep was tolerable (just an additional point).

        The 16-85, on the other hand, for the same price, has professional proclivities if, personally, I used a good ND filter and stuck with well lit, landscape shots (which is more of my bread and butter than event photography).

        I would NEVER use any of these on my D200 for a wedding, engagement, or other social-driven/even photography session – they are too slow and soft.

        I apologize for the strong words re: the D60, I used to shoot with a D40x before, so I’m the last to criticize, I’m just noticing as prices drop on THOSE sort of bodies, that the P&S morons are impinging on my business because they feel like they can just go out and buy the $600 dSLR camera and get shots as good as the semi-pro/pro. . .

        • I wonder if the quality on these varies wildly or something. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about softness, but mine gave me plenty of sharp images when I owned it. The zoom creep, however, was intolerable.

          • PHB

            Why is zoom creep an issue? Are you focusing manually?

            If your left hand is not on the zoom ring, where is it?

  • WoutK89

    So, it is gonna be just two lenses, that dont add much to the bodies announced, for example, D3000 shooters wont go the $700+ lens route anytime soon, and an update for 70-200 was mainly for FX reasons right? So I am expecting more than this from Nikon in the lenses department, or will the D700x be joined with some super duper ultra prime release (4+)? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Daf

    Wonder what price the 70-200 will come in + be available compared to the current model.

    Curious as to what info/tip suddenly made these 99.99% ?

    • I had a dream ๐Ÿ™‚

      • STJ

        I think it is funny that 7% don’t like this post. I guess some people will never like any posts. However, if admin rates it >99% then it seems a pretty good rumor to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for having that dream! And… in case you dream of pricetags – then don’t hesitate telling us ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Can you sing that like Susan can?


      • dude


    • Juergen.

      Daf wrote “Curious as to what info/tip suddenly made these 99.99% ?”

      Oh, come on, that’s really easy…
      100% is when Nikon announces it. So as long as Nikon hasn’t it has to be below that mark. Now if you have – say (I’m not the admin, so it’s only a guess) – some official company material leaked to you you rate it 99,99%, the highest mark possible prior to the official announcement. Really easy, isn’t it?

      • Juergen, you’re wasting your breath. What you’re explaining is so obvious that anyone *not* getting it by this time doesn’t *want* to get it. Perhaps they ought to start up their own website called, “”

        Along with those people are the ones that want to know sources. When dealing at the edge of industrial espionage, it’s not necessarily the best policy to give up one’s sources. They’ll dry up pretty darn quick when they know that you’re ratting them out (and losing them their jobs very possibly).

        • Juergen.

          Yes, I know, from 1997 (or so) on I had a website regarding the upcoming models of a certain car brand with (up to) several thousand visitors a day…
          Of course it’s an *absolute* no-go to tell any source, and atop on that one has to make sure noone – especially no insiders – can identify it.

          The rating system is very helpful – as can be seen in this particular case it makes clear these two lenses will be presented a few days.

          When this site started I had some email contact with the admin – although such a site is not easy to run I think the admin did *very* well!

          • Thanks Juergen – I always valued your opinion. There is always room for improvement, but it takes time. Is your site still around? Why did you shut it down?

  • Marc W.

    The 18-200mm hasn’t broken at the mount yet, maybe they’ll add a plastic mount!

    • STJ

      He he he!

  • bigmouth

    Oh, here is another damaging “rumor”. It’s been widely circulated among some Chinese Nikon owners that they realized that vest majority of Nikkor AF-S lenses ranging from 16-85 to 18-200 are all using the micro type silence wave motor, instead of the more expensive, more effective ring type motors. Many charged that this micro type motor is essentially the same to those Canon non-USM lenses.

  • woble

    I sold my 18-200. At first I liked the lens for its range, but it has so many cons because of that. Would rather stick to fixed and/or pro grade internal zooms. Good riddance.

  • SimonC

    I’m pleased to hear about the 70-200 update (and happy for the FX users who have been griping about its performance on FX).

    As for the 18-200: I’m not opposed to having it updated; in fact, I’d like to see optical improvements and zoom creep elimination. They probably decided to sweeten up the D300s bundle with this lens. The DX lineup is quite complete (save for a DX ultra-wide angle prime) and they’re updating the weakest lens in their 18..XX lineup.

    As for the primes’ updates: This will likely wait until the rumoured D700x intro. They have already addressed standard focal length primes – 50 AF-S 1.4G and 35 AF-S 1.8G.

  • That’s a little bit disappointing. I haven’t used the 18-200 much (I don’t own one, it doesn’t fit my shooting style), but I think it’s a pretty all right lens, except for the zoom creep – and why the heck would they need to re-release it just to fix that?!

    I’m kinda happy about the 70-200, though – not because I’ll buy it, but because it will stop all the sodding pixelpeepers whining about corner performance and stuff every gosh-darned time a lens rumor surfaces here.

    • If you used the 18-200 enough and suffered from the zoom creep, I think you’d understand why they’d need to re-release it in order to fix it. For starters, a lock button (Sigma seems to be able to do it- can’t be too difficult) would be nice. After that, they’ve probably thrown in a few improvements since the lens was first designed. I fail to see the downside here. It’s not like other lenses haven’t gotten updates before.

  • 1. Most of us that know about this site are owners of Nikon cameras.
    2. Quite possibly most of us are pretty experienced photographers (most aren’t looking for a 18-200 )
    3. To update a lens is sooo much easier and doesn’t take as much effort and resources. The assembly line can remain intact, simply adding new parts and a couple new operations.
    4. The D3000 isn’t for most of us… but what will be sold more of? The D3000 or the D3/D700
    5. These beginning lenses and bodies will bring in new customers for Nikon and solidify them with quality products that last (specially with a better built 18-200)
    6. The 18-200 will be an interesting upgrade lens for the beginners/intermediate and lots will be sold, it has been very popular (as far as sales)
    7. Same principle of easy upgrade for the D300s … it is not a camera almost any of us current D300 users would buy… but why not slightly fidget with the manufacturing process to put in a different chip that will do a new and improved megapixel and video. Charge a bit higher and put potential new Nikon customers over the edge into our camp.
    8. 70-200 N – would complete the family trifecta 14-24 24-70 70-200
    9. They will release lenses based on a lot of factors but they’re always looking at what will be the best business move.
    Sometimes the best business move is beginner equipment and sometimes it’s catering to their valued pros that spend the big bucks.
    10. For sure there are lenses we all want… and I’m pretty sure there are scientists right now working on them… a new 85 1.4 would be on my list… we all have a list.
    If it is an update that changes the lens dramatically it surely takes much more effort.
    11. I will also continue to hope for a speedy launch of the D700x – which will also follow the format of trying to change the manufacturing process as little as possible. Put in a new cmos chip into an existing system. (Tweak the BIOS – and probably a few other changes)
    12. I think they’ll release more PRO lenses when they release a more PRO body and I hope that it’s soon and that the waiting line for any of it isn’t too horrid.

    • Mike

      That, my friend is the most articulate comment about Nikon and Nikon owners I have read on any forum period. You hit the nail on the head. Many thousands of D3000/D5000 w 18-200 II will do Nikon better as a whole than a 24 1.4. Even Porsche sells a lot more Boxters than GT3’s. Keeps the cash flow coming in order to be able to fund R&D on the รผber cars or in this case รผber lenses. SWM isn’t completely necessary on portrait lenses i.e 85, 105 DC, 135 DC. Will they come? Yes, but the 85 1.4 doesn’t need a Mk II just for the sake of adding SWM.

      • zzddrr

        In the meantime everybody can chose between 12MP … and … 12MP because the only black sheep in Nikon’s herd is D3x which only serves a very small segment of the Nikon crowd.

        I think Nikon is taking advantage of its most valuable segment … namely, the people who piled up quite few glasses. For those, the switching cost is really high. Now, do the math … If I want to be bad I would say they did calculate the churning rate and concluded that the rate they would lose their most loyal base is much lower than the rate they can get new customers with all the plastic crap. (See the recall of their greatest and latest D5000)

        What I do not understand is that Nikon wants to serve everyone but has terrible customer service even for those who shell out 8 grand for a camera. This will cause massive issues in the long run because it is really hard to serve everyone. Yes, there is a reason why Mercedes does not make Chevy Metro. But Mercedes has an A class and they know how to serve that segment.

        Now, when you closely look at their lenses, it is obvious that they did not think couple of years back that higher resolutions will be in such demand for a particular (and very profitable) segment. Don’t get me wrong, here I talk about 12MP. Yes, many of their lenses have issues at that level. This makes me think whether their lens development shared any plans with the DSLR folks. At the moment they are trying to put patches here and there causing more dissatisfaction for one segment or another.

        Make the story worse, there are new entrants that can learn quickly. That is why Nikon goes so agressively after the new P&S shooters with all the plastic. Let’s quickly locked them up with couple of glasses and chances are high that after I can sell more for them.

      • PHB

        Agreed, but you could make the same point quicker: Nikon makes cameras and lenses to make money, not so that a bunch of rich poseurs can brag about how great their $8,000 camera gear is.

        I can think of another, better use for that 28mm f/1.4 AFS the D3x owners are demanding.

        • zzddrr

          I guess I did not fully explain my point. Yes, Nikon is in the game to make money. (Since it is not a non-profit organisation). ๐Ÿ™‚

          Having said that, Nikon does not seem to properly serve its main market. As you probably know there are differences between customers. My main point was that Nikon gives products here and there without properly understanding that particular market segment causing some dissatisfaction in each segment. And that is the key, the target market. When you look at Nikon you may find it hard to clearly state what it is recently.

          Who is Nikon target market? My point is that Nikon is sending out mixed messages. Just look at the latest D300s release strategy. With all due respect to Mr. Anderson, but a professional company does not give out pre-production (or call it pre-announcement) products to the Star War kids. Unless it was intentional. if that’s case then let me ask again, who is the target market?

          Of course, there is no such thing as a “Nikon magic wand” that enables Nikon to deliver all the goodies every customer want. It is impossible period. On the other hand, there are professional communication tools available to ease/manage/serve/plan that demand and send out the right message.

    • Juergen.

      (Jarvie wrote a really intelligent 12-point comment)


      What so many don’t understand is that what one wishes seldom is what is best for Nikon. But Nikon has to do what they think are best for them as a company!

      And in heavy contrast to what so many Nikon whiners write I am very sure the deciding people at Nikon are very smart and very intelligent and that they know what they do when they update an important and well-selling lens like the 18-200 VR.

  • Stevens

    Thanks NR Admin for posting the info about 70-200 lens. My heart is beating a bit normal now!!

  • low

    we’re in for a treat

  • Bob

    So was Mr. Anderson Tan holding a D300s with the new AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II?

    • Altkin

      Possible…. It was definitely an 18-200 but nobody really thought to look if it was a new version. Everyone was preoccupied with the body ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Micke

      Someone should look into that. See if we can get some comparative shots between those two. Even an updated version can’t look exactly the same.

  • TC

    Right, that’s it. They’ve had years to sort out their primes. I’m done waiting. Seriously disappointed.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, don’t be hasty. Wait until the official announcement. Then be disappointed. I mean be disappointed if that’s all there is. Speaking of primes, I was shooting my Sigma 24mm 1.8 Macro today. Probably my favorite lens, aside from my Sigma 10-20. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nikkor glass, but Nikon doesn’t have a 24mm 1.8 Macro (or micro), and at the time I bought it, the 10-20 was the widest lens I could buy for my D200

    • Juergen.

      TC whined…

      If you are not able to produce world-class photography with the existing Nikon gear, then it’s you and not the gear!

      Besides that you are free to buy anything you want, so if you like another manufacturer’s products better, simply buy them!

  • low

    thought the 18-200 is already vrII?

    • bigmouth

      Yeah, Canon is supposedly on their 5th generation of IS (with 2 dimensional movement for macro shots). Where’s Nikon’s VR III?

      • Neil

        VR everywhere is 2 dimensional (x and y axis). 3 dimensional would be really cool if possible.

  • Gentoo

    “That would be nice, but I was rather hoping for a 400mm F/4 or F/5.6 prime at a reasonable (sub $2000) price”

    That’s what I was hoping for. Seems a waste of time more than anything to screw around with the 18-200 but perhaps Nikon is waiting for better economic conditions before investing in R&D for brand new lenses.

    • SBGrad

      Add me to the list of people wanting MORE reach than the 70-200. The 70-200 already has VR and AF-S. How about upgrades of the 300 F4 (adding VR) and/or 80-400 (adding AF-S)? I’d also go for a 400mm f4 for < US $2000.

      • Zenndott

        Rather than VR, Nikon should provide the AF-S 300mm with a better tripod foot. That would solve a number of issues.

  • NikonLover

    I’m kind of angered because people vote ( Don’t post anymore ) and this is what we want to hear !!!

  • Redbenz

    What if these are a AF-S 70-200 f2.8 DX lens and a AF-S 18-200 FX lens ?
    Think about that.

    • D40-Owner

      That would be fun… except for the part where people would burn Nikon HQ to the ground…
      The 70-200 DX would just be the same lens but with a DX sticker.
      The 18-200 FX would be a 7kg hog, with 2 separate tripod mounts and wall socket style power supply for the focus engine. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Dragos

        Ahm… not quite – see the Canon EF 28-300mm L IS lens – heavy and expensive, but actually manageable, so it is doable. Question would be why? As the all the owners of the Canon lens above will tell you, and I mean all 20 or so of them, it’s not perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just sold my 70-200 and waiting for the new 70-200 VRII…. I hope this rumor is true. I have the d300,d700 and d3.. and hostility… I have completely stopped using my d300 with the 18-200. I am thinking of selling the kit. A refresh to the d300 or the 18-200 is not very exiting to me.

    Now.. if the D700 gets update.. I will jump in… I started with Nikon back in the F1 days and I started digital with the d100, d200, d300 and on and on.. I have to say that the d700 is may all time favorite camera.

  • donde?

    The only thing that I would improve in the 18-200 is the price. It’s between 600-700โ‚ฌ which is quite a lot, especially for those D5000/3000 buyers. If they’d bring it down to 400โ‚ฌ that’s a good thing, but I doubt it.


    Boring! Where are the Primes??????

  • gary

    99.99%…..interesting. i have been holding out buying the 70-200 hoping a new version would be announced. now i am wondering if they will slap a DX on the name and drop the price of the old 70-200(current one) or will nikon slap the DX on the name while keeping the same price point and increase the price tag on the new 70-200 or will the old 70-200 just go away???

  • Richard Sloop

    I have the 18-200. Its a good lense with average performance acros the board. Whats needed? ELIMINATE LENS CREEP and MAKE IT SHARPER througou the entire range. Also I hear there (shhh!) are some changes that enable better use with the D5000.

  • Chris P

    If the new 70-200 is as good as the 14-24 & 24-70 it should be perfectly usable with at least the 1.7x converter and with luck the 2x. With the 2x it would be 140-400 at 5.6, usable at f8. If it is that good then I am going to be sorely tempted.

  • Jim

    @ Admin: Thanks a million, you rock!

    A little doubt remains in my mind…: Has it begun? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ll be in NYC mid-september, hope B&H will have D300s and maybe the new big one in stock!

  • RJ

    So what do you think if my old copy of the 18-200mm breaks in a few years, do you think they’ll replace it with the new one through the 5 year warranty? I just paid $800+ (stupid cashback didn’t work) a few months ago.

  • rciu

    Two thoughts:

    1) Perhaps the new 18-200 is optimized for video? I’m thinking something with quieter focusing, contrast AF, and a way to lock the zoom while shooting video. This would be very valuable in the lineup to have something with the range of 18-200 optimized for video. Lens production is a very time consuming process, and it would seem logical that Nikon would have started production on a video optimized zoom lens aimed at the DX crowd based on a current, versatile lens when they began developing video technology. The difference in release between the D90 and this lens would nicely correspond to the different release schedules between bodies and lenses.

    2) I have many reasons to believe that the Nikon “roadmap” was bogus; however, it would not surprise me if Nikon’s PR team switched up the release order somewhat in order to intentionally make the “roadmap” seem invalid. This is not an argument that the “roadmap” was a real Nikon document, but it could have been fabricated by someone who had a little bit of insight on the two upcoming press releases. The main thing that makes me somewhat surprised about this has to be the release of an updated 70-200 and 18-200 with a low(est) end DX DSLR and an updated DX D***. This seems somewhat unlike Nikon’s track record.

  • Joe Y

    Maybe its just my 18-200mm. The one I got (recently) DOES NOT creep at ANY zoom position even when its directly pointed downwards. It doesnt even move if I am holding by the lens attached to a D300 and SB900. unless I turn the zoom ring.

    I think it is highly possible that is just the same 18-200mm with the new VR II.

    For those who think the current 18-200mm is VR II already. Check comparison between 16-85mm VR Ii and 18-200mm VR

    • Martin

      to Joe Y:
      Just read the manual to my 18-200 VR and it clearly states ‘VR II’. So regardless of comparisons between the 18-200 and any other lens: the current 18-200 VR is most certainly a VR II lens.

      My lens didn’t creep when I first got it. Now it’s about one year old and due to normal use ist loosens a bit and starts to creep.

  • Theodore

    This is big news. I hope that the new 70-200 does what the current 70-200 does so well in addition to improvements. The current lens is beloved by portrait and wedding photographers because of the lovely bokeh. I am often darkening my corners and don’t care so much for the detail there in portrait work, so the current “issues” have not affected me. If I’m shooting something where I’m above f5.6, I find the 70-300 to be really, really good. But I digress, I’m really looking forward to hearing about price, availability time frames, and how it compares to the current 70-200 for wedding and portrait photography.

  • Jรธrgen

    The reason for the 18-200 upgrade i obvious. The Nikon-retailers and service-shops all around the world is p****** of trying to fix zoom-creep. 18-200 is an important lense for Nikon, and 3’rd party lenses are getting better, so they have to maintane the gap.

  • Anonymous

    this is the 100th time you posted “70-200mm 2.8 VR II is coming!”

    $20 says none.

    • Nic

      agreed!!!! I am so over the 70-200 rumors. We should make a list of all the announcements over the past 18 months or so stating the “any day now” idea of a new 70-200.

      • before every new release there is a series of events that gives us a clue of what’s coming – this explains the previous posts on this lens

    • 100 times, then it must be true – I will give you my paypal account for the $20 on Thursday and I know very well who you are ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think somebody owes me $20. PayPal link is at the bottom of the page.

  • esteroapd

    And the 80-400 VRII replacement is where?

  • MB

    I was right again and first to post the rumor about new 18-200, lucky me
    Nikon D3000 picture

    • STJ

      Yeah – I read that – after I asked for lens news, I guess that was not only luck? Thanks for posting that MB! I must say that it is the 70-200 that interests me, but nevertheless thanks. In case you know something about a d700x / d800 please don’t hesitate to tell us your opinion… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Juergen.

      Yes – kudos to you!

  • Tim Catchall

    A new 70-200 would be amazing. And a video-optimised 18-200 with silent zoom, focus and aperture would be a very smart move by Nikon.

  • Matstar

    I own the 18-200 and is perfect for general purpose. I cannot see how this can be improved for the same price. I reckon Nikon sell more of these babies than we tend to realize. There are more amateur togs than pro – so this strategy makes sense. Besides, the soccer mums really need a refined “do it all” lens.

  • funny

    finally. 70-200 upgrade.

  • Alex

    I think the new 18-200 will be more liveview/Video friendly.

    Smoother aperture change and faster liveview autofocus.

  • MW

    wait, how is this 18-200 different than the one that is out there right now??

    • Juergen.

      That’s what Nikon will tell at the resentation…

  • Bob

    18-200 up grade is obviously to take it to a 58 mm filter size to keep the 50mm G company. We all thought 58 mm an odd choice. Maybe 58 is the new 77 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dudemanppl

      The 18-200 right now is 72mm if I can recall, so that would be impossible without crazy vignetting.

      • Bob

        “that would be impossible without crazy vignetting.”
        That is why the lens will be known as the Nikkor AF-S VRII DX CV (crazy vignetting)

        • dudemanppl

          It would make some interesting (useless) shots. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t this 99.9% confirmed last year by this site too? Hmm…

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