Intel & Nikon photo competition – AF-S 50mm f/1.4G with Nano?

Intel & Nikon "Build for Speed" photo competition from down under is now ongoing - here is the link (thanks GT).

This promotion provides also a series of tutorials. Of course I watched them all and I found something interesting in the first video: Jasin Boland shows his new Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G lens and he clearly says "with Nano Crystal" (half way trough the first video). The official press release did not mention anything about this lens being a "N" lens (with Nano Crystal Coat). A mistake or a new lens?

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  • Dave

    Is that competition for Australia only?

    BTW, I love Jasin’s shirt in the first video.

  • st

    The 50 f/1.4G does have nano crystal coating. I suspect that all new lenses will have — certainly all above consumer kit lenses will likely have it. It is less costly to treat all coatings the same rather than have multiple processes.

    • Ernst

      Huh? What’s your source for this claim?

      The 50 f/1.4G barrel does not feature the Nano symbol and its tech specs say “Nano Crystal Coat: no.” My source: Nikon, Inc.

      As for the suggestion that Nikon’s just nano-coating everything: even on their lenses with the magic coating, it’s only applied to a single element.

  • Ernst

    It’s too bad about the junk video player app they use that won’t buffer while paused.

  • Ryan

    ditto here, gave up on the vids…too bad!

    • Ernst

      You have to let the turkey play (preferably with the sound off) and then rewind it to see it buffered.

      It’s amazing that somebody would even bother to write a video app that way.

  • Bob

    The Nikon USA website says “no” next to Nano Crystal Coat. It will be interesting to see which it ends up being. I called Nikon USA today to see when the lens will be shipping to which I was told I could only get the information from my dealer. I asked him about the press release saying the beginning of December for availability and if that has changed. He responded with that still being correct information. Has anyone else heard any more info on when these will be available?

    • I watched the video again. Remember, he’s Australian — maybe he’s saying, “Nah, no crystal…”

  • Freehawk

    I spoke with a Nikon rep on Saturday and he said that it does have Nano and to expect them in a couple of weeks.

    • David Olsen

      According to rockwell

      “Optics: 8 elements in 7 groups. It’s a spherical design without ED glass, without nano-crystal coating and without aspherical elements. It’s multicoated, which Nikon calls Nikon Super Integrated Coating.”

      NSIC not nano

  • Take a close look at the 85 f/1.4 that he shows in the begining. Looks difference from mine. It’s missing the M/A focus switch. A new version perhaps??

    • He says it’s been his favorite lens for 15 years… maybe it’s a really OLD version…?

  • eaj

    He misspoke – move along, nothing to see here, as usual.

  • Zoetmb

    I think he just misspoke and no one realized it during the editing.

    • Ernst

      Or he didn’t, and the wrong audio clip was inserted *during* the editing. The error might have been on the editor’s part.

  • This is getting old and boring. I do hope that there is a new 85 1.4 coming however. We did not have an AF 85 1.4 15 years ago, period, so I am assuming he is simply talking about the focal length and aperture in general. Either that or he’s still shooting manual focus, the lens does look kinda glossy as if it were the AIS 85 1.4… Having said all that, I’d much rather have an AFS 24 1.4, 28 1.4, or 35 1.4…


  • Glenn

    Hi.I live in Japan and just got the newest Nikkor catalog and there is NO mention of nano crystal coating on the new 50 f/1.4G. The price here is 63,000 yen about us$600. On sale from December.

  • Niloy

    You make bobo cry!

  • BJ

    Who cares what he says and what the lens will have? Non of you can do a rats-ass about it. Go do something useful with your time than arguing about something a little time and patience will answer.

    (I guess me making this post makes me a bit of a hypocrite) 🙂

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