Nikon D400 in a Russian magazine

Nikon D400 article in a Russian magazine. Can someone translate the text please? Thanks!

Click on image for hi-res.

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  • rhlpetrus

    Video 1080

    Quite expected, a bit conservative on the MP count, hopefully to keep high performance of D300/D90, even better than those.

  • hopeless

    1080p too.

    Can’t help but feel this is a summary of current rumours/wishlists though.

  • mikko

    CMOS size?

  • gocrazy

    i’m from russia and the text says that the new body from nikon is a substitute of D300 and can record video in HD 1080p isos 100 to 6400the body is Fx AND record 24 frames per second and the sensor is 14,3 MP

    jocking i’m not russian but in he image you can see those numbers and extract the basic information…


    • rhlpetrus

      Where did you read FX there? Not likely.

      • ShizzzA

        Really no FX. I’m from Ukraine, so I understand what’s written over there. It’s not likely to be sth real – I doubt Nikon would introduce a new model with a 3-inch display…
        P.S. It’s also written, it’ll have 7 fps RAW and 24 Jpeg. more… water- and hit-proof, dynamic color change with the ambient light change, some $2000. Do you think it’s real?

        • ShizzzA

          sorry, no 24 Jpegs… I was looking at the video fps data…

    • I have a scanner, but was not in the “office”. This post was created from my iPhone.

  • fotomik

    And it’s a CMOS. So the D40/D60-duo is the only remaining CCD-based DSLR in the Nikon-lineup. But is this a new sensor?
    The one in the Pentax K20D is a 14mp CMOS-unit, but it’s made by Samsung. Sure, the lower-end Coolpixes may be Samsung-rebadges, but is Nikon going for DSLR sensors from Samsung also?
    The Sony 350 has a 14mp CCD. Odd.

    Oh well, it’s a rumor. And somehow I’m not very excited about another 1000$++ DX-body. I thought the D300 was still a hot camera.
    Where is the replacement for the D60, although it’s still on 12 months old? The D40 on the other hand… Announced NOV 2006, and the D40X was MAR 2007. The D300, which I assume this would replace was announced in AUG 2007.
    How about it, a new El Cheapo Nikon? With the AF-S 30mm f:1.8 DX to go with it?
    I guess I’m going to have to wait quite a long while…

  • Anonymous

    Summary: Ideal compromise – semi professional camera with 14.3 megapixels CMOS (iso 100-6400, 7 fps)
    Video: HD video with 24 fps
    Cards: CF\UDMA
    Display: 3 inch display with resolution 922 000, with dynamic adjustment
    Body: magnesium body with weather protection
    Price: priced around 2000$

  • gocrazy

    if this baby has the same results than D700 in low light i’m buyng

    • Pablov

      quite difficult since D700 has less pixel count and 12MP FX sensor (thus bigger pixel size)

      Unless the sensor has higher ability to collect light without noise, it isn’t likely that a higher res AND smaller size sensor would performe better

      Yes, the sensors has been improved along past years, but they need a new technology or something new to jump the difficulty of low light noise..

  • Ormenean Calin

    My wife speks a little russian and she tried to see what it’s written there:
    1. it’s not a wishlist because they present a product
    2. D400, 14,3 mpixels CMOS, movie mode 1024p at 24 fps, the same monitor 922.000 ,iso 100-6400 AND 7 fps.
    3. The price will be 2000 dollars ( i guess USD)
    ( Sorry for my english :-d )

  • I think it says



    • Hulk

      Watchout, I think it already sucked out your brain…

  • Ormenean Calin

    the fragment is from the ” Mobile News” january – february 2009. My wife dosn’t find the FX reference… could gocrazy tell us where is the FX in this text?

    • Jim Jim

      Though the scan is low-res, but there is something on the picture that looks like a golden FX mark. However, the prism size looks more like DX to me.

      • Anonymous

        There’s no reference to FX in the text, but the picture does have the FX logo. It’s probably fake though. Just do Google image search to see more images of “D400” with the FX logo.

    • Michael

      He said that he was only joking. Jim Jim’s eyes are better than mine I can’t seen anything that small. I really “doubt” it will be FX if it is replacing the D300.

      Hopefully it is real and is on it’s way to PMA.

    • gocrazy

      man i’m not russian but in the picture apear to be a fc bdy sticker in the bottum…

  • Ormenean Calin

    one search for D400 with google….it’s a page ready for D400 product launch?

  • While I’m a native speaker, I suck at technical translations, so here is a quick and dirty version:

    D400: Ideal Compromise
    The new dSLR Nikon D400 represents excellent compromise between quality and price. The new camera is going to replace last year’s most popular model Nikon D300 which was the camera of choice not only by the amateurs but also by the professionals. D400’s specs fulfil the requirements expected of any successful mid-range-priced contemporary dSLR. The camera is based on a 14.3Mp CMOS sensor, offers 100-6400 ISO range, and delivers shooting speed of 7 frames per second. An intresting new ad-on D400 will have is the ability of recording HD video in 1080p format with 24fps. This makes D400 not only an excellent photo camera but also a great camcorder. Captured images will be stored on CF/UDMA cards. D400 is also outfitted with a 922000 px 3″ LCD. The LCD is designed to adjust colors dynamically based on the lighting (my comment: ambient light? I’m guessing?) which will allow for the most precise color rendering. Magnesium body provides excellent protection to the camera’s internal optical and electrical components, while weather sealing will defend against moisture. Expected street price will be around $2000 which is considered quite affordable for a device of such level.

    • Doroga

      This price could be for Russia, US prises are usually cheaper.

      Also this is January-February issue of magazine.

    • NIkon user

      Thanks for the complete translation.

  • If that will cause D300 prices to drop to D90 level I’d be happy.

  • better codec

    hopefuly the video quality will be improved via a more modern codec mean’t for HD video. kind of what like what canon did with the 5DMII and their hardware encoding.

    Simply putting more pixels in the same softened washed out image that the motion jpec codec produces in the d90, will not make much difference over 720p.

    FX would be sweet. doubtful.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon D400: An ideal compromise.

    T he D400 DSLR is a great compromise between price and quality. The new camera is meant to replace the last year’s popular D300, a camera which can be fully appreciated not only by amateurs, but also many professionals.
    The D400 specifications fully meet the requirements for modern mid-range priced cameras.

    A 14.3 Megapixel CMOS matrix is used in this camera, with an ISO range of 100 to 6400 and a 7 frame-per-second capability. An interesting feature of this new camera is the ability to shoot video at 1080p and 24fps. All of this makes the D400 not only a great picture camera, but also not too bad of a video camera.

    For media storage, CF/UDMA cards are used.

    The camera is equipped with a liquid crystal display with a diagonal of 3.5″ and a resolution of 922,000 pixels.

    The LCD is able to dynamically adjust the brightness and color following a change in ambient lighting, thus providing an accurate representation.

    The safety of the optical and electronic components is assured through the use of a magnesium alloy frame. Rubber gaskets are used for each button to prevent moisture from entering the case.

    The estimated price will be around $2000, which is a great price for what this camera has to offer.

    • Juergen

      Thank you very much for your translation!!

    • Anonymous

      The article sais 3″, not 3.5

      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected.

  • David Olsen

    There releasing in conjunction with Apple


    • That is definitely not the same camera the proportions are all wrong and I dont think Nikon will move away from centering the viewfinder above the LCD (its on their website as a design feature). Lets not mention the double up on the ISO, WB and QUAL buttons.

      BTW is that a F6 mod?

      • No it is a D200 mod right?

      • David Olsen

        It was meant to be humourous Aim54x …
        D200 mock-up

  • Mikeymike

    I hope that worked. If not,

    You can clearly see the FX logo!

    • rhlpetrus

      I don’t, sorry, and it doesn’t make sense, since the D700 is 12MP FX, similar body. If so, probably ISO would also be up to 25K.

    • Michael

      I can see it but I can’t read it. It Does “look” like the FX logo though. That would be nice. From the translations above it doesn’t say either way. We will see. FX would be great but I doubt it will be.

  • Juergen

    Since some days the reputable German dealer – an official Nikon dealer – states at their D300 page “sol. Vorrat reicht” which means “as long as stock lasts”.

  • nikoncanon

    if it’s true they’re gonna use 14 MP hopefully nikon has some way to reduce noise….Canon 50D at 15 MP is quite noisy at hi iso.

    Sony has 14 MP I guess but it’s CCD. I hope it’s the back illuminated CMos Sensor from sony…

    • rhlpetrus

      50D at same resolution as 40D has similar noise. D3x at similar res as D3 has less noise. More pixels, contrary to the internet myth, fixed the sensor size, does not result in more noise.

      Technology improves and noise gets better controlled, compare DX crop of D3 to D40 (about same resolution/pixel density).

  • Alex

    Maybe Nikon will put a golden “DX”-sign on the DX cameras in the future. I don’t think so, but you never know… That would explain the golden “looks like FX”-sign and the res.

  • pretty boi

    I don’t think it’s FX….if it’s called D400.

  • Noble

    is that a FX Logo???

  • Guest

    14.5 mpix DX? Dont want it. Might make a good snap shooter if you want to impress your friends. Just looking at pixels, there would be no benefit to 90 percent of the shooting public. With that pixel density, diffraction would be quite noticeable to the untrained eye at anything over f11, not to mention to get the most out of pixels that compact, you would need the very best lenses. I can see most buyers of a camera like this spending the 2K, then spending $200 for a lens to go on it. But as long as it has MORE mega pixels, it’s gott to take better pictures right?

    • rhlpetrus

      You are forgetting that technology is advancing, For example, it seems that the AA filter on the D3x is better than anything Nikon has done so far, resulting in the sharpest image from any dslr. If that is brought to DX with D400, even though the final resolution is just about same as D300 (so no big deal re diffraction in comparison, against your comment), the final IQ could be better.

      Also, as various tests have shown, Nikon has been improving in DR, even with same sensor, like D90 x D300.

      But, it’s true, the differences are small and one will probably do better by skipping every other update. But don’t forget there are thousands of D80/D90 owners out there that may get interested in upgrading to a better body, and the D400 may just be the one to go for, with HD video and better, even if marginally, IQ.

      • Guest

        My comment has nothing to do with sensors other than mpix count. Diffraction is based on lens, it is always there, but higher mpix will show it much sooner. And it doesnt matter how well the sensor resolves if you dont put the very best glass on the front of the camera to deliver that resolution. Since you bring it up, the D3x FX pixel density is not even close to a DX 14.5 mpix sensors density. It is closer to 10 mpix DX. The D3x should have at least a 1 stop advantage in diffraction with the same lens.

        If video is what people are after, they would be better off waiting for a less expensive consumer Nikon.

        • rhlpetrus

          Diffraction from 12 to 14MP, how much worse? I don’t thinks that’s an issue more than it was with D300.

          Video is a big selling feature, and there are many d80, d60 owners out there that are waiting to go for a D90 or a D400, for that. I don’t care, but you bet many people do.

          If Nikon brings the new AA system from D3x to D400, and it seems to be better than previous Nikon AA filters, that may translate into better IQ.

          There’s a new 65MP MF back, which would translate into exactly 14.4MP in DX (65/4.5). As you can see, the MP issue is still not a limit to IQ, contrary to what people say frequently.

  • Nickolay

    I’m sure it’s a joke or just author made a big mistake by posting such a news… I live in Moscow and so i’ll try to find this magazine and check it out 😉 Also i found some news on Russian web-site MOBI about D400. It declares that camera should be announced in mid December 2008. Funny isn’t it? Here’s the link –

    • The article you mentioned was based on a pure speculation from PhotographyBay – we covered that few weeks ago.

      • Nickolay

        So the same is about this magazine, why not? I need to ask some guys from Nikon Russia about it, hope to do it tomorrow. Lets see what they’ll say about it in private talk 🙂

  • Jez Cave

    Well from looking at this, it would seem this earlier post is absolutely correct so we can assume all of these specs are right.

    • Pablov

      I hope so.

      there are also other improvements very worth to mention, like the higher durability of the shutter (200.000), faster CPU, and many other features…

      Would be really great…

  • Rick

    It will be interesting if this has actually been published. The lack of any mention regarding the sensor size makes me wonder though if this is a mockup for future publication.

  • a

    maybe someone made a fake mag layout and laser printed this then snapped a low res photo…

    I can’t read russian, but what mag is this and is it reputable?

    it’s not the russian version of the National Enquirer huh?

  • rhlpetrus

    To Administrator of NR:

    have you seen the magazine or this was sent to you? Is the mag at least legit?

    • I can’t tell you that… I can, but then I have to you know what…:)

      No, I have not seen the original magazine. I am sure it is not officially released yet and we will know more in the next few days.

  • Peter

    Why on earth would they show a brand new camera with the “old” 50mm f/1.4D lens instead of the new 50mm f/1.4G lens? I say it’s fake.

  • nnh

    there is no any records on cover about d400…

    I think this just fake…

  • Pablov

    Either it’s real or fake, as someone said, Nikon should use better codec than MJPG for Movie mode.

    Despite the big difference in quality, just imagine the size in MB of a video clip of just few minutes could reach using MJPG in classic .AVI format at full HD 1080…

    I hope Nikon also implement compression level settings or at least bit rate level setting (Normal mode: High Quality / LongPlay mode: Low quality) AND MIC-IN STEREO jacks..

    • Ennan

      Yeah I agree Nikon need to put in a mic input – and also give us the ability to change the audio recording levels please.

  • Friend of a Russian

    got a crazy russian (not really but it sounds funny) here at work ….

    he says:

    “Well in a nutshell the D400 will replace the previous model of D300.
    Camera specs, are competitive with the cameras in mid price range.
    The camera has a 14.3 MP resolution, ISO 100-6400, Burst 7 fr./sec.
    Video HD 1080 with speed 24 fr./sec.
    All this makes D400 better then predecessor D300.

    Price range for this camera up to $2000.00.

    That is all !!! “

  • Pablov

    I wonder $ 2.000 US Dollars or what currency?

    About the FX, it wouldn’t make sense to bring a D400 FX, since it would mean the Dxx DX line has finished with D300 (could it be??) If such big sensor is in the D400, every report should tell about it

    But putting a golden DX logo would be confusing.

    So … what happen, is it FX, DX, or fake?

    • Pablov

      Sorry, I meant “the Dxxx DX line has finished”

  • If it’s to be a real camera, I hope it has a mic input and headphone outlet and maybe some audio control.

    Otherwise a simple stereo min input so that an xlr adaptor can be used. That would be well cool.

  • Jez Cave

    This is a fake. It is this photo edited to say d400 and have an fx logo. you can tell because it has exactly the same reflection in the lens. I’m surprised noone else has noticed this. the reflections is exactly the same except that the contrast has been boosted to make it less noticable.

  • WOW! Looks like the borrowed the fake mock up I did months ago! You can even see the “FX” badge! Take a look!

    And yes it is fake but the image comes from multiple sources…

    • rhlpetrus


    • aha, so you are the one that spreads busted Nikon rumors on the Net 🙂

      • well…it was busted several months back but I guess the internets are slow in Russia…

  • Zoetmb

    You all have the translation incorrect. It says,
    “D400: Ideal Fakery
    The new non-existing dSLR Nikon D400 represents an excellent compromise between fraud and fakery. The new camera replace last year’s most popular rumor. D400’s specs fulfill requirements expected of any successful contemporary rumor about dSLRs. The camera is based on digital sensor, offers a range of sensitivities based upon the ISO standard, and delivers shooting speed of less than you want but more than you need. An intresting new add-on D400 will have is the ability of recording HD video in 1080p format with 24fps and includes super jello special effect automatically. In addition, audio will take the voices of Shakespearean-trained actors and render them as if spoken by Boris & Natasha by automatically deleting all articles. This makes D400 not only excellent photo camera but also great camcorder for shooting porno. Captured images will be stored on memory cards. D400 is also outfitted with a 922000 px 3″ LCD just like every other camera. The LCD is designed to adjust colors dynamically based on lighting (in other words, if you don’t have enough light, the colors will suck). Magnesium body provides excellent protection to you because if you get mugged, you can crack the camera over the mugger’s head. Expected street price will be around $2000 which is considered quite affordable for a device of such level, even though due to financial meltdown throughout world, no one can afford this anyway.

    • Juergen

      LOL! You made my day!!

  • anonymous


    but if it’s true, it’s a good news for anyone(incl. me) who has D300 on their sight. the release of D400 will push down the price of D300..

    • I agree

      I was kinda thinking the same thing

  • Vllad Krushenski

    I’m not from Russia, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

    • MB

      No D400 until very late this year, D300 is still very match alive and at the top of sales, sorry.
      We could expect something called D65 with Sony 14Mpix CCD sensor in D40 body (D40 is dead god rest his beautiful soul) very soon now.

  • Marshal

    Why oh why do I waste my time with this crap? Stuff like this makes me want to delete Nikon Rumors from my bookmark list. So much unsubstantiated rumors, wishful fantasizing & Photoshop fakery. But yeah, I know; the name of this site is Nikon RUMORS after all. Can’t put much faith in it. Perhaps a better name would be Nikon Fakery or Nikon Lies.

    • Unfortunately I cannot make everyone happy. Sorry!

  • nikon full frame use

    Duh! Look at the prism hump!

    If you actually own a D700, you’d know it could never fit in the D300 body, which is why they made the D700.

  • Pablov

    – What are the avatars from? are random?

    – Sorry for a previous reply post (deleted) because I missunderstood the person I replied to.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Yes, I turned on random avatars. It’s more fun.

  • Any word on whether or not a device as previously rumored will be released for attaching a mic via the USB? Or some fix for the wobble?

  • Broken link above. Try this if interested…

    Might there be a D90s or x at some point? Does anyone have any clue on this? A follow up hd vid cam hybrid should be on the way, no? Otherwise pros might flock to Canon like they did before.

    Maybe pros don’t matter anyway as we don’t buy nearly as many cameras as non pros do.

    Maybe a muscled up coolpix camera with a larger sensor and decent video capability will suffice. It’s time for that.

  • vic

    Kinda funny … but here you go. D400….available sometime in 2009.

  • Macxtor

    I really dont think Nikon is putting the FX sensor into the D400. Think about the DX lenses.

    The perfect lineup is
    D400 DX-format , 14mpix, Iso 100-6400 (no boost), 1080 video, Expeed II

    D800 FX-format, 16-20mpix 100-12800 (no boost), 1080 video, Expeed II

    D4 MX-format, 35mpix++, Super Iso performance, 1080 video, etc.etc..

    • MB

      Perfect for what exactly? There will never be an MX format (whatever this is) cameras made by Nikon, ever, so live with it. You should be aware that such a camera (and don’t forget the lenses) would cost around 15000 USD, and why would you need this? So you could print your photos in 10 by 15 meters and actually see those pixels.
      But there will be D400 16 Mpix camera with yet unreleased Sony CMOS DX format sensor by the end of this year (followed by a Sony a750 next year utilizing the same sensor), and then there will be D500 and then D600 Nikon DX format sensor cameras (why do you think they named there first amateur FX camera D700).
      What we will see in the nearest future is a brand new D65, that is already in production, publically announced in a couple of weeks, and it will be some of a disappointment as it is just a D40 modest enhancement, just as D40x and D60 where.
      The other question is why we are all wasting our time and efforts on an obviously fake Russian article is what puzzles me really.

      • Macxtor

        sorry , perfect is the wrong word. what i was trying to say is that it would be crazy to give up the DX sensors. That will kill some of the DX lenses. Most of the d300 customers are amateur/pro and dont have the money to spend on pro lenses like the 24-70/2,8 and the 14-24/2,8.

        The other camaras i my lineup is own ideas. I can agree that a D4 with MX-sensor is not logic but possible. However I think the D800 is more than possible.

        • MB

          D800 is a sure thing, probably after D700x, probably Canon 5d killer performance, and probably not until next year, but you are absolutely right about that one.
          What I was trying to say is that Nikon does not have any plans to go for something bigger than FX, and why should they? If you compare 8k USD D3x and 15kUSD Mamiya dl28, D3x wins in every aspect (usability, picture quality, availability, price etc.), and this new MX line would cost Nikon millions to develop. If you evaluate what Nikon has done on D3x, and if you presume what will happen in sensor development in a couple of years (50 or more Mpix easily) there is no reason to invest in anything else really. What bothers me and the rest of us are that production costs increase of around 500 USD Nikon is trying to charge us 3500 USD.
          As for something called D65 or similar I was just talking of what is real in a near future, and what I actually saw in a preproduction model available for testing.

  • Jean
  • CeSar


    Ideal compromise

    Immemorial compromise between price and quality is solved by halfproffesional camera Nikon d400. New model replace model d300, that was rated not only by amatours but also proffesionals photographers.
    Short spec:
    14,3 MPix CMOS
    Iso begins with 100 ( in d300 was 200 ) and goes to 6400
    FAST: 7 pics in sec
    Video added in HD (1080 , 24 fps )
    Compact Flash cards (UDMA supported)
    3” screen with 922000 px
    Magnetic materials corps
    I don’t understand couple of words at middle in end column
    PRICE about 2000$

  • caeser


    Ive spent the last half hour reading through these comments and have to say something of note as professional photographer…

    The D300 is a camera of choice by many of us professionals because of one reason – integrity of photo as its basically a camera which loyally keeps to the whole l’ight box’ theory of yester year. Obviously it contains a lot more technology to allow it to be used as respectable digital model and meet modern digital DSLR demands but the truth is Nikon have been sensitive in not compromising the D300’s integrity. Not a chance in hell will a camera of this stature be replaced with camcorder like properties as what make it the camera of choice and market leader in this price bracket is the the fact its a enthusist/professional photographers honest tool of choice not toy for gimmick hungry.

  • Only problem here is the FX icon to the right of the lens. D400 wont be FX. Specs seem to fit but the image is a fake.

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