Even the D3x price went up

If you thought the D3x price was high, it can always get higher:

"Nikon has jacked the price of its new high-end DSLR to £6000 ($8800) in the UK due to the slinky-like fluctuations of currency exchange rates. The original UK list price, announced back in December, was a mere £5500 ($8050). That's almost a 10% rise in one month."


Nikon D3x @ Yodobashi Camera in Umeda, Osaka, Japan

Nikon D3x - displayed for hands-on use on the shelves @ Yodobashi Camera in Umeda, Osaka, Japan. Picture courtesy of http://www.patricksmithphotos.com/

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  • Phil
  • Ennan

    its £5999.99 in the uk now.

  • KT

    It must be a mighty good camera for Nikon to raise the price at this point

  • ILikeCookiesForReals

    Rumor has is that Nikon is raising prices so that they can squeeze in an entry level camera below the D40 which will be called the D30 and will have all the ground breaking features of the D40 but will be smaller and lighter since it won’t have a shutter release, memory card holder, or sensor. yay

    • Eh?

      Nonesense – are you in the same world as the rest of us or are you just a sock puppet? I work in international economics/marketing and it has to do with the currency fluctuations – specifically the strength of the Yen vs every other currency at present.

      The price of a D3x would NEVER be altered by any repostitioning of the low end product market, simply because they are for a completely different market – opposite ends of the scale!

      • Eh-heheh

        Wow, you forgot to turn on Humor Mode this morning.

      • ILikeCookiesForReals

        In response to “EH? the economist”: My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War, the economic modalities, especially in the southern colonies, could most aptly be characterized as agrarian, pre-capitalist — nikon d30 lovers

  • Peter

    Spare a little thought for the Canon user.

    The 1Dsiii went up £1700 and is now £7730. The 1Diii went up £950 to £4000.

    • Ennan


  • Alain2x

    Very clever shot of what the guy supposedly wants to show : the price tag is cleverly hidden by his left hand 🙂
    We only can read “89…” yens
    89000 yens ?
    Anyway, prices are going up and down on every camera life start.
    Till the thing is available, they will settle somewhere.

    • yd

      It’s 897,000 yen (9900 USD!!!) at yodobashi’s website.

  • mattiask

    I must say that I find these price-in-xx-country posts boring. Is there really a general interest if something goes up a few bucks or down a little. I can understand posts about real bargains or coupons etc. It feels less like a rumor site and more like a price watch site. To me it almost feels like ads when browsing for something interesting.

    sorry for complaining, maybe I´m just frustrated that there are no juicy product rumors to dream about. 🙂

    • Willis

      I think the posts are helpful. Yes they aren’t as juicy as new product rumors *cough* SB-700 *cough*, but it provides some good insight on how Nikon is positioning itself. I don’t think Nikon will release new bodies while its also raising prices.

    • OK, valid point – no more price increase posts, we covered that topic in great details

      • RobJ

        I think price increases (or reductions) are perfectly valid to post about. In fact, I just ordered a couple of new lenses, so I’ve found this information very helpful.

  • is this only a rumors, or really did happened…?
    shouldn’t it be: nikonfact.com 🙂
    btw, thanks for the info Will.

  • Chuck

    They can raise the price as high as they want. It doesn’t matter until someone actually buys it. And that is the million dollar question!!!

  • James

    B&H increased the price for 14-24 but they made it Free Shipping.

  • bratpu

    Better buy the other product Nike-on, comfort the feet

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