Ebay madness

I like ebay madness. I am keeping this category. This is what he got today:

Invest in a Nikon - their prices are recession-proof!
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  • arsenal victim

    Photo Arsenal is one of the crappiest sellers out there. What they do is just a tragic act. You would see rarely such overpriced stuff. Not even the lame Kevin could compete with Photo Arsenal regarding lack of respect for a customer.
    Do not even try to write them an email with a question. I tried and… never got an answer. But since then I get spam with their f***ing newsletter, I never wanted.

  • i wonder how much 70-200mm in mint condition + caps + hood + case + manual will worth when it becomes discontinued in like 20 years…

  • klö


  • ************

    e-bay links. another way to make some money …. you never learn!!!

    • Learn what? I am not sure I understand?

  • Kuri

    Hm.. my German friends refer to Photo Arsenal as (guesstimated spelling) Photo Verarschmichmal, wich alledgedly means Photo Ripmeoff or words to that effect. Prices seem to be randomly made up…

    I’ve seen them sell identical brand new products (boxed, new, warranty, same S&H) with up to $200 price difference between 3 items. Nothing illegal of course, but it makes you wonder about their ‘pricing policy’…

  • Justin

    Um… are those items actually selling for those prices? I visited the links and the posted prices are ‘Buy it Now’ prices. That doesn’t mean that they are selling for that much. For instance, the Nikon S3M Half-frame black paint Olympic is a re-post at a lower price because it didn’t sell for what he was asking before… and it may not sell for what he is asking now. I think it’s inaccurate to post these figures.

  • Zen-shooter

    An Olympic lens & S3 body recently sold for just over $3,100.


  • Zen-shooter

    An Olympic Lens & S3 Body was recently sold for just over $3,100.


  • Char

    Well, the 300/2 is so extremely expensive because there is no newer 300/2 lens. It just got discontinued with no successor. Bjørn Rørslett writes that they are extremely expensive now because the movie industry loves them. I’ve never seen one offered anywhere before. Might actually be not that much off, that price.

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