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  • For the eighth consecutive year, the National Association of Photo Equipment Technicians (NAPET) awarded Nikon Inc. the Martin Strauss Memorial Manufacturer Service Support Award. This award recognizes Nikon’s continued commitment to quality and the efficiency of its National Service Department, Service Relations Department, and Parts Department (source).
  • New Nikon web site in France (still in beta) where photographers can store their photos, take part in challenges, competitions and discussions with other users. The site has also a rating system. Interesting idea - kind of a Nikon social network.
  • SB-800 flash is removed from
  • Nikon D300 is listed as "5" in the computers of the retail shop FNAC (France), which means it will certainly be replaced in 2 or 3 months (according to the source).
  • I got a report that two weeks ago Media Markt in Sweden were selling their Nikon D300 floor demo models.
  • Nikon D300 is out of stock @ B&H - this may not mean anything, just the regular Nikon supply/production delay.
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  • If there is any truth to these two:

    * Nikon D300 is listed as “5″ in the computers of the retail shop FNAC (France), which means it will certainly be replaced in 2 or 3 months (according to the source).

    * I got a report that two weeks ago Media Markt in Sweden were selling their Nikon D300 floor demo models.

    The we may see the D400 un time for late summer or fall. I REALLY hope so!!!

  • Anonymous
  • John
  • Anonymous

    I went and looked at a D700/D300 yesterday. I saw the Nikon May specials dealer sheet and the D300’s $100 instant rebate is not being continued past 05/02. The D700 continued the $300 instant rebate for the month of May.

    Something to consider.

  • Alex

    In Germany D300 disappeared from some stores.

  • Zoetmb

    May be out of stock at B&H, but it’s in-stock at J&R. While there is a $100 instant rebate, it’s still $1700, which I think is pretty high for a body this old (available in the US as of November 2007) At one point (probably around Christmas), it had sold for as little as $1486.

    With a price still this high, I wonder if it is truly disappearing soon. Of course if the D400 is only a trivial upgrade and uses the same assembly line, then it could be a case of Nikon not manufacturing any new D300s.

  • Anonymous

    OOS on US site as well

  • Anonymous

    don’t anyone remember the good ‘ol D200? it was still in production for like 4-6 months after D300 was introduced. it’s definitely not going anywhere.

  • ryan

    Though the d200 stayed out, you cant refer to the past to look into what the future will hold with camera equipment, other than to know it is going to move faster and faster, which leads me to believe the d300 will get canned earlier than the last generation stuff did, especially the D80 sitting as long as it did, i doubt that will happen again ever, taht was a bit bizarre really. it poses no comp. against the d90. i would expect a d400 and another professional camera this year, the professional one coming in NOV. and the d400 probably in either may or late august(or in between)… and about the pricing, in this market and economy, they arent going to down prices cuz they wont be making enough money.. they might as well give them away at less than 1500$

  • PJS

    If I were marketing the replacement models, I’d release the new pro body first, around July-August. The the D400 (or D700x) around November for the Christmas rush. Pros buy anytime – consumers love Xmas…

    • Nikkorian

      Yes, but don’t consumers love the summer holiday for taking photos?

      I thought the pressure from the 5DII was bigger on Nikon, so they would update the D700. The 50D is not really a big competitor for the D300 since it also does not record movies. And also the D90 with the crippled movie mode could not really be a big competitor for the D300, could it?

  • Let me take a guest

    I estimate the D400 coming out in late May to early June.

  • Cesar

    ~sigh~, farewell SB-800.. you served us well…

  • Kickmatic

    I’d get one of those straps if they were available in the US

  • bhavin

    does anyone know how quick the turnaround is for BH PHOTO with their out of stock merchandise?

  • why

    Does anyone know where those straps and bags are going on sale in japan? Some of them look rather nice, would like to check them out on my next trip out there.

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