Nikon beating Canon to the #1 spot in DLSR sales:

"Number one for share by volume in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan."

"Nikon's DSLR sales growth expand by 333 percent, compared 2004/05 figures."

333%! I guess Nikon do know what they are doing with their pricing strategy, so let's just stop the bashing and wait to see what will happened with the Nikon D3x.

This is a reason for a celebration! Just do this dance, wherever you are, right now:

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  • Pablov

    nice to see, good to know

    but that growth of 333% is compared to 2004-2005…
    Despite it is huge, we are now at end of 2008, and just starting an economical-financial crisis… So I wouldn’t expect that growing rate in near future, but who knows…

    • rthomas

      I’d love to get the raw numbers of SLR sales from 1958 to now… and see which company, over the long haul, has sold more. Not sure that would be a trivial problem, but I like statistics. Nikon used to run a magazine ad showing the model of camera that won the Pulitzer for Photojournalism each year. It was very impressive and gave the idea that they ruled the market, which was true at the time (say the mid-1970’s… not sure, but go through old issues of Pop Photo and you’ll find it). They should resurrect that ad campaign now, if it’s possible to do so without embarrassing themselves.

  • gocrazy

    yuuuupppppiiiii 333% in 2030 we can reach 666% the number of the beast….muahhahahahaahaha

  • Nikkor

    They had all the momentum and they ground it to a screaching halt with the D3x pricing.

    • A.G

      QUOTE: “They had all the momentum and they ground it to a screaching halt with the D3x pricing.”

      Typical of the hysterical comments we hear from people when a manufacturer launches a product that they cannot afford. The D3X isn’t even on the shelves yet!!

      Obviously the D3X is not intended to be for everyone. The ‘recommended’ retail price on launch is as much related to marketing as it is to the value of the components in the camera. The price will fall, the technology will make its way into more affordable cameras in a matter of months. Nikon haven’t become the Number 1 DSLR manufacturer across the globe this year by ignoring the value of marketing.

      The D3 is one of the best cameras you can buy. The D3X is even better. Nikon has made that statement with its launch price.

      It is amazing the number of [insert Brand name] fans who become personally offended when [insert Brand name] launches a product that doesn’t exactly meet their idea of high-tech AND affordable. It is even more amazing when many of those people wouldn’t even use the entry-level models to their full potential.

      • I read something interesting on a forum today about the D3x price – “if you cannot afford it, you don’t need it…” I agree with this statement.

  • Eric B

    That guy gets around…

  • somebody

    nice one. big the financial crisis is not over yet and sales might drop in the future… Good luck anyway, Nikon 😉

  • somebody

    PS: Nice video!! Have to find out the story 😉

  • bishop27

    what’s funny is that u don’t HAVE to buy a D3x. that’s like being angry at Mercedes at making the S class when u have an E class. IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE! otherwise it would be priced a lot lower and be called a D40 or D90. Darn Mercedes for coming out with an S class car I can’t afford and darn Nikon for coming out with the D3x i can’t afford! seriously tho, what horrible horrible people….. making things i can’t afford…. geez…….

    • RH


      Even if the D3x turns out to be a huge disappointment in sales, it’s only a niche market and won’t affect these numbers or Nikon’s share of the overall market one bit.

      Why isn’t anyone crying why the 1Ds3 is so expensive? In my opinion that is a lot less gear for the buck than D3x.

    • A.G

      I agree entirely. We all want the best model whether we need it or not. Unfortunately some people become personally offended when a manufacturer releases something they can’t afford.

      Sure it is expensive – It is the top manufacturer’s flagship DSLR which has been just announced. At 8000 bucks, Nikon will sell enough to make it worth their while. Regardless of what anyone predicts, the facts speak for themselves – Nikon are outselling its competitors and this camera doesn’t make its other models any less attractive.

  • Tom

    I’ll celebrate when they get their arse in gear and update the primes.

  • Do you know what one of the main sources of growth is? Quality manufacturing at all levels. At my camera shop, we have had 4x the amount of repairs for the Rebel series cameras than ANY Nikon.

    • Adam

      maybe because the Rebels have sold more than 4 times the amount of units than any Nikon… It’s an insanely popular camera

  • bigmouth

    the source is very vague and with no factual references to exactly how much the sales gained on canon from either the volume or the total revenue standpoint. I mean, I can’t imagine that D40/x/60/90/300 sales can beat canon’s 450D/1000D/40D/50D/5DII line up. I just don’t see it happening.

    • A.G

      There are plenty of details about the previous year around (if people are interested in looking for it, of course). Nikon was practically level, with a 1% difference; even outselling Canon in some markets. Why would it be so difficult to imagine the huge gains Nikon has made in the past years translating into a market lead?

  • Pablov

    sorry for my ignorance, but I have some browser/computer problems and couldn’t see all the video.

    Is it related to the post in any way ?
    what is the video about ? (I just saw people dancing, so I wonder if it has something to do with Nikon or someone in particular)

    (I liked the idea of people dancing around the world)

    • Not Nikon-related, Pablov. No worries.

      Just a fun video about a guy that dances w/ different people all around the world.

      • Pablov

        is the same person all around the world ?? (what a travel !! )

  • Ruslan

    Yeahhhhh!!! Good point 🙂

  • Waitabit

    “333%! I guess Nikon do know what they are doing with their pricing strategy, so let’s just stop the bashing and wait to see what will happened with the Nikon D3x.”

    Success! …and then go bust because you price yourself out of the market?
    Wait, wait, wait for a full frame Nikon and then there are three. Still it’s only 1/20th of an average UK doctors salary these days.

    Can you translate that last part in to English please.

  • GT

    I’m selling my Nikon shares…..

    • Pablov

      I wish I had some !!!!

  • Dan Kim

    First of all, I admit I didn’t read any of the comments, so I apologize if I reiterated something someone already said.

    This announcement just means that Nikon surpassed Canon for true or maybe expected sales of DSLRs… not market share as in total DSLRs sold. I’m pretty sure Canon still has the larger market share in that respect. Either way, we’re not talking about huge differences.

    That being said, having a larger market share DOESN’T make one company better than the other. When Canon was selling more (the margin has generally always been pretty small anyway), Nikon-owners still thought Nikon was the superior brand. We also have to consider that the vast majority of DSLR sales of any brand are low-end models. I’m going to guess that at least 80% of the owners of low-end models shoot solely JPG, do no post-processing to fix even white balance, and own 2 or fewer lenses (including kit lens).

    I am a Canon-user, but I hate fanboyism of either side (and any side). I acknowledge that Nikon’s recent offerings are great and wouldn’t mind using them (D700 and D3). However, I think most level-headed, experienced photographers would agree that the difference between the two big systems is negligible, and the actual photographs are what count at the end of the day. If you can get the shot with one brand, generally the odds are that you can with the other… assuming the cameras are from the same generation.

    But congratulations to Nikon. Competition fuels innovation and lower prices for everyone.

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