Nikon D3x price started to drop

The first price drop comes from Japan -  762,800 Yen down from 799.000 Yen (source).

Cameta Camera is selling Nikon D3x on eBay for $7479.95 - (buy now price, US warranty, free shipping).

RobertsImaging was selling the D3x for $7495, but now they are out of stock:

Nikon D3x price drop

There is also a price drop in Switzerland. While most resellers ask CHF 11.998 for the D3X, there is one selling it for CHF 9580.00 (or 9388.40 if you pay in advance).

I believe we will see a D3x price tag below $7,000 by March of 2009.

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  • chris


  • monyetlagimotret

    cool. I’m going to have one next year.

    • Trainspotting

      Why do you have a camera and lens growing out of your right eye?

    • Richard III

      Why do you have a camera growing out of your face?

      • monyetlagimotret


  • Unfortuantely the US dollar is forecasted to take a significant hit over the next six months, so the price drop in dollars might not be as large as it could have been.

  • Moreover, the UK price of 5500 pounds (VAT included) equals $7000 today, so you Americans can import one from Europe for a good price right now. UK prices are likely to be adjusted up soon due to the weak pound.

    • PJS

      Of course you will have no warranty and no service in the US for the money you save.

      • PJS

        Clarification – no service at Melville or El Segundo.

  • Mr Wellrock

    Who cares about a D3X anyway – pro’s will be junking them in 24 months time! I have just been playing with a new prototype specially flown over for me to decide whether it should be given a Nikon sticker or a Canon sticker. Ho hum! I bet you all wish you were me!

    • Do you mean a Nikon D3x prototype or a new, unannounced camera prototype? Send me a picture – I will keep quite.

      • Kikiiiii

        Lol so funny

  • Mr Wellrock

    This is just too hard – how do I decide to what to call this new prototype… perhaps I will merge the names… yes, this is the idea of a genius – and everyone knows I am a genius, except those I haven’t met yet or who haven’t read my website.

    I will take the first three letters of NIKon and the last two from CanON and that will be the sticker I put on this new camera… you must all wonder at my genius… I know I do. I regularly wander round in an awestruck daze at my own brilliance and even then I only take a D40 with me and if I can capture genius with a D40 then you don’t need that D700/D3/D3x.

    They will love my idea – I wonder if they will send me a left handed D3x in recognition of my greatness. Did I mention I am GREAT?

    My name is an anagram of Low Clerk and I rock well too!

    • Whowhawhwerhuh

      Funny….You are a genius. I read daily.

      Now go update your site with something interesting!!!

  • Tilli

    Btw the price in Switzerland you mentioned is without VAT. Including VAT it is CHF 10308. This is the official price for Swiss NPS members. Other than that there is no real price drop of the D3X in Switzerland.

  • Jabs

    Look HERE!!!
    Nikon D3X Sensor Information …

    BLOWS everyone away???

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