Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S lens now shipping

Few lucky people have already received their Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S lens and brag about it on dpreview. Bjorn Rorslett has already posted a review of this lens - he rates it 5 out of 5.

For now Adorama and B&H are still only taking pre-orders.

Update: Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G samples available here and here.

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  • darren

    yes,this is what i’ve been waiting for.
    i wonder when the official start selling it.hmm.

  • RH

    I have it also on pre-order, hope it starts shipping this week everywhere. From the samples I’ve seen the bokeh looks smooth which I like, but could someone post the raw files again? (the ones from the other news post ain’t working)

  • Lance

    I need to call Henry’s… mine should be on the way!

  • Has there been any informed comment about how it compares with the Sigma 50/1.4?

    • I’d be interested in that too. Sigma took to a different approach with the huge diameter to minimize falloff wide open.

      • I could find any – we should start seeing reports once people start getting their new 50mm AF-S

  • Couldn’t find the review on Bjørn’s site ?

    Do u got a link?

    IMHO: That site needs some cleanup..


    5 out of 5….. lol


    it is just a 50.4 with new AF-S motor =<

    • Anonymous

      its a whole new optical design

    • pete

      please dont comment on things you have absolutely new clue about. its completely different. not least of which is rounded blades to improve the bokeh for such a short focal length.

      • PHB

        Quite right, the 50mm AFS is the solution to world hunger and global warming. How could anyone be so ignorant as to compare it to previous designs which merely permitted the owner to walk on water?

        • Ernst

          Now there’s a straw man if ever I saw one. Your post is a great example of why most writers shouldn’t attempt sarcasm.

          The original post (written by you?) claimed, smugly, that the new 50 was just the old 50 with a silent-wave motor — a claim which is not true. Pete pointed that out. Nobody made any hyperbolic claims about the old 50 or the new 50. Well, except for you.

  • Anonymous


    They claim to have it in stock.

  • Anonymous

    where are they in stock!!??

  • Andy

    anyone’s preorder shipping yet? i am waiting not-very-patiently for word from adorama

  • Eric

    I’m anxiously awaiting my call from Penn Camera about my pre-order as well. No word yet..

    Do we know if the people with the lens in hand are all located on one of the coasts? I’m wondering if they aren’t moving from west to east as we speak.

  • Anonymous

    I just received mine today. I was able to purchase it from Roberts Imaging 2 days ago. I did not get a chance to play with it yet.

    • Let us know what you think about the lens

  • Zen-shooter

    Assuming that some parts and components come from their global network. I’m curious to know where this new lens is assembled.
    Mito plant?
    Ohi plant?
    Sendai plant?
    Yokohama plant
    Sagamihara plant?
    Kumagaya plant?
    China plant?

  • Dude!

    Check the vendors on Amazon. Bought mine last night and got a shipping confirmation today.

    • Thanks – I just created a post for that

  • HomeyD5

    Got mine yesterday, I’d placed a pre-order with Adorama back in October. No doubt about it: a major improvement over the previous f/1.4. It’s easier to list some minor nits than to lavish extensive praise… the silent-wave focussing is not particularly fast, but my sample is very accurate. (With the thin DOF at 1.4 accuracy is appreciated!) The 58mm filter is a minor gripe, as is the now-standard matte charcoal plastic body. Optically there’s some slight purple fringing at extreme light/dark transitions when shooting wide open, but nothhing major. Noticeable vignetting wide open also, that’s to be expected. Otherwise, a very very good lens. Easy to use, results are very satisfying. By the time you stop down to 2.8 there’s really noting to complain about. Get one, you won’t be sorry.

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