Missing Nikon lens model numbers

A post from a reader in response to the missing Nikon HB-44 hood:

"Here's another missing number (at least in the U.S):

The 16-85mm, released February 08 was model #2178 (link)
The 18-105mm, released August 08 was model #2179 (link
The 50mm 1.4G, released September 08 was model #2180 (link
The 35mm AF-S is model #2183 (link

Where is model #2181 and #2182?

It could have been assigned to another accessory and not a lens, but Nikon usually keeps these numbers pretty much in sequence (flashes are in the 4000 series, for example). So has #2181 and #2182 already been assigned to lenses we don't know about yet?"

Thanks Z.

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  • DJK

    Nikon’s been announcing 5-7 lenses a year recently, and I’d guess each design is in development for 2-3 years before hitting the market. So at any given time, there’s going to be a dozen or more lenses at various stages of development. At some point during development, a design would get assigned a model number. All this means is that the AF-S 35mm sped through development faster than a couple lenses started before it – hardly surprising given that it is a relatively simple design.

    So yes, most likely 2181 and 2182 are the model numbers of lenses we don’t know about yet. Even though we don’t know about them, we do know they’ll be announced in the next few months sometime. But this is hardly news to anyone.

    • the ideas behind this post was that now I/we know what to look for

  • While nice to know of the missing numbers, it is now after midnight on the East Coast, so I was hoping we would hear something about new lenses of DSLR’s tonight! Guess I will keep waiting and hoping we get some more new stuff by PMA. Really hoping for an 80-400 update and the new D400 (at least within a few months).

  • Cin

    I think that is supposed to be the 1.4G, not 1.8G as reported…simple typo.

    • yes a typo – and it was released in September, not in December

  • Anonymous

    Serialised release numbers ?! I think the only thing you can work out from this is that the 35mm f1.8 was announced ahead of schedule and there are likely two ‘imminent’ lens announcements – but again, when or what we cannot divine from a serialised release number.

    So, nothing to see hear, please move on…

  • Anonymous

    perhaps it’s only a database-thing, like every site in a CMS has it’s own number to identify it.

    When i create a new site and i make a mistake, it could happen that i delete this page.

    what is with the numbers
    A lot of new lenses?

    • Char

      Well, maybe just a few lenses that were planned but never made it to the final stage?

  • ds..
    • Tom

      Photoshop or real ? There’s two different angles…could be real…

    • Interesting lens. Nice catch.

  • one of them will come with the HB-44, the other one probably doesn’t have a hood…

  • Tom

    Wow, if that 10-18 DX Nano-coated f4 is real, there sure will be a lot of v upset FXers.

    • Char

      Actually not, cause there is no DX label anywhere… so it is either fake, or it is the widest corrected FX lens ever (wider than Sigma 12-24), since there is no fisheye marking either. Maybe Nikon got pissed by the fact that people bought the 12-24 Sigma for being wider than the 14-24, but I doubt it. Anyways, a really weird lens if it should come out.

  • Cesar

    Why’s that Tom? “They” have a nice 14-24, no?

  • Cesar

    That 10-18 is photoshopped. Look at the ‘0’ of the 10. That’s clearly fake.

    • Tom

      Yeah, u r right – the 0 looks a little undersized. Plus as someone above said, no DX marking, and I can’t get my head round a 10mm FX, so I guess it must be fake.

      I’ve seen FXers get a little terse when DX lenses come out so I guess that another DX lens right after the 35 would wind these people up…no ?

      • “I’ve seen FXers get a little terse when DX lenses come out so I guess that another DX lens right after the 35 would wind these people up…no ?”

        LOL! The Internets would absolutely self-implode is what would happen.

  • markdphotoguy

    These numbers are catalogue numbers that dealers use when ordering product from Nikon.
    If you go to a site like B&H that shows the manufacturers part # you can see these numbers and the gear they are associated with. In my experience Nikon does not tend to jump catalogue numbers so those are no doubt used by something.

  • I hope there’s a AF-S 24mm f/1.4 N coming soon.

    • Char

      …. and which price would you be willing to pay for it? 😉

  • Chris

    We know the 80-400 is due an update, and there have been reports of a 70-200 mkII in development for a while. Not beyond the realms of possibility that at least one of these lenses is not far off release. My money would be on the 80-400 first.

    • Tom

      At Photokina the rumor was a 35 and then an 85. We just had the 35 so….

    • David

      From your lips to God’s ears!

  • Anonymous

    guys, these are discontinued 18-55mm DX and 55-200mm DX. wake up and smell coffee.

    • Any proof? Or do we have a troll?

      • Ben

        See my message below. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t reply to Anon and, instead, posted a new message.

  • Ben

    Actually, Anon, the 18-55DX and 55-200DX were model numbers 2170 and 2156, respectively.

    • What about recent rumor about Nikkor 135mm f1.8 (VR) ?

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