Nikon Wekend @ J&R

J&R has a Nikon Weekend from Jan 16-18 with some really good deals. It seems that they still have their lenses on the old prices and many are in stock. If you are in NYC check their in-store flyer.

J&R is also holding a series of free seminars at lunchtime. Light healthy snacks will be served 🙂

Circuit city liquidation sale begins today - check it out, they may have some good Nikon deals. I guess Nikon will never get their $14,926,445 back.

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  • PJS

    The Circuit City liquidation explains the recent Nikon price increases, doesn’t it?

  • Louis Dallara
  • $1399.99/free shipping for the Nikon 24-70 is a great deal – had to pull the trigger today. I am not sure anyone else (Nikon Dealer) having a price this low.

  • Ivan

    This is probably the last chance to get Nikon glass at that price – I got the 14-24 – they will not be anything better anytime soon for $1469. Thanks for the links admin!

  • JJ

    17-55 f/2.8 for $1128 – this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this lens. Unfortunatly I bought mine for $150 more last year…

    • Nikon Fan

      B&H has been listing this lens for several weeks now at $1,129.00 and they also provide free shipping. When you consider the free shipping, this may be the best place to purchase. I am not sure what J&R shipping fees are. I have never ordered from them, but still a good price on this lens.

  • I agree – if you need a lens this is a good oportunity before the price increase on Feb 1

    • Nikon Fan

      I did not want to make another purchase this soon after I just purchased the AF-S 24-70mm lens, but I just purchased and received on friday from B&H my AF-S 14-24mm lens for $1,489.95 with free shipping.

      I did not want to wait for the prices to go up. Now I will see in a few weeks how much I can get for my AF-S DX 12-24mm lens.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I wish I could buy anything at those prices here in Eastern Europe. As always, the richest people get the lowest prices.. :((

  • I think it’s hilarious that the USA is being hit so hard by economic trainwreck, and this is what we get. Across-the-board price hikes in Nikon gear. Gotta love Yen vs. Dollar!!!

    Too bad I don’t have a single penny in my equipment budget this year.

    Actually the J&R prices don’t seem too incredible compared to say, Adorama. There’s only like a 2-3% savings for even the $1000+ lenses…


  • (Okay I take it back, that is a NICE price difference between J&R and Adorama for the 50 1.4 AFS! $399 versus $485!!!)

    Still, too bad I don’t have any MONEY to spend…


  • HDog

    I bought myself the 24-70mm from J&R for Xmas. Hey, $40 is $40. And I put in a order for the 50mm AF-S at $399.95. Hey, we’ll see if they hold that; if not, I’ll likely cancel it.

  • Circuit City’s “clearance” is 10% off their regular prices. That actually brings them into the same ballpark everybody else has been playing in. Still not a great deal.

  • Nikon Fan

    It is interesting to see what J&R has listed as the manufacturer;s suggested retail price. Could these prices they have indicated be the new prices coming on February 1st. If this is the case, anyone wanting one of these lenses should buy soon if they are able.

    It will be interesting to compare these listed J&R prices with the new prices on February 1st.

  • Nikon Fan, did you see the price list from few days ago?

  • Zoetmb

    I was in Circuit City yesterday and there wasn’t a single deal. While a sign outside the store says “up to 30% off”, nothing seemed to be on any kind of sale. The prices that were supposedly sale prices on electronics were hundreds of dollars higher than J&R or B&H.

    Even CDs and DVDs were still expensive. The few Nikon bodies they had were no bargains and I didn’t see any accessory lenses. (I did see a few accessory Canon lenses locked in a cabinet.)

    In spite of the fact that prices were ridiculously high, people were buying stuff like they were giving it away for free. I don’t understand how people can be so gullible.

    • Nikon Fan

      I could not agree more. I have seen stores in the past have going out of business sales. What appears to happen is they bring in companies to close down the store and what they do is mark up the merchandise to then mark it down to give the appearance of a great sale.

      When Circuit City first announced their Chapter 11 reorganization, I went into one of their first stores that they were closing. A family was in the store that was using English as a second language and they were in the process of buying a Nikon D40 kit that was on sale. The sale price was actually higher than the current sale price that Ritz Camera had at that time. Not to mention that Ritz was also providing you with a big package of their throw ins, such as free printer, free prints, etc. The family did not put much credit into what I was trying to tell them, so I left it alone and they bought from Circuit City.

      I think that they may have been concerned that I was wrong and if they left to go see for themselves they would miss the Circuit City deal.

      This too is a part of what makes the world go around!

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