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Update: Another link for Capture NX tutorials. And another one.

Busy day today - thanks to everyone that sent me tips:

  • If you have been sleeping the past 24 hours, here is the news of the day: DXOMark released the Nikon D3x ranking and it looks pretty damn good. Here is a comparison from CNet.
  • Nikon UK extend winter cash back offer - You now have until March 31st, 2009 to take advantage of Nikon's winter cash back offer.
  • Nikon D90 is suppose to work great with Windows 7 - click here for more info.
  • Breeze Systems Release NKRemote 1.0: remote capture software for Nikon D3, D700, D300, D90 and D200 cameras  - click here for more info.
  • Nikon to provide Picture Control downloads for the D90. This is the email they sent to a NR reader:

"At this time there are no Picture Control downloads for the D90 but they will be made available in the same location as the other ones,". By the way, D3x controls are already available."

  • I got some rumors for new flashes SB-500 and SB-700 to be release this year.
  • Nikon D90 made it to #4 at the top 10 gadgets of 2008 (source: Time).
  • Surprise, surprise - Nikon Canada is also raising their prices on February 1st (email to a dealer):

"We will be having a price increase on February 1, 2009. Lenses will bare the brunt of this price increase. A number of lenses will have significant increases (Most kit lenses will not increase at that time.) Also, please note that back orders from January that carry into February will not be honored at the pre-February 1st prices."

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  • Stephen

    A camera that surpasses my S5 in dynamic range, I might just be in love.

  • Jim Jim

    So this could be an example of Nikon-MS collaboration? Looks promising. But will there be a 64 bit version also..? :-/

    • What do you do that needs a 64-bit version?

      Not an ignorant question…I run XP64 meself and I’m happy CS4 seems to be use over 4gb of ram, but why does your d90 need to? The article describes gimmicky features that I don’t think will benefit from access to 16gb of ram.

      Why’s 64bit important in this case?

      • Bucko

        Well, today there is not a single application by Nikon that would support a 64bit OS natively, including their RAW codec. In fact, I have to use (and pay for) a 3rd party codec (ArdFry) to preview Nikon NEF images in windows expolorer which should come from the camera vendor in the first place and for free. By the time Windows 7 will be released 64 bit support will not be a simple nice-to-have feature but a must-have feature. Actually, it is a must-have feature already now that Nikon still fails to deliver.

  • canadian

    canadian retailers really milked the price increase trend.
    The first messages from retailers across the country first said mid-December, then it was January 1st, then it was mid-January, now it’s February.

    Prices have indeed gone up, but not to the extent that most retailers were suggesting. Perhaps it would’ve merely delayed the inevitable, but this price-increase scare worked on me in the early-goings.

    • Lance

      I thought their prices had already gone up and this would be a second increase? The first one was supposed to be because of the Canadian$ vs the US$, now again for teh oerall drop of BOTH currencies vs. the Yen? This is the way I understood it from my dealer (Henry’s)???

      • Scott

        My thoughts exactly Lance. Two large photo retailers in Edmonton (Vistek & McBain) informed me that prices have already increased and gave me a few examples. I’m calling them right now to see if they’ve heard anything.

      • Yes, I think there was a price increase in Canada over a month ago- I know for a fact that some products went up. Maybe Nikon talked about the same price increase and some resellers raised their prices in advance.

  • Justin

    I’m definitely interested in the new Sigma lens. I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a super zoom for casual/travel shooting. I just hope it’s sharp enough.

  • Friend of a Russian

    If Nikon is raising prices world wide, why are not the other lens manufactures doing the same!? I understand Nikon said it was due to their costs to make the lenses, but wouldn’t there be similar impact to Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Sony, etc.?

    • I heard that Canon will also raise their prices

  • Scott

    Yeah prices are definitely going up in Canada…again. I just spoke with Vistek, McBain, and Don’s Photo in Edmonton and all of them assured me that as of Feb. 1 prices will go up between 10%-15% on lens and bodies.

    Not really a surprise with prices increases everywhere else in the world but still a bit disappointing as I was going to hold off on a 70-200 for a few months and see if a new model was released. My fiance is going to kill me when she finds out I bought a new lens 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I know for certain that the Capture NX Tutorial is not new because when I used to use Capture NX 2 (before I saw the light with Lightroom) I looked all over the place for tutorials and guides on it. You can see that they still have room to add new tutorials and add a new one every couple of months.

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