Nikon prices up in Germany and Austria, Nikon D300 price going down

I got multiple reports for a 8% - 10% increase in Nikon prices at the end of January, 2009 for Austria and Germany.
The interesting part is that the price of the D300 is going down, despite the price increases across the world. I would not be surprised if we see the new D400 even before PMA.

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  • rhlpetrus

    D400 and D40 replaced by a 12MP entry-level camera (priced at 750USD, D60 demoetd to <500USD) at PMA. Just guesses, of course.

  • keith

    Any speculation on how low the D300 prices will go and how soon? I’m a noob looking to get started with a DSLR and have been considering several models from Nikon and Canon. The 300 is just out of my price range but just barely.

    • DNHJR

      If you are new to DSLRs then you my want to get the D90. It has the same sensor and iso performance as the D300 and is easier to use for beginners. The D300 is more for advanced amateurs / semi-pro.

      • RumpelHund

        I can not agree on this. Just sold my D80 after playing for one sole weekend with a D300: the AF is so much better it is the only way to get my kids in focus shooting indoors at 1.4.

        Now took all my money, got me the D700 and am really happy with the focus and IQ.

        IQ of D90 may be better than D300, but this is not the point to me.

        Never thought of Dxxx before since IQ was not that much better than Dxx as can be read across the web. But this is not everything as I know now.

        Give the D300 a try I’d say.

  • PHB

    I think the drop in the D300 price merely reflects the fact that it faces significant competition from the D90 and at this point the number of people prepared to pay a premium for a super-robust body is much lower. Even the most active pro is not going to wear a D90 out before the D300 is replaced.

    The D700, D3 and D3x on the other hand have no competition in the Nikon range. If you want FX you have to pay for a pricey body and even pricier lenses.

    What will be interesting is whether the D300+ is a high MP counterpart to the D3x or simply an incremental improvement. If the D300 is 24 MP it will be a clear sign that the DX format is not dead, there is going to remain a pro niche for both formats.

    I doubt we will ever see a new flagship DX model, but the D300 was never exactly cheap. And while there are relatively few photographers that want to carry two D3s in their bag, there are a fair few who will take a D300 or a D700 as a backup, especially if it offers a different capability.

    So I suspect that when the D300+ comes out it will be a D300x, 24 MP deal, not merely a few more pixels. And the bird fanciers and the airshow geeks will buy.

    More interesting will be if video capabilities appear. I suspect that we will not see them on the high end models until the offering is a lot more complete. Support for professional codecs (MPEG2 and AVC) and some means of adding a professional microphone. More likely these become a third pro-level offering in their own right. Even 4K, the highest mode for digital cinema only requires a 12MP sensor. Or the pro-video offering is an extension box that plugs into the camera via a cable. That would allow for off-camera compression and storage, not to mention something to plug your XLR mic into.

    My guess is that these will not appear until the next generational refresh of the Nikon line. On past performance that is not to be expected till 2010. I don’t think we will see more megapixels before then. We may see faster processors and thus faster shooting rates however.

    The generational refresh is going to be tough. The D3/D300 introduction pretty much addressed the issues of handling and low light performance. It is a no-brainer for the D4 to offer 50MP resolution, even though that will necessarily mean best case light performance of ISO1600.

    But simply increasing megapixels is not going to be enough for a generational refresh. It might just as well be a D3xx. I think Nikon will have to go a little further and that is why I think we will see a silicon shutter appear. Adding a silicon shutter will cost ISO performance even more, but it will allow for flash sync at any shutter speed and shutter speeds of 1/64000 or more. The practical limit to shutter speed is going to be available light.

    And then the same technology will support video.

    • not just nikon

      Good points.

      Yet, Nikon competes with nikon but do not forget canon and sony.

      we wouldn’t have a $2400 FX body like the D700 was it not thanks to canon’s 5D and 5DMII.

      If canon and sony keep squeezing FX cameras out and good price points, nikon has no choice but to follow, as they have. They’d love to charge 4K for the d700. But they can’t. and they know it.

    • dierk

      which lens would you prefer to use on a 50MP camera?

  • Nikkorian

    In October, about 1 year after the introduction of the D300, the D200 was still available at about 3/5 the price of the D300, in Germany that was ~800 Euros against ~1300 Euros. I guess the same thing will repeat:

    I’d expect a drop in the D300 price from the current level by 10% once the D400 is introduced, not very much really. D400 price will be about 30% above the current D300 price. Then both, D300 and D400 prices will decrease together in the following six months by about 20%.

    If you want to start taking pictures, I can only recommend NOT to wait though 😀 Prices will always keep falling and you’ll never find a good moment, since market forces level out any advantages you might expect.

  • Nikkorian

    Advantage of the D300 vs D90 are – for sports photographers only – the better auto focus, and – for everyone – the many more control knobs on the body, which provide fast access to the important settings. If the latter is worth the substantial difference in price, everyone will have to consider for themselves 🙂

    • alex

      not really only sports.
      you don’t seem to have ever touched a d300 and only read between specs lines.

      it has a weather sealed body, many more functions and custom buttons, the 1005 matrix, the 51 af, 2 live-view modes, AF tweaking for bad lenses and so on. it’s a camera for any pro usage. d90 is great but it’s an advanced amateur camera.

  • Jeroenw

    D300 doesn’t look very changed.

  • alex

    i can’t believe how many think that d300 will have >20mp or be FF.
    only kids browse this blog or what?

    for DX format isn’t worth more than 14mp. 50D is at the very limit with 15mp.
    you’ll get better iso and better features but no one is stupid to put 20mp in a DX format when diffraction would reduce that mp number.

    • I expect new camera only as 16mpx (not more – not less) for DX form-factor…

      14mpx – not even choice as upgrade… but more than 16mpx – its for DX…. today not real…

  • Martin

    When is this PMA thing going of?

    I’d so like to have a d400!

  • I would like to see the same 12mp sensor but with very, very expanded ISO capabilities.

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