Too late

The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens is already $484.95 at B&H (up from $439, it was even $399 at one point). Adorama has the same price, Amazon sells it for $599 (ouch!).

If you need a need a lens, I suggest you buy it asap - try Adorama, Amazon, B&H, Calumet, Ritz or Abe's of Maine - you may still get lucky (use those links to purchase if you want to support NR - same price to you - thanks). As I mentioned in an earlier post, many items may not be available until February 1st when the new prices will be introduced.

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  • Henry Nikon Fan

    This is approximately a 10% increase in price. The value of the Japaneese Yen to the U.S. Dollar has increased approximately 27%. Based on this I do not feel that this is out of line.

    In addition, this lens has been list on both B&H and Adorama as either out of stock or back ordered. This fits with the previous rumors of future orders having the increase in price.


    I know. I wish I got this before the price hike.

    Man I would remove that link for Ritz. Ritz has to be one of the worst online places. Look here,

    You don’t want one of your readers to get ripped off do you. I know you are trying to support your site, but I would not use a link for Ritz and would not support Rtiz.

  • DAn

    the D3x results up

  • DAn
  • Pablov

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    • Pablov

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  • t-bone

    SB-900 is also up 10% from yesterday. It was $399.95 yesterday and is now $439.95 (referring to USA warranted models).

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    From what I have seen speculated, all of the Nikon lenses will go up in price except the kit lenses. Most of these being the lessor priced DX lenses.

    I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but it may be wise to buy now if you can to be safe. I just purchased a AF-S 14-24mm that I have been eyeing to be safe.

    It would appear though that the increase from what I have heard and seen so far is about 10%.

    Good luck!

  • ed

    Yes it will, all lenses are going up.

  • CArwilk

    Got mine yesterday, thank Eris – it’s sooo light and the IQ is top notch. Now I’m happy and upset at the same time! Now if I only had enough money for the 14-24mm….oh well..

  • qh

    Adorama raised the price of the 50mm 1.4 AFS to $484.95.

  • hrl

    I just bought this lens for $399 last week from Roberts Imaging and they still have it at that price.

  • I just canceled my order with ritz–ESP and all. Until I can eat/smell/taste/touch the AF-S/I’ma stick with my 1.4D. I want to know it’s not going to ghost like my current lens. No review of the 1.4D has shown the type of ghosting I see with contrasty light even to this day…why should I trust a review for the brand new lens? Waiting until it’s on the shelves is not going to stop me from shooting.

  • Zoetmb

    It doesn’t matter what the price is if a retailer doesn’t have any and B&H only had this lens for a few days before it went out of stock again as it still is.

  • awesom3

    glad i got mine for $370 (after cashback) from J&R. still not liking the slow focusing though.

  • Thilo

    I ordered my 50/1.4 AFS on Monday here in Paris at europ-photo-ciné-son and got it yesterday for 320 EUR 🙂

    I love this lens on my D90!

  • Doug

    J&R is having a huge Nikon sale this weekend, and the sale prices extend to their Amazon listings. Just ordered the 24-70 f/2.8 at the lowest price I’d ever seen it. Their prices on the cameras are also low…

  • I bought this lens on January 13th in Jacobs “Digital Photography & Video” in Oxford Street, London.

    January 10th the price on the website was £279.99 and I feared what the price would be after the rumoured Jan 12th raise.

    I was glad to find that the price had dropped to £259.99 ($381,53)

    The guy in Jacobs said that Nikon had raised the price on some items (he mentioned the D700 and some lenses as examples), and other items had dropped in price.
    He didn’t have any explanation.

    So far I like the results I get from it, but I’m not sure that I can become best friends with the autofocus

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