More Nikon D300s pictures

I guess this should not be a surprise to any NikonRumors reader at that point, especially since we've seen similar Nikon D300s pictures in the past and reported the Nikon D300s specs almost 2 months ago (more pics after the break):


Click on the link for more pics:




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  • Anonymous

    It could still be a fake… in theory! It looks pretty real to me. Though. Did your source tell anything about specs?

    • Dylan

      i remember reading somwhere about a widescreen lcd. this doesn’t look like it has one. am i wrong?

      • iamlucky13

        Some images reputed to be from the D300s were posted a couple weeks ago in a 16:9 ratio. That was speculated on, but nothing more.

        If it is a photoshop, the reflection in the LCD is a nice touch.

        • The Wallbanger

          I just noticed the reflection in the LCD and the viewfinder don’t match up.

          • rhlpetrus

            The reflection on the VF is upside down, I think the darker area in the upper part is exactly what you’re seeing in the LCD. Looks real to me.

    • ktakytzu

      In my opinion it really is fake because probably the d300s would have a different multi-selector similar to the one on the d700 because the one in the photo was one of the down sides of the d300 according to some d300 users!

  • udo

    SH****T!!!! It’s true… No D400

    • I’m thinking the D400 will be Nikon’s first prosumer FX camera.

      • funny

        it’s called D700

  • Anonymous

    sweet, but im still going FX!

  • low

    it has begun

    • Anonymous

      don’t you ever get tired of writing the very same sentence over and over again?

      • Max

        Yeah, I know I am, just hearing you.

      • bwyan

        couldn’t he at least do a nerdy, yoda-like twist every now and then like: uuhmmm…begun it has!


        • James

          hhHHHMMmmmm……spoken correctly, you have.

    • chevypower

      It doesn’t begin till Nikon announces the release date of the D700x

  • JR

    While I do believe this is going to be a real camera, these pictures could be easily photoshopped and they look exactly like a normal d300 except for the s and the mic holes.

    • Yes, you are right – those could be fakes too.

    • Mashhadi Vahid

      and what is the difference between this pictures and D300?
      No record button,not a larger LCD, only one ” S ” after model name???

      I am not foolish! I don’t believe that sikt fake!!

    • funny

      that’s because the D300s IS just a D300 witha mic and an S. coincidence?

      • RThomas

        This makes sense; Nikon has often “refined” their most successful models instead of replacing them. Consider the N8008 and N8008s – the only real differences between the two were a little more film advance speed and a spot meter on the “s” model. Same thing with the N90 and N90s, D70 and D70s, etc. Each newer model had some features that were absent on the original, but even the addition of a vertical grip for the N90s or a larger screen on the D70s didn’t represent much of a change from their respective first versions.

    • yooooo

      nope, the CF card door is different. its like the d700 door

      • Felman

        The door might be the D700’s but the mechanism is the D300’s. You don’t have that backside hinge on a D700…

    • yeah, but look at the S written when the picture was taken from the top. this guys has to be a photoshop genius to change the perspective to get to that perfection! seriously

  • Neil

    The guy should have made sure his reflection wasn’t showing… πŸ™‚

    • The girl you mean, or a guy with very nice finger nails…

      • dave

        And she’s single, too! At least she wasn’t wearing a ring…. ooooh a new camera AND a girl to go with it… AWESOME!

  • low

    am i not seeing the record button?

    • fotosniper

      this is my concern. you would think a ddedicated video button on the back right side near the thumb like the d90. i guess you will have to program the AF-on button to video.

      • Ivan

        I don’t think there would be one, as the D300’s shooting mode is controlled by the control dial on the left.

        • fotosniper

          my point was that for a camera that has a video option, you wowuld need a dedicated button on the right side of the camera to activate vido faster than the command mode.

      • Anonymous

        The D90 has a video button?

        I thought you just went into live view & pressed ‘ok’ to begin recording video…

        • fotosniper

          let me see, a button that you hit to start recording? sounds like a record button

          • Anonymous

            Well, if that’s your definition of a record button, take a look at the lower left of this camera’s back and you’ll see ‘OK’.

            There’s your record button…

          • fotosniper

            well perhaps, but im willing to bet you that if and when the d300 comes out it will have a newly implemented dedicated LV/video button. perhaps this will be the reason to add the new controller like the d90/d700

  • ehh… why are they back to the anoying d200 button? it’s bloody hopeless to hit the dead center button in that “focus/menu/switch-between-photos”-button. anoys the hell out of me.

    • Theodore

      I was also surprised not to see a center enter button on the controller. It works so well on the D700 and D3

  • Peter


    The current design trend is to put an OK button in the centre of the 4 way controller. That would be a trivial change going from a D300 to D300s.

    This picture is IMO a ‘shopped D300.

    • Jesse

      “The current design trend”? By whose standards? The D200 and D300 both had 4-way, non-center-OK-button designs. It would make sense for them to continue with that trend for such a minor refresh. Seems in line with Nikon’s design trend to me πŸ˜›

      • Peter

        Yes, current design trend.

        As in EVERY body introduced since the D300 ( that’s the D60, D700, D90, D3x and D5000 ) in addition to the D3 launched at the same time as the D300. That is a trend. A trend over 6 bodies.

        Adding an OK button to a D300s is trivial and expected when you consider the trend. Will the ‘D3000’ have the OK button in the multi way controller. Yes, almost certainly. That would leave this photoshopped fake without the OK button in the centre of the multi way controller as the only body in the entire range without it.

        ‘Minor’ refresh? So what. D2xs added new hardware. D70s added hardware.

        Believe it if you want, but I say this image is faked.

        • fotosniper

          not unless they didnt want to add more development and production cost, and they wanted to use up the stock of old style controller buttons. if your rational is right they would have used the new round connector covers from the d700 on the d3x and d300s. but no. they use the old ones because thats whats there and they have the parts. keeps costs down.

          • STRB

            The part is fully developed already (as it’s used in many other bodies).

            Even the D5000 has an OK center button. Why would Nikon “get cheap” in a much more expensive body and use an old part that’s obviously less ergonomic? And all of the for what? Less than 50 cents of savings in production costs?

          • fotosniper

            well the part is there, but its not that easy to retool the production line and the camera design to accept it. Nikon, like everyone eles right now is trying to save money. even if $.50 is the cost per unit. multiplied by a million units is 1/2 a million dollars in savings? BOOM argument defeated.

          • Peter

            Your argument is invalid on two levels.

            An ‘s’ model is a mid term refresh. A refresh means that changes are expected. c.f. D70s ( added the wired remote socket ) and the D2xs ( increased LCD size ). Both those changes required changes to the body itself. At the simplest level, a D300s would have the current OK button reassigned as ‘Info’ and the OK resited into the multi controller. No actual changes to the body in that scenario. So where is this re-tooling? And 50c? For a part that already exists and is in use on other models. By using the same part as the D700 they’ll probably save money.

            BOOM, your argument is invalid.

          • Peter

            –if your rational is right they would have used the new round connector covers from the d700 on the d3x and d300s. but no. they use the old ones because thats whats there and they have the parts. keeps costs down–

            Have you measured the spacing between the 10 way & co-ax sockets of the D700 and compared them to the D3 & D300? I wouldn’t mind betting it’s slightly different necessitating a different cover. As a D300s would be using the same basic structure as the D300, there’s no need for a different cover apart from aesthetics.

          • The current D300 allows the entire pad to be pressed straight down to click OK. The circuitry is clearly in the board behind the button. It would be trivial to replace the current pad with the center-OK pad. Particularly if Nikon ordered a million of the buttons.

        • Jesse

          And how many cameras BEFORE the D200 & D300 used the same center OK button? D40/50/70/80?

          Point is, it’s nothing new. The D200/D300 had the unique controller for a reason, whatever it was, and there’s no reason they should suddenly change now.

          And I wasn’t arguing that this image was real and not fake; I was contesting your logic as to why you think it MUST be fake. It could easily be faked as there are other issues (no record button namely) but the lack of a center OK button is NOT compelling reason for this to be fake – it seems like you’re grasping as straws to find something wrong with this image.

          • Peter

            –And how many cameras BEFORE the D200 & D300 used the same center OK button? D40/50/70/80?–

            D40 : Yes
            D40x : Yes
            D70 : No
            D80 : No
            D70s : No
            D50 : No
            D2xs : No
            D200 : No
            D2Hs : No
            D2x : No
            D2h : No
            D100 : No
            D1h : No
            D1 : No

            See the pattern? The _trend_ started with the D40. which means that every camera introduced since Nov 2006 has had the OK button. Except the D300. The D300 is the anomoly in terms of this control feature in the current line up. They will certainly rectify that with the D300s.

            That is why this picture is a fake.

          • Willis

            I don’t think they made any changes to the ergonomics of the D3X when it came out. Just a better processor in the same body. I would expect this to be the case with the D300S

    • funny

      nonsense. they just used the same shell of the D300 thus i tmakes perfect sense it looks like a D300, after all, it is called the D300S duh!

  • Jim

    One note is that I see the card access light is labled as “CF” when the 300s is suppsed to support SD as well? This is not me discounting the truth behind a 300s however as I hope to be able to replace my old D80 with one soon.

    • Neil

      Unless the SD support was not factual. I suppose we’ll see soon ’nuff.

    • Cache

      In the box, Nikon will supply a small sticker printed “SD” on it, so people who using SD card can cover the “CF” sign. πŸ™‚

  • Thomas

    Er, the D300 has the same Video Out label.

  • Monkey

    I am a 35mm Nikon and Olympus user. As I’m going medium format (film), I’m looking for a good DSRL, and I don’t mind about FX (6×6, 6×7 and 6×9 films are impossible to emule right now), but I want HD video skills (it’s fun, even with the annoying 5d MkII controls), and I will buy the Nikon D300s or the next Oly Pen E P2. I don’t know if these pics are fake, but I’m sure Nikon will come out very soon with a cool stuff. Let’s see if Oly will be faster.

  • I call the photos fake for one reason: on the top photo I think we should be able to still see a bit of the 3 little holes of the microphone and there aren’t none visible.
    I don’t doubt of the D300s’ existence though.

    • RThomas

      I think they are there, but hard to see because the focus is on the top plate of the camera, and therefore the holes are out of focus…

  • The Wallbanger

    Any chance an Audio-mic input is behind one of those rubber covers?

    • RThomas

      I think they would put any such input on the side, perhaps next to the video out. I doubt this camera takes external microphones. They probably wouldn’t remove either the studio flash PC socket or the 10-pin remote terminal.

  • Jon in Chicago

    I’m skeptical that these are actual D300 photos. Presumable the photographer had some time alone with the camera so why not look at the memory card slot(s) or the id plate on the bottom of the camera. These, of course, would be difficult to fake and would carry real weight. What we have are 2 of 4 photos that completely match the D300 and the other two would only take a little massaging in Pshop to pull off. I guess we will see if the reality bares similarity to these when the D300s goes official.

    • funny

      this is some guy in china or thailand, not james bond stealing corporate secrets. the most obvious thing for them to take pics is the angles taken.

  • Joop
    If you look good there are some changes in the shapes, the sides are rounder. The LCD looks different, a bit smaller black borders.

    But yes, it still can be fake.

  • reeder

    Why only a CF sensor light on the back lower right? If it also has SD, there should be some notation of that….? Just a thought…

  • fotosniper

    after looking more closely i think this is fake. if you look at the top down view below the d300s symbol you can clearly see the seam between the rubber and metal, but no mic holes. in the front view you see the mic holes but no seam.

  • fotosniper

    one think i do want changed is the rubber. my d300 is peeling off like crazy, and this is the 2nd set of rubbers. siix months out of the nikon repair center and the rubber grips are falling off, the door that covers the hdmi ports wont stay closed for 10 secs. i have it covered with gaffers tape. You cnt telll me a major firm like nikon can not develope a system to keep rubber on a camera longer that 6 months. my milwaukee sawz-all is also metal with rubber covers and they have stayed put for 5 years in the harshest conditions. its retarded how these things come off. sorry for my rant, carry on!

    • knt

      I have noticed similar with my bussiness camera coolpix 5400. I suspect that rubber came in contact with some oil or grease because my coleagues are using camera also in greasy environment. Rubber reacts with oil and than it extents.

  • Anonymous

    The pictures are fake. No central button, no LV button, no AV OUT label on rubber. So we have to wait for real pictures.

    • Jason

      The D300 doesn’t have a live view button – it’s on the shutter mode dial after S, CL and CH

  • Thomas

    I’d be disappointed, if this were a real D300s: no improvements to the user interface? No live-view button?
    No new 4-way controller?
    Still wasting space on the back side for the card release lever?
    I’d also expect the terminal cover to be more like the newer D700, as well as a “Info” function on one of the buttons.
    Now I convinced myself that this is a fake D300s, but a real D300!

    • funny

      hasn’t the D300s specs been nothing but a dissapointment already? why would the real thing suddenly change that.

  • Tommy

    Darn….I was waiting for a D299

    • Max

      Haha πŸ˜€

  • Quash

    Setting all the spec rumours aside for a second, I think we can call a fake, alone, on the mic holes not being consistent between those two pics. Unless someone can argue against this PP oversight and explain why the pics could still be credible, I think we’re done here.

    Had me going for a second, though.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no live view button is surely a giveaway for a fake. Can’t record video without it, and on a semi pro camera, you surely will not be going into menu settings to find out how to turn the live view on.

    • to use liveview you use the comand dial, on top left.

      • fotosniper

        the moron is the one who doesnt understand that a camera with video would need a faster activation of liveview/video than the shooting mode dial.

        • Lawliet

          Why would you need a more direct access to video then to all the other options?
          Having a seperate button for a function thats in the domain of an already established control would be ergonomically subotimal..

      • Anonymous

        Really, moron? Why would you go there?

    • funny

      it baffles me how people have yet to learn how to customize those buttons. My D700 doesn’t have a dedicated LV button but it is a customization away from having one.

  • Cesar

    Look hard at the mic holes. It’s shopped. I see finger smudges.

  • ok

    Look, a scratch by the pop up flash by the “N”in Nikon…

  • Jon Paul


  • Newsed1

    Erm…any sceptic like to explain how the moulded rubber logos were faked?

    My only worry is that this camera will lack a proper external microphone socket.

    • Peter

      You mean the ones that are absolutely identical to what is already fitted to the D300?

      This is another reason why these shots are absolutely fake.

      The picture above has on the rubber cover ‘Video Out’. The 3 most recent Nikon releases ( D5000, D3x, D90 ) have on the rubber cover ‘AV Out’ ( as others have I believe already highlighted ).

    • Jon Paul

      That’s what I was about to say, Peter. It’s ridiculous to think they wouldn’t advertise there that sound has been added to the AV feed. It seems the most likely place for a mic in connection, too, but who knows if they’ll do that?

  • Fake, zoom on the 300 logo and you’ll see jpeg artifacts not found in other areas of the image, i used overlay with photoshop and a red layer to detect those artifacts..the image was modified on that are at least a time…

  • Tim

    Two things. If you pixel peep around the microphone holes, the texture on the body is way too smooth. And there’s some weird pixellation on this pic below the ‘function’ button. Someone’s been having fun with their magic wand! Fake…

  • Daniel

    This is what I call a “bas-ass-rumor”. Looks 100% legit to me

  • gggggggg

    I wish that Nikon will stabilize it’s sensor.
    I’m a new Nikon owner arrived from Sony.
    Nikon rules over all but stabilizer.
    It’s fantastic to use a 135 f2 or a 50mm 1.4 with stablization.

    • Well, from what I’ve seen, the sensor shift apparatus results in slightly softer/lower res images, even if it’s turned off.

      I’ve tested this before, but if anyone in Portland wants to test their Sony side by side with my Nikons, we’ll have some proof.

      Lack of IS in most of my lenses hasn’t been a professional obstacle for me. It is a selling point for Sony, but as far as I can tell not much else.

    • Anonymous

      Sensor stabilization has its downsides…viewfinder image isn’t stabilized

  • Martin

    What kind of dumbass people click the “dislike” button on this on!!! These pics are either the best fakes in the history of man or the real thing!

    What are you other people after from this blog? Is NR supposed to stop posting pics of a new Nikon body? (why don’t stop posting new lens rumours also?!?!)

    When i wrote this there was 5 ppl with clear symptoms of pms! stop bitching!!!

    • fotosniper

      best fake in the history of man?
      this is the first fake u have ever seen i presume?

    • 10% automatically vote negative, no matter what I post – I don’t even consider any negative votes bellow 10%

    • Jon Paul

      admin, even if it’s probably fake I think you should keep posting similar things. Eventually you’ll find the right one (I think the previous post might be real).

  • Roland

    I think it’s not a fake, a “S”-Version would never have major improvements. It’s like D70 and D70s. I think the D400 is the real big next thing, but they will unveil it as soon as Canon’s brings a comparable product.

    • low

      canon rumors claim their next 60D will blow away even an un-announced d400!!

      • Homeslice

        Im not worried about the 60D.
        at least that site doesn’t post a bunch of nonsense.
        I don’t blame NR admin for posting this crap….
        after all, the people vote to post more of it. LOL

  • Matstar

    It looks so much like a D300 – this image is bullcrap!

  • Eric

    These were taken with a Sony P&S! Totally a fake!

  • EAJ

    “fake, fake, fake, fake, fake” Elaine Benes

    It’s a well-worn and ‘shopped D300.

  • M35

    Adding the SD dual card doesn’t make sense. With the new standard (SDXC) just being release, I doubt if Nikon had sufficient time to test and debug. If it is the old standard (SDHC) I would ask why? Not only does the new standard give you more storage, it also gives greater read/write speed. The other issue is adding another storage compartment increases the complexity (engineering in) of the camera, again why? Plus, what is the hangup of having SD over CF? I have invested heavily in CF over the years, as I suspect alot of you. If you really need SD get a CF to SD converter. Delkin makes one. As for the pictures, I guess we will see in about 2 to 3 weeks if they are fake.

    • Dragos

      Er… I think some people care much more about having double cards in the camera than about whether it is SD or CF. Gives peace of mind that you won’t lose those all important photos at a wedding if a card fails and allows additional things like separate saving of RAWs and JPEGs.

      • Jon Paul


  • Chris

    Its a fake – couse there is no mic holes in the topside view. And where is the 3,5mm input for the external mic?

  • MW

    This look pretty real, i wonder if the spec is the same as how we expect it

  • Rick

    Nothing that anyone has said convinces me that these images are fake…other than what they would like to see. The interesting difference between these images and the earlier “leaked” images is that the microphone hole area is indented in the earlier versions and flush in the latter. That would imply that there are fakes around. No big deal because everyone expects it to look like the D300, but interesting. Keep up the work!

  • No gps connector below USB connector?

  • SailorCameron

    Whats with the ebay knockoff bodycap?

  • SimonC

    Where did they put the speaker to output the audio from the video? On the D90, it was on the grip, under the SD card door. But the D300 has a larger door due to the CF card. Too bad there isn’t a grip side shot.

    YOu’d think the person who took the picture would’ve open the connection door so that we can get a glimpse of any new connections.

  • Anonymous


    Altough, it looks very much like a D300, one thing is very different. Look at the AF area mode selector switch. This looks completely different.

    • Jon Paul

      No, it doesn’t. It’s identical.

  • Alex

    I think it’s fake. I think the D300s will look a lot like this, but I don’t think that this is it. If you look at the D5000 and D90, the microphone holes are *above* the camera’s nameplate on both. I don’t know if there’s a practical reason for that, but it certainly is a design choice, and I think they’ll stick to that trend. In these pictures, the mic holes are below the nameplate. Also, as somebody else already noted, you can’t see the mic holes in the top-down view. You can clearly see them in the top-down views of the Nikon D90 and D5000:

    • Alex

      Ok, now I have absolutely no doubt that it’s fake. Took it into photoshop, zoomed in to 700%

      You can probably see it yourself, but for those who don’t, look right above the microphone holes. Huge amount of blurring compared to all other parts of the image. Probably caused by using the clone stamp tool or something like that.

    • The Wallbanger

      Microphone holes that low on a camera body wouldn’t facilitate correct stereo sound. The lens would block sound waves from the right side. The camera would tend to have louder left volume on stereo recordings. This is why most mic holes are higher on the body.

  • Al

    If you believe this you are a chump. I pulled the images off and put them into CS3 to have a closer look and this is doctored to crap. The D300s symbol is a rectangle stuck on as is the mikes. They have even tried to clone out their scratches on the cameras right side of the lens. They even cloned out the strap.
    What a load of bullocks!!!!

  • pulu

    it doesn’t surprise me that the directional controller on the back hasn’t changed, although i do wish they had adopted the d700 controller, which is superior.

    there is no indication of an audio in on the side. if missing, that would be a major mistake on nikon’s part.

    • Jon Paul

      I think Peter is right. It would be a mistake if they didn’t change the directional pad to the standard one and it would be really surprising. I’ll bet whoever doctored these pics is having a good laugh right now.

  • I hope Nikon has solved the rubber peeling issue πŸ™‚

  • Ryan

    You should probably be able tos ee the holes of the microphone in the top view pic as well.. since you can see the D300s name.. i dont see them and its a slope not straight down, seems like another fake with a stupid body cap to finish it off…

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