Nikon US government discount

I was not aware of this program, so I decided to share it with everyone: if you work for the government, you can get a discount on Nikon products (I am not sure if this is specific to the military only or it is valid for any government agency). Here a post from a reader:

"No big secret, I just special ordered it through the exchange. I got my D200, D300, D3, and D90 all through them. The D200 and D3 I saved hundreds on each and got both when they were first announced and shipped to me in the Middle East each time. I have been pretty lucky with the discounts. When I got the D200 18-200 Kit I got 10% off of list and then and additional 10% off of that. The Nikon rep personally went to NY and yanked me one from another shipment when they found out I was in Iraq. The D3 I got 10% off on and got for 4500 when it came out as well. Nikon ships direct to you through the exchange program so its quick and when I got back from Iraq with my D200 and it was all beat to heck and outside of warranty by 2 weeks, they took it in and had it back to me a week later free of charge and looking brand new. Nikon has me as a customer for life."

Way to go Nikon!

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  • Dev

    The Catalog and Exchange Online Store are for the exclusive use of authorized Exchange customers throughout the world.
    This includes:

    Active Duty Military
    National Guard personnel
    US Civilian DoD employees, when stationed outside of the US
    Department of State Officials serving in foreign countries (Click here for information on DoS/Embassy personnel authorization)
    and dependents of the above.

    Your mileage may vary. For anyone that shops AAFES you know we have our complaints about them from time to time but when it comes to Nikon products they have never let me down…. yet. The D3X I ordered arrived as a D3, I called the exchange and they are contacting Nikon and trying to get it replaced with a D3X. If they do, and I have a moderate amount of faith they will, I will have received it for a considerable amount less than retail. They told me it may be a week or so before they have an answer for me due to the holidays. All of the Nikon products I have received from them have been cheaper than B&H and more than once I have skipped the waiting list. They price match as well and of course you know shipping is free and always no tax. Anything they don’t have from Nikon they can special order for you.

    • I really think this is great. Can you purchase any brand name – Canon, Sony, etc… Is Nikon required to be part of this program? I guess this is the least you can get for the service you provide to the country. Thank you!

      • Dev

        You can special order from any of the participating vendors. Nikon is one of the most agreeable though. Canon not as much in my experience. I tried ordering a 1Ds Mark III when it came out and more recently the 5D Mark II, both were a no go. They sell Sony, Olympus, and Pentax cameras as well so I would imagine you can special order what they dont have from them as well. Great deals on Dell and Alienware here also. They sell Apple computers, what I use, but the best deals on Apple for government employees are at (similar to their student discount).

        • Jesse

          I assume you’re not a grunt?

          • Dev

            Why would you assume anything?

        • fxed

          In addition to the military exchange we can order thru retail oulets like Ritz, Dell, HP and others. Ritz gives a substantial discount off their online price even if it is on sale already. They are very good to the military.

          • Dev

            Have you found the Ritz del to be worthwhile, its seems to me their prices are high so the 10% brings you in line with everyone else

  • Jim N

    How did you go about getting the Nikon stuff? It seems like AAFES is screwed up about half the time I’ve ever ordered anything. Is there a contact number or web link?

    • Dev just use the special order function on the web site. It all comes direct from Nikon to you so they just broker the deal for you.

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