Is the US next for a price increase?

Update: I just updated the price watch section and I noticed a slight price increase across the line compared to the last update two weeks ago. This could be just a post-holidays adjustment.

Nikon price increase is already a fact in Canada, UK and Australia. Is the US next?

I do not have any information for now, this is just a pure speculation and an analysis based on the currency exchange rates from the past 12 months:



107 -> 75 = aprox. -30%



212 -> 138 = aprox. -35%



100 -> 60 = aprox. -40%

The above three countries already got a price increase. Here is the USD vs JPY graph:


110 -> 90 = aprox. -20%

Do you see the pattern here? The percentage drop in the US is not so big compared to other countries, but it is still significant. Is the US next for a price hike if the USD falls to -30% vs the JPY? Is 30% drop the threshold? Is there a reason why Nikon should NOT raise prices in the US? What do you guys think?

Currency graphs source:

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  • dan

    amazon in the US has already raised the price on the D90 from $839 (where it’s been since november/december) to $859. I’d say we’re going to see more price hikes around the board.

    • mark

      Bought my D90 just days before they raised the price.

    • Zack

      Also, the D90 kit has increased in price from $1099 to $1179 on Amazon. Amazon used to sell the kit for $1099 for more than a month.

    • scott

      Nikon prices will increase on Feb 1 in the US. Most products are going up, including some longer lenses ($500 and up)!

  • Possible reasons they might not want to raise prices in the US, at least not much:

    — The US is a high-volume market; they might prefer to hold the line and hope to move more units. With prices going up in other regions, they’ve got to get volume somewhere; if they lose significant volume, they’ll have to cut back production further.

    — Nikon did well last year in gaining market share, and would lose face if a price hike made their share fall back.

    — There’s less pricing discipline in the US than in many countries where manufacturers are allowed to dictate retail prices (formerly illegal in the US, although a recent court decision allows a bit more latitude.)

    — Raising official prices would help gray-market traders, which I’m sure Nikon USA would rather avoid.

    Those aren’t sure-fire deterrents, but they’re counterweights against big jumps in pricing. I predict we’ll see price increases in the US, but not as much as the others announced so far; also, the prices probably will go up more on lower-volume, higher-end items (which, unfortunately, are the ones most of us want to buy.)

    • Anonymous

      Hope springs eternal.

      • Pearls before swine.

        • Anonymous

          Dude, that doesn’t make sense.

          But you might check your holy US prices again and swallow your pride.

  • stavrosf

    If you see the same graph between EUR and JPY maybe there will not be increase in the countries that use the Euro, or maybe there going to be some small decrease.

    But of course due to crisis it is not sure that Nikon will increase its volume to Europe…

  • Danny

    raise the prices and fck the D3x forever.

  • Anonymous

    As sales slow in a global recession would it make sense to raise prices ?

    IMHO: I think we will see price reduction with the slumping sales at the end of the first quarter.

  • I don’t see prices rising in the U.S. market; I mean, is that really for the best? The company should be willing to bite the bullet a bit harder right now in order to move units. It really depends on whether or not other companies raise prices too. Price is so important in the consumer dSLR market, and P&S market.

  • Ramon

    Ranger9 is right. Anonymous is wrong, just another U.S.-hater who blames us for the world’s problems until they need our help and come to us hat in hand.

    Raising prices in the U.S. will only work if Canon and Sony do the same. The market in the U.S. is bigger and it would be bad press in their largest market if they raised prices. Of course, Nikon has been known to do stupid things (like not having a RAW file format for the P6000 that can be accessed by Capture NX, LR or Aperture) so they could raise prices out of stupidity vs. economic and public-relations reasons to the contrary.

  • Ramon

    BTW, Amazon has the D700 for USD 2,399. Looks like a price decrease to me!

  • FYI, B&H has the D700 for $2319 (I just ordered it last night).

    • Erik Moore

      B&H price is now $2700, and increase of $380! On Friday, Amazon had it for $2319 as well, and it qualified for Amazon Prime. Now it is no longer available from Amazon directly, only through Adorama for $2400. AAAARRGGH! I decided on Friday to buy, it, but to wait until tomorrow to pull the trigger, and now the price has increased everywhere!

      • you scared me… just add it to your cart and you will see the real price.

    • David Olsen

      the D700 has been on offer here in norway at $2276 for some weeks-same price all shops
      however the prices on all makes is set to rise. is the main wholesale distributor and they have posted a warning of price increases

      Godt nytt år!

      Som alle sikkert har fått med seg har den norske kronen i senere tid tapt seg vesentlig i verdi mot EURO, USD og andre valutaer. Dette betyr at de aller fleste leverandører må korrigere sine priser. Dette vil skje stegvis, etterhvert som varer fra tidligere innkjøp blir solgt og nye må kjøpes inn, til justerte priser. Gjeldende priser på lagerførte varer vil du til enhver tid finne i vår web-shop, mens skaffevarer og midlertidig utsolgte varer kan bli prisjustert etter bestilling.”

      Which roughly translated means that as stock is replaced price increases will come into force.All non stock items ordered can have the price adjusted after the order has been placed

      this is not just a nikon thing , canon-hassey-leica etc are also being increased

  • Sarté

    post some rumors please

  • Crabby

    I truly appreciate the graphs of the Japanese yen vs. the other currencies. However, I think that looking at the other Western currencies vs. the US dollar would be more instructive, given the importance of the US market to Nikon.

  • I think prices will go up with the possibility that Nikon will then offer a rebate program of some sort as an incentive for people to buy now.

  • Anonymous

    I know for a fact that there will be a price raise in europe aswell. No info on the date yet.

  • NikonGod

    I wonder if Nikon Hong Kong will raise their prices…

  • lox

    How about Europe? The Euro lost 23% compared to Yen since Sept 08. Are you expecting raising prices here too?

  • anonymous

    Indonesia has already raised it’s Nikon prices by 20% from last October, just when i was saving and preparing for purchasing the D300 on Nov. since the price has gone up, i decided not to upgrade. D80’s enough for me.

  • Me

    I read that cost is going up due to their manufacturing cost going up. That means price increases world wide. It is just a matter of scheduling,etc when each country receives notice of their new pricing structure.

    Yes … due to the highly publicized economic problems the US created, that would make you think that prices should drop as spending is suppose to drop … but if Nikon’s costs go up and they can’t absorb it and pass it along to the consumer, then that’s the way it is. Sucks for all of us … at least for the short term.

  • Chris

    I’d expect the rest of the EU to follow suit.

    I doubt the US will see prices increase. After all, Nikon seems to put it’s legs in the air every time for the US market, why would they suddenly go celibate now?

  • ronin

    Not sure how Nikon’s prices are rising since costs of raw materials and labor worldwide is either remaing steady or collapsing.

    Yen is holding (for now), so currency conversion can be a factor.

    On the other hand, as manufacturing is offshore from Japan, to that degree should currency conversion work in Japan’s favor.

    Nikon will soon learn they have no pricing power in today’s market. Prices will soon decline, or see sizable rebates, or else see sales volume will tumble.

    • Warprints

      Maybe we need to set up a Nikon Futures Market – let people put their money where their mouth is in regard to their thoughts on future price trends on Nikon gear.

  • Joe Boston

    D90 is now 899.95 at B&H as of about 12PM PST.

  • Arthur Harold Cooper

    This price increase is going to push my purchases to the right a bit but not a real showstopper. The loss of incomes/jobs for a lot of people is a major showstopper and that alone is enough cause the loss of Nikon sales in 1st qtr report.

    I love my Nikons (I have an F5 & D80) and understand they need to stay in business but there is a bigger dynamic that is going to overtake the “Increase” and render it meaningless. As in 20 percent of 0 = 0. i spent over $2000 on nikon equipment in this past 4th qtr. I will spend zero dollars on equipment this first qtr. I need a D3 but I cannot justify the expense of a D300 or even a filter do to a job loss. So where does that leave Nikon? Does the increase help them? It sure doesn’t affect me anymore. I think the increase is a boondoggle and a major financial setback is looming for Nikon.

    I would, if I were Nikon, lower my prices to stimulate sales and make up for it in volume of units sold. I see the charts above, I know the sensor cost is horrific but the profit margin must be maintained by at least an SRP of 3 to 4 times the product cost. Maybe they cannot go anywhere put up. My purchases cannot follow them. I wish I could. Best of luck to all.

  • Arthur Harold Cooper

    Please forgive the typos above. My D80 and I, when pushed will deliver superb results.
    I don’t want Nikon to go out of business but I just cannot purchase the D3 or D700 or a D300 and the three pro lenses I need for my business If I had the work, until the job market I’m in, turns around. It’s a two edged sword we are all dealing with. My D80 will do for the duration. The grey market is even getting stupid with increases as well.

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