Nikon D90 FATBOX now official

After several leaks in German sites (link) today Nikon officially announced the  Nikon D90 FATBOX:


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  • EB

    Funny name for it.

    is all that includes is a camera bag, HDMI cable, and 4 GB card?

  • tonashideska

    In the U.S. it will called the D90 FATBUTT.

  • mape2k

    I’m from Germany and i just checked out the online shop -yes thats it for the FATBOX:
    D90 + 18-105mm
    CF-EU04 Camerabag
    2,5m HDMI cabel
    4gb SDHC “High Speed” <- which brand is not named, or does Nikon produce SD cards, too?

  • eh??

    lets hope nikon won’t get sued by fat americans who visited germany to buy it.

  • Mikael Willberg

    There seems to be few versions of the box with different objectives. If you compare the price of regular kit (18-55) and fat box of similar kind, you “get” the bag+cable+4gb for 50 euros. Wow, now this is really a bargain offer…

    Come on, is this really worth the marketing effort of the box at all…

  • The bag doesn’t seem to be well-padded according to the photo.

  • At least the other bags like this included a extra Nikon battery. Why would I want a cheap “Nikon” SD card? But I guess it’s much cheaper for their bottom line to include a $8 HDMI cable and $5 memory card. Not to mention the “steal me” camera bag. Sheesh Nikon!! Throw us a bone.

    • eh??

      i have a solution for you… just don’t buy it and stop complaining.

      • My point wasn’t whether to buy it or not, it’s just that they are getting cheap on what they are offering.

  • Vigoniusz

    I bought my D90 last year in Cracow, Poland and I got the same bag for extra. The bag was ok but for me useless ,I sold it for $25.

  • Zorro

    Why bother?

  • BoooOon

    They should release the D90 firmware update instead of some FATBOX sh**

  • Makoto


    Whatever happened to the update rumor.

    I’m inclined to dislike D90 related rumors these days because the firmware update myth is sort of fading out and other manufacturers are coming out with really promising new models in the mean time….

    • I haven’t received anything on the D90 firmware update lately.

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