Nikon D5000 videos

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  • EaGle1337

    the video looks nice..

  • NikoDoby

    Where’s the video of that Versace pirate dude from Croatia?

    • EaGle1337

      this advertisement is form NikonAustralia.. that’d be why.

      • Dweeb

        Arrrrrh, then they be Aussie pirates?

      • Anonymous

        What got me was the title – “D5000 DOCUMENTARY”. It seems we went from ad, to info-mercial to an outright lie by calling an ad a documentary. A real documentary would have black tape over the brand names etc.

  • Anonymous

    well aren’t you guys jealous of 6 years olds running around with D5000 prototypes? 😛

    • yeah, did nobody see those kids?

      • NikoDoby

        Come on NikonRumors, those kids were your inside source for all your info weren’t they!

        • yes, I bribed them with candy 🙂

          • Marc W

            Does this mean it’s a kids camera? OOHHHHHH

  • Newbie

    I’d like to see video of the Dubrovnik dude.

  • Bob Agens`

    The video still does that jelly thing…

    • Anonymous

      if that really bothers you, buy a sony HDR-FX7 for god’s sakes. only $2,000 USD and have manual controls ((focusing, aperture, shutter speed, WB, everything))

      • Bob Agens`

        Why shouldn’t i want a decent video from this camera? It is part of the feature list, it is sold as a video-capable camera and Canon somehow solved this issue.
        Just because it’s a new feature i have to close my eyes to the fact that it sucks?

        • When did Canon solve this issue? They make great video cameras, but even some of their video cameras have a rolling shutter/jello cam issue. And the 5dmkii certainly does too. Where’s this Canon solution?

          You know what bothers me more than that? I can hear the VR running on my 70-200mm lens. Now THAT is a usability issue.

    • So it’s offering basically the same rolling shutter problem as the D90 has. Wow, way to go Nikon!

      I’m developing a batch program for Nikon D90 (and the upcoming D5000) movie clips which will remove the “stair-stepping” and minimize the rolling shutter lag, outputing a lossless video file for further post-processing.
      Currently the main features are:

      Nikon D90 Stair-step and Rolling Shutter fix batch script
      – Batch processing of all video files in the working catalog
      – Stair-stepping removal acc. to Lee Wilson’s fix
      – Specific rolling shutter fix – (yet to be optimized)
      – (Optional) stabilisation to eliminate shakiness when hand-held
      – Output in lossless (Huffyuv) video codec – (yet to be optimized)

      Test 1 – Before and after:

      I would need some original short video clips for testing and optimizing. More info here:

  • Faye

    I just almost believe that Nikon D5K is waterproof! Ha~ it can be thrown into sea water and brought back in a good shape!

    • Dweeb

      Arrrrh, surely you mean, “Walk the Plank, matey”?

  • Siletto

    Hmmm, what lens was the kids using? I’m pretty sure it’s not new, just wondering. 18-200?

    • fry26

      Definetely not a zoom – lens has only one ring. Never seen a Nikkor lens of that shape especially not with a golden ring. Looks like a non G-type.

      • fry26

        could be the 105 mm f2.8 macro lens

  • Ian Dudley

    Whether or not the video is any better than the D90, which seems unlikely, the promos shown here are simply a disgrace, and are typical of the negative, trendy-but-pointless style of young media types today. This is Nikon, makers of the world’s best SLRs for 50 years, yet the video shows idiot film-making skills, which would not sell me anything. Kick out the marketing team and go back to emphasising core values – quality, quality, quality.

    • Agreed. Especially with the grainy hot-spot covered pics as samples. I can’t believe that a production model would take pics like that.

    • Joergen

      Agreed, something just broke inside me……, I will try to forget what I saw today….

  • Erik

    Lol! The kids are acting a part for the 2nd commercial viedo. Look at the lips from the girl at 1:18. How can she know the text ;). Hope that there isn’t everything played by script.

  • Anonymous

    You ever feel like you just got kicked in the gut by the big bully on the playground

  • Bill

    I’m certainly not buying this camera. In fact, I am seriously thinking of switching to Canon.
    I recognize the consumer market is far larger than the professional market and that segment drives sales. However professionals still want and frankly demand good products. Good images are what I (we) want and frankly I cant stand shooting with a DX sensor anymore.
    What I was hoping for here was Nikon’s answer to the 5d MkII. Looks like that aint happening anytime soon.
    Bye, Nikon.

    • Anonymous

      The consumer market of canon is also large. I think your just a megapixel-junkie because the D700 havent enough for you, right? 😉

      • Bill

        I’m not a megapixel junkie. I still shoot Tri-X if thats a sign of much I’m NOT a MP junkie. There are just certain tools out there (like a good hybrid dSLR) that make life easier for professionals. The news and how its delivered to consumers is changing dramatically. A hybrid dSLR makes that delivery easier.
        This camera might appeal to my Mom and brothers. A lot of my colleagues who shoot Nikon are wishing there was a serious reply to Canon’s machine.

  • Nikon

    Bye, Bill.

  • Ben O.

    I wonder how many of these they went through to film this extravaganza? I wouldn’t let those kids anywhere near my gear. Running around in the sand and the water – wave bye-bye to that lens.

  • xd

    does ne1 know the name of the background music played in the d5000 video??

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