New Nikon prices in France

I have no price reference for France, but I think they are going up as well - this is the new Nikon France price list for February 2009.

Update: for comparison purposes here is the price list for September 2008.

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  • lox

    OMG, which currency? EURO?

    Retailers price D300 = 1244 EUR – right now in Germany consumers can buy it for less than that. AF-S 70-200 f/2.8 is a joke: Retailers price 2173.90, recommended retail price = 2599,98 – now available for less than 1700 in Germany.

    I hope this is a joke.

  • FreD

    Here is a link (from to september price list

    D90 was 944,24 in september and will be 993,99 next month 🙁
    D300 was 1 637,86 in september and will be 1 544,21 next month 🙂
    D700 price is not going to change !!!

  • Thilo

    What will this mean for the new 50mm 1.4 AFS? Will the price raise to above 400 euros?

    • Thilo

      I ordered my 50/1.4 AFS on Monday here in Paris at europ-photo-ciné-son and got it yesterday for 320 EUR
      I love this lens on my D90!

  • cheeseman

    i know that there will be an increase in austria too. a nikon dealer said, that the prices will go up about 10% till the end of january.
    or better explained: Nikon gave a very friendly rebate to stores with big purchases in autumn and christmas business 08. this rebate will be canceled.

  • lox

    I just got confirmation from two independent sources, that Nikon increases prices in Germany, too. They’re talking about 8-10%. Orders of in-stock items will be available for the current price until end of January. Bad news.

    A dealer told me, that price increases for bodies will be moderate, because that’s what buyers compare and what binds them to the brands. So we will see considerable price raises for lenses. I decided to go for a 70-200/2.8 now, they won’t sell it for less.

    In fact, all camera manufacturers announced price increases. Nikon is just the first one to accomplish facts.

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