Nikon D3/D60 + Nikkor 35mm/F1.8G DX sample images

Update: there is also a second page of examples of Nikkor 35mm/F1.8G DX with Nikon D60:

This Japanaese blog (translated version) has few sample shots taken with Nikon D3 and the new Nikkor 35mm/F1.8G DX:

AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm F1.8G 
FX Mode 
F1.8, 1/200 sec, ISO200 
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  • dan

    Ahh, looks useable! Although it’s hard to tell from the translation how many of them are shot in 5:4 mode and cropped or whatl

  • JasonH

    Every single shot has info below it what mode it was shot in, they all seem correct except for the second down (first shot through the 35) that has to be DX crop mode, not FX as there is no vignetting. Other wise it looks like it could be used wide open on FX with some RAW vignette control applied, and even at f11 it looks like you could get a significantly larger crop out of it than the default DX mode.

    • Roger Moore

      I think you’re missing the point with the first shot. That was taken at (or close to) minimum focusing distance. At close focus, there’s little or no vignetting. A bit further away there is some, but you can avoid it by going to 5:4 crop. Closer to infinity there’s enough that even going to 5:4 crop doesn’t eliminate it. It also looks as though it actually gets worse when the lens is stopped down.

      That’s not too surprising. It looks to me as though the front element is undersized for full FX coverage at infinity. On close focus, the FOV narrows enough that the undersized element doesn’t cause problems. At infinity focus, the vignetting in the corners is bad enough that it goes beyond the center of the lens, so stopping down makes it worse.

  • Alex

    I think those shots look horrible, but that probably has nothing to do with the lens or the camera…

  • Masa

    One funny thing: At the bottom he says he accidentally shot all of them with hood on.
    Even with the hood, there was no noticeable vignetting when focused close enough (the second photo; it was not DX crop mode). Maybe it is usable even in FX mode as long as the hood is not on.

  • Marc W

    I guess I’m shooting all wrong, I always have a good on 🙂

    • Jon Paul

      No, it’s good to have the hood on always, except for a hood designed for a DX lens when it’s on an FX body, as that may further reduce the image circle.

  • Anonymous

    why is everybody judging the lens based on small size web-ready JPEG’s?

    only smart people rents it out to test for themselves

  • dave

    if this is as good as i hope it is, it’ll rarely be off my D300.


    Looks good enough for me and my D60. Can’t wait!

  • Lars

    Hmm… another average Nikon bokeh. My subjective opinion, of course.

  • My D700 will be happy with the 50 1.4 and about 2 steps back.


    • David Olsen

      or the 35mm f2.0 which is very good on my D3

  • Niloy

    I just saw them on a tiny cellphone screen, but I liked it. I kinda like vignetting. It’s quite passable at 5:4 crop mode.

  • d40-owner

    Is it me, or the bokeh looks as bad (whatever that means) as the 50 f/1.4G?
    Particularly the 2nd photo has harsh details and doughnut-shaped blobs.
    Oh, man….. There goes my illusion of a perfect lens….
    On the other hand, that 2nd photo was taken veeery close to the subject, maybe the bokeh changes character for OOF objects that are further away?… I don’t know.
    Oh, well. I’m gonna get one anyway, my D40 is begging for it!

    • DNHJR

      For $200 it looks damn fine to me. Can’t wait for it!

  • D300 Owner

    Check out the second page with the D60 shots, much better.

  • monx

    To quote directly from the preview, “FX format for use in dementia and can see and taste the sharpness of the opening was not”. I think that pretty much sums it up :D.


    Where is the 2nd page? That link is the same as the D3 pic’s.

  • Julian

    The following link (bottom of D60 sample page) has high resolution version of the sample images

    • Tom

      The cropped sensor seems to work much better with this lens (hardly surprising) but it seems it still has some bokeh issues on the D60. Nothing horrendous IMO but I see colour shifts on the edges of oof highlights and some teardrop distortion near the corners for the oof highlights too, when shot wide open.

      However, for US$200, it seems from the full-size images that this is a very good value lens. At mid-apertures it might even be a very good lens, period. I guess we’ll have to wait for some serious tests. SLRGear say that Nikon will be giving them a lens to test so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long either.

      I’m sold on this lens. Thanks Nikon !

      • d40-owner

        Fully agree with your comments.
        The bokeh issues you describe do seem very similar to the issues the 50G has, so I guess it has to do with these modern Gaussian/aspherical designs. But the big thing is, NO COMA FLARE! The old problem with fast lenses is pretty much gone in these latest aspherical releases from Nikon. Gotta love those Japanese engineers glued to computer screens for countless hours… 😛

        In my even-less-demanding D40, this 35 will be a winner!! I can’t wait to get one!!

  • Julian

    This is what I’ve been thinking too.

    I also have D40 and will get this 35mm 1.8G DX. I recently bought the 50 1.4G to capture shots of my newborn son and I am more than happy but the extra field-of-view for in door shots will give me just that much more options (I didn’t mind the spend, I’m now future proof once the future FX D40 come out 🙂

    If I’m a sales person that’s how I would sell this lens to the budget conscious consumers: Do have young children? Get a D40/D60 and this lens, you can’t get this with a P&S.

    How many people aren’t in this position 🙂

    • Bruno

      “do you have young children?” hahahahaha! good point.

      Nikon (or some major retailers) could easily make a D40/D60 “special kit” with this lens instead of the 18-55. it would be sweet.

      • Anonymous

        Who knows ? We may even get this very thing announced at PMA.

  • Semper Fi

    It’s so typical how everyone was whining about it not being FX (as if any of those whiners even shoot FX) and now all of a sudden they’re all happy. It probably has something to do with the lower-than-expected price tag.

  • Jeff

    I think the pictures look good and that focal length is great on DX…

    I’d prefer a 30mm of course, but this is not bad.

    +1. I’m ordering.


  • Even if I had a FX D3, I’d be using this lens quite often! I love how the corners are so soft and the extreme vignetting.

    Is there a way to bring that effect in my normal DX shooting, without postprocessing?

  • shivas

    looks great – very nice bokeh, and the build quality looks VERY similar to my 50mm 1.4G, so I guess for $199, they managed to do a LOT with the lens. . .glad I pre-ordered!

  • Johnny
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