AF-S Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VR II details

The new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VR II should have the following specs (from my previous post):

  • Stabilization system VR II
  • Nano coating
  • New faster Auto Focus
  • Weight 1540g (70 grams more than the current model)
  • 209mm length (slightly shorter than the current model)
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.4m (for the current model is 1.5m)
  • 77mm filter (same as the current model)
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  • Akram


    • fetzie

      Same here. Gotta sell my old one

      • Desinderlase

        Sell it to me 🙂

  • Shivas

    As if it wasn’t heavy enough already!!!

    • Plug

      Weed! Get in th gym.

  • Lardinio

    As the ‘old’ 70-200 was perfectly good on a DX sensor, I’m hoping the used price comes down a bit so I can trade my 80-200 AF-D in 🙂

    Seriously though, I know folkes complained about FX performance on this lens, but the 18-200 too?! Why do they need to rework this lens. It’s already best in class for a super zoom. I presume they’ll fix the creep and improve it’s optical quality a bit, but there’s so much more that needed fixing. The 1.4 primes for example, and the 80-400.

    • funny

      I’m sure it won’t be the last lenses they release this year. give it time. allegedly the 24 and 35mm updates are coming if the schematics we saw are true. It would be good to compare the new 70-200 diagrams to the rummored ones to validate the future primes rummor.

    • Stephane

      The reason is marketing… the 18-200 is by far one of their best sellers, but it was getting attacked by Sigma and Tamron, so a cosmetic refresh was useful to make it “current” again – I don’t think we need to read anything else there.

      • dave

        The Tamron 18-270 is reportedly much sharper in the 135 to 200 range than the Nikkor 18-200. Hope Nikon addressed that. Still, I don’t own either, nor will I be buying one. the current 70-200 VR is my absolute favorite lens. I’ve rented them, but the wife still won’t let me buy one.

        • Snicker

          Use my approach, buy the lens – don’t tell wife. When she ask if it is a new lens, answer: what? this old thing? 😉

          When it’s time to purchase a new camera I order a trip abroad and the camera simultaneously. Works every time.

  • Lamergod

    God!!I wish they make a f4 version for poor people like me.

    • yrsued

      And I wish they made both VR and non VR Versions for peopel like me that Gaffer Tape the VR Button on the OFF Position!! When your Subject is Hauling Ass, VR is not much of an improvement!! You’re shooting at 1/500th or more anyways!! My VR is a Monopod!!

      • So go buy an 80-200 and be done w/ it. It’s supposedly sharper overall, anyway.

        • Marc W.

          And is FF!

        • Rick

          Not sure I agree the 80-200 is sharper than the 70-200. I’ve owned both, and saw a noticeable improvement when I got the 70-200.

          • dave

            which 80-200? There are 4 different models. The AF-S was not as sharp as the 70-200. The first one with seperate focus and zoom collars is supposed to be the sharpest and many claim a little sharper than the 70-200, but doesn’t focus as fast as the 70-200.

        • yrsued

          Fried Toast,

          I already own two of the 70-200 f/2.8G’s, I was dumb enough to get rid of my 80-200 f/2.8 AF-S. I’m just going to wait, I need the AF-S, I shoot sports for a living, the 2.8D is just too slow, I know, I had one back in the late 90’s


          • I posted first thing in the morning, so wasn’t awake yet. Completely skipped over the fact that you were shooting fast-moving subjects. I’ve got the 2-ring 80-200 and love it, but the AF definitely does *NOT* keep up.

            I’d offer to buy one o’ your 70-200s, but now that the new one’s comin’ out, I’ll probably spring for one of those 😉

      • funny

        yeah, why are you waiting. if you don’t like VR just get the AF/S 80-200.

        • yrsued


          Read my Post above!! I already have two of the 70-200s and I used to have the 80-200 AF-S, the AF-D is too slow focusing for my needs, I shoot sports for a living.

          • Would it be too much to ask for the new VR II version to AF as fast as the 24-70? 😀
            We can only hope, right?

    • Stevens

      Yes, I hope so too

  • Dan

    It seems from the shorter length and heavier weight the new 70-200’s design is fatter much like the Canon variants and the 80-200 AFS which should take care of the mechanical vignetting.

    If the new one is much, much sharper than the old one wide open at 200mm then this will be a hot seller again. Otherwise, why bother.

  • Daf

    Top stuff – only thing missing now is price.

  • blah

    I’d be surprised if they sell this for less than $2,000 – I’m quite happy with my current 70-200 thanks – yes, even on an FX sensor.

    • The current model is ~US$2300 over here in Japan. Would imagine the replacement will be about the same and the “obsoleted” one will be discontinued.

      • Zenndott

        in the major stores like Yodobashi, but you can find it for less if you shop around

        • Oh, definitely (Softmap used downstairs in Akihabara = my friend)!
          I just use Yodobashi/Bic, etc. as a standard. Regardless, I don’t very often see prices matching the US prices (even while looking on Kakaku). I haven’t looked much since the Nikon price raise, however, so I could be a bit out of the loop on pricing now.

    • Mike

      The current one on FX is great too, agreed. I am most thankful that now the whining about the current lens on FX will stop. I bought it to use it at 2.8 and 4 all the time. At those apertures, it is spectacularly sharp. If I intended to shoot at f/8-22, I would have kept the 70-300 VR I had before it.

    • Agreed! Why do people who don’t own them whine so hard?

  • regular

    Oooooh no! That would mean the leaked Nikon roadmap was fake. Whaaat a suurprise, I really trusted all the bloggers who refered to it (can you feel irony?)

    • no irony here – I saw a rumor and reported it, this what I do 🙂

      • MW

        I appericiate all your works and time on this, THANK YOU

    • funny

      It’s too early to tell. we’ll know for sure by the end of the year. even if it is only partially right we’ll know soon enough.

  • Darth Duster

    Pictures or it didn’t happen. The current 70-200 VR is good enough for its use. I would rather have an f/4 version that is half the price of the f/2.8. It should have impressive corner to corner sharpness and minimal distortion. This should be able to please the landscape shooters well.

  • don


    Don’t you think it’s pretty likely that they found that info in your post at and copied it without crediting you as a source?

    And now we’ve gone full circle…

    BTW, you should know that I trust this site enough that I put my 70-200 up for sale this morning. Kudos to you.

    • Tomas

      well good luck to you then. If it is true you will be without the most useful lens for a few months (till it is in stock and the price settles). 🙂

      • don

        I know. Will be painful, but I’m entering a period where I don’t expect to be as active so hope it will be the right move. It’s either now or wait 1-1,5 years before I swap.

        But yes, am sure I will be kicking myself at some point…

    • yes, I remember my own post 🙂 I thought this is a second source providing the same info, but now when I look back I think they did copy it from me. I removed their link – I will not support site that do not quote their sources. Regarding your 70-200 lens being up for sale, I hope Nikon is not playing a trick on us 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Is there now any verification at all for the 70-200mm? Or are just the specs thin air?

        • thin air for now – I cannot confirm those specs, I can only confirm that the lens will be announced

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the quick reply. At least it’s sure that it’s coming, finally…

      • Anonymous

        [NR] admin
        Posted July 28, 2009 at 11:09 am | Permalink

        “I will not support site that do not quote their sources. ”

        lol a little ironic perhaps?

        • well, except my sources 🙂

        • Gustav

          The word you mean is “hypocritical.”

          There’s nothing ironic about this.

  • As a matter of fact I think the Nikon Rumors’ admin coppied the guy on DPReview – also without crediting him as a source! So what?

    And expect the recommended price to be from 2.100 to 2.300 eur in EU.

    • Andrej, when you make an accusation like that – I would like to see more details, like links, etc. A mistake is always possible and I have no problem fixing it, since it is not intentional. It is also possible that the dpreview reader copied it from here (it happens all the time). Sometimes I get info in an email and I don’t really know what’s the original source. Let me know.

  • Snicker

    Sharper corners on FX? Could we expect 82mm filter?

    • Scroll up. Re-read this article (bulleted points in particular).

      Look at your question again. Perhaps you don’t need our help w/ that one.

      • Snicker

        Sharper corners for future 30+ Mpixels sensors would perhaps indicate 82mm filter size on the new lens.

        I actually managed to read the bulleted points all by myself 😉

        My point is, I didn’t expect the new 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII to have 77mm filter.

        • Understand your explanation. It just seemed like an odd question as the filter size was written up there already.

          Don’t mine my snarkiness. Half the time I’m posting in the morning right after waking up 😉 Not that anyone should really give a care what anyone else on teh intarweb says anyway 😀

  • low

    lets do this.

  • What is Nikon thinking? among all the lenses, Nikon chose to update TWO relatively new lenses that do not require update yet, while dozens of grandfather prime lenses lining up waiting to be upgraded!

    • How about they updated two of their *most popular* lenses? The grandfather primes that you allude to might not have the demand that’d be necessary to make them financially viable.

      It’s ALL about money.

      • If you are in marketing, you don’t promote your most popular model, simply because it is already popular in the first place, without promote or update, it already sells like hotcake.

        You should update and promote the older or the less popular model. Not the other way around.

        Since it is popular in the first place, why update it? Really no reason to update it.

        That’s why you see popular cars has no discount, no free gift, no nothing and people are still lining up to buy it. Else less popular cars comes with lots of promotion, freebies, and even zero interest loan.

        • Peter

          Being popular is a very good reason to update!

          Both lenses are what I would call “key” lenses in the nikon lineup. The 70-200 being required by many pros, and the 18-200 desired by many beginners.

          In addition. These two lenses happen to be the most “defective” of all the lenses in the current lineup. The 70-200 vignetting issues. and the 18-200 lens creep, CA and unsharp long end (although my copy is quite sharp…)

          fixing both of these would give also help out nikon service with people sending in 18-200s in the masses because of creep and unsharpness.

          The only bad thing about the new 18-200 is that I’ll want to buy it. even though my current already does what it does very well 😛

          • Peter

            Sorry for my bad grammar; it just made me look like a moron!

    • Ed

      It seems likely that Canon will soon be updating their 70-200 F:/2.8 to be even better. This is a very popular professional lens, and Nikon needs to keep up with the competition. If you just sit back and wait for sales to drop before updating, you will be in a big hole that will take years to fill. Nikon needs to have the best of the best for those three focal lengths, and they will be there.

      They have superior 12-24mm and 24-70mm, but the 70-200 is the bread and butter focal length for pros, and it was optomized for DX lenses and needs to be updated, particularly for the FX newer cameras with more than 12MP.

      • funny

        don’t know about that. out of all the lenses canon could update the more likely would be a 24-70 with VR. Something which nikon should at some point also do.

    • Anonymous

      The 70-200mm was a lot in the critics, and I think they lost quite some sales to 3. party suppliers. Same with the 18-200mm, also got a lot of critics for the weak 100-135mm soft spot.
      And it makes perfect sense to introduce those lenses together with the D300s. Basically all refreshments, and the D3000 shouldn’t come for anyone as a surprise as well.
      Perfect sense, also from marketing point of view.

    • funny

      relatively new? the 70-200mm was high on the oldies that need updating. plus there is still october for those prime updates which still work wonderfully on full frame. too bad there was no new 80-400mm.

    • dB

      Uh, the 70-200 is what like 10 years old? I would say that it is actually probably the most necessary lens to upgrade, since it was designed primarily for use with DX sensors that the majority of pros (who are the major market for this lens) no longer use.

      Then again, primes would be awesome, but I will buy this lens immediately, as will several people I know.

  • Kitt

    What’s the expected price of this lens in US dollars? $3000?

    • Snicker

      My guess is $2000, but then again – I’m only guessing 😉

    • funny

      2299 at the most.

  • Snicker

    They are thinking of serving the pro environment with a lens that can deliver on the D3x and soon to be released D700x. A wise choice, think they know what they are doing. We will hopefully see the 24mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4 and/or new 85mm f/1.4 released together with D700x ?

  • Guess it’s time to find a new home for my 80-200 and get my penny rolls out. I’ve been putting this off for long enough, I guess it’s paid off.

  • Martin

    I have to agree that financially, it’s not a bad decision for Nikon to update these lenses. Look, they’ve done some serious pro gear updates in the last couple years…14-24, 24-70, sb-900, now the 70-200. Makes total sense given the fact that they’ve delivered 3 FX bodies. They through a bone to the DX people every now and then with the 35 f/1.8, D5000, now the 18-200. I’d really like to see a replacement for the sb-600 but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Snicker

      I’ve actually got all of the “big three” (14-24, 24-70, 70-200). Complaints about 70-200 corner sharpness on FX (12 Mpixels) is highly exaggerated. I’ve been using the lens a lot for PJ work (with great results), but where 14-24 and 24-70 shines and the 70-200 complete fails is on the high resolution sensor of D3x.

      • Anonymous

        1: do viewers actually look in corners instead of the whole picture?

        2: have you heard of cropping?

        3: have you heard of stopping the lens down to F/4 or F/5.6?

        • D40-Owner

          Hi Anonymous, your logic for 2 and 3 is a bit flawed:
          2: If your image is soft for the whole frame, cropping makes it softer.
          3: If you need to use 2.8 (either low light or DOF), you need 2.8, there’s no alternative..

          • Nikonuser

            I think he meant soft corners, which is what the 70-200 is known for not complete softness. If this was the case then the lens would not be in production.

        • Chris Lilley

          You are assuming that stopping down to f/5.6 cures the corner softness on full frame. It improves it, but does not eliminate it, at 200mm.

  • Bob T

    The big question will be availability. Even if announced this week, will they be virtually unavailable for 6 months or more?

    • Snicker

      My order is “ready to go”. When the press release is public, I will place an order for the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII (process is automated, I will receive an order confirmation if/when the lens is released).

      • Anonymous

        if you buy the EARLIEST lens, do not expect it to be perfect. 50:50 chance you will get a good copy or a bad copy. always wait 3-6 months until nikon straightens the problem out.

        • Snicker

          My experience with Nikon and QA is very good (currently have 15 Nikon leneses without flaws, only one that’s been to service is the old 70-200mm f/2.8 due to Nikon Nordic asked if I wanted to improve groundijg issues for D300 which I had not experience any problems with – but thought, heck why not?). If the the factory screws up, I’ve always got the possibility to replace my sample or the Nikon service people to adjust. Not worried about quality issues on this lens at all.

  • NikoDoby

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger !!!

  • Ftd

    How the lens could have faster focus system? I thought, that the body is responsible for focusing…

    • Snicker


    • funny

      lense swith the AF-S designation use an ultrasonic motor that’s fit inside the lens and does the actual moving of the focus mechanism. all the body does is supply power and commands. there is no physical screw unlike in the old lenses.

    • Amary

      Even with old (screw) AF, focusing speeds can vary dramatically between different lenses. It has to do with the gearing and how far the glass actually has to move.

  • jbl

    Hmm I wonder how much this lens will be.

    This will probably make the older version a good deal for me, as telephoto is far from being my priority.

  • JM

    I wished it had focusing to 1m, but I guess you can’t have everything…

    • you can, it is called Canon 500D and is fairly cheap and light

      • Joe Boston

        What does a Canon camera have to do with the 70-200 VRII?

        Unless you’re a troll, which I don’t doubt.

        • Anonymous

          he means the 500D close-up lens I assume…

          • Anonymous


        • fuzzthekingoftrees

          500D is also the name of Canon’s screw on close up filter

          • Nikonuser

            another not to wise Canon user.. Get a macro lens!!

        • Chris Lilley

          No, he isn’t a troll, you are just poorly informed about supplementary close-up lenses.

        • Time to break out Google, pal.

          LOL. Open mouth, insert both feet.

      • Light, yes. But fairly cheap? I guess if you’re comparing it to a full-size pro lens they’re cheap. Last time I looked (I admit, it was ~2 yrs ago), I was amazed at how expensive they were. Ended up not getting one because I thought the price was fairly steep (do believe I was looking at a fairly large diameter one, too).

        • they are afaik only closeup doublets on market so that makes them worth it, much cheaper then any lens even prime. When i want zooms, then i prefer simple and high quality overall. I dont want to remmember that at 150 and above i need to stop down or that close focusing is midrange quality and i need to stay over 2m far to get again high quality. It would be near impossible to make such good zoom which yet works as (equally good) close focusing lens and keep it at reasonable price/size.
          Keep it simple and use workarounds for special cases.

  • low

    waiting for all the shots of flat walls and blue skies from all the whiners on fx, rofl! im hoping it behaves just the same.

    • Anonymous

      you know FX users are damn lazy to remove the vignetting via PP? takes two mouse clicks to fix it per pic for me.

      • shivas

        i don’t even have to click, I just drag and drop in DxO!!!

      • STJ

        So how long do you use to “fix” the soft corners when you use it for stitching landscapes? I’t really funny how many who own the 70-200AFS who feel a need to tell how good it is…. What’s wrong with making it even better – afraid that your lenses will devaluate? If Nikon stopped improving where would we be…

  • Alex

    So the current 70-200 f/2.8 VR will be discontinued, and the new one will come out at a similar price, give or take (most likely give)??
    As opposed to keeping the current lens, and brining the new one out at a much higher price?

  • SimonC

    Be prepared for a pricing backlash when the new 70-200 is released. I predict a price of 2199 USD (based on a 10% premium over the current 70-200). I do hope that I’m wrong though.

    The D300s will probably go for 1899 USD.

  • Anonymous

    *yawns* wishful thinking.

  • People are going to be very very interested in the old 70-200 lenses
    I’ve already had several people who are much more interested in a discounted old 70-200 than the new one.
    I myself will be happy if they make it as sharp as the two N lenses.

  • Gary F

    any word on if the tripod foot is improved ??

    • WoutK89

      Good point, one more thing Nikon could do besides perfect for FX 😉 , maybe thats the extra weight or is total weight without tripod foot?

    • DNHJR

      What was wrong with the tripod foot?

      • WoutK89

        I dont have this lens, but there were some lenses with malfunctioning feet, wasnt the 70-200 one of them? Only 80-400 and 300 f/4 I know of otherwise

        • Ken Elliott

          The tripod foot on the 70-200 is fine. The foot on the 80-400 is a joke and Nikon should be ashamed. I replaced mine (80-400) with a RRS collar and foot. The cool thing about the RRS collar is it uses the same foot as the 70-200, so I can carry one fewer part.

  • shivas

    can’t wait for cheap used 70-200’s!!!! Sub $1499 here I come!!

    New one should be MSRP of $2199-2399 I’m sure. . .and I’d expect a back order of MANY months. . .

    I’m glad I prefer the wide, not long end, for my shooting!!

    • jbl

      Why are you glad? I mean.. I understand that the huge exotic telephotos costs a fortune, but the 14-24 is not cheap either.

      • shivas

        last i checked the 14-24 was cheaper than the 70-200. . . .before the price hike by nikon, it was SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper . . .but regardless, if i ever went long, i’d go with a 105/2, 135/2, or 200/2. . .far better in the long run for me. . .

        • Snicker

          Only drawback for the 200/2 is that it falls complete through on D3x. 300/2.8 and 400/2.8 works fine on high resolution FX.

          • PHB

            Other drawback to the 200 f/2 is that it weighs 23lbs and is six feet long.

            I have a rule for lenses – body plus lens must weigh less than 5lb.

  • low

    no leaked photos yet? i mean its weds in some parts of the world already.

    • WoutK89

      it was 30 july European time, so 29 july American time still… as far as I know of, if this was not what it was supposed to be, wait till midnight, and all will be there I suppose

    • WoutK89

      See you tomorrow morning all 😛 waiting for the goods to be there 🙂

  • Peter

    The weight will be an issue for me unfortunately. I find my original, slowly malfunctioning 80-200 2.8 to be heavy enough with my D200. Updating to this lens and say a D700 will add about a pound to the rig!

    • Snicker

      D3 with 70-200mm f/2.8 VR is not a problem handheld when you get used to it. Great way to get your left arm in shape 😉

  • R

    After checking out the market here will be the prices (base on B&H):

    Current 70-200mm 2.8 VR $1900 USD +taxe
    New 70-200mm 2.8 VRII $$2100 USD + taxe

    I expect a $200-$300 price raise with taxes. And i just bought my 70-200mm 2.8 a couple months ago… grrrr

    • agitprop

      …I just bought mine about 5 weeks ago! double argh!!

  • kljs


    It is going to cost more to buy one…………..

  • Mark J

    Faster focus, N coating, shorter in length, and all of that for only 70grams. SOLD! so long as its under $2,000. Best of all i can resell my current 70-200 for more than i paid for it since i got it before nikon upped the prices, and during a rebate period. got it for $1,525 at Adorama back in 2006.

  • specs

    70 grams more?
    What’s the current street price for mules?

    • Micke

      Don’t be ridiculous, just hire a Sherpa! 😀

  • “New faster Auto Focus”
    This feature alone will make me buy this new version. Had to go back to the screw driven 80-200 because of the lacking AFS-motor.

  • agitprop
  • low

    The “It Has Begun Party” will be happening tonight. Whos staying up with me F5’ing NR like a madman??

    (Even though the current 70-200 vr is perfect, unless you’re shooting blue skyies and brick walls, lol!) *pitch forks in hand* Bring on the new camera(s) and lenses!!

    Let this day be remembered, that anywhere, any rumor is started, we all shall be the first to acknowledge its truth and existence!!

  • CO

    Got a problem….. literally just got my 70-200mm 2.8 today and just learned about the new one coming out. Is it worth me returning this lens and waiting for the new one???

    • low

      you will pay a bit more…i dont think the store would mind if you returned it for the new one within their return policy.

  • big daddy

    slightly shorter 🙁 How will I compensate for my inadequacies with that. I think I will stick with the non-nano version.

  • Nikon Update

    OK, BUT what are these missing lenses???

    Lens 2192 <—— 18-200mm VRII
    Lens 2191
    Lens 2190
    Lens 2189
    Lens 2188
    Lens 2187
    Lens 2186
    Lens 2185 <———— 70-200mm VR II
    Lens 2184
    Lens 2182

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