…and you know that Nikon D400 will be coming out soon…

After the leak on Amazon, now a online book seller in Switzerland is ready to sell the same Nikon D400 book (expected July 2009):


A reader actually found the German publisher and they have the book on their website as well:


So, we know the D400 is coming and I will not be surprised if we see it in the next week or so, together with the new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX. I am also smelling another lens, maybe FX... Maybe a remake of an existing lens, but I do not have any info on this - just my own speculation. Nikon has to release something in FX, otherwise all the full frame fans will be pissed about the new DX products. If you remember, the Nikon D90 was released before Photokina, so the D400 could be released before PMA, especially since Canon is expected to  release new products as well in the next 2 weeks.

Here are some more related rumors I received, all unconfirmed:

  • Got a report form a reputable small dealer - D400 should come with 1080p video, more pixels, and better noise. It doesn't say much, but the point was that it should "really replace" the D300.
  • Someone (anonymously) sent me some good D400 lottery numbers: 15, 6, 12800, 51, and 1080. I don't know, it could be a joke.
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  • D400 is sounding VERY interesting! I was not planning on upgrading my D300 for at least another year, but if it really does provide better noise, with a few more pixels, then I may sign up for one. While I may not go for the 35mm (I have Sigma 28 1.8), I have a friend with a D40 who is very interested.

    I have been primarily looking/hoping for one or more of the following:
    80-400 update (AF-S, Nano, VR II, better tripod mount, maybe 500 at top end)
    300 F4 update (VR II, Nano, better tripod mount)
    70-200 update (Nano, true FX)
    400 F4.5 Nano AF-S VRII (with f4.5, could still use a 1.4x)

    So, lets get going on the lens rumors!

    • Vic

      “True FX”?
      lol, you shouldn’t believe everything you read online 🙂
      a 80-500 with the same speed would probably be pretty damn big and heavy by the way.
      I do agree on the 300/4 though! 🙂

      • Maxime

        How about something like a 200-500?

  • a reader

    how many are going to upgrade for the cost of five-grand?

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog, NR Admin

    • Thanks – I really work very hard on it to get it to that point.

    • Jon Paul

      I agree on the site–thanks for your work. Rumors are fun even if they don’t turn out to be true. They give me a reason not to upgrade–what sucker is going to get the D400 when it sounds like next week there might be a full frame camera with 1080p video, a 4.3″ touch screen LCD, GPS tagging, and plays blu-ray discs in HD? (No, not really. But you get the idea…)

      • Thanks! Regarding the rumors: just look at the ongoing discussion, one can learn a lot from it, even if the rumor is not true. Of course we have also the BS comments, but those people come and go.

  • “15, 6, 12800, 51, and 1080. I don’t know, it could be a joke.”

    Regarding that, those sounds like a pretty good basis for assumption on what a D400 might consist of. None of the numbers seem unreasonable. The 51 is unnecessary as it’s already in the D300 (as is the 6).
    Video’s nice, I suppose, but the ringer would be the 12800. That’d be a nice step up. Don’t know if it’s worth a D300 to D400 upgrade, but anyone w/ a less-than-D300 body would have to be salivating at that.

  • Jack

    “15, 6, 12800, 51, and 1080. I don’t know, it could be a joke.”

    This obviously means a 51 megapixel camera with 1080p video, 12800 ISO, 15fps, and 6 partridges in a pear tree.

    • Bret

      aww I was hoping for 12800p video.

      I wouldn’t mind if it had a faster burst rate, or the ability to do the 8fps thing without the battery grip, or at least, with the EN-EL3 battery in the grip instead of AA’s.

      I’m soooo psyched for this release. I figure its win win… either it will be sick nasty awesome and I’ll buy one ASAP, or it will be semi-on-par with the D300 but with video, and I’ll buy a D300 at reduced price. Sweet.

      thanks for keeping the rumors coming, I don’t care if sometimes they are fake photoshop stuff, gives me something to read in class sometimes.

      • Ravell

        “and I’ll buy a D300 at reduced price”

        Why bother with the D300 at all when the D90 does 90% of what the D300 does for a fraction of the price? Unless you desperately need weathersealing?

        • Buy a used D300 for slightly more than a new D90 and get a much better camera (IMO).

          After having gotten used to my D300, I couldn’t go back to the Dxx bodies if I tried.

          Weather-sealing? Sometimes it’s nice to have:

          FPS. Can the D90 keep up? Didn’t think so.
          Bracketing. What’s that? Only 3? Sorry. 9 on the D300 for those that are interested.
          Intervalometer. Ever used that on your D90? Didn’t think so.
          Magnesium body. Nice to have for those of us that are rough on our equipment.

          Now, I could care less what body people use. We all have our own wants & needs. So the only reason I was snooty in my response was to show you what it was like because you were being snooty to someone else (needlessly so, IMO).

          There are plenty of reasons why the Dxxx series are better than the Dxx series cameras. Just because the D90 has caught up in ISO abilities to the D300 doesn’t make it a better camera. Perhaps the D90 does 90% of what the D300 does. But you know what? That 10% that includes the items I listed above (+ things I prob. forgot about but are there) are important enough to some people that it’s well worth the extra money to get the Dxxx body.

          Trying shooting w/ a D300 sometime. Once you get used to how easy it is to just *shoot* and change settings on the fly, go back to the D90 and give it a try. I’m not saying the D90’s a bad camera. It’s not- it’s a fantastic camera. But there are reasons why the D300 is a better camera.

          Just because you can’t see that doesn’t mean others don’t.

          • Your Eyes

            the 51 af points on the d300 is a must have too.

          • Bret

            I desperately need the 8fps (w/ grip) and the 51-pt AF is a big big big bonus. I also semi-need weathersealing… but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. I can’t afford a D3 or anything like that, at least not with any lenses besides the 105mm macro I already own. And that’s not exactly an exciting setup.

            I like the D90, and the video is cool, and apparantly it is marginally better in high-iso noise… but if the D300 ends up around the same price (+/- $200) after the D400 release…

          • Ravell

            It was a genuine question, I was not trying to be snooty and appologise if that’s how it came across. You make a good case for the D300.

          • Bret

            Hey ravell, don’t know if you’ll see this, but I appreciate the clarification, thanks for not being a jerk like a lot of people on the internet.

          • Ravell, like Bret, I appreciate the clarification. It’s easy to mistake how things are taken on the internet, so it’s just as much my mistake misconstruing your words. Should have given you the benefit of the doubt. Darn intarweb.

            Like I said, tho’- we all have different needs/wants. Both are great cameras. Just have to decide what you want out of a camera and match that against how much you’re willing to pay for those abilities 🙂

    • LOL

  • Benny Lava

    15MP, 51AF points, ISO 12800, 6FPS and 1080p video sound like plausible specs for a D400. Shortly before the D90 announcement, Thom Hogan let leak the specs in a similar way on the DPreview forums.

  • RGN

    If there is video, I wonder if they’ll have an autofocus method? That would be one in the eye for Canonites 😉

    • NikonMan

      There is potential for AF noise to be picked up by microphone

      remember when we had the AF wurr soundtrack on coolpix’s?

      of course: they fixed the problem on coolpix, so it can be fixed on DSLR too.

  • Ormenean Calin

    Just remeber… monday 9 february 2009 …. it’s my guess

    • Actually for the US this will be tonight – this is how Nikon makes their announcements – in the morning in Europe, the night before in the US

  • Love this site and nice to hear this news. I hope this camera allows users manual control over the shutter in video mode; that would give film makers the control they need!

    • thanks, as I said I am trying really hard….

      • Pablov

        Yes, Thanks a lot. I Really like it too.
        Much more interesting, friendly and “clean” than so many others.
        Big thanks 🙂

        • and thanks again Pablo

          • I’ve been kind of hard on some of the posters here lately, but want you to know I appreciate your efforts, too.

            I don’t need a new body, but am a big fan of shiny things, so this site helps feed that inner beast.

  • I hope the 1080P mode is at 24fps second which it is I’m sure. Very importantly , I hope they use a far better bit rate and codec like the Mark II. The D90 bit rate is way to low. We have been planing on getting a mark II, however since knowledge of pending Nikon releases , we waited. Might have just been worth it…..

  • Remington

    Dare I say that I currently shoot with an older C****n XT (350D) looking to upgrade. I was somewhat disappointed with the 50D. I test drove a D300 recently and it’s a totally different machine… and I am pretty much sold on moving to Nikon.

    I would have no problem picking up a D300 right now but I’m interested in what the D400 has to offer since the rumors seem more plausible. I have the time to wait as the play money account get’s bigger and bigger meaning more glass, too.


    • Maxime

      Your soul will the be saved! 😛

      • Maxime

        Damn, a typo. Epic phail on my part. I meant, “then”.

        • Then

          At the end o’ the day, it’s all the same ain’t it?


    • Jon Paul

      Yeah, wait and see. But if there’s nothing better soon and you get impatient, the D300 is a fantastic camera. Hype for new things is usually mostly hype. I swapped my D300 with someone for a D200 for a week and didn’t notice much of a difference in image quality (battery life was a different story).
      I’ve loved my D300 for the year I’ve had it and I don’t think I need to upgrade anytime soon. But if the video is good I’d be tempted since I’m using a five year old Canon Elura 80 for family videos right now.
      P.S. I suspect your play money account is one of the few that’s growing right now. Are you being bailed out by the US government?

      • Remington

        Jon Paul,

        Agree, the D300 is a fantastic camera that I would be quite happy with. However, with a potentially new arrival on the scene it makes sense to see what it can offer. And, I have the time to wait right now. But you’re right If I do get impatient I know exactly what to buy.

        As for my play account it’s doing better than some of my others… also I’m in Canada so I don’t qualify for any US gov bailout money.

        • Jon Paul

          That’s a smart idea to wait. The least it will offer is a lower price on the D300, right? When the D300 came out the D200 body only dropped to $900ish, I think. And the D400 may be the cure for cancer. At least that’s the rumor…
          Sorry to hear about being slightly too north on the bailout.

          • Remington

            Agree… I’d be very happy with a lower priced D300.

            And we’re holding own here up north. Our banking system is still quite strong (i.e. no need for a bailout)… the auto and other manufacturing sectors are another story though.

  • Andrew

    24mp? is it full frame? that pixel density if through the roof otherwise. although with recently technology i guess thats not as bad as it once was. Whatever canon did with the 50D’s sensor is on the right path to cramming Megapixels into silicon.

    • Andrew, read the info above. We are discussing a potential DX upgrade to the D300. Its “probable” specs are something like: “15MP, 51AF points, ISO 12800, 6FPS and 1080p video”. Though more pixels than D300, based on backlit sensor, it should have less noise than current D300.

  • Pablov

    “Someone (anonymously) sent me some good D400 lottery numbers: 15, 6, 12800, 51, and 1080. I don’t know, it could be a joke”

    Could means:

    15 = MP
    6 = Frames per second
    12800 = Highest ISO
    51 = AF Points
    1080 = Full HD 1080p Movie

    Good numbers indeed. I hope they are right !!

    And I hope the future FX body is a bit higher MP (D700x or D800), around 18MP and of course with Movie Improved for Professional use (that also includes a Codec optimized for HD video)

  • I have exclusive info that the D400 can take photos of the PAST!

    Here’s a latest ad from Nikon showing the D400.


    • Jon Paul


    • mark

      I wish I had a spare $25 grand lying around

    • How come this pic hasn’t made the front page? Looks legit to me!

      I might have to trade my D700 in for one o’ these babies 😀

      • oh, I have a bunch of those – I will post them once things settle down

  • D400 is very nice I’m sure, but I’m just so tired of my cameras being made redundant every few months. Sure they still work and take graet images, but they get to be worthless. My D2x was worth very little by the time I sold it, less than a D90…and I live in South Africa where cameras are way more expensive than the US.
    I just wish all this upgrade madness would settle down a bit.

    • Jon Paul

      I think the answer there is to use the equipment you have instead of upgrading. Part of the upgrading process is asking whether it’s worth it to you considering the (I would say artificially) low price you’ll get for your old equipment. I think it’s the consumers that are driving the upgrade madness by upgrading so often.

      • Bingo. It bet his D2x takes just as good o’ pictures now as it did when it was still expensive.

        If you don’t need the latest/greatest, then don’t worry about what the next door neighbors are buying.

  • D400 is very nice I’m sure, but I’m just so tired of my cameras being made redundant every few months. Sure they still work and take great images, but they get to be worthless in monetary value. My D2x was worth very little by the time I sold it, less than a D90…and I live in South Africa where cameras are way more expensive than the US.
    I just wish all this upgrade madness would settle down a bit.

  • Alex

    can someone locate that D400 photographer in some celebrity book in germany and ask him about d400 specs :)?

    • Even if you found him, he’s probably under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

  • Jack

    If Nikon will continue to make DX camera bodies, do you think we’ll eventually see a 25+MP DX body or will the noise issue make that impossible?

    • heartyfisher

      Yes .. there are at least 3 technologies that are now available that will allow for that to occur.. just takes a bit of time and testing research and legal patents costs to be ironed out to get it into a product…

  • Leandro

    Is it possible Nikon D400 come with Sony sensor “Back Iluminator”?

    • I don’t know what the Sony “Back Illuminator” is, but I wish Nikon’d make backlit buttons. Have them light up just like the top LCD’s light (when turned on)- half-press of the shutter and the top LCD lights up. Would be nice if the buttons were back-lit and would light up, too. Would be great for night time shooting.

      • Jon Paul

        Good idea about the buttons, Fried Toast. Maybe they don’t want to mess up the metering. 😉
        I think Leandro is referring to a sensor technology, though. Basically, you etch away the substrate below the pixels on the sensor and then flip it around to let light in the back side. It decreases the dead zone so that the sensor is even more sensitive to light.
        I’m curious to hear: as a D700 owner, what’s your take on whether we need more sensitive pixels or not? I’m not suggesting more light isn’t welcome, but would you say we *need* better than a D700 or D3?

        • For backlit buttons, I was just thinking of the ones on the rear (and perhaps Command Dial). I don’t think that backlit buttons would pose a metering issue. Just lit up white characters on the buttons- should be pretty unobtrusive. Nothing like the big light-fest from Close Encounters of the Third Kind 😉 THAT might pose a metering issue (or five).

          Do we *need* a better than D3/D700 sensor? LOL. That’s like asking Ferrari or Lamborghini if we need faster cars.
          I love how the D700 can capture great shots in the dark. Absolutely amazing. Could it be better? WILL it be better? I think the technology’s coming (or it’s here and they’re preparing it). Technology marches onward whether we’re ready or not.

          If we stopped right now and said that we’re at the pinnacle of sensor technology, where do we go next? I’m not saying we need more or that we don’t need more. I think the D700’s sensor/processing system could be improved. And believe that it will be. But do we *need* it? That’s so subjective, I’m sure the internets would asplode with outrage from those that “need” more if I stated otherwise.

          Personally, I don’t *need* the D700. I didn’t *need* the D300. Heck, I probably didn’t *need* the D80, either. But y’know what? I think they’re all great and don’t regret a second of a single one of them. Love having the low-light abilities of the D700. And look forward to seeing what happens in the future. Great competition right now, so the only thing we have to worry about is economics. Otherwise, it’s the golden age of photography, IMO.

          I’m all for sensor improvement in the D3/D700. Whether we “need” it or not is a completely different matter 😉

          • Jon Paul

            I was only joking about the metering. I really do think the buttons would be a good idea, and they put them on $20 phones, you’d think they could put them on $2000 cameras.

            I completely agree with everything you said. I was just curious, as one who is considering upgrading to a D700 from a D300. As it is, I think I’ll wait and see what the next generation brings (and then maybe buy a D700).

  • ” and better noise.”

    I hope you mean less noise.

    • Hopefully it has both less noise AND “better noise.”

  • I have postponed money… if DX formfactor… if 16mpx or more…

    if FX and 14 mpx… then R.I.P.- D400

  • Bjamy

    It would seem it is a DX body since they’ve just released that lens. Although full HD video on a DX sensor? I can’t imagine that… I would believe this to be an FX sensor to compete with the 5DmkII, but that would just be cruel to those who have bought the D700, not to mention those who bought the D3x.

    But, I remember someone saying that Nikon planned an announcment in February, so maybe a kit with 16mp DX body with a 35mm lens?

    • Jon Paul

      DX shouldn’t be a limitation on full HD, if by full HD you mean 1080p, which has 1920×1080 pixels. Even the first nikon DSLR, the D1, had better resolution than that (it came in at a stunning 2000×1312, 2.7MP). Even that could be cropped to 1080 video if the electronics could handle the kind of data rate you need.

  • azos

    i don’t know why almost all want a video on the camera. it should take only pictures. exactly this thing make you feel different. imagine that all fotographers from arena get a full HD video camera and put a stop on the frame to see something. all fun will be ded. no one will search for a perfect light or a image. a second from life. the one moment. not 3 hours of full HD. instead of staying outside for pictures will go in front of pc to see what image from thousands is worth to print or to keep. video is a BIG SHIT

    • Jon Paul

      That’s a pretty harsh judgment. I don’t think video ever will or could replace still images, but it definitely has its place. And I don’t mind saying I wouldn’t mind it on my camera if my camera could still take high quality stills. It’s just icing on the cake, but the stills would always be the cake.

  • If that’s what the D400 is, I can’t say I’m interested. I’ll just keep on saving for a D700…


    • Bjamy

      I guess this is a camera for those who want a step up from a mid-range dslr. Semipro users, as those with the 300, should probably save their money for an FX and buy what Nikon will release to compete with Canons 5DmkII. If you compare Nikon with Canon on this, it’s no different from Canons 40D upgrade, 50D. Let’s pray the D400 will be a better camera.

  • BobN

    There’s also a rumour of a 15.2MP Sony A800 in March (http://www.electricpig.co.uk/2009/01/23/sony-to-launch-alpha-a800-dslr-in-march/) – this would stack up well with a 15.2MP D400 in the same timeframe.

    • Not sure where I saw it (perhaps Photography Bay?), but it sounded like no Sony DSLR body announcements @ PMA. Sony’s focusing on P&S sales which I think is understandable considering that is most likely their bread & butter regarding cameras.

  • Just what I need.. more of a reason to delay, ha

    I’ve been shooting with a D80 for quite a while and umm’ing and arr’ing about the D300 upgrade for a seriously long time.. the D90 made me confused, and now the chance of a D400 on the near horizon.. ahh.. the troubles we have~~

    I guess I’ll hang on another 6 months to see what pans out.. a cheap D300 would be nice, but the lottery numbers on the D400 would be just as nice…

  • Anthony

    I just found this new one, but I can’t have it translated via google.

  • Magnus

    I am really looking forward replacing my trusty D200 with a D400.
    I shoot mainly fast sports indoors and couldn’t care less about video, AF-points and/or more pixels.

    Hopefully the D400 will bring even better low light performance than the D300 – also a tiltable live-view screen and few more frames per second would be extremely nice…

  • ghostcar

    Tee hee my D50 takes great pics and I refuse to upgrade – I will die with this one It’s my 1st and last digi SLR.

  • joe

    Call me confused –
    If this is a DX
    How it this going to be better than the d7100

    • Yes, it will be DX. Larger buffer, maybe a new AF system are some of the possible updates. They may also trow in some video updates. I doubt that there will be a new sensor – most likely they will use the existing 24MP with probably improved high ISO performance.

      • joe

        I have been waiting for a D600 FX replacement for my D90 to fix the oil spotting. I want the high ISO for weddings Plus I have a 70-200 vrii (105-300 with factor) which is tool long at times. So for me a D400 would require getting a new wide lens perhaps the tokina 11-16 ii (17-24 w factor) to get the lower wide focal length and maybe something in between.

        • Ocir

          If shooting weddings is your agenda then you have to move to F/X. I don’t see how and why Nikon would slap a new sensor on the new D400. It would probably be the same as the D7100 and even the D7100’s sensor is not as clean as the D600 in high ISO. In regards to D600’s oil problem, those are the old batches. Purchase a new one and you won’t have any issues.

          • joe

            Is there a way to know if it is part of the new batches.

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