The next new entry level Nikon DSLR (D5000?)

We now have the first picture of what could be the next entry level Nikon DSLR with a swivel display (D5000 or D500?).


In addition we should see 12-15 mpixels, video mode but not full HD. The date? April 14.

Picture source: Somethingawful

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  • ddovala

    Interesting! I’m more interested in a D400 on April 14 though…

  • eugene

    no Full HD? !!! it must be D5000
    compare to Canon 500D and 5DII with full HD mode, a little disappointment

    • this is just the rumor/tip I received few days ago, I cannot confirm at that point what will be the video capabilities

    • Placido

      Check the size : it cant be a Dxxx body, it is just too small !
      Anyway, I am wondering how the LCD can be that far from the rest of the body.

      NR, did you kindly ask indyjb for the rest of the photos ?

      • That mode knob has an awful lot of settings if there’s no video.

  • Pablov

    interested in D400 too,

    but is there a specific reason why D5000 has “not Full HD” ?

    something similar to what happen to Canon 500D ? (maybe not enough processor/electronics power to achieve smooth Full HD video, and then offer it at just unusable 20fps)

  • broadbean

    I’m certainly looking at jumping the fence for something like the Canon 500D for Full HD video. Hopefully Nikon will be able to respond with a comparable model.

    • CatSplat

      I would not consider 20fps to be “Full HD”. More like “Marketing HD.”

      • Dylan


  • MattM

    LOL any goons here realize that this was gassed?

  • Eric

    But the 500d can only shoot 1080p at 20 frames a second which will be very choppy

  • low

    looks like a non dslr, but one of those older sony digitals that had this.

  • johnny

    As much as I want this to be true, somethingawful = photoshopland.
    Some goons over there are very skilled!

  • Dslr

    You want HD video go buy a video camera!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you want HD video with high quality optics, control over DOF, low noise, and good bokeh, just spend $25k+ on a RED setup!

      • fotomik

        Yes, and if you want almost-HD video with less than enough FPS, no autofocus and absolutely no control over exposure, just spend 800$ on a DSLR.

        • Anonymous

          The D90 has 24 fps and allows you to both control and lock exposure. Autofocus is useless to anyone who wants to do serious video work. Yes, the resolution isn’t perfect, but with effort the results look far more professional than anything you could ever get out of a traditional video camera.

        • Greg Tommers

          Yes, if you have no creative aspirations and just want to shoot your kid running around the park, by all means get a video camera.

  • Anonymous

    the swivle screen is sooooooooo cheeeeeeeeeezy!
    its the worst thing, i think, that could be new on a DSLR

    wow canon good job with your 500d

    • shutterdancer

      the swivle screen is sooooooooo cheeeeeeeeeezy!
      its the worst thing, i think, that could be new on a DSLR

      If your an old fart like me ,with a bad back and knees,who likes to do a lot of low angle macro work then a swivle LCD screen would be a Godsend.

      • I have to agree that the swivel screen would be great! Some one with a point-and-shot pointed out how easy it is to get candid shots when people think your not taking a photo…

      • Willis

        I would agree.

        I’ve got a D90 with Live View, but I never use it. If I had a swivel screen, I probably would use it a lot more for those shots that are not taken at eye level (especially those overhead “spray & prey” type shots).

    • Have you ever used one???

      I use a D90 now, but had an Olympus e3 in the past, the swivel screen is what makes liveview useful, without it LiveView offers little to nothing over the viewfinder. With the swivel screen you can get some great POVs without crawling around or climbing on a chair 😉

  • That is really such a funny angle for a photo. It looks like someone took the picture out of their office window. Odd they couldn’t get the face in the picture – so I’m thinking the truthfulness of this is a bit less so.

  • tibor

    Swivel LCD is an outstanding feature for portraits & Candids;
    That’s why All those old pictures tooken with bireflex medium Format cameras look so great & natural.

  • Eli

    I’m sure there’s a reason why it’s in the “Gas Chamber” at Something Awful.

  • jcvjcvjcvjcv

    swivel display so they can implement a cheaper display with bad viewing angles..?

    • jcvjcvjcvjcv

      it’s just I’m not an optimist

    • Desinderlase

      Screens with “bad” viewing angle can have better contrast and colors.

  • Joe Boston

    Lol@Top-plate LCD.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • May 2006 posting date for the original post according to my computer?????????
    There is no way this is real!

    • Andi

      May 2006 is not posting date but member date.

  • Derek
    “I have more and better pictures if people are interested.”

    Ok so where are they?

  • Anonymous

    umm… ladies and gentlemen… it is simply a nikon coolpix P90, nothing mysterious.

    • Nico in China

      this is not a P90, there seem to be a red stripe below the shutter, like on the DSLR, there is a name indication on the left side of the front, and the writing on the lens don’t match those of the P90.

      • dan

        Also in other photos you see a 18-55 VR lens on there.

  • Pablox

    i think the reason why canon made its new camera only 20fps is to keep its pro customers, if they went 24 on this body it would taking alot of customers from their pro video line, on the other hand nikon has nothing to really lose, so they can go 24fps on a 800 dollar camera with no problem, they have no video customers to lose. im still looking foward to the D400!

  • fLUO!

    Well… There also are Swivel-screen attachments for DSLRs sold by a third party (don’t remember which, I guess you can google it and see if you find it)…

    So this could be an existing nikon with this 3rd party swivel.

    If it was real, that would be nice for people with knee or back problems, just for the sake of it being more comfortable to shoot from weird angles, to take candids without the subjects feeling too observed, to shoot a silly self-portrait once in a while! (+- your girl/boyfriend, friends or family)…

  • Cluebat
    • Cluebat

      PS Not saying it’s definitive proof (the angles are very inconclusive), but simply more pictures belonging to this set.

    • rhlpetrus

      Thanks for link, it looks real to me and it’s not a super-zoom like P90.

  • definitely a swivel display. this engadget photo shows a guy looking at angles and this one you can see a swivel display!!!

  • Andi

    the size is a d40 like body. picture number 4 (of 5 in the engadget-link) shows a mode dial that I havent seen on a Nikon. There is a Mode “Scene” if I can read this correct.
    The series of pictures looks a bit fake to me, first the ones from far above, and then close-ups from the same level …

  • kikkk

    giz says more

  • Mike

    That is not a P90 in the photos, clearly it has an 18-55 lens on it. Swivel screens on entry level Nikons are inevitable and will be attractive to those coming from a P&S.

  • So no HD video? Great, that means it might still be cheaper than the 450D (rather than comparable with the 500D). Please, please let it have a built in AF motor.

  • baby nikon

    is there anyone got a higher resolution photos? i’m really interested, tks

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