Nikon leaking about new products at Photokina

The first report is from dpreview:
A German Photokina visitor is writing in a German forum that a Nikon rep told him at Photokina to wait for the new 35/1,8. And there will be also a 85/1,4, both "in the next months", the guy says:
The second report was directly sent to NR:
I went to Photokina yesterday and had some nice talks with Nikon.
The D3x/D4 (still not sure what will be the final name) is expected to be available in Feb. 2009.
I got a confirmation that Nikon is working on a new 70-200, but they are busy, and it might not be out this year.

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  • Derek

    35/1.8 AF-S ?? I hope is true!


    The new 85 is good news too.

    But the new 70-200, now that is cool!! I like the current one, great glass and I don’t have a problem with it, but I like improvements in the Lens selection!!

  • kaki

    I’ve got 70-200 a weeks ago with 1.4 converter from b& h. the lens is simply best built and quality in the world. The pictures turned out dead sharp with even converter.i never seen this kind of lens in my 18 years as a pro photographer.

  • Scott

    Agreed, but a 70-200 N series with VRII built with same quality metrics should be the last lens of that type one would ever need.

  • Steven Sow

    Wow! Can wait to see these!

  • cameron

    don’t anyone feel like 70-200mm and 85mm 1.4 replacement rumors are getting a little old?

  • wyss

    i hope there would be 300MM F4 (UPDATED), and 200MM MICRO AF-S VR

  • Pablov

    Hi Blog Admin,

    What is the reliability of this rumor sent directly to you? any previous experience from that source?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Brian

    I know a lot of people want a 35mm lens but I wonder if they’ve ever use one. I could never find a use for it back in the film days – and I had one. I thought it was the most uninspiring lens in the bag. Give me a 28mm (or 24), 50mm, and an 85mm. There isn’t enough of a spread between 35 and 50mm that can’t otherwise be obtained by taking a few steps backward. Just my opinion of course.

  • richard p

    On a 35mm camera, not much use. But on a crop sensor it becomes handy.

  • Jovan

    I have mixed feelings about 35mm lenses now — primarily, due to its seeming “50mm” use for DX. But the 70-200 replacement, I don’t get. This lens isn’t very old and gets darn good reviews. To spend money on upgrading this lens would suggest that people (semi-pros at that price) are being driven from Nikon because this lens is so inferior to Canon’s. That seems unlikely.

  • John

    I am using 70-200 on Nikon D3 and lens vignetting is very obvious. Never had these problems when using Nikon D2Xs.. so i guess its time to do something for full frame sensors.

  • Jos

    Nice, if people are droping their “old” 85 1.4 for a nice price i can change my 1.8 into a 1.4.
    I am not interested in a 35mm, i prefer a 28mm.

  • Agreed. The new AF-S 50mm f/1.4 is really meant for the DX sensors. I think with the unexpected popularity with the AF 50mm f/1.8D forced Nikon to review some things.

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t make rumors – I just report them.

  • Blog Admin

    Hard to tell – he/she was correct about the P6000 – he/she new that in advance, the rest is just based on conversation this person had with various Nikon reps.

  • Jimmy

    If they make an AF-S 35mm f/1.8 for the same price or less than the new 50mm, I’m ordering it the second that it comes out!! That will be so perfect for my little D40 in low light.

  • Rob

    A disappointing Photokina. I had very high hopes that Nikon would put out (or at least announcing intent to put out) a competitive camera to the 5D MII. It was a tough position, since Nikon just put the D700 and D90 out there. To announce a successor so soon would be risky to consumer loyalty. But I’d hoped.

    Seems like February is all about the D3x/D4. Which historically is in the mid-to-upper $4K range. *sigh*

    I never thought I’d crave video in a DSLR. But I am. 🙂

  • Philip Arthur

    I would love to hear that Nikon is releasing a D700 with video to compete with the Canon 5D Mark II. I am going to wait as I’d hate get the D700 and then they release the video version. I do video editing as well as photography on my macpro so I can definitely see it as an asset.

    • Mr. K

      Same here. The D700 is very attractive but I am holding out for video – and GPS. I also wanted to stretch out into IR but converting a DSLR is very costly to have it only dedicated for that purpose. Why is it that only Sigma is willing to make a DSLR with a removable filter? Ugh.

  • Pablov


    “I never thought I’d crave video in a DSLR. But I am.”

    I did !!

    Look at these links:

    In the first you can see some Video samples from EOS 5D MkII, and also a comment about Movie mode controls/options in that camera. (Daniel’s written on 09/25/2008)

    I know this is Nikon related site, and I love Nikon 🙂
    But is good to know what other brands make about a feature that many people want in a Nikon too (and better than them, if possible)

  • Chris

    That’s just great. New 70-200 on the way but they’re “busy”?

    That’ll kill sales stones dead – who have they got running Nikon? Gordon Brown?

  • nikongearuser

    70-200 is a rare piece of hardware to find and most of them have either very high price or out of stock. i really do hope that new version come out soon before I purchase this lens.

    i want this lens in a 1600-1800 price range.

  • tonashideska

    [I went to Photokina yesterday and had some nice talks with Nikon.
    The D3x/D4 (still not sure what will be the final name) is expected to be available in Feb. 2009.]

    Does this mean we can buy in February or will it be announced and available x months later?

  • Chris

    Nikon spain seems to have a placeholder online for the new 70-200mm, with a high product id visible in the link (1064 vs. 634):

  • TK

    I was on the verge of buying the sigma 30 mm f1.4…until I read this. If Nikon releases a new 35 mm, when do you think it would be available for purchase?

  • Blog Admin

    I think those are for the different colors.

  • Blog Admin

    Just a guess – Feb 2009.

  • Jeff

    What the hell are they waiting for ???? I’m just getting bored of upscaling my files each time I need ‘a bit’ of resolution or picking up the MF stuff on outdoors. Damn, we aren’t all sport photographers or reporters ! Ultra-clean 6400 ISO is excellent but I don’t care about 11fps so, hurry hup nikon guys or I’ll canonize myself ! 🙂

  • L

    70-200 update is just nano-coat as far as i know, nikon are just upgrading all their gold lenses to nano.

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  • john

    Purchase existing 70-200, 03′ tech. or wait? I have been waiting for quite a while? I purchased the 700 vs. the m5, if I would have known that it would be this long…… I should have bought the cannon.

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