Nikon D3x on eBay

Update (12.21.08): the price is now up to USD 7,300 with 36 bids. I did not expect it to go that high. Another day of bidding left.

Cameta Camera is currently selling a D3x on eBay. The starting bid was 99 cents. The current price is USD 5,000.

I guess they are testing the water to see how much are buyers wiling to pay. If it is true that the dealer's cost for D3x is USD 6,500 we should see a USD 7,000 price in two months.

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  • john smitty

    The Ebay Credit Card gives a maximum discount of only $30 and the Microsoft Live Cashback is dead. Do you do any research before posting??!? fuktard.

    • The next time you use profanity, you will be banned…
      Thanks for the update.

  • Dealer’s percentage is roughly 30-35% depending on brand, yet never below 30%, professional hi-end digital backs (such as those from PhaseOne, Mamiya, Sinar or Leaf) included!
    So this is roughly $ 6.000,- for the manuafacturer and roughly $2.000,- for the dealer.

  • Zoetmb

    I know that computer retail margins are pretty small (especially Apple’s), but it’s a little hard to believe the margins are so small on Nikon. Seems very hard for any dealer to make money at those levels. Traditional margins in the consumer electronics industry were traditionally closer to 50% based on list and 30% based on discounted prices.

    But if your figures are accurate and the dealer borrows at just 5% to buy inventory, that costs the dealer $325 a year to keep it in stock or $54 to keep it in stock for two months. That brings the gross margin down to $446 if they sell it for $7K. If I were a dealer it would hardly seem worth it, unless I could push 100 out the door in a relatively short time. No wonder many dealers try to push the accessories.

  • Pablov

    what about eBay stores reliability?

    Is there any really reliable and safe to buy highly expensive Nikon gear (that also gives good warranty and service) ?

    Thanks !

  • mike

    I see you guys are talking about margins and stuff I ve allways wondered how you calc how much the item cost them and how much may they make I kinda slow so can some one give and example and maybe using easy numbs like say the came was 1000 dollars etc thanks

  • Marshal

    Found this at DPreview:

    “FYI. Robert’s Imaging, one of the nicest internet retailers here in the US, is selling the D3X for $7495 (advertised for $7995, and actually selling it for $7495). US warranty, not grey market.”

  • ennan

    I know that the trade price for a D3x for a major uk retailer is £4500 – a full £1000 above retail, so margins are pretty good. The thing is that margin will disappear fast as it alway does. That same retailer had a similar margin with the D3 a year ago and is now selling so close to the trade price its not even funny.

  • wright

    does anybody know where I can find info about this whole margin thing thanks in advance

  • jacksoncole

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