Nikon D5000 available in Best Buy today

As already reported, the entry level DSLR Nikon D5000 is now available in Best Buy stores in the US. Few lucky readers have purchased it already. First picture (thanks Hooterville):


More of the same:

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  • Unboxing and test shots?

    LOL @ katsi

    Now don’t no one go bashing him for the first post! It’s fun.

  • i wonder if that flip sensor harkens to that rangefinder we were hearing about for awhile… hey! a guy can dream can’t he?! 😉

  • HDZ

    I want one, I want one, I want one!! LOL!!!

  • eh??

    early cameras are usually problematic… wait it out.

    don’t anyone remember the early D700’s, D3’s, and D3X’s, hmm?

    • I must be missing something – what happened to the early D700’s, D3’s and D3X’s?

    • bigmouth

      are you talking about early 5D2?

    • he probably means the dreaded/dead battery syndrome.

      • eh??

        1) D700: misaligned sensor, malfunctioned sensor cleaning engine, onboard pop up flash does not flash when doing time lapse, doesn’t respond to MB-D10, meter heavily underexposure or overexposure (approx. 2 stops).

        2) D3: malfunctioned shooting mode dial, doesn’t respond with some AIS lenses (even if user fills the non-CPU lens data info), inaccurate iTTL exposure with old SB-600 and SB-800 (problem solved with SB-900 with latest firmware update),

        3) D3X: more than 50 hot or dead pixels on the sensor, malfunctioned shooting mode dial, fails to write RAW file onto card (it becomes corrupted), doesn’t respond to some older AF lenses…

        seriously, i can keep on going listing all troubles that people experienced with the EARLIEST cameras. it’s always good idea to wait it out about an month or two, nikon will get many complaints from customers so they can work it out by installing latest firmware update on cameras.

        but problem is, gearheads WANTS the latest, newest, and greatest… sure, they can buy it but don’t whine to us about the problems.

        • Thanks for the info – I must have missed that. Was it on dpreview? Was it an isolated incident? Send some links please. Thanks.

  • JeJoKu

    Wow, lucky guy found a 18-200mm inside his 18-55mm kit. That’s a sweet deal 😉

    • Fan

      Wow. Is that for real? I saw the picture. Anyone else seen that? I am heading to BestBuy 🙂

      • My 18-200 came with my D300 kit. I haven’t even taken the 18-55VR that is in this new kit out of the box except for the test shots above. I’ll never use it. I’m holding on to it while I decide if I will keep the D5000 or not, if I decide to keep the body I will split it up tho I’ll put the lens up for sale on the FMiranda boards. Sorry for any confusion.

  • benalexe

    What did you pay?
    Still waiting for costco to come out with it. Often they sell the Nikon’s with 2 lenses.

    • List price plus tax, like $864 out the door.

  • Vl4d

    How Lucky they are 😛

    A D90 without built-in AF motor, with a stupid swivel LCD, with less than half of the original resolution, no top screen control… For almost the same price of a D90…

    Shame to nikon 😛

    • Swivel LCD’s only stupid if you let it hinder you. Personally, I’d find it very helpful. Have had cams w/ that feature on them before and miss that the current cams don’t have it.

      Stretch your imagination a bit. You might find that it could be useful.

  • benalexe

    I am actually looking forward to the 5000. I am a very novice photographer and I think the beginner features and bells and whistles are great. Also a little more compact that the d90

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Best Buy employee (don’t flame me LOL) and we got ours on the Wednesday truck. Our manager let us take it out to a relay for life event last night. I got to use it for a bit and definately liked the picture quality and new menu options. I think the price is a little high but hopefully it will drop soon. The swivel LCD screen was definately a cool feature and very useful. I don’t really want a D5000 but I hope my next DSLR has a swivel screen too.

    • cool – keep us updated in the future, it is good to have a Best Buy insider. Next time I want a picture of the truck with the Nikon goodies 🙂

      • Anonymous

        haha, ok… i always feel bad selling the stuff b/c i know you can get it cheaper somewhere else, some people just don’t feel comfortable buying over the internet.

  • captain

    Also available at ritz.

    • yep, here is the link – I am not sure if they have it in stores yet

  • benalexe

    Can someone please explain to me what the big deal with not having the focus motor on the camera is?

    • eh??

      internal focusing engine can allow you use older lenses like 35mm f/2.0D AF automatically but without, you have to focus the lens manually.

      those people who complain about it are very very very lazy.

      • northy

        and what experience do you have about manually focusing, say.. a 85mm /1.4 at night?

        anyway, the pictures posted here come from the [H] user, Kadath. he posted the pics there, but hasn’t said much about the camera just yet.

        • eh??

          no problems with me when using 50mm f/1.2 AIS on my D70s because i use the electric rangefinder (focus indicator) that tells me when the subject is in focus).

          the D5000 and other digi SLR’s that don’t have internal focusing motor can enable electric rangefinder to focus non-AF-S lenses no problem.

          • Eric

            Do you mean the little dot down to the left in the viewfinder?

      • ximena

        For people who have vision problems have a harder time and a longer time focusing (even with the glasses). It’s okay really, but when you’re shooting something that can’t be controlled (events, etc), I just don’t have that luxury of time to focus my lens.

        • ximena

          Oops. I meant “People who have vision problems have a…” Sorry about that error.

  • benalexe

    FYI Went to Best Buy they had it. $849. They did not have it at Costco. I am going to hold out. Usually a better deal at Costco.

    • Esol Esek

      I dont see better deals at Costco, but Costco doubles your warranty to TWO YEARS folks. Considering I have a D40x that just blew a shutter at 39k images, I think I would enjoy that added protection (for free)…

  • eh??

    i went to best buy today to buy a video game system for my little brother and they have 8 D5000’s in stock, i asked them when it showed up, “this wednesday, only sold two so far”. they’re selling it for $849.99 body only, $999.95 with 18-55mm DX, and $1099.95 with 18-55mm DX VR and 55-200mm DX VR.

    not so bad for a beginner camera.

    • That doesn’t seem right. Should be $848 with the 18-55VR, that’s what I paid. You sure you arent confusing something?


      • Anonymous

        At the Best Buy I work with its 849 and comes with the VR kit lens

  • Tom

    Best Buy in Colorado today Had the D5000 lock-up. They couldn’t even find the battery so I was able to try it out. Still holding out for the 90 or 700

  • Hooterville

    Took my D5000 back today and upgraded to a new D90.

    • benalexe

      Why did you take it back? What was wrong with it?

  • quatschmacher

    does this have the intervalometer built in as it says on dpreview? Or is it an error in the preview listing? I remember that they said it was on the D90 in their preview but when I checked it out in the shop it wasn’t there.

    • Confirmed, it has the exact same Interval Shooting menu as my D300.

  • Put up a video of the camera shooting an Osprey and chick. I could only get the ’82 Manual Focus Vivitar 400mm lens on the RRS head with this camera so it through off the metering. Will have to figure something else out.

    Vimeo version is here:

    The vimeo version looks very washed out to me. So… Original file is here:

  • Shannon

    Picked up the D5000 kit today as well as the 55-200mm VR lens from Ritz. They also included a nikon bag. Out the door I paid $1044. So far, I’m really liking the camera, going to be putting pics up on my deviant with it this week.

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