Nikon deal in Germany

Nikon Germany announced a limited time deal: free battery grip MB-D10 with Nikon D700 purchase. More on this offer can be found here.

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  • Sebastian

    As far as I understand it, the kit contains only the D700 and the MD-D10, but no EN-EL4 battery pack (let alone the corresponding charger) that would be needed to really get the 8fps. So I think the name “Speed Kit” is a little misleading. 🙁

  • R.

    Just do be precise: That “news” is a week old…

    • correct – I updated the post… the date format in Europe is different…

  • Philipp

    free translation:
    Now D700 inclusive MB-10 without surcharge, for extra speed!
    *suitable Powersupply provided

  • Anonymous

    It comes with the AA holder, so you just have to add batteries and you get the full speed, same as on the D300.

  • Pablov

    very cool indeed, that grip is about $250-$300 (USD) or so (but full, with the 2 adapters)

    Maybe a try to sell more D700 and D3 lately?
    or it’s just my impression…

  • Juergen

    The text reads:
    Now D700 with multi-function handgrip MB-D10 without extra charge, for even more speed!*
    *assumed an appropriate power supply is used

    That means just the MB-D10 and means no EN-EL4a, no MH-21charger and no BL-3 cap supplied, which together with the MB-D10 are part of the PDK-1 package.

  • Lars

    By giving the hand grip w/o the necessary accessories to make it work has you hooked into buying the camera and you also have to buy the missing parts on top of that. The missing parts bought separetely probably cost more than the whole complete package bought from B&H Photo. Desperation!

  • Matt

    Nothing incomplete about it: use AA bats.

  • dj

    who cares if Europeans get this how about offering this in the US?

    • Anonymous

      the dollar is weak enough as it is. The US market will rather see a ricing price than special deals.

    • zee German

      Basically about your comment: what a terribly stupid thing to say, in more than one way.

      But maybe you’re right, most of the 700 million Europeans most probably won’t care. Oh, wait, some of the 85 million Germans might actually care.

      Guess this kind of stuff (meaning stuff produced outside the US) will get more expensive in the near future anyway, in USA.
      You US-Americans might need to get used to the fact that the prices will be made in Euro, and than be adjusted for the US-Market.

      zee German

  • Arie

    Is this free grip on top of the recent cash discount we got in the US, or the same discount but in kind. Seems they are preparing the battleground for the Canon 5d2.


    The “free grip” comes with the high list price. Most shops with a lower price don’t offer the “free” grip”. So, its more a list price adjustment.

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