Confirmed: two new Nikon Lenses this Thursday

This is now a 99.99% confirmed rumor: besides the Nikon D300s and the Nikon D3000, we will also get two lenses:

AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
AF-S Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G ED VR II

Both will be improved versions of the current models.

After all, there was a reason for the 70-200mm f/2.8 rumors buld-up in the past few weeks.

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  • Mike

    Also, I recall hearing that the 200 end on the 18-200 wasn’t really 200. More like 180? ‘Tis true? Perhaps the new one will be a true 200 mm?

  • Anonymous

    Pardon my ignorance… haven’t followed Nikon ‘releases’ in a very long time. From the announcement to actually being able to purchase a new lens is there a reliable estimated time frame or does it vary? 1 month, 6 months, etc?

  • kljs

    Darn…. the 70-200mm will probably cost more now………..
    Don’t expect any much improvements, probably going to be additional of the N and also FX tag…… and Nikon licenses to increase prices because of N. 😉 or something like that… hehehehe

  • Tony M


    Seems that many folk on this site and others are waiting for updates of primes. Would it not be possible to put up a ‘voting’ sidebar to determine what people want? You could send the results to Nikon as they seem oblivious to ‘wants and needs’ (although they would probably ‘get it’ as they may monitor your site anyway)
    Agree with many above that the 18-200 would be a hot seller with the D40-> D5000 P&S crowd and that those persons would not be really interested in a site like this (and thus not be voting). But it would be a great opportunity to gauge the mood of the amateur/Pro gang.
    Thom made a similar effort but he didn’t provide total responses to photographers ‘wish list’ (from memory).
    What do you think?

    • STJ

      I like that idea, but people’s wishlist’s are long…
      80-400VR II, 17AFS, 24AFS, 28AFS, 35AFS, 85AFS,105AFS, 135AFS, 180AFS VRII, 200micro, 70-180micro, 17mm TS etc etc. And then the real interesting question might be how many prefers a 24AFS over a 24mm AFS VR and these things… Some of those non-AFS designs are way old and I’m sure Nikon could make even the “holy” 85mm increasingly sharp today. And that might just be needed when 24MP gets into the hands of more people…

    • pete

      wants do not translate to sales. apart from the long specialist telephotos, nikon and canon sell WAY more zooms than primes. thats a fact jack.

      its also a fact that most of the people that post here are just fanboys who like to put together wish lists but dont buy a damn thing. imagine if people got what they wished for…how many of them would fork out the $10K plus for the list of lens’ they supposedley “need”. answer: NO ONE.

      • Tony M

        Take your point but if it was a choice to select only one lens from a list then that might curb tendencies to ‘want’ everything available.
        Possibly the ‘question’ might be “Which of the following lenses do you believe requires to be updated first”. ‘Optionals’ like SWM, nano coatings etc don’t even need to be mentioned.

    • I may do something like that, but I am not sure if it will make any difference. Nikon is reading this blog (I know that for a fact) and they are aware of our needs. As you can see slowly we are getting there.

      • Tony M

        Well, you never know until you try 🙂
        Would this be a ‘first’ or your site?
        Read above reply to Pete also.

  • heartyfisher

    There has been some new advances in lens design since the 18-200 was created. ie the 14-24, 24-70 and the 16-85 incorporates this new tech. I think that since the 18-200 is already one of the best sellers for nikon. a new 18-200 with the sharpness and CA of the 16-85 (and no zoom creep) would be a real winner for nikon! fixing up the CA at the long end would be very possible with the new technology. I think its great news for nikon ! The other 3rd party 18-2++ lenses have been closing the gap or even over taken nikon. So this update will bring money back into nikon. Which is a good thing for all nikon users.

    • Matstar

      I couldn’t agree more. I get a fair bit of chromatic aberration on the long end especially when shooting hdr or bright backgrounds.

  • Anonymous

    what a let down, canon is still miles ahead in terms of primes

  • Cesar

    whooptidoo… 2 “new” lenses

  • This post has mainly been about people’s desire for primes.
    I know, I know it’d be great to have a few more.
    A larger section of the photographic community happens to do Zoom (They being the beginners and intermediates or people liking the N series)
    But more primes would be nice.
    Maybe when they are going to announce a Pro body they’ll announce these Pro directed lenses.
    (Despite the fact they might announce a 70-200 which is a pretty spendy lens.)
    It would be rather interesting to see the data Nikon has about which lens is the most desired lens right now.
    Perhaps they know that the D700x will be very popular and will call in a high demand of lenses that will work with the high megapixel count. (D3x after all wasn’t produced in the quantities the D700x will be)
    They’re obviously pretty confident in their N line but i think they’ll probably get a couple more primes in when people know the D700x is for sure.
    Here’s to hoping right?

  • On another note I wrote about this on my blog and I already got a few people calling dibs on the old 70-200 because I’m planning on jumping on the new 70-200 – I don’t think price on the old ones will go down much.
    An example might be the SB-800 which hasn’t gone down much in price

  • gurbally

    Jarvie, I second your thoughts on more primes, particularly 28mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4.

    • WoutK89

      I think it is funny how many people want $1000+ primes, if Nikon would only listen, they would most probably have taken over the imaging world 🙂

  • NK

    I am glad I visited this site 2 weeks back looking for update on 70-200.
    hope the rumors turn out true, the current 70-200 is widely in stock in most places to i assume the new 70-200 will take time to be delivered.

    @Jarvie – the price of sb800 didn’t go down cause they were assumed to be better than the sb900 by many reviewers who spoke ill about the heating problem and slow sync times of the 900. the huge size of the 900 was also a negative.
    and the shortage of sb800’s made the demand go high.

    the current 70-200 will rise in price if its lighter than the new upcoming one.
    or there is something which will make it a better lens

    • funny

      it’s just 0.15lbs lighter. I see only one way for the price of the current model to go: down.

  • don

    I put my 70-200 up for sale this morning right after I saw this. Hopefully I will get a buyer before Thursday.

    Every pro with an FX body will upgrade. Depending on your style type of photography it is possible to live with the faults of the current model. But it’s worth a fair bit of cash to never have to worry about them again.

    For a limited time that will lead to a flood of those lenses in the 2nd hand market. If you are a D60/80/90/5000/300 owner who normally do not have the budget for such a lens you should seriously consider picking up one in Q4. It’s still a stellar lens on DX and you will be amazed of what it can do for your photography.

    To all of you complaining about primes, yes, it’s true, Canon is better in that area. But, given the two following hypothetical FX lens line-ups, which would you choose (both have good macro and tilt-shift options):

    A: 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 200-400 pro-grade f/2.8 (f/4 for 200-400) range that is better at every focal length than brand B. Big, heavy and expensive, but not overpriced for what you get. Some focal lengths even match or surpass most primes.

    B: Great primes with unique strengths, but also some weaknesses. Solid f/4 zoom line-up with a fantastic 70-200 f/4.

    I want it all, but when that is not an option I would choose Brand A hands down. And with the new 70-200 that’s what Nikon will have (I’m assuming it will be as good as the 24-70). They are not doing everything right, but they are getting the most important things right.

    • shivas

      i think you make an amazingly good point.

      Sure they lack in primes, but arguably, the 14-24 is better than any primes in that range, both Nikon and Canon.

      This new 70-200 should do the same!

      And the new 50mm prime they released works splendors. . .

      I guess I should soften my stance on their choices. . .it makes financial sense, since the D5000 is flying off the shelves and most of those buyers would like an “all in one” like the 18-200, and they can package it nicely at $1200 for both. . .

      BUT, small release of primes WOULD be nice. . .like a fast wide (24) and a fast telephoto (85). . .I suspect those will come later, and we’ll all be happy. . .

      I wonder if they’ll release the SB700 soon?

  • Ed

    Another 18-xxx mm lens? geez… I´m really getting sick of watching Nikon releasing yet another 18-xxmm or 18-xxxmm lens every 8 to 12 months… how many versions and iterations you need :/ there are better ways to use that R&D that in crappy cheapo lenses.

  • James

    The 70 – 200 is a for sure item but the 18 – 200, nah. A new 300 F4 is due and I suspect will be announced at the same time. has had a “down for maintenance” message on that lens for quite some time. Either their web master is a real slacker or, and it’s my bet, a new VRII Nano version is in the pipeline. Let’s hope they improve the tripod collar on both the 70-200 and 300.

  • Thomas

    I hope this rumor is somewhat wrong. A new 70-200 would be nice, I guess… but the current 70-200 is pretty good already. What Nikon needs to do is to release fast wide primes. That’s what the professional world has been begging for. They need to deliver. Canon’s kicking butt in this area.

  • What I’m really wishing for would be a 70-200 f/4 lens for around $1000. Canon has had one for years and it’s supposed to be stunning. For the advanced amateur crowd that can’t stomach the $1800 price for the 70-200 f/2.8 a $1000 70-200 f/4 would be perfect, and they’d sell a ton of them. That’s my wish at least.

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