Nikon D3x (D4) available by February next year according to a German forum

This is a post in a german forum:

There are new rumors. New information from someone near NPS says that there will be a Nikon D3x or more likely a Nikon D4 announced this year which we could buy latest in February next year. Resolution will be 24,x MP with a burst of 5 to 6 fps. The new camera should replace the D3 it´s not going to be sold parallel.

This is interesting because it matches the November 20th event and the BIG February announcement.

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  • LOL, replace the D3?? That would be the day that. Might as well buy all the sports shooters who switched to Nikon back their old Canon gear. What a stupid rumor.

  • Bob Howland

    If the D4 replaces the D3, where will that leave all those people who need 9FPS and clean ISO 6400 but only need 12MP? The only way it would work is if Nikon does something like the binning that the Canon DigicIV chip does and this preserves the high ISO quality and allows the frame rate to be increased.

  • Guest

    Well, that discounts this rumor. Any camera like the rumored D3x wont replace a D3. Nikon is not going to exit the Sport/PJ market they just grabbed.

  • Ernst

    Anybody can guess Nikon will introduce a high-res D3x sometime soon and have a pretty good chance of being right. We’re all nearly certain it’s coming.

    So even if this rumor turns out to be true, it will be impossible to say if it was justified or merely a wild guess.

    If the rumor is obvious, it has to come from a credible source. “Cameron” can pretend to know there will be a D3x next year, but that’s the safest bet in the world and it doesn’t require any inside knowledge whatsoever to come up with. “Someone near NPS” really isn’t any better.

  • Anonymous

    Definately a false claim. The D3 isn’t scheduled for ‘REPLACEMENT’ for quite a while. Its a Fast, High-ISO camera aimed at Sports and PJs. The 24MP camera is aimed at (and desired by) a different market segment.

    It ‘might’ be named a D4, although its much more likely going to be named D3x, but there is no way Nikon will ‘replace’ a current camera with a model that DOESNT offer the same IQ/speed/features. The replacement for the D3 is probably another year to 2 years away.

  • bho

    Dont care of the D3x/ D4, to me D3 rocks…

  • lyr

    I agree with the others:

    I give no credit to the “replacement” point.
    Even if D4 can mimic the high ISO sensitivity with a better chip and better processing, it will still lack the high-FPS.

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  • Ishouldbeshooting

    Gitzomo rumor says it will have the same sensor at the A900

    • Sebastian

      I’ve heard the rumour of the coming D3x using the Sony a900 sensor, but that would look like a major drawback to me. published their a900 test just yesterday and to me, the high ISO “capabilities” look just like the crap that point and shoots deliver. IMO only usable up to ISO 1600 at max.

  • markdphotoguy

    Talked to a Nikon rep today. Very doubtful anything big will be announced remainder of 2008. IMO Nikon may release a high MP cam next year but probably more like a D700 class (D800?) of camera and 24MP MX for the pro studio shooter who would enjoy the bigger pixels and dynamic range that goes along with them. I can’t see Nikon releasing a D3 body with 24MP sensor simply because the average wildlife and landscape shooter (the ones who need MP the most) will need that sort of robustness, sales would be weak. My guess is D800 and MX at PMA. No D4 or D3x.

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  • Pablov

    Some post here are Spammic (did I create the term ? 🙂 )

    I guess it can be true about the camera, but sounds too rare the “replacement” strategy….. Never heard something like that before, so I wouldn’t believe it, no sense to me.

  • Pablov

    Sorry if I was wrong, I saw 2 I thought were spam
    (isn’t there the security code anymore? )

  • nw

    The second part of the post should also be translated:
    Für die Tier- und Sportfotografen soll sich die Aufösung aber einfach reduzieren lassen um so wieder auf eine Serienbildgeschwindigkeit von 9-10 Bilder pro Sekunde zu kommen.
    For animal and sport photographers the resolution will be reduced to achieve a continuous shooting speed of 9-10fps.

  • Guest 2

    Just a thought, but perhaps Nikon is planning to release not just a D3X or D4 but maybe D3H as well for the sports shooter. This is a business after all.

  • Bill

    D3x in Nov 2008, much better sensor than a900, you will see…

    • Tell me more Bill, email me if you want to keep privacy.

  • Raoul

    Why do people think they have to change the camera, when what they have is working for them. I’m sure the D3 will be around for a long time, but the D4 is most likely the studio camera that the Nikon range lacks. Hell I had to use my D100 the other day and it was a blast, did a great job and the photos had a look that suited the images. Its not the camera its the fool holding the camera that makes the difference. Bring on the D4. My wish list is for Nikon to produce a format between medium and 35mm that was capable of working with bellows etc for image correction.

  • We love the D3 and don’t plan on switching anything up. In fact we might buy another one since we just hired another photographer to shoot weddings here in the Twin Cities. Yah baby!

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