New Nikon web site launching today


Today Nikon launched a new site (very slow for me):

"Nikon Corporation, Imaging Company is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of Nikon Next ( on Thursday, April 23, 2009. As the environment surrounding photography and imaging continue to evolve, Nikon Next, developed by Nikon Imaging Company, will present various forms of the future of digital age photo imaging expression."

What is this site about:


Primary contents

Our Facts Interviews with Nikon technicians. These interviews will cover Nikon technologies, beginning with those we have developed over our long history, as well as those we are currently developing or foresee for the future.
Our Works Introduction of information on Nikon products from compact digital cameras to digital-SLR cameras.
Our Future Interviews with researchers playing an active role in the latest fields, including NIKKOR lens and digital technologies.
Interviews will cover the history, current status, and future of optics, imaging and digital technologies.
Image Films Introduction of original films by imaging producers and film directors who make the world their stage.


Major Contributing Photographers

Nitin Vadukul Photographer and imaging artist, Nitin Vadukul, was born in Kenya and raised in England. He settled in New York City in 1994, and has photographed well-known musicians, actors and celebrities for a wide variety of magazines including The Source, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Vogue. Nitin Vadukul’s artistic portraits of musicians have received critical acclaim, and he also works behind the lens for a diverse group of advertising clients.
Phil Knott British bred, Brooklyn based photographer, Phil Knott, has been producing images for well over ten years. Rich in content and creativity, Knott presents a style that is beautiful, soulful and honest in its capacity to extract what is raw from his subjects. Embodying this not only in portraiture, but also in the fusion of fashion, lifestyle and music, Phil has invented a niche for himself, attracting a wide range of clients that include some prestigious sports and apparel brands. Knott has published three books, and is currently working on State of the Moment in Conjunction, to be published by KDU. This new piece will cover New York’s creative scene.
Rankin Rankin is a portrait and fashion photographer based in England. He established his reputation when he launched the magazine Dazed & Confused with his business partner Jefferson Hack in 1991 while attending the London College of Printing. Beginning with the first compilation of his photographs, RankinWorks, Rankin has published a number of books featuring his photographs. Rankin works in a number of fields, most recently as a film director. Rankin will undertake his most ambitious project to date, a museum-scale exhibition to be held in August 2009, titled Rankin Live!, at which he will shoot and instantly print the portraits of 1,000 people, using a process that will take only fifteen minutes from click of the shutter to hanging.


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  • eh??

    looks like this site is slowly dying due to this new site’s chances of showing us what the future will look like…

    • Placido

      “slowly dying”? NR, I am sorry you sometimes such a gang of m****s visiting your blog 🙁

      • yes sure, now Nikon will start releasing its own rumors… omg, what am going to do now… this is the rumor of the year LOL

  • NikoDoby

    Wow, an Official Nikon Rumors website! I guess spreading rumors is good marketing after all.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a spelling mistake on an official site? They have spelled ‘deutsch’ (german) without a ‘s’.

    Now this is not very professional.

    • eh??

      yeah? why don’t you fix it yourself? 😛

      • RumpelHund

        OK, I’ll take “deutsh” into my german and drop off “deutsch” 8~))

        • Anonymous

          Very funny reply. Thank you for making me laughing ; ))

        • LOL – they fixed it! They are reading NR!

  • NikoDoby

    Not trying to knock the site but I literally feel asleep listening to Utagawa-sans interview with his voice and that music! I guess I’m more tired than I thought. Well time to leave the Nuclear Power Plant control room and get some coffee. Or maybe I should just turn these damn alarm bells off and get some more sleep. Goodnight everyone I’m off to dream about a Nikon D400, D500, D4000, D4X, D5H, SP-FX1 …………..

  • Biziclop

    Does not work with Firefox. I think it is more unprofessional than mis-spelling “Deutsch”…

    • eh??

      you would need to download the latest firefox update and make sure to accept all cookies and turn on java script because im on firefox and it opens just fine.

  • site is extremely slow. And I have 10 Mbit. 🙁
    I think they should stick to making equipment and not websites 😉

  • den

    idea good, implementation fail!!! i hate this flash thing, made my firefox crash.

  • Daf

    Slow to load for me to.
    After it has – rather annoying site, rather arty navigation where you don’t know where you’re going.
    I thought Rankin was a Hasselblad shooter!

  • den

    also some disturbing content which seems to only be relevant for japanese ppl, like the video with the father and the son, the stupid singing and the father hitting his son…omfg.

  • Makoto

    The Image Films are shot using RED (LOL).

  • Captain

    I had a look but didn’t like it. I’ll have another look in about a month but if it hasn’t improved I won’t be back. I really can’t see the point of the website. Nikon should stick to what they do best – making cameras, lenses, and associated equipment.

  • Lardinio

    bit of a waste of time really, took too long to load and when it did the lights appeared to be on, but on-one was home.

  • Michael

    I agree with everyone else. It is extremely slow. I also am not a big fan of Flash. It is new, like someone said, I will go back in a couple of weeks and see what happens.

  • Zoetmb

    Yes, the site is much too slow and the question is why. It shouldn’t take that long to load a jpg and a few K of typeface. I like it better than that “game” site they did recently, but while there’s an attempt at providing content, no one is really saying anything. It’s all a bunch of “we look to the past and to the future and the F mount is wonderful and everyone should have the joy of photography, blah, blah blah.” I don’t expect them to give away their future strategy or engineering secrets, but the site is all window dressing. Even aside from the performance issues, some of it is designed poorly: there are sections where you have type over type and the ever-repeating music makes it sound like a classy porn site.

  • for the bashers

    i’ve enjoyed the site totally and it loaded in less than two minutes. I thought the site was very well designed and the photography they showcased were beautiful.

    it is apparent that this site is full of whiners and bashers on 56k modems.

    it is the marketing effort (such as sites like this) in the past decades that helped make nikon a multi-billion dollar company it is today.

    • Aleksey

      Are you the proud parent?

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