Nikon school speedlight educational DVD

Nikon School Speedlight Educational DVD is now available for purchase.

You can see a preview of the DVD here.

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  • Anonymous

    No go for us outside the USA…

    • Martin

      Yes, that’s sad. 🙁 Figured as much. OK, let’s stay calm, maybe they will produce a region 2 coded version for Great Britain eventually.

  • me

    grrrrrr i’m sick of wainting to another body every day n this site and nothing c’mon nikon when start liking photos of the camreas and stufff

    • David Olsen

      Anybody got a translation of this comment ?

      • JohnMitch

        I believe he said he was hungry.

  • ken rocky

    i hope someone shares this one in rapid for us outsiders 🙂

    • DAC

      Wow~~ I want it too.. hahaha but we just hope 🙂

      • You to come to America and watch is DVD here. The souther border is all wide open and you sneak in easy very. I let you watch at apaertment anytime.

        It is good. Yo Quiero Taco Bell

        • DAC

          I know how to get it… someone purchase it in USA and send it over 🙂

  • BrettA

    It seems amazing that they don’t seem to want to even try… I live in Canada where things like this are distributed almost all the time, to both my knowledge and experience. Why would Nikon be one of the few to limit sales in this way? (as well as simply not serve customers – new and old…). A Nikon shooter for ~45 years.

    • My guess is that it will take some time until the DVD is available world wide. It is hard for me to believe that Nikon will make this an “US only product”. I will keep an eye on it.

      • BrettA

        T’would be nice if that were the case; but Nikon wrote me 6 hours ago:

        Hello Brett, … It is not that Nikon Canada won’t sell the DVD, we can’t sell it as we do not have distribution rights. … Regards, Greg.

        • BrettA

          I replied (no response yet):

          Thanks, Greg… But surely it’s not a insurmountable problem to get distribution rights – this is a common occurrence – especially when (as I gather) they won’t sell to Canadians and Amazon charges more or close to more for the disk, just to ship it up? Is there anyone I can petition to, as I *know* I’m not the only potential buyer asking… and some are actively complaining, citing similar past situations? … Thanks in advance. Cheers, Brett

        • No distribution rights? I thought Nikon is a global company… let me think about this – maybe we can start an online petition – we have enough readers here that do care. I cannot believe that they don’t want to make more money by selling this DVD world-wide, especially in today’s economy.

  • Anonymous

    They posted a review of this video over at Strobist:

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