Nikon D300 price drop – next week only

According to Thom Hogan, there should be some special dealer incentives for the Nikon D300 in the last week of 2008. A quick price check shows that the D300 still sells for $1469 in the three major retailers - maybe they have not updated their prices yet.

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  • tonashideska

    In case you have not noticed, Cameta camera is selling the D3x body at a discount on Ebay (buy it now), about $7500 with free shipping. Nikon may have goofed on the price this time.

    • Yep – the price is also dropping in Japan.

      • tonashideska

        Yodobashi Camera has always offered a 10% discount if you use their credit card.

  • i_am_pretty

    nice to hear the price is falling down.

  • Christian

    From Montreal, the D300 is 1400CAN … with is 1,168.32USD

  • Guest

    Will Nikon drop D700 price after New Year ? Does anyone know ?

  • Is this really happening? I’ve finally saved enough for my D300, but if it’s going on sale soon, I’ll wait. I thought we’d see this by now,, but nada, nothing……

  • Ron

    I have my money in hand waiting.. I don’t see anything changing. has it for $1,299 but it’s been that way since Sept. had it at $1,320 for the Tgiving black friday event, but they have it back up at $1,399 again.

    Can I order the 1400CAN one from Montreal? If so anyone got a link?

  • $1299 is a good price. But is that one of those places that calls you and pressures you to buy more stuff to jack up the price with overpriced accessories? And then when you say “no”, they suddenly realize that it’s out of stock and if you want to cancel they want to charge you a 10% cancellation fee? I’m very wary of these places . . . like they say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”. The best price I’ve seen recently is Canoga Camera in CA for $1399.


  • Stay away from Best Price Cameras!

    Buyer, Beware!!

  • pc

    costco has a package price with 2 lens under 1300

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