D3x specs and details available

From the latest Nikon Pro magazine (Europe) - click on image to enlarge (the $ sign is not from me):

Thanks for the scans D$. More available here. The bad news: no new lenses? Also, do not expect D400 on Monday.

The X factor

Ultra-high definition 24.5-megapixel flagship takes DSLR into medium-format terrain

The professional SLR world has been transformed in just 12 months by the introduction of no less than four new Nikon pro SLR bodies. First we saw the D3 and D300. Then there was the D700. Now, with the launch of the D3x, Nikon offers more FX format pro cameras than any other manufacturer. At 24.5MP, the D3x has the highest resolution seen in a Nikon SLR to date.

The new camera shares all of the D3’s features, including Live View (making it the world’s highest resolution SLR with viewscreen shooting); the 51-point MultiCAM3500FX autofocus system; Scene Recognition System; Expeed 16-bit processing; 3-inch high-resolution 922.000-dot viewing screen; and the tough, weather-resistant magnesium body.

The D3x was designed with medium format photographic applications in mind. The ISO range covers 100-1600 with a Lo1 (equivalent to ISO 50) as well as boost settings up to the equivalent of ISO 6400.

But it’s also fast. The D3x can record its high-resolution 24.5MP files at up to 5fps. As with the D3, it has two alternative crop modes: 5:4 and DX In DX crop mode the camera captures 10MP files at up to 7fps.

The MultiCAM3500FX AF system is the same as the D3, and has the largest number of individually selectable focus points available, making this a very effective system for isolating fine details in the scene. The widely acclaimed Autofocus Tracking capabilities are, as you would expect, the same as the D3.

Pixel numbers alone do not guarantee good quality pictures. The D3x Expeed image-processing system is custom-designed to render this detail with levels of tonal gradation never before seen in a DSLR. Its 75MB files are ideally suited for stock photography and extremely high levels of enlargement.

And being a Nikon SLR, its body is much faster, intuitive to handle and ergonomically advanced than heavy and complex medium-format systems.

You’ll have guessed by now that the D3x is armed at photographers whose work requires the ultimate in detail and output quality Where skin tones, fabric textures, crisp edges, and foliage are paramount - in the fashion, commercial and landscape area - the D3x excels.

Beyond the confines of the studio lighting environment, the onboard exposure metenng and AWB systems make the D3x equally at home in less controlled lighting situations where the aim is to capture the atmosphere of ambient lighting.


The D3x has an exclusive 35.9 x 24mm (FX format) 24.5MP image sensor with unique OLPF (optical low pas filter) and high-speed channel readout. ISO range covers the equivalent of 50-6400.

The widely acclaimed speed and accuracy of the MultiCAM3500 AF system with 51-AF points. Individual selection assumes a new importance in combination with the high resolution: it’s easy to isolate and focus on small details in the scene.

At full 24.5MP resolution, the D3x shoots at 5fps, 7fps is possible in DX Crop mode. The camera is as responsive as the superfast D3. 12ms start up with a shutter release lag time of just 41 ms (CIPA standard). It writes files to the dual CF slots at about 35MB per second.

The D3x’s 16-bit EXPEED engine is specially tuned to deliver detail-rich, colourful files with low levels of noise and high detail. It is also tuned to minimise the effects of colour fringing with older F-mount Nikkor lenses, and to minimise the effect of unnatural-looking (digital) noise patterns. Vignette (peripheral fall-off) can also be controlled for creative effect.

The D3x features a new Extra High Active D-Lighting setting, designed to better manage extremely high-contrast scenes, especially tonal gradation in highlights.

Information from the 1005-pixel RGB sensor with diffraction grating is used to recognise the subject position and colour prior to capture. The results are then used by autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance.

The D3x is the highest resolution digital SLR yet to offer Live View. Allowing photographers to compose and shoot via the 3in monitor instead of the viewfinder brings a variety of practical advantages both in the studio and on location. Two modes are offered: Handheld and Tripod. Contrast-detect autofocus is available in Tripod mode.

3-inch wide-angle (170deg) rear viewing screen, with 922,000 dots, is ultra-high definition, and proven to exhibit extraordinary levels of damage resistance.

USB 2.0 downloads images off the camera fast when tethered, and flexibly when connected with the WT-4 wireless transmitter. With both HDMI and AV/Out ports GPS data can be captured into the EXIF as before. The new, compact Nikon GP-1 GPS unit can also be attached via the 10-pin terminal and mounted in the hotshoe, or clip on the camera strap.

The D3x uses the same high performance lithium-ion battery (EN-EL4a) as the D3. Thanks to efficiencies in the camera’s onboard EXPEED image-processing system, battery performance is comparable with the D3.

Extremely durable magnesium construction with ergonomically optimised and weather-sealed buttons, dials and LCD displays. Extensive use of high-grade rubber grips means the body is comfortable to handle for long periods of time, and in a wide range of temperatures.

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  • David Olsen

    I am pleased it is ISO 1600 ..that means I dont need to worry about upgrading ..D3 for me and anybody else i would think that works outside of a studio

    • bast

      agree, I’ll be going to keep mine for marriage, event and sports, etc., too (iso performance over resolution). And maybe go for a d700x, d800 or whatever for landscape if the new chip turns out so much better as the theory lets us assume. keep the rumours coming 🙂

    • bl

      There are plenty of usage outside the studio where best possible low ISO is better than good high ISO, starting with landscape.

  • CV

    10 MP in DX mode???? 24×16 vs 36×24 is half, not 10/24, right?

    • rhlpetrus

      24.5/2.25 = 10.9MP

  • Dave

    Ka-ching! iso100 sounds sweet, but iso 6400 max??? I’m wondering about the noise..

    • Well, the noise certainly will not be handled as well as it was on the D3, it just can’t be with so many pixels on a small sensor. And this camera clearly isn’t designed for shooting at higher ISOs anyways, this is designed for high-detail imaging, and any camera, D3 included, doesn’t do high-detail at higher ISOs. Trade-offs, my friend, trade-offs.

  • Klemen
  • Alain2x

    Good way to release a camera without too much improvements, this will keep the price down, if I can say such things today.
    But with a neighbour called Alpha900, what else can they do ?

  • rhlpetrus

    They mention new AA filter and 75MP Tiff files (that’s 8bits). Not clear if RAW is 12, 14 or 16 bits. It menstion custom designed Expeed at 16bits, but D3′ Expeed was already 16bits.

    100 ISO may mean:

    1) Not Sony sensor
    2) Sony sensor with stronger CFA

    • Sony has said at some point that they were not going to sell their sensor to anyone, but I still believe they might have. And, I can’t help but assume RAW files will be at 16 bit, they shouldn’t be taking steps backwards with that.

      I personally believe that it is the Sony sensor in some form. But that Nikon’s own software and processing engines are in use and will improve the IQ out of the sensor.

  • rhlpetrus
  • Chris

    I think someone in the post room at Nikon is going to get a bit of a telling off 😀

  • kaka

    cool new camera and now start the big big buse about the performence of this beast…

    WOOOOOOW no pop up flash? i won’t buying that shittttttt…

  • Wiilyb

    Awesome, just what I was waiting for! ISO 50 and 24mp!!

  • fxed

    Modest improvements excluding 24mp’s. I’m surprised no dust removal. I’d say Nikon had to respond to the Canon 5DMKII when it is really going up against Canon’s 1D series pro camera.They were ready with a higher quality 24mp sensor that fit into the D3 hence no long lag time to redisign the body. That may explaing the dust removal or lack of one because that was the issue with the D3 the mechcanism did not fit. No video, great, now I won’t have to buy a directors megaphone.

    • Mike

      “No video, great, now I won’t have to buy a directors megaphone”

      LOL 😀

    • rhlpetrus

      Not really. This is a pure bred pro landscape/studio camera. If the 100 ISO is any hint, as well as miancu’s remark about high detail (possibly due to new AA filter system), this could be a high DR, great color, low noise, high res camera everyone wanted.

      The 5DII is an enthusiasts camera, competes with A900 and D700, and I bet its high ISO performance is not same as D700. Also, there’s talk of wrrse color separation.

  • Simon

    at 4000 UKP I’ll be waiting for its smaller brother the D800 (?)
    In the mean time Canon’s 5D MKII will be cleaning up at the stores.

    • Andy

      I thought prices haven’t been announced by Nikon?

      Why will the D3x cost more than the D3 assuming the sensors in both cameras cost the same to produce?

      • Anonymous

        The D2x cost more than the D2h. On the other hand, the D3 wasn’t named the D3h…

      • Pablov

        Maybe the sensors don’t cost the same.

        But I don’t think the difference is about $1.000 either.

        Different price because market, production volume, business reasons I guess.
        And because it’s “new” 😀

        (would be nice to have a friend in the engineering dep. to ask him/her some of the sample units for our birthday’s gift, isn’t it ? :D)

  • Andy

    Shame that there is no dust busting, that IMHO is a serious omission.

    So are the raw files 16 or 14 bit?

  • Daf

    Is there a release date yet ?

    Think I’ll be another waiting for the small-body equivalent – D800 – if there is one.

  • fxed

    Lenses lenses lenses. Where are the F__king lenses.

    • Pablov

      You meant F_mount lenses, didn’t you ? 🙂

  • raio

    the baby is born with conservative improvements so that we have to buy a D4 with sensor cleaning, built-in anti-shake and perhaps 25k ISO. But the most impoortant thing what Nikon wrote in the scanned paper is the picture qualitiy – this is IMHO that what many of us wanted. I’m sure the D3x will touch medium format quality what Canson`s DIIIs did already two years ago. It dependes on the price for me – D800 (haha, same sensor!) or D3x.

  • AIA Guy

    I am blown away. I am an Architectural Photographer, and I was seriously thinking about getting a medium format Fuji and getting a digital back. But not any more!! I guess I will have to get a PC leans as well. Now who makes the sensor, I hope not sony.

  • sonololo

    the sony900 is 24.6, the nikon3x is 24.5

    i think it means that sensor in d3x != sensor in a900

    • sonololo


      i think the d3x with nikkor 135/1.8 will be real bargain, if not better than as a900 with zeiss 135/1.8

      • Jason

        You refer to a posting of “ThomasMiller” who is one of the worst dpreview trolls, a proven liar who exactly knows nothing (if already that much)!

        The guy – real name Robert E. Brody from Carmel, NY, USA – posts there under a variety of names, besides “ThomasMiller” that is/were “Brian Coles”, “precisionshot”, “Buttes Keeper”, “lordofnikon”, “armando amayo”, “ThomasH_always”, “EricIsDerek”, “touristguy87”, “Bobsprit”, “captRob”, “captRB”, …

        So pleaaaase – get real!

  • G

    I’d love to think this didn’t have the Sony sensor and will compete with MF, but having used a Leaf 22mp back for a bit now I just can’t see it being as good. MF format image quality and Nikon ergonomics ,control and useability …… I think I might still be waiting a while yet!

    • Nobody Special

      Leica is trying to see if that shoe fits with the S2.

      Certainly the comment that the higher MP sensor is like that of MF is a stretch to me. But the marketing guru’s will probably be using such hyperbole more and more to attract and convince users that this is latest and greatest. The market is getting tighter and tighter.

  • If the D3x meets your other needs (and if YOU meet ITS financial needs!) then it would be silly not to buy it because it doesn’t have “dust removal.”

    I don’t think the underlying technology has changed much since the Hungarian website Pixinfo did its test last year:


    Basically, they found that while some systems worked better than others, none of them really worked very well. If you really need dust-free results, you still have to resort to a more forceful cleaning method.

    As far as I know, the Hungarians are the only media who have dared put dust removal to the test.

  • Lack of sensor-cleaning is a serious omission that necessitates many wasted hours over the useful lifespan of any DSLR (for working photographers). And the D4’s lack of video and only a 3MP chip bump over the $3K Canon 5D MkIII will make this Nikon a hard sell if anyone takes the time to compare specs instead of just ‘towing the party line’… Once again Nikon takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back (behind Canon).

    • And I forgot to add that I was a Nikon shooter for 25 years until Nikon dropped the ball by pumping out ‘mini-sensor’ DSLRs for too many years.

      • Joe makes a good point. I don’t really see the need to replace my D3, and I’ve been rocking out landscapes, and making bank with it since day one. Not to mention any other side job not related to landscapes.
        The D3 covers 99.9% of my income needs. I can’t believe no dust buster? I’m not jumping into another dust bin again. I might look a smaller body version with buster that’s sealed like a D3 with zero flimsy parts. That would be something that might move me I guess.

    • lyr

      Maybe people don’t buy D3x for Mp, but for a 5DmkII like, with Nikon ergonomics, with different fps, with dual-CF slots, with 51 points AF, renowned for its high quality and high speed.

      So, 3Mp more or less, it’s small, compared to other elements.

      • rhlpetrus

        I think people will be blown by the high IQ of the D3: DR, color separation, low ISO noise and detail. Miancu posted at DPr about seeing images and that detail is outstanding, implying something about the AA filter.

        And likley Nikon is playing conservative with high ISO here, since this is not, definitely, an action, fast camera.

        If IQ is tops, like MF cameras, with present great lenses by Nikon and new Zeiss coming (21 Distagon in F mount), this could be a killer tool for high res photography.

  • Peraco

    Fed up with new bodies…
    Provide new lenses Mr Nikon.

    • Nikon makes big money on new bodies. People always want the latest new body. Lenses are a one time purchase. How often do you replace lenses? Bodies are disposable.. Thus produce the most cash flow. That’s why so many new bodies.

  • Jason

    What’s the “special new feature” that the other rumors was talking about?

    • rhlpetrus

      Wait for detail results from new AA filter, that’s what miancu mentioned.

  • Nobody Special

    This comment can be considered somewhat off-topic. But The beginning of affordable FF 35 sensor cameras is getting closer and closer. I wonder if people will bother with high-end models just for higher ISO’s etc.

    This would (will?) bring a major shift for the companies like Nikon and Canon in marketing and other areas as smaller market companies like Sony get on-board to grab a cut of the pie. It would seem that digital is bringing more intrigue to the party than just higher definition.

  • Pablov

    I still don’t see the surprise or the very new thing or feature here…

    only higher res, at a nice frame rate speed
    sounds bit weird to me that Nikon didn’t use this chance to include some new or improved features

    I can’t believe it doesn’t include sensor cleaning system, it’s ridiculous, besides some people say it isn’t very useful, at least it does something, better than nothing. (hopefully the D3x sensor doesn’t get dirty as often as the D3… – read some reports about it, related to the shutter system)

    Maybe the full specs show some extras that weren’t included here (sensor cleaning, virtual horizon, … and I don’t expect much more, according to this scan)

    • Your correct! Something to cut down on the frequency
      of cleaning would be nice. But I would guess Nikon is saving major money in re-tooling here by using the D3 body. Dust or not, seems many here will be jumping off cliffs to get one. Not me, I’m still feeling a little burned by early D3 adoption. then the D700.. that would of suited me fine. But you know, D3 has been a dream to own. I creating art I never thought possible with it. So I guess, I would have missed a lot of great image making if I had waited.

  • This is pretty much what I expected. The only thing is that because of the D3’s high-ISO noise performance people are going to expect it in every NIkon flagship. But, people also expect higher megapixels. Too bad you can’t really have both. I was hoping for maybe a little faster burst shooting, maybe 7 FPS, but 5 is okay I suppose. The camera definitely isn’t aimed at PJ’s and sports shooters (that’s what the D3 is for). I’ll probably pick up a D3x.

  • Justin

    Surely out-specs canon 1Ds3. Not so convincing when facing A900 and 5D2. For the price of a D3x you can get a A900 or 5D2 with one or even two professional lens, and you get body-IS or HD and iso 25k. Anyway I guess it’s for the rich and loyal people only. Hope D700x will use a different sensor.

    • There are some factors that aren’t necessarily that easy to put down on paper though as statistics. I mean, the D3x could have better color rendition than the A900 and 5D Mark II, or cover a much wider tonal range. Those are things that might not factor into many people’s purchases as much as ‘megapixels’ or ‘video’, but those people are not ones that are really D3x users anyways. The people that really need this camera will know it, and they shall buy it. There are Nikon users, a lot, that shoot serious landscapes and they’ll need this. And there are portraiture people, a lot, that use Nikon or at least Nikon lenses and will see this and think, ‘This might be just what I need.’ The market is out there.

      • Justin

        Yes there is a market for it, but it’s a real niche market. There are a landscape/portraiture people, a lot, that won’t have any problem picking up an A900 and a couple of Carlo Zeiss lens, or a 5D2 and a couple of ultra-fast primes over D3x. It’s still a wonderful camera, actually better than canon’s 1Ds3 on paper (but canon “could” have better color and DR as you suggested). My real disappointment is it does not offer any technology breakthrough as D3. It looks like being rushed out to market just to say “we have high MP cam too”.

        • I can see what you are saying. But, the portraiture, landscape, studio people that are already Nikon owners are gonna be the ones buying this; they will not sell all their Nikon gear to get a 5DMII or A-900. But, on the other hand, the D3 made people in other camps sell all of their gear and switch. So, I can definitely see where you are coming from; the D3x is no breakthrough. But it wasn’t meant to be. The D2xs wasn’t one either. This camera is meant to fill the high-MP void that Nikon has and satisfy some core groups of its professional market. The D4 is where the ISO will go to new realms and the speed will reach new heights. Hang in there, your socks will be rocked off soon enough. Now, in the meantime of your sock-rocking, I’m gonna get my hands on a D3x because as a portrait professional, I’ve been waiting for this. Haha.

          • Pablov

            I understand your comments, and agree with them (although I would have appreciated much more in the D3x, as I wrote below)

            But the D4 would be launched in at least 1 year or so, wouldn’t it? (unless Nikon is developing fast some high top secret features/concepts, that I doubt)

            Besides that, too many people are waiting for lenses, and if Nikon doesn’t release them, then those people could think twice about switching

  • I’m hung over but now I’m still giddy!!! Hmm, I can’t wait to see some full sized raw files from this beast.

    Still doing the “please don’t be a Sony chip” dance and chant, but it’s exciting to Nikon finally advancing in this whole digital photography thing, 😉

  • Don

    I want one…. NOW!

  • Sterlingz@mac.com

    The lack of video is extremely disappointing. The fact that the 5DMKII will end up selling for probably at least $2K less and only sacrifice 3MP while adding gorgeous HD is really going to make me reconsider whether I continue dumping money into Nikon. I can get a 5DII with a couple lenses for the same price and still use all my Nikon glass with adapters.

    The sensor cleaning omission is unforgivable. I use this all the time on the D300 and it has reduced the amount of physical cleaning tremendously over the D2x. There is no doubt in my mind that it helps, and it was one of the reasons I held out on the D3.

    I guess it will come down to real world image quality tests to see whether it’s worth the upgrade. It definitely feels rushed though, as if Nikon just had to answer quickly with a high resolution camera since they’ve been lagging for so long. The lack of innovation from the original D3 in a year and a half ago is quite disturbing. It really feels like Canon has gained the edge here, especially since their 1D MKIV can’t be too far behind, and I would imagine probably also will implement video.

    And as other posters have commented, we need new glass from Nikon yesterday. The 70-200 AFS VR needs updating badly, as it is practically unusable on full frame cameras – the corners are utter mush as has been widely documented.

    • Pablov

      I mostly agree with you.
      Canon 1DMkIV will probably include Movie/Video mode.

      Are the adapters to use Nikon on Canon realle useful? even more, do they work, and where do you get them?
      Please let me know, because at the local Canon Service near me, they told me there wasn’t any adapter to use Nikon Lenses on Canon DSLRs…

    • submono

      Hmm, will PJ’s and sports photographers be allowed into any football stadium with a pro cam that can shoot stills AND hires video? I doubt that.

  • Pablov

    .. IF the specs are just those, and do not include any new or outstanding feature or result in the IQ, Noise Levels, DR, then I completely agree with “It looks like being rushed out to market”

    It seems Nikon is hurry to release something just before Christmas or right after, to increase sales, something to compete with Canon 5D Mark II and Sony A900 (I know those are different cameras, but the high MP matters to many people, and they both have 20+ MP while Nikon still doesn’t) and to say that “we have high res camera too”.

    The only big pitty (but not necessarily a disappointment) is if it doesn’t include Professional Video/Movie mode.
    Lot of people don’t care about that, other traditionalist ones think it shouln’t include that (some others say the same about LiveView), but in the real world there are Many people who would take big advantage of it…
    (while of course, some other won’t use it)

    I’m still sure that new Nikon DSLR will include an enhanced Movie/Video mode.

    I guess Nikon didn’t have time to develope and include it (Professionally as a flagship DSLR should have) because they are also releaseing it in a rush or so, and because it could mean higher costs too.

    After all, the “x” models are used to just have higher resolution sensor, keeping the main features of the non-“x” originals.

    But I could bet the D4 (whenever is released) would include it.
    Nikon is not blind… (is it?)

    — Now I wonder… D400 or D800 would be also “just” a higher res upgrade? or will Nikon take more steps ahead and include new features (like PRO -not “home”- Video/Movie) ?

    IF this IS the new High Res DSLR, that even refers to “medium format” terrain, then the previous prediction about a Big new camera in Feb-March 2009 will become real ? or it was hurried and released (still to be) now ?
    Or Feb/March 2009 will show us a different (or nothing) thing ?
    just wondering….

  • Julian

    No lenses.

    The F Mount is 50 years old next year.

    Maybe Nikon is holding back in 2008 for a year filled with lens releases in 2009?

    • Pablov

      I hope that, because TOO MANY people are complaining about lack of lenses.
      But… I don’t believe a “year filled with lens releases” is probably, or even possible 🙁

      I guess if Nikon does not DO something about Lenses (along with developing new DSLRs), then the future is uncertain.

      Nikon’s prices use to be high, and the lack of some lenses or features in DSLRs can beging to push customers too…

      Future is always uncertain, but some factors push it one way or another…

      • Julian

        Or maybe they are planning and preparing for a new lens mount like someone suggested below?

  • This is just showing that Nikon can play the mega pixel game. Canon might clean up with the 5Dmkii… but Nikon has had an onslaught of people buying the D700, D300, and D90. Canon has has… the 50D…?? The xTi? The D40 & D60 can wipe those two out too.


    So, what exactly does “economically optimised” weather sealed buttons mean?

  • Dan

    With the current specs the D3x is a dissapointment to the PJ’s and sport photographers out there. It’s suited for landscapers and MF photog’s. With its low fps and megapixels at 10.9 dx mode it makes sense to stay with the D3. The low end would be a steal with the D700. Sony’s A900 has high noise at even the low ISO range. Compared to the D3, the A900 ISO 800 is about the same at the D3’s 6400 in noise. Nikon could probly bring it up to ISO 1000-3200 to D3’s 6400 in noise. Well overall I think the D3x will be in low demand due too its disspointment and a push for a D4 sooner . I would bet a D4 by July of 09′ with a closer D3 Performance ratio. Nikon its time to stop relying on Sony’s sensors.

    • Right, it is a disappointment to the PF’s and sport shooters out there…but that’s because it isn’t aimed at those people. The ‘x’ series of Nikon’s flagships have never, ever been that fast or that amazing of performers in low light. That’s what the ‘h’ series and no letter series (i.e. D2h, D3) were for. Nikon satisfied, excellently may I add, the PJs and sports shooters with the D3 before satisfying portrait and landscape and architecture people first, so don’t be too harsh.

  • RH

    Why on earth do people compare D3x to 5D mark II? I honestly believe that “even” the D3/D700 will ultimately have better image quality and high ISO performance than 5DII (if judging by the fiasco 50D).

    People should compare apples to apples/pro cameras to pro cameras so the 1Ds3 is the obvious competition. And judging by the press release, I think D3x will win the contest (and more professionals will jump sides).

  • Pablov

    I didn’t pay enough attention, but yes… what “economically optimised and weather-sealed buttons, dials and LCD displays” exactly means?
    I never read something like that before (“economically optimised” and weather-sealed buttons ???
    are cheap cork buttons? -kidding, but really wonder what it means…- )

    • Lars

      Maybe they are reacting to the dust problems the D3 has?

  • Bob Woolford

    ERGonomically optimised buttons, NOT ‘eco’nomically!

    • yep, I fixed it

      • Pablov

        LOL !! thanks 😀
        That clarifies that point (no cork buttons!! 😛 )

  • I would love to try the D3X in my hands. I was leaning towards the 5dMKII, but might wait on my next camera body purchase now.

  • Dick E.

    I have a D3 and I love it. I WAS almost ready to change my whole system to Canon!

    I am happy now, but I would like to see Nikon finally change their Immortal Lens Mount(almost) to one with a bigger opening! As Canon did some years ago. This would help greatly with lens design i.e. vignetting, etc.

    Yes, this would require a wholesale update, but the pros could keep both systems going in parallel for a time. Later, you’d see it as worthwhile.

    Regards all, Dick

  • pete

    admin, do you have any archives of past forum comments ? i recall me getting into a discussion with a few people, (pablov of course), here about what would and wouldnt be on the d3x. NO video and slower fps. i’d like to check back with them now and say a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO”.

    this is a studio and still life camera, not a toy and not a PJ camera. some of y’all groupies should listen to us older pros. we know the market cos we’re in it, not cos we read about it.

    • Oh don’t worry about it – if I have to look for all the “I told you so” comments, I would never have time to write about new rumors… you cannot change the way some people think… ever
      btw – I do believe you

      • Pablov

        well, in fact I didn’t realize pete had a frequent discussion with me, I often don’t review if someone replies to my post…

        Just different points of view, many times based on different needs, because we do different jobs and live in different countries.

        The only thing I now understand, is that TOO MANY “pros” only think that their kind of work is the only one other Pros do….
        THAT is a very NARROW perspective.

        I know, US and some other countries are the biggest sellers, so the most important markets. But it is good to know there are more countries in the world too 🙂

        Don’t think I’m against 1st world countries, because that would be entirely wrong. I’m just explaining. Knowing other cultures and countries is always good, it opens your mind and perspective

        • pete

          i’m not suggesting that my needs are the same as everyone elses. but i do i understand the business of photograpy and i’m a reasonabley intelligent person.

          movie mode and 8fps is NOT a feature that pro’s need on a top end hi res body. period. remember this is a PRO body, not a gimick or a tool for you to have bragging rights with other nikon fanboys.

          the reason nikon was getting slaughtered in the past is cos they forgot the pros and people like me switched to canon.

          the reason they have come on in leaps and bounds now to effectively become a market leader in performance is cos canon dropped the ball and nikon finally addressed what the pro’s needed.

          so long as they keep listening to the top end of the market, they will continue to thrive and all of the technology that the top end want/ need for their work filters down to the medium and bottom end.

          thats the way you build a successful system. thats exactly what canon did with the 1D series and thats what nikon are doing now. the less nikon listen to gear junkies who want every feature under the sun in the top end camera but dont have 2 penny’s to rub together, the better off we will all be.

          the D3 is what i needed. the d3x is what the studio and fine art still life guys need. now if they would just give us the primes we’re after we can all sleep much easier…lol

          • Pablov

            well, just to clarify:

            I don’t meet with other “nikon fanboys”, I’m not one either. I just love photography, work on it, use Nikon gear, but don’t get married with any brand.

            You might be right about the D3x, and you can say “I told you so” 1000 times if it makes you happy.

            But I still think Canon will implement Movie/Video in their pro models, and Nikon will too when they have it ready to be “pro”. Obviously Nikon is still not ready

            Maybe the D4 has it. And if that happens, I won’t search for this post to say “I told you so”….

            I respect your opinion, but don’t completely agree with it. I also know some areas where “pros” are needing different features.

            I understand different countries have different kind of “professionals” too. (and I’m not talking about the one I live in). And I quote “professionals” because often a “professional” is less professional and have less knowledge or technique than serious amateurs… (in many aspects)

            Anyway, if you want to discuss, do it, I won’t write spending more time explaining that the world have much more business, jobs, activities and perspectives than you think or know.

            Best regards

  • pete

    lol thanks mate. the discussion was earlier than that. no need to follow up though. will be an interesting time on Monday nite, (AU time), i wonder whats in store when i turn up ? i think you’ve nailed the d3x now so thats expected…but is there something else…only time will tell.

    • I doubt that there will be something else on Monday – they would have included it in the Nikon Pro magazine. I could not find any earlier post – did you use a different name?

    • Pablov

      Forgot to mention (read above reply)…. nice to know I have a fan 😛

      seriously, don’t spend time discussing, it’s not my intention, and I won’t.

      I’m just writing my thoughts, perspective, and needs.

      Many people will share them, and many won’t.

  • sperera

    huge disappointment….not worth upgrading to in my opinion if it costs like nearly £4k….i was hoping for something more special…still…..who knows if this is really everything to it…..if its nearly £4k then something over 30 mps woulds been good

  • I think – the best camera in market, no Canon cameras anymore))

  • Stephen

    Lovely camera and well worth considering, I don’t like the terminology you’re using.

    You keep saying it’s medium format though and It’s not, it’s just a 35mm full frame DSLR like we’ve been seeing for a few years now.

    People looking at this site may be confused about your use of the word – the 35mm sized lenses they already own will work without leaving big black areas in the corners. You don’t need to go out and upgrade all of your lenses to medium format ones.

    The D3x has an exclusive 35.9 x 24mm (FX format) 24.5MP image sensor with unique OLPF (optical low pas filter) and high-speed channel readout. ISO range covers the equivalent of 50-6400.”

  • This looks like quite an interesting piece of equipment!

  • Chevypower

    Exmor – Expeed close, but different enough to make it sound different – same megapixel = same sensor?
    Also, I only want video mode if it’s true 4K/24p with variable aspect ratio through vertical height cropping of the sensor. (The same way the Panavision camera works). I want 2.4, 2.35, 1.85 options with a 1080/24p HDMI output option. I would want ability for auto focus, an ergonomic housing with shoulder mount, tiltable high-res electronic viewfinder, 4ch 192khz 24Bit PCM audio with XLR inputs (on the housing), SxS memory card slots – again in the housing, don’t need them in the camera when taking stills. Shotgun mic holder on the housing. I want electronic zoom control and zoom lever in it’s regular video camera position, and easy. Manual aperture ring, easy white balance controls etc. Dual HD-SDI outputs, Timecode and Genlock in/out.

  • I’ve been reading about the D3’s for the last year. It’s what I would buy if I could afford a camera like this, the pictures are just fantastic.

  • Firass

    To clarify a few things: This is an awesome camera. The megapixel count is mainly for studio and landscape, so people should stop complaining about it not being a PJ camera. Its not meant to be. I frankly prefer the D3 over the 1DMk3. Even though that camera has a higher pixel count, it doesn’t help in low light.

    Everyone needs to get over the mentality that more pixels is better. Don’t forget, that the more pixels you pack on a sensor, the more susceptible it is to noise. Plus a PJ doesn’t need more than 12 megapixels. You can print 39 inches across with a 6 mega pixel camera. I’ve done it with the D50 and got very acceptable results.

    Also, the comment on this being a medium format camera are misunderstood. In theory, 24 mega pixels equals a medium format camera. That being most medium format backs have a range in the 20s. Hassie have reached 37 megapixels, and I believe Leica have as well with their S system (big mistake IMO. I mean, who the hell will lash out 45,000$ for that? Dead market and big mistake!) Its not really a medium format camera, but gives you a resolution that is close to medium format, digi AND film… I think…

    The only real negative in this camera is the lack of a cleansing system. Then again I have never been accustomed to one.

    Very few pros will jump on the Sony bandwagon. They have a serious lack of pro lenses. They might be made my Zeiss, but don’t forget its the Jap Zeiss, and it cannot compete with the original German Zeiss. To date, the Zeiss website shows only SIX lenses for the Alpha. Big negative there.

    And I still don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the lack of video. I never understood that either. If everyone is turning into video, then photography as a source of income is going to die out. Especially with the age of blogging and online news and broadband, people will just be watching more video than photos. So technically, you’re all wiping us out! Stop with the video!!!

    Though in all seriousness, I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed a video camera instead of a still photo camera. And I doubt I’ll be in that place. The video tool to me is just a form of feather fluttering. I can understand a casual user needing it. Go out on a picnic, take pictures, get some video, but if you’re out shooting a basketball game for Sports Illustrated, kind of difficult to sell them video for their magazine.

    Then again, lets not forget that for every second of video is equal to 24 frames. Technically, higher shooting rate than 10fps?

    This camera isn’t a huge jump, and I think its a good thing. I’m guessing the D4 will have the same pixel count. Noise and sensitivity being the issue there. This camera is just a higher pixel count. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. The D3 didn’t really have any major issues, at least not ones that I heard of. This shouldn’t either.

    I highly doubt they would change the lens mount for the cameras right now. It would be suicide, since it would alienate all the previous Nikon users. Frankly I see no fault with the current mount, and since all their dSLRs are (technically) compatible with every Nikon lens since 1977, makes it more desirable. More students and amateurs can just buy a small body and use the old Nikon lenses. It just provides more options for Nikon users.

    And for those who are interested, from a historical point of view, Nikon has a history of improving on technology. Canon always made advances, Nikon improved on them. Thats why they come up with the same innovations after Canon, because they’re improved upon. This is no different. They’ve proved they can play the noise game, and now they’re playing the pixels game. Whats next? A camera than can cook and clean. Then I won’t have to get married…

  • Stephen

    “Also, the comment on this being a medium format camera are misunderstood. In theory, 24 mega pixels equals a medium format camera. Its not really a medium format camera, but gives you a resolution that is close to medium format, digi AND film… I think…”

    Agreed, so it should be sold as the highest resolution FX sized DSLR camera on the market. Don’t sell it as a medium format because it simply isn’t.

    Calling it a resolution issue is a bit silly – we’ve all been told to remember it’s not a megapixel issue when we buy cameras – you have to consider the size of the sensor too. A bigger sensor with larger pixels means that each pixel has a chance to collect more light and therefore produces an image with lower noise at higher ISO speeds, this is why studios shell out tens of thousands of dollars for genuine medium format digital cameras – they want the most detail out of every bit of light they can.

    It’s clearly not a resolution thing because “pixels don’t matter, it’s the sensor”, it’s not right to say it’s a medium format camera just because it’s suddenly got over this magic number of megapixels because one day point and shoot cameras and even mobile phones will do exactly the same and the pictures they’ll produce will clearly not be “medium format” – they’ll be 24 and more megapixels in resolution but they won’t be the same as pictures taken with a big and costly sensor which is a few -inches- (not centimetres) across.

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