Nikon D3x image

Update: this one got busted, clearly a fake as many readers have pointed out. To prove it, a reader submitted this D3x picture that he created in 5 minutes with Photoshop.

I just got this image. I looks real to me. Click here for full size (I've never received fakes in this size). Here are some of the specs:

  • Sensor: Sony 24.5 MP
  • 7 fps DX mode, 5 fps FX mode
  • Same metering
  • Same AF

I know it is not a lot and I know we don't like the Sony sensor. Let's just wait and see. I am expecting more info. Stay tuned.

Those votes have been pretty accurate in the past:

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  • Jørgen

    Is the 85 1.4 also new, or is it the old one?

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s the old one – just AF, not AF-s

    • DNHJR

      Old one. If you look is says, 1:1.4D. A new one would be a G lens.

  • Thang

    Why is the swoosh black? Hasn’t it always been red recently?

    • Anonymous

      Seems like the photo’s black and white

      • Thang

        Yeah, haha, obviously

        • Anonymous

          As in, its been converted, probably for advertising reasons

          • Anonymous

            it wouldn’t be black if it was converted, it would be grey

  • Mike

    Black triangle? Nikon always has an element of red on the front of the body. Looks good but I question the the image based on the Nikon triangle. Pre-production?

    • me

      the image is balck and white that’s why you cannot see the red… you can see in the glass of the lense that is black and white the lens glass have colour..

  • Anonymous

    I think this is not the first time we see this image… I remember seing something like that before. I voted fake.

  • Ric

    I voted fake too. Not that I don’t believe a D3X is coming, but I’d guess this particular photo is a fake. I tried investigating it in CS3, and found different shaped pixels around the D3X logo; a thin black line over the logo, and deeper black pixels within the logo than on other places on the camera. Furthermore there is a white mark at the lower part of the body, which could look like a bummer with the clone tool, dodge tool or brush, who knows – anyway: certainly not something you’d expect to find in an advertising photo.

    Now bring us the real D3X.

    • den

      agree, scale it 400% and you clearly see the different pixel size and smudging of the jpeg algorithsm.

      additionally whats that step on the vertical grip at the battery compartment?

  • Ernst

    I don’t see what being high-resolution has to do with it; it could just be a picture of a regular D3 with an “x” stuck on it. Anybody can take a picture of a D3.

    That said, it could be a fake and we’ll never know — because the D3x will probably look exactly like a regular D3 with an “x” stuck on it.

  • snorri

    Get an account at so you can search for similar images when you receive one of these. It’s very easy to find originals to almost all fakes, since they use images from the web most of the time.

    When I did this for this image, I found lots of copies of this D3 image

    So, I call this fake busted. Sorry.

    — snorri

  • rob

    it’s a fake. take a look at the original photo

    the glass of lens looks the same,

  • Ernst


    It’s just Nikon’s D3 press photo with an “x” stuck on it. Compare all the little details for yourselves:

    • paul

      not quite. the D3 has moved slightly to the left on the new version. of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fake.

      • Ernst

        Well, yeah; the photoshopped part is the “D3x” bit. But otherwise it’s the same picture of the same camera.

        This one is a no-brainer. We have the original photo; why hasn’t this been listed as a fake on the front page?

  • lox

    Clearly a fake. Download a D3 image (front view, with the 80/1.4 attached) from here:
    and convert it to b/w. Apply some contrast increase, and edit the letters “D3” into D3x. No magic all about it. Also, something went wrong while editing, which makes it pretty obvious:

    Let’s wait for the real thing…

  • paul

    why would the dx mode be only 7fps? it should be at least 9fps.

  • RobJ

    I agree with others above. This is the D3 press photo with an “x” added, and then converted to black and white. The “x” was probably cloned from a D2x, which would be easy to do.

  • Bryce

    It’s clearly a render…. Probably a 3d modeling student that loves Nikon that worked on this.

  • Peter

    I voted fake because comparing it to the image of the D3 on DPReview, the “D3” portion of “D3x” is in the same exact position even to the point of the shadow line cast by the hand grip is at the exact edge of the letter “D”.

    I think Nikon would have centered the D3x writing in that concave and the chances of the grip shadow being so identical are not likely.

    Still, I would like to see a D3x or better yet, a D700x 🙂

  • Pablov

    I am concerned more in the specs than in the picture itself….

    I hope it’s not the sony 24MP sensor

    • Boris

      same for me… i don’t care how it looks, i just hope it has the same high iso capabilities as the d3. and there is a more affordable d700 follower as well… as the admin mentioned: sony sensor doesn’t sound too cool in my ears…

      • Pablov

        yeap, and regarding a more affordable version.. considering the recently D700 launched in July, I doubt a D700x or D800 would be so soon….

        I hope, but I doubt 🙁

        Another facts that I hope are solved include the sensor cleaning system, and that the sensor doesn’t collect as much dust/oil as the D3 (I didn’t confirm it, but read that problem was due to the shutter chamber of the D3), and some other features that the newer D700 includes

        I still “shout” that besides A,S,P and M, a specific dial mode called “Custom 1, Custom 2” (or whatever they want) must be included, wich would set all (or almost all) parameters of the camera by just selecting that mode, for a Quick and easy to restore the all settings you use most.

        Selft-timer and mirror lock up should be a separate button/dial/switch too to allow more flexibility on specific tasks many people use

      • Ric

        How in the name of God can they make it 20mp+ and have _the same_ high iso capabilities? You’re dreaming, at least for now. Maybe in 2010?

        • Boris

          nobody thought it was possible to put that high iso sensitivity into a 12 mp sensor BEFORE they launched d3… and it’s about 18 months ago… so i hope they made things better in the meantime.

      • Martin

        I’m not so keen about the Sony sensor, too. And I’d believe Nikon isn’t either. That’s why I would vote for ‘fake’ regarding the information about the new camera. The picture might be photoshopped, but I wouldn’t care too much about that one, since a D3x would exactly look like a D3 from the outside.

        Regarding high ISO performance: The D3x will not give the same high ISO performance than a D3, regardless if the Sony sensor is used or not. I mean we all agree that a D3x would have to have a higher megapixel count than a D3. Right? Otherwise, what’s the point of it. So, if it really has a higher resolution, that’ll mean more photosites on the same area. Which again means the photosites need to be smaller. Which means worse signal to noise ratio. And so on. I think you get the picture.
        Still, I think if Nikon will not use the Sony sensor, a D3x will be an awesome high ISO performer considering it’s resolution.

        The text “Sony sensor” should mean “manufactured by Sony”. It really could be a Nikon design. I think that’s very likely, since the sensor of the D3 is a Nikon design (if I’m not mistaken).

  • sperera

    Image is a fake…the typography of the 80mm lens is off…..too much spacing in the letters 80mm….the pixelation around the area where the D3x is is different too…..

    • rthomas

      I think the “80mm” – 85mm actually – is correct, see this genuine picture of a D3 with the same lens:

      So, this is a real pic, but of a D3 not a D3x (of course the D3x will probably look a lot like this…). The B+W image seems a bit odd as Nikon ads are typically color, and also the choice of the 85mm makes me think this is a D3 pic that has been doctored; lately, Nikon shows each new model with a different lens…

  • BrettA

    My (new) dealer claims that Nikon will no longer use the ‘x’ designation and was clearly trying to impress me with the ‘fact’ that his inside knowledge was reliable. Time will (soon) tell, but I voted ‘fake’. I’d also hope for all around improvements given that my D700 fits pretty well all the innards of the D3 (‘cept a CF slot) and this ‘D3x’ is still montrous but even reduces the frame rate? Thet dawg don’t hunt much, either.

  • peanutgallery

    Also, why would Nikon use the same rubber conector caps on the front as the D3 and the D300, having just gone to the trouble of redesigning them on the D700? They seem to be the only body element that was changed on the D700, probably because using two caps that lie flush against eachother can cause one cap to seat less securely.

    I vote fake.

  • No red? Fake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fake for sure! You easily see it, when you compare the picture withe the original D3 pictures from the homepage.

  • finn

    thats a fake.

    the rubber connector protectors look like D3/D300.

    I would guess that it looks either like on the D700 or
    different again.

  • JHarris

    Totally obvious. When you compare it to the D3 press image even random things like the spatter finish pattern and grip rubber texture line up exactly. You can also see that the faker just squeezed the “D3” text to be narrower to fit the x in. As much as people somehow enjoy making these, I enjoy watching them go down in flames.

    • Laurence

      Yeah I agree with the remark about the spatter. The D3 text has been squeezed to the left, and the plastic markings are shrunk in the exact same ratio.

  • Juan

    Fake…. Also in Ken Rockwell site. Look to the left of red triangle the white pixel. It’s on both images.


  • Pablov

    The red is due to a B&W picture

    But I also think is fake , specially because of the big size of it (weird for a rumor), the above comments regarding original pic, and also because of the specs (most important) that were given with it.

  • FAKE – just a desaturated red channel D3 with an X added 🙂 good effort though!

  • rickbalboa

    Definite fake. It is the same shot used upon release of the D3, just desaturated and put an X on it photoshop.

    See it here:

    Put them side by side and it is obvious that it is the same shot. I’m not saying that a D3x is not in the works but I don’t think Nikon would doctor a D3 image for the release of such a prestigious product.

  • Chris

    I can’t believe [NR] admin thinks there’s even a slight possibility that this image is real. Sorry, but he must be a noob.

    • Chris

      P.S. No offense to him…but come on!

      • Chris, no offense taken. Look at the poll – I am not the only one that thought this is real… maybe I just wanted to be real 🙂

        • Chris

          lol…Very well. I guess if you don’t post things like this, there would be no content to cover. Then, what would be the point of Nikon Rumors?

          Even if this is real, I am such a broke bastard that I’d never get a D3x. I’m holding out for a D400 though 😀

  • Anonymous

    Fake – the texture in the rubber is identical – which would be impossible.

  • Admin, can you re-title this with “busted”? Gives you back a little lost cred if you do.

  • Ghung

    Anyone who says they “don’t like” the Sony sensor haven’t shot with it yet. It’s truly mind blowing at ISO 100-800, and, in RAW not processed with Adobe (which most of the reviews ignore,) it’s decent at higher ISO, considering the pixel difference between it and the D700. Nikon would fare well with this sensor, as then they would have a great sports/PJ option and a great landscape/studio option.

    • Martin

      I’m not saying that the Sony sensor in itself is a dog. But if we’re comparing the 12 Mpix sensor of a D3/D700, which is mind blowing up to ISO 6400, to a proposed 24 Mpix sensor, we should see something like this:
      The photosites of a 24 Mpix sensor, whith dimensions of 24×36 mm², have a pitch of 6 µm (micrometers), while the photosites of the D3’s sensor have a pitch of roughly 8.45 µm.
      So that means, the Sony alpha900 sensor’s pixels have roughly 70% of the distance of the pixels on the D3. Which should ultimately lead to about 50% light sensitivity (70% squared). And in my book that means the Sony sensor should be absolutely astonishing up to about ISO 3200.
      And that’s just not the case.

  • J.J.

    fake – check the lens reflection

  • Arie

    Yeah looks same as the original D3 press pics.

    Comments on the need for a red swoosh are of though. Know its antique now but my 5 year old D1x has a grey swoosh, and trust me, it is real.

  • cbp

    fake or not, the specs sound reasonable. but i guess that s pretty much what a potential D3x would be reasonable, but higher res

  • Probably fake but will be nice to see D3X with 22-24Mpix sensor but not Sony!

  • “Update: this one got busted, clearly a fake as many readers have pointed out. To prove it, a reader submitted this D3x picture that he created in 5 minutes with Photoshop.”

    You can view it in HD on :

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