Nikon Media Port UP300x video headset gets reviewed


Do you remember the Nikon Media Port UP300x video headset? If you want to find out more about this weird product, Akihabaranews just published a review:

"The UP300 Series is an interesting concept and a really high-end product. Definitely not made for everyone, don't expect to get the perfect PMP player experience, but once you understand its limitation the UP300 can be very useful… Anyone can find a use for it if they really think a bit about it. I really like the idea of getting guitar lessons with video, but I am sure you could find other ideas on how to use it. I also love the Network concept, it would be great to get information in department stores and waiting areas… Due to UP300 limitations, I'm not sure many companies will provide services and info for it."

What's the target audience for this thing? I don't think Nikon will ever make money from this product.

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    It’s Robocop Jr.

    Where are the 35mm f/1.8G pre-order links??? Been checking all day. I’m not going to miss this lens like I did with the 50mm.

    • nobody has it yet – I am monitoring 6 sites and will post the link right away

  • Eric

    It’d be amazing if Nikon could put the wifi to use with a new DSLR body and give users a electronic viewfinder and audio monitor through the UP300.

  • Damn, Eric beat me to it. I think being able to use this thing as a liveview display would be awesome. It would make my life so much easier not having to hang out of open car doors at 80km/h when I’m shooting for a automotive magazine. 🙂

  • Stephen

    So, the first thing I thought when I saw this was, perfect. You see, I produce films and videos. Some of it’s commercial stuff some of its personal projects. When I shoot commercial stuff I usually have a bunch of people all up in my equipment wanting to see everything I am doing. I usually don’t mind the input, but when they are in my way it can delay things significantly.

    I had a client knock a light over and it dominoed all the way down the line. 5 light heads where killed. So we had to let them cool off enough to open them up and replace the bulbs. Then we had to reset the lighting. It was a two hour delay. My crew charge for the two hours was an additional $1500. I also charged for the damage done to my equipment since I asked them several times to step back and sit down.

    So I see this as a great thing to give my client. Tap into my monitor out. Tell them its what I see in the viewfinder, and the audio is what I hear. then they are not always trying to look through my viewfinder or over my shoulder at my monitor. I do have high quality monitors to serve this purpose, but they still want to see what I see. I don’t know why. This would also be nicer and more compact than lugging around 3 monitors so everyone can see.

    I hope the price is reasonable

  • Ken Elliott

    Heck, I’ve been thinking I’d attach one via the HDMI port on my D700 and use it for over-the-head shots. I’m just waiting for them to hit the states. Nikon should improve Live View to work with this type of display, and the D700 LiveView is far from what I’d like.

  • Mike

    Ya, I dunno. When I first saw this I thought this was an iPod A/V accessory for ultra gear heads. This image looks like he is ripe for a mugging or tripping over the curb head first into a streetcar. I can see how film producers might use it. An extension of live view is a bit (of an expensive) stretch. I get the feeling that Nikon has invented this thing and is getting feelers from the market at large on what to use it for. As I type I am thinking of less still camera applications, more surgical/microscope based research applications. Laproscopic surgery for example, or a more ergonomica method of looking through a microscope. But then again with only one eye involved with this, those applications would be difficult. Hmmm…

  • Pablov

    If I remember well the device allows you to see images like watching a big screen.
    But the most interesting thing, that was impossible years ago, is the fact that you have the display right in front of your eyes as close as 1 inch.
    That requires a special system, that could be improved and used in lot of other devices.

    Please don’t get confused with the Virtual Reality helmet, it used very different optics system, and was much thicker than this one.

    I find this system VERY interesting and worths to improve for further use.

    (remember I-robot sequence, when Will Smith is running a bike at high speed and he uses sun glasses that display information about the bike speed and RPM? . That sequence only last few 2 seconds, but I watched it carefully because that kind of display devices are interesting and can be widely used in other areas than just multimedia entertainment)

    • Jon Paul

      It’s the precursor to the first nikon electronic viewfinder.

      • Pablov

        good point indeed.
        It might be.

        Although I was thinking about other uses than photography (not military please…) and even with 2 eyes coverage.

  • Alex

    i found that dude in canon video

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